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okay, so the funny & cute thing i used to do story!

i’m the youngest in my family so when my 3 other siblings went to school, i would be alone with my mom since she worked the night shift. and since she worked at night, arriving home between 1-4 am, she would be exhausted and just wanted to sleep.

but my excited, 3 year old self just wanted to play lmao rip @ mi mamá. so i would go to her room, climb on the bed and then onto her and just bother her saying, “mami, ‘pertate. 'pertate mami.” and i would poke her face, her cheeks, and apparently i would also put my finger in her nose lmao. and when that wouldn’t work i would literally use my 3 year old tiny fingers and open her eyes and continue saying, “mami, 'pertate.”

she told me she would tell me “ya déjame dormir!” (let me sleep already) and i would for a while but later i would do the same thing over again omg

also “mami 'pertate” => “mommy wake up” 'pertate is just how my 3 year old self would say “despertate” > “wake up” (a command)

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whats the difference between saying; "a mí me gusta _______" and "me gusta _______"?

Using a mí is for added emphasis.

Me gusta el libro. = I like the book.

A mí me gusta el libro. = I’m the one who likes the book.

You can also use the a there to say something like “well I do!”

For example:

-No me gusta la comida japonesa. = I don’t like Japanese food.
-Pues a mí me gusta. = Well, I like it. / Well, I do.

You also use it when you’re supplying a right answer, or correcting someone:

-A tu familia le gusta la música clásica, ¿verdad? = Your family likes classical music, right?
-A mis padres sí (les gusta), pero a mí no (me gusta). = My parents do, but I don’t.

It’s really all about emphasis, and it’s more emphatic when you’re using a mí, a ti, a nosotros because the  only applies to me (that is, yo)

It takes on the meaning of “I am the one who likes the thing”

Where the a can be very necessary is when it would be 3rd person and it specifies who it refers to:

Le gusta la comida japonesa. = He/She/You like(s) Japanese food.

-A ella le gusta. = She likes it.
-A él le gusta. = He likes it.
-A usted le gusta. = You like it.

Les gusta la comida italiana. = He/She/You like(s) Italian food.

-A ellas les gusta. = They (f) like it.
-A ellos les gusta = They (m, m+f) like it.
-A ustedes les gusta. = You all like it.

Because the le and les apply to multiple pronouns, using the a is being more specific, and identifying who you’re talking out when it’s vague or the person you’re talking about is unclear.

But like before you can also use the a to be emphatic or correct someone; a ella le gusta mucho “she really likes it” for example.

Other common ways this happens:

-A ellas les gustan las películas de horror, ¿no? = Do they (f) like horror movies?
-A Ana sí le gustan, pero a Victoria no le gustan en absoluto. = Ana likes them, but Victoria doesn’t like them at all.

-¿(A ustedes) les gusta jugar al ajedrez? = Do you guys like to play chess? 
-A mí me gusta, pero a ellos no (les gusta). = I do, but they don’t.
-¿En serio? Creía que (a ti) no te gustaba. = Really? I thought you didn’t like it.
-No sé jugar bien pero sí que me gusta. = I don’t know how to play very well but I do like it.

There are also times when you see the a used with direct objects too, but it’s still very much about emphasis. Saying a mí is a bit like saying ME or bolding/italicizing the “me” in a sentence like, “I can’t believe you’d do that to me of all people!”

It’s driven by context and the tone/emphasis you want to use.


Fill in the blank:

Me gusta _______. (I like to _____)

Remember to write the next verb in infinitive.

Some examples:

  • Me gusta cantar en la ducha. - I like to sing in the shower.
  • Me gusta bailar frente al espejo. - I like to dance in front of the mirror.
  • Me gusta jugar baloncesto/basketball. - I like to play basketball.
  • Me gusta cocinar comida italiana. - I like to cook Italian food.
  • Me gusta dibujar retratos y flores. - I like to draw portraits and flowers.
  • Me gusta leer libros de ciencia ficción. - I like to read science fiction books.
  • Me gusta hacer ejercicio en las mañanas. - I like to work out in the mornings. 
  • Me gusta aprender español porque es divertido. - I like to learn Spanish because it’s fun.
  • Me gusta tomar fotos de mis mascotas. - I like to take pictures of my pets. 
  • Me gusta ver películas de drama. - I like to watch drama movies.
  • Me gusta salir con mis amigos todos los fines de semana. - I like to go out with my friends every weekend.
  • Me gusta escuchar música todo el día. - I like to listen to music all day.
  • Me gusta viajar a lugares interesantes. - I like to travel to interesting places.
  • Me gusta platicar con mi mejor amiga. - I like to chat with my best friend.
  • Me gusta tomar café cuando llueve. - I like to drink coffee when it rains.

Y a ti, ¿qué te gusta hacer? 
And you, what do you like to do?

so as some of you know, things have been a bit rough for my family lately and i’ve been posting a bit about it on here. i thought to kind of counter that, i should make a post of all the good things that have happened this week:

-my cat sat on my feet for like a solid hour tonight it was so warm and good

-i bought a shirt that is CUTE AS HELL it’s a tank top with flowers on it and it zips all the way up the front and is very va va voom me gusta and it was only the equivalent of 8 euros

-i got an undercut (sort of?) but one side of my hair is still long so from one side i look like a princess and the other side i look like an elvish warrior that could take anyone out (it’s great)

-it was warm enough today that i didn’t need a jacket at all, it was so freeing and sunny

-i’m having an absolute blast writing my new fic and it’s been super fun!

that’s all i can think of for now, but yeah! it hasn’t been all bad. :)


rules: list your top 10 favourite girl group songs and tag 10 people

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These aren’t in any particular order

1. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
2. Playing with Fire - BLACKPINK
5. Heart Attack - AOA
6. Up & Down - EXID
7. Gee - SNSD (this will forever be one of my favs even after all these years)
8. 4 Walls - f(x)
9. Me Gustas Tu - GFriend
10. Mr. Chu - Apink

I tag 
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Hey love! *smooch*

4: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about

It’s a pity because this is actually a really good song… here’s Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love.

This song just came out at a bad time, it’s still a bop… here’s Joe Vera’s El Triste.

6: A song that makes you want to dance

Y’all Ciara really did that with One, Two Step.

The queen of dance herself Celia Cruz’s La Vida Es Un Carnaval.

30: A song that reminds you of yourself

My girl Beyoncé summed me up pretty well in Flaws and All.

The girl Wason Brazoban describes in La Mujer Que A Mi Me Gusta is deadass me y’all.

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TITLE: I like when you talk in Spanish



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being curious about your country’s language, so you offer to teach him

RATING: safe

NOTES/WARNINGS: I couldn’t help but try to write a story about this imagine and use my mother language so I hope you like it.

Finally I arrived home after a tiring day working at the academy where I imparted Spanish classes. Well, it wasn’t my home but it felt like it. When I left my parents’ home and I travelled to the United States where I had a lot of family, I didn’t have luck in finding a job and soon I founded myself without money to keep living in the tiny apartment I was until that moment. I didn’t like to ask for help, but I called my cousin, Pepper Potts, and she took me in. She was living in the Stark Tower and Tony and I got along since the beginning, most likely because we were sarcastic and had many sarcastic battles. Weeks later, I found a job in a small academy, but it was more than enough.

I sighed when the doors of the elevator opened and I walked towards my room. I shared the floor with the Asgardian gods, I liked both of them though they were really different. Thor’s nature was really nice and even soft despite his impressive physique. Loki was quiet but really curious and intelligent, I enjoyed out few conversations. I was looking at my papers when I collided with something, better say someone, and all my papers fell on the floor.

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Firstly, you shouldn’t need Google Translate open on the side for this story. The lines in other languages aren’t vital to the plot and I didn’t want to translate them for you because you should be in the same boat as the reader - the point is that you shouldn’t understand everything. But anyway, here is my attempt at writing the multilingual request made by sherlock-yer​ and thoroughly anticipated also by nerd-kat–hell-yes​. I had to cut Thor out of this one I’m afraid because I wanted there to be as much of the actual languages as possible and other than an amazing guide book that someone created on AO3 (check it out - it’s hilarious), I couldn’t find anything on the origins of the language. Plus I felt like it would’ve made the answer too easy - that answer being “Loki no.” Either way, I hope I’ve done a decent job of it, let me know what you think. (and yes, I do speak Spanish - check me out). Enjoy my darlings!

Prompt: See original post.

One-Shot: Los Idiomas

“Care to have guess?” Bruce said, gesturing to your friends. You shook your head, mouth wide open and voice fleeing. The amount of languages filling the air was ridiculous. Everybody was thoroughly confused and as a result, rambling more than usual, which didn’t help the situation. Neither you nor Bruce had any clue what was going on – a thought that unsettled you a little more than the current predicament.
“I have absolutely no idea…”

It was definitely first languages that they were speaking, you could work out that much. You were born in Wales but raised to speak English as a first language on account of your English father, thus you made the deduction. Bruce, who was born in Ohio, also was spared.
“The twins no doubt are suffering the same effects.” You muttered. Bruce was stood by your side, watching in awe as your oblivious teammates continued to blather on in fear. The Maximoff twins were in their room.
“I doubt they’ll notice if they’re just talking to each other.”

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