all of the god damn feelings tho

  • oh my goddddd that sneak peek y’all I am dying
  • “Yes…do that.”
  • three words and I’m completely destroyed even before the hug god damn it
  • that hug tho
  • I love how Clarke is like ‘WOAH’ and then like ‘yeah…ok I guess this is nice’ BLESS
  • she deserves to be hugged more often
  • and you know Marcus Kane gives the best hugs
  • ALSO
  • the whole ‘I’ll send her your love’ thing
  • like…it’s so very nearly a question???
  • and Kane answers it like a question
  • it’s like Clarke is low-key asking for confirmation of how he feels without actually coming out and asking because she sorta already knows
  • and his immediate response is ‘yes’
  • like…not a trace of embarrassment or uncertainty
  • his instinctive reaction to the word ‘love’ is total, unabashed affirmation
  • goodbye friends I am dead

What about the first time Credence gets drunk. And it’s all because Graves gave him a glass of whiskey and a lazy smile. And Credence feels the nervous pressure behind his eyes and the floaty feeling where he needs to kiss Grave’s pretty lips and he’s not self conscious about it anymore. He’s only hesitant about kissing because he hasn’t done it before and he needs to be the best kiss Graves has ever had god damn it. Trust me, even if it is a bit sloppy and a little off center, it’s gonna go down in history as the most perfect kiss Graves has ever had.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinkin how Keith and Lance act in every slowburn fic and I just... honestly, if Klance happens, it'll probably be this encouraging at first slowburn which soon turns out to be very very painful cuz god they're so oblivious with each other and everyone with damn EYES would notice they're in love, and there's lotsa miscommunication and probably some hurt feelings, and they could solve it by jUST TALKIN but NAH they're afraid of rejection so here comes denial (it's all worth it in the end tho)


 Now i know what grief feels like, now i know what anger feels like, i might even know what love feels like, i’m not a fan. I’m out.