all of the glamour and all of the fame

myspace revolutionized the way the internet was used, it was the very first social media platform to become widely used because it connected people in such a unique way. you can upload literally any file but a gif to myspace, meaning that people could put anything and everything about themselves right on their profile without any kind of external hosting. suddenly there was this huge focus on social media that there hadn’t been before, and anyone who could get enough attention on myspace by being pretty and having good music added on their profile could become famous, even for just a few weeks. so the drama began with everyone trying to claw their way to the top. scene is a fashion centered around being as glamorous and dramatic as possible; the fashion evolved from early 2000s celebrity looks, when it was fashionable to look like you just cried your eyes out in a mcdonalds at 5am and then put in a few more hairclips and threw on some glitter to cover it up. it’s a very tricky look to achieve because it LOOKS a bit trashy and low effort, but as soon as you start trying to do your scene hair you find out very quickly it takes a huge amount of effort and money, especially overall. the makeup is expensive, the hair extensions and products and styling tools are expensive, the clothes and six inch stilettos are VERY expensive. but the fashion barely even scrapes the surface. it’s about week long drinking binges covered in glitter at clint catalyst’s house because you’re a teenager who’s rich as hell and you don’t have anything better to do, as long as you take pictures the whole time and keep all your makeup on and upload the whole thing to myspace, people will love you and think you’re interesting and admire you. it’s about being uncomfortably inappropriate and making sexual innuendos and who fucked who last night, so artists like botdf and medic droid and jeffree star can upload all their songs they made with garageband about fucking and partying with their glamorous scene selfies and people loved it, absolutely ate it up. being scene was completely centered around the glamour of myspace fame. it is extremely performative, dramatic, highly sexual, and very, very immature. nothing like it could possibly happen ever again because there will never be a sudden social media revolution the way there was with myspace.

Attention - Bae Jinyoung

Title: Attention

Member: Bae Jinyoung ft. Lai Guanlin

Song: Serendipity by BTS

Summary: Bae Jinyoung turned nerd guy to bad guy just to get your attention.

Words: 2146

Genre: Fluff with kinda Angst?

(Gif made by me for the story) 

Note: Imagine that You and Guanlin are as the same age as Jinyoung.

  • “Hello everyone, my name is Bae Jinyoung. I hope you’ll treat me nicely” A new transferee guy bowed in front of the class. The teacher ushered him to the empty seat next to yours, he greeted you with a smile and you smiled back at him. “I’m Jinyoung, and you are?”
  • “Y/l/n, y/f/n nice meeting you.”
  • “Nice meeting you as well.”
  • So, that’s the start of your friendship with Bae Jinyoung.
  • Jinyoung is not everyone’s kind of tea.
  • Don’t get me wrong, Jinyoung’s a great guy or friend but not all of your classmates get him.
  • He’s kinda mysterious to some of your other classmates since he doesn’t usually talk.
  • He’s usually sleeps in his desk whenever you have breaks, or sometimes he gazed out in the window just staring at other students who are playing outside.
  • Jinyoung also doesn’t have friends except for you.

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I've seen you mention an idol au a few times in your art, but I haven't seen an actual description of what it is. Mind elaborating?


idol au is a matsuhanaiwaoihina au that im making with @spacegaykj!! i originally came up with the idea while drawing this, but we built on it together and she’s currently writing it!

its in au in which mattsun, makki, iwa, and oikawa are a Really Popular Boyband and hinata is like their #1 fan and has been following them almost since they started. SO eventually he saves up enough money to go to one of their concerts finally!! and ofc during the concert he catches the eye of each of them and they like sing to him and wink at him and all that and hinata fucking Dies. 

so then after the concert is over hinata winds down at this diner when suddenly!! the Boys walk in!! and theyre like HEY ITS THAT CUTE KID FROM THE CONCERT and they just gather around him and flirt with him and its really gay and they all fall in love and its wonderful

also: kenma is hinata’s roommate, and he’s a filmmaker. he uses hinata as a silent actor for one of his films, which ends up winning an award and catching the eye of kuroo, who is a modeling agent. and so hinata is recruited as a model and spirals into a life of fame and glamour and its really overwhelming cuz this all happens in the span of a few months.

i love this au. so mu ch

On the Subject Of Interviews

Some thoughts. 

isnt the over-and-over question really an issue to take up with the publications, the radio personalities, the interviewers?  not her? They are there to talk to her about an album she put out to the world. Wouldn’t it be somewhat odd to completely bypass asking about that? Of course they ask her about her album’s inspiration. It would be absurd to ignore her album and ask her about how she likes her steak and if she can tell us a funny story about the last time she bruised her leg and can she give us the lowdown on her date night from last week?

Journalistically i think it’s relevant to remember that esp during the album release, that each interviewer exists in a bubble. When there is a two day period - or a week - when a lot of press is being conducted, it’s not like Paul knows what Frank is going to write about, they are all just there to talk to her and then come up with a story, trying to make it unique as possible. So of course some of it is going to be repeated, bc they are asking the same questions, and, since taylor wasnt lying in her first answer, the 2nd answer to the essentially same question will be nearly the same. 

And further, each publication has a different demo. They arent all writing for us freaks, die hard fans on tumblr. Maybe it is an Irish publication or a new zealand one, or a radio station in a certain midwest town. Whatever it is, they are usually writing for the GP, who isnt sitting at their computers reading everything put out there. They may only see one or two interviews in the whole promo cycle. Most people dont read every interview. Most interviews arent done with the die hard fan in mind as a reader.   Thats why you see a lot of repeat. And that isnt unique to Taylor, look at anyone promoting an album or film. Same thing. 

I mean also, i dont know what you all want to hear, but the point of being interviewed for her album is to talk to about her album. Since it is historically autobiographical that leads to tidbits about her life and of course questions about her fame or celebrity since all of that is inextricably tied together. And profile pieces or long sit downs tend to be somewhat more personal, but ultimately not all media are there for a profile piece. Those are generally specific to a few publications like Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamour, maybe.

Finally, who can blame taylor for not going all deep and in depth on some subjects? Damn, i dont know about you guys but my whole life isnt up for public evaluation. Why should hers be just because she is famous? She already tells a lot in her songwriting. Some experiences, some feelings, some emotions are mine and mine alone. Doesnt she deserve that same option, that same respect? She puts so much out there already. It appears some are insatiable and clamor for more, more, more. It feels like an expectation that will never and can never be satisfied. 

katya zamolodchikova quotes sentence meme.

❝ I found this guy in the street outside my house and it turns out he was a homeless schizophrenic drug addict but he was really cute so I let him stay in my apartment for three days. ❞
❝ I looked like a sea witch. That’s a good thing. ❞
❝ I am not emotionally or psychologically equipped to deal with a lot of situations that happen in life. ❞
❝ Would I do it again? Absolutely. Do I want to do it again? No. Would I want you to do it? …Sure. ❞
❝ I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking of murder and satanism. ❞
❝ Beauty, elegance, passion, betrayal, sorcery. This look has it all. ❞
❝ I really regret not fucking my friend’s dad. ❞
❝ I think is wise to tan because when you’re in the tanning booth all the chemicals and radiation release hidden pockets of knowledge. ❞
❝ I’m just making up excuses for laziness. ❞
❝ I have wreaked havoc and misfortune on everyone I’ve worked with. ❞
❝ Sometimes if you regret the truths in your life, they become fiction. ❞
❝ I don’t know anything about science other than it’s really good for you. ❞
❝ You go to the bottom, try not to drown and when you get out boom. There’s your horocrux. ❞
❝ Words. Meaning. What do they mean? What do YOU mean? What does all this have to do with the price of tea in China? I guess we’ll never know. ❞
❝ I use all energy saving bulbs in my apartment. You have to. ❞
❝ How famous I am? How do you measure fame? ❞
❝ I don’t take anything personally except for most things. ❞
❝ I’ll block you.  And then I’ll block your whole family, and then I’ll come to your house and steal your phone and block myself. ❞
❝ You will never be glamour. ❞
❝ The one thing I do regret is not grabbing him by his neck, stealing his wallet, taking an uber to his house, playing cards with his wife and taking over his whole family. My new life as an old dad. ❞
❝ I thought we had to be naked so I just went for full nudity. ❞
❝ I like to think of it as the visual representation of untreated mental illness. ❞
❝ Late at night I used to sneak into her house and steal her dog’s seizure medication because it helped me relax. ❞
❝ The key to a swollen vagina is… courage. ❞
❝ I’m high on the chart. I’m also high on life. ❞
❝ Who even fucking lives on Iowa? Actually a lot of great people do, I’ve just been there. Go to bed. ❞
❝ I’m not exactly convinced she’s a human being. ❞

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Hello! I don't see much Napstablook around in most Undertale blogs, so could I maybe ask for some Mafiatale Napstablook headcannons?

i’m combining these two / v \ - M.M.

Mob/Mafiatale-Napstablook Headcanons:

- They’re a quiet, independent artist who isn’t very well known, but they’re still a regular performer at places like Grillby’s or Muffet’s. It’s a small audience, but an audience nonetheless. & just knowing that you’re out there, watching them, is the best thing they could ever hope for. All their dreams of fame & glamour feel like nothing at all when they look out into the crowd & see you.

- If you can play, prepared to be right up on that stage with them. Blooky is happy to take a backseat to anything you have prepared, but if you manage to make it a duet, it’ll be the best experience for the both of you. Singing together, back-to-back, hearing the cheers of the audience–nothing could make you feel closer.

- Your friends always comment on how cute you two are together. It always sets Blooky on a near-disappearing path because of how flustered they get. They like you a lot, & they’re happy to hear that others like you two as well, but their words just make them so happy that they get…all bubbly inside, & they just can’t help it. Sorry.

I think concepts like “fame, glamour, companionship, access, power” all have spiritual components. It’s like it all has a formula down to where you live and what you wear and what you say and so much more. There’s definitely a shadow world.

For over a decade, British photographer Magnus Hastings has been shooting some of the most notorious queens and asking them one simple question: Why drag?

Adore Delano: "I started dressing up at 15 because I noticed how different my style was from the other kids. I guess my creativity went further than just different-coloured shoes and green hair. So at 15 I was competing in singing competitions as a girl… and they never knew I was a boy. It was so liberating to be something/someone else for a change.“

Bianca del Rio: "I started out in theatre. I was an actor and did costumes, wigs, and makeup; I had all the packaging to do drag. So it was just inevitable that it was going to happen. Because what does a fag do backstage? He always thinks he can do the role onstage much better than the person doing it. It evolved and then became a business for me. It is something that I am passionate about, but it comes secondary to the costumes and the artistry of it. For me, drag is a way to get away with murder. If I don’t wear a wig, I am called a hateful fag; when I wear a wig, they call me hysterical.”

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: "Drag doesn’t make much sense: It takes up all of your time, consumes most of your money, and may subject you to some of the most extreme ridicule on the planet. But I imagine it is much like being a nun or a priest – once you get the divine (or Divine) calling, you have no choice in the matter and you belong to drag for life. Even in the case of those who have hung up the heels and sworn off the frock, the truth remains: bubbling just beneath the surface lies the eternal inner queen.“

Courtney Act: "It came to me by what seemed like an accident. The art of drag is intrinsic to who I am. The ability to create anything I want without rules is the real thing I love about drag. It’s creative, expressive, and subversive. To hold and know the power of a woman is something so amazing that I don’t think a woman could ever understand because they cannot know life without it. But not all drag is about creating the illusion of a woman, and I love that side too. Drag is about freedom of expression, performance art, and illusion. When people are caught in the act, I get to make them think and entertain them at the same time. It is so empowering to wield this act of creation. Drag has taught me that I have deliberate control over my image, and when this notion is applied to one’s whole life, it is both powerful and transformative.”

Miss Fame: "When I explain why I do drag to somebody in my family, like my grandma, I say it’s a form of art. It’s a great way for me to pull all of my experiences together within myself. As a child growing up on a farm, I remember watching television and seeing glamorous people on the screen and in the pages of magazines. I felt that I was meant for something great and wanted to shine as bright as those representations of glamour. Drag has been a great way to captivate many eyes all around the world, and now that I have the audience’s attention, I want to be inspiring to anyone who’s ever felt invisible or disregarded or abused. Being in drag gives me the chance to spread love and creativity and bravery to anyone willing to listen and especially to LGBT youth. Yes, I enjoy being glamorous and shining bright in a room full of people, but what makes it worth it is having an impact on the planet.“

Willam Belli: "Every little American boy dreams of being on a baseball card. Conversely, every little faggot dreams of being a supermodel. I never knew what I wanted to be growing up. I thought I could be a lawyer because I argued really well with people. I also thought I could be a cartoonist because I liked drawing and doing funny voices. I graduated high school at 16, moved out into the world, and started doing extra work in drag because it paid more money than doing it as a normal person. So drag for me was about survival to begin with. I kept at it because I started writing and couldn’t find anyone lewd enough to perform my material. I like to think of myself as the love child between John Belushi and Ann-Margret. Plus, I realised the only thing I ever wanted to top is the Billboard Comedy Chart (and I did). Also, I really like shiny stuff.”

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are ghosts even monsters? or did the humans just call them monsters? could there be 3 races instead of 2?

They do seem closer to monsters than humans, but there is a lot of unexplained aspects of how they exist. humans do not become ghosts when they die, their souls persist after death. Napstablook and Mettaton show no memory of the surface world or their experiences there.
Under normal conditions no monsters soul persists after death, boss monsters are the most powerful and their souls only last a few seconds after death.

Ghost souls are shown as being upside-down hearts like monster souls according to Alphys diagram of the Mettaton experiment. Mettatons heart core is normally right side up, but their soul as a ghost is shown upside-down on that blueprint and when Flowey absorbs all the souls.

They may be a type of monster that has no physical body and cannot shape a complex apparition. They have to possess physical objects and have an enormous amount of power and desire to become corporeal in that object.

It’s best described as having an object as a puppet you can sort of control versus actually being “mortal” and inside the object and able to harmed and feel inside of the body.

The ghosts themselves seem more like Eidolons, spirits of past defining experiences or reputations or feelings. For example, Happstablook (the ghost that became Mettaton) had no desire or definition other than that androgynous celebrity stereotype that is all about glamour, appearance, fame, ratings, and becoming more and more famous. Napstablook is all about being an apologetic introvert that loves music. Madstablook (fan name for the ghost that is Mad Dummy) is all about being a protective angry violent being. Stablook (fan name for the ghost of the training dummy) is known for being silent, grows tired of aimless shenanigans, easily disturbed, and reclusive.

None of them have any backstory or reason for this, no memory of a past life, being defined as a stereotype from that intense defining personality trait and actions by someone long ago.
The ghosts are seemingly
Eidolons, eidolons, eidolons.

The human race sucks. Human nature is smothered out by society, job, and work and school. Instincts are deleted by laws. I see people say things that contradict themselves, or people that don’t take any advantage to the gift of human life. They waste their minds on memorizing the stats of every college basketball player or how many words should be in a report when they should be using their brain on more important things. The human race isn’t worth fighting for anymore. WWII was the last war worth fighting and was the last time human life and human brains did any good and made us proud. Now, with the government having scandals and conspiracies all over the fucking place and lying to everyone all the time and with worthless, pointless, mindless, disgraceful TV shows on and with everyone ob-fucking-sessed with Hollywood and beauty and fame and glamour and politics and anything famous, people just aren’t worth saving.


Marilyn: “I think when you are famous every weakness is exaggerated.”

Marilyn wanted the adulation of millions, and that’s exactly what she got. Survey after survey places Marilyn as both the century’s most popular female performer (the American Film Institute) and greatest sex symbol (Playboy).

“I want to be a big star more than anything. It’s something precious,” Marilyn said during filming for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). And yet fame was part of the cocktail that fed Marilyn’s fears, something she desperately wanted but which repelled her too.

Allan “Whitey” Snyder, referring to that period, said, “She was frightened to death of the very public that thought her so sexy. My God, if they only knew how hard it was for her.”

Publicly, Marilyn played the fame game and did the publicity campaigns. Out and about to promote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, she told a New York Times journalist what fame felt like: “I’m thrilled of course. Everything’s so wonderful - people are so kind - but I feel as though it’s all happening to someone right next to me. I’m close - I can feel it - I can hear it - but it isn’t really me.”

Friend and newspaper columnist Sidney Skolsky, who was Marilyn’s regular escort to public engagements when Joe DiMaggio didn’t want to go, wrote in mid-1953, “Success has helped The Monroe. But she hasn’t lost that rare combination of being part of the crowd as well as aloof at the same time.”

By 1955, the burden of fame had begun to weight more heavily: “I guess nobody trusts a movie star. Or at least this movie star. Maybe in those first few years I didn’t do anything to deserve other people’s trust. I don’t know much about these things. I just tried not to hurt anybody, and to help myself.”

After a decade of being America’s most recognizable woman, Marilyn became desperately protective of her privacy. In 1961, when photographers came to her apartment in Los Angeles, she made them swear they would never divulge her address.

In the last years of her life, Marilyn increasingly reflected on fame. In her last interview with Life journalist Richard Meryman, she reflected on its ultimate effects: “Fame is certainly only a cause for temporary and partial happiness - not really for a daily diet. That’s not what fulfills you. It warms you a bit, but the warming is temporary. It’s like caviar, but not when you have it every meal.”

In the same article Marilyn pronounced what many people perceive to be an adieu to her film career: “Fame will go by and - so long, fame, I’ve had you! I’ve always known it was fickle. It was something I experienced, but it’s not where I live.”

Marilyn was one of a very small number of the famous to become a legend in their own lifetime. Two weeks before her death, Marilyn told studio executive Peter Levathes, “in a way I’m a very unfortunate woman. All this nonsense about being a legend, all this glamour and publicity. Somehow I’m always a disappointment to people.”

Not everyone thought that fame was a bad thing for Marilyn, though. Ben Hecht, with whom she worked on an autobiography project in 1954, felt that Marilyn was “saved by Hollywood. Fame saved her. The spotlight beating on her twenty-four hours a day made the world seem livable to her….It was the only world in which she could thrive. The real world held only hobgoblins for her, terrors that harried her thoughts.” 

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.

Calorie Mate

A/N: The long overdue sequel to What it Was! (this went through many versions before I chose one omg)

Summary: They’ve been apart for a while. One shines under a set of spotlights, and the other lingers in the living room, supporting her in silence. Then, one announcement brings them together.

It must have been fate, she would always tell herself. The mirror in her bathroom let her see all of her imperfections: the ugly ones, the pitiful ones. All the imperfections she was so used to seeing getting covered; blanketed in a glamour of makeup and photo editing.

The pimple just over her upper lip annoyed her.

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I’m gonna be SO upset if Miss Fame sashays away before the freaking costume/sewing challenges, especially that one near the end that they have to put together 2 looks and create another out of a random material (hair/candy/etc..).

She is a runway girl, bitch fucking owns a brand. I really wanna see what she comes up with. Up until now she didn’t disappoint me a single time on her runways.

I’m just SICK of these silly acting/comedy group challenges. Theyre really wasting some of the girls’ potential. I mean, Violet, Miss Fame, Max and Pearl all excel in fashion, they all have interesting and edgy aesthetics and I wanted to see more of their creativity. They’re really wasting these gorgeous glamour/look queens trying to make them clowns, it’s just frustrating. I mean, we don’t get to see a group of queens like this since season 3’s Heathers.

Translation of the Spiegel Interview (from Amanda Abbington Tumblr)

Spiegel Online: Mr. Cumberbatch between your Movie- and TV-jobs you also play Theater: In Danny Boyles - “Frankenstein”-Adaption at the National Theatre in London you played the doctor and the creature. Which part did you like more?

Cumberbatch: Both roles are very demanding and have lots of tragical potential: Frankenstein who grows up without family love and is therefore posessed to awake death to life and on the other hand that monster that starts immediately into the adult life and has to live through cruel rejection because it’s different. This evolution from total innocence to the greatest agony is sad and a big big drama.

Spiegel Online: Do you sometimes feel like Frankensteins creature when you get owned by Hollywood/get formed to the new superstar? 

Cumberbatch: Oh my god, you have created a monster! Haha, no, Hollywood doesn’t give birth to monster, the monsters are already in us before we get blended by money, everlasting youth and other magical stuff.  Hollywood is just the center of the movie industry, where people go to plan movies. And sometimes they (the movies) even get filmed there

Spiegel Online: That sounds down to earth. Aren’t you susceptible to glamour and fame?

Cumberbatch: It isn’t like in other certain countries where you have to be vaccinated against malaria or other bad diseases before you go there.  When you go to Hollywood you don’t turn automatically in a drunk idiot. All famous people I had the fortune to work with in the last years have very grounded, grown structures around them: Class mates, family, all normal people. You aren’t aware of that because you only see the stars at festive events where you see them all in one place and therefore you believe that famous people just hang around with famous people. If this would be the case it could come to a certain Hysteria. 

Spiegel Online: You have a very successful year behind you. You played the villain Khan, the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, you celebrated an extraordinary comeback as the TV dedective Sherlock Holmes and soon you play the mathematician Alan Turing - all very demanding character! Was ist a relief to play a relatively normal person in “August Osage County”?

Cumberbatch: I know what you’re driving at: There can be seen a pattern, can’t it? He’s always searching for the difficult, ingenious figures! Sadly I have to disappoint you. Of course I like to play intelligent people that aren’t simple or boring, but these weren’t constantly decisions I was aware of. To play Charles in “August Osage County” was a challenge, just because he’s the guy from next door and he’s an American from Oklahoma, a place I never visited before in my life. Alone to get the accent right! Or the scene where I sing and play the piano? Very difficult for me. But that’s exactly that: It has to stay interesting. I don’t want to repeat myself, but I don’t strive for the biggest diversity either. 

Spiegel Online: Your fan base, the so-called Cumberbitches,…

Cumberbatch: Ha, I waited for that!

Spiegel Online: … so, your for the most part female fans would quite possibly like to see you in a big romance…

Cumberbatch: Absolutely. I, myself, would like to see me trying in a leading man role, preferably in a romantic comedy. I can’t wait to get the right script into my hands.

Spiegel Oline: Do you sometimes think about why you’re so popular with women/men? Admittedly you’re a great actor and you don’t look that bad - but it’s a bit creepy too, isn’t it?

Cumberbatch: Oh, thank you. But  I don’t look that good! When I look in the mirror I see the same face as I’ve seen 10 years before, when I was far away from the 1000 sexiest men. It’s all projection and has very much something to do with the characters I play - not so much how my body or my face looks. I enjoy it as long as it lasts, because just tomorrow there could be another guy who gets admired, that’s for sure. In all honesty? Most of the time I laugh about it. 

This Interview is from the German Spiegel, originally uploaded by the Tumblr: (Check her out, she’s great) 

I translated it, so the non german fans could read it too… English is not my native language so be gentle with me :) (But I’m glad when you correct me, so feel free to message me)

20.04.1990 ♥ Happy 24th birthday 鹿晗 

I am writing this message (once again) without any filters and at the last minute, so it will be cheesy and some tears will be dropped on the virtual page at the end, but for one day I can be corny as much as I want. Because for a lot of fans, for me, today it’s the Luhan Day. Today we celebrate you and I have the rights to be a Drama Queen. 

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My Biggest Insecurity

Stretch Marks. I’ve had them since I’ve hit puberty and I’ve always loathed them. They’ve made me so insecure at times that I’ve declined to go swimming with my closest friends, wouldn’t go to the beach and to be blunt I would avoid any situation involving me being without a shirt in public. I’ve had a few people in my life make fun of me for them and even had a complete stranger call me out for them once back in high school. I’ve come such a long way and I’ve finally accepted the fact there’s nothing I can do to make them go away. Society makes us think we’re less than perfect because of our flaws when I believe our flaws are what make us interesting and gives us something to claim as our own. When we put down the magazines and stop pretending that these celebrities our heads are filled with are the images of perfection, that were lesser than these people, who before their fame, before they had people like us paying to make them wealthy, before they were put on a pedestal were human and still are like us, and without us they would remain that way…. And they have their flaws. Remember Photoshop is a celebs best friend. We’re all gorgeous and we all deserve our face on the front of Glamour magazine and Vogue. I wish everyone would realize this…. The inside is what counts, your outside reflects your battles, every scar and every flaw should be something you embrace. Learn from these gifts, and stop tearing yourself up because someone else says you’re not perfect. You are.

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous || Massie AU

It was her sophomore year in college. The first year had gone as planned, she had moved to California, attended UCLA, done well and made some good friends. Cassie wasn’t one for partying, so the social aspect of college was lost on her. Instead of partying, she would stay in with a book or just hang out with a few friends over a glass of wine. Being in LA, it was easy for all of the students to get involved with all the fame and glamour that came with the city and there was one particular musician that everyone was going crazy for - Matt Weston. Sure, she had heard of him and he was good, just not really her taste. The problem was he was unavoidable. It was like he was everywhere and that was only confirmed when she made her annual trip to the music store. There was he was, with a line of fans eager for his autograph but Cassie paid next to now attention to him. Like normal, she just continue to search through the shelves.

THIS IS A LOOOOONG ASS POST. Teenah is..........

well, an old woman, who seems to be nice to a lot of people. Well, she tries to be nice. She tries to act like her age, most of the time. But she have some issues with “kids” who fight “adults” thinking they can get away comparing my 2PM to some I-DON’T-EVEN-HAVE-A-CLUE-WHY-THEY-NAMED-THEIR-BAND-THAT- WAY-AND-WHO-THE-HELL-ARE-THEY newbie idol groups.

Lemme be clear. “I DON’T FIGHT CHILDREN.” But when you go out of your way, and spare me some of your precious time by dropping me an anonymous message, telling me how my 2PM TRYING TO “COPY” the looks of your favorite idol group and your message is kinda giving me hints that you are actually trying to tell me that your “oppars” (OH FOR FUCKS SAKE) are better than my namjars in all ways and angles………..I HAVE NO PROBLEM KICKING YOUR ASS even if your only 12. (Oh geez, wait. Are you actually…. 12?)

I know you might be reading this, giggling, laughing about how you ‘ticked me off’, well I have some good news for you. THIS IS ACTUALLY ME BEING NICE. Can you come down from your high horse, OH ALMIGHTY ONE, and try to explain to me why should my existence be doomed by your oppars’ ALBUM SALES AND quote and quote EXTREME POPULARITY? FLASH NEWS: I never cared about groups outselling my namjars since ICE AGE. And certainly, I’m not bothered about the massive volume of those fanchants. But I get you, it is indeed nice to shove down on everyone’s throat when your favorite idol group is doing exceptionally well (by your own set of criteria). BUT HOLD UP. BEFORE YOU GO LADY GAGA ON ME ABOUT ALBUM SALES AGAIN, let me remind you that apart from the recognition, glamour, fame, and money, 2PM got 5 freaking hell-ish years under their belts. And I would really like you to imagine your IDOL GROUP going thru the same HELL that my namjars went thru, merely having no right to speak their minds and not being able to defend themselves, AND THEN GETTING THRU IT, RISING ABOVE ALL THAT HELL, AND THEN THE CRAPPY TALKS & BUSINESS OF ALBUM SALES. 

Please, keep on deluding yourself that all this shitty talks about who sells better than who can really get your oppar somewhere, PLEASE. ENTERTAIN ME. Please speak to me after 5 years, when you’re already, what? 17? And your oppars are probably 'SENIORS’ in the business… maybe then we can talk about all these AGAIN. And you’ll have my respect.

By the way, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry that I didn’t talk about “STAGE IMPACT” and “PERFORMANCE” that you might also be waiting for me to respond to. You are already know that I’m a Hottest. And when we speak of PERFORMANCES, STAGE PRESENCE AND IMPACT, my boys are - OH ERASE THAT. I believe your oppars are one of them voters who put 2PM #1 in the list of the BEST PERFORMERS IN KPOP. 

Thank you very much.