all of the faces!!


hallaaaa!!! sooo i got tagged by my girls @harrysmeadow @harryhateblog @harrysimpact and the super lovelies @harryslovelylocks and @nialilouarry to do the 3 selfie tag!!! im super late but anywayyys :’)

these are my recent three selfies!!! i look the same in all of these rip andjajjak

idk how have already done this buuut i tag @harrysfilm @harrsys @hughaz @hrrystyles @habibharry @styles2017 @harrysfashioncampaign @gayanqel @rosysaetre @tarjeitrash @tarjeiandhenrik @hrammy


ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah


Seflie Tag (Bias Edition) 🙈

I honestly always forget to do these when people tag me so this is for everyone who tagged me. 💖  I was creative this time so I made it look like Hobi was Snapchatting me (omg if he only did though 😪 ) I want to see all of my mutuals beautiful faces so please don’t be shy!!! 

 I Tag: @hobisnatchme @smhsehun @axsh-chica @hobiini @hazelnuthobi @j-hobies-angel  @hobieu  @asupercoolperson @hopenight218 @thejinblossoms @hoseokhotness @syub-baby @jhopes-butt @whitecrow96 @hugsforhobi  @mariisacutie  @moo-boo-mins @hobihype @hoseokillmehealme @hobiplz @minyoongiismyinspiration @hobistummy @loveshob @j-dopee @floral-hobi @gothic-hobi @jhope-shi @hobibliophile @glowinghobii @hobie-yah @hobilouu  @heartseok @hobiconfetti  @loveshob @artsyhobi @kingsobi+ anyone else who wants to do it!!!! 💕


I was tagged by @tel-abelas-mofo (thank you very much–I do indeed love tags!!!  even though I often fail to do them in a timely manner) to share my lock/home screens, the last selfie I took, and the last song I listened to!

Since my last selfie is basically an ode to sleep deprivation, I also added an amusing one hahaha.  ANd the last song I listened to was “Down Once More” from Phantom of the Opera bc I was having a Moment.  My friend sent me a prompt for a “villain kiss” and my first thought was “TRACK DOWN THIS MURDERER HE MUST BE FOUND” bc that’s just how my brain works apparently.

I will taggggg @misslestrange274 @rocket2saturn @artwaffle142 @madlanddreams and.  Uhm.  That’s it bc I’m bad at tags but anyone who would like to do the thing, please consider yourselves tagged!