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I need Ryuji like the deserts need rain. Desperately.

‘Dunno about the rain, but they’ve got rivers here if you’re thirsty.’






By “not simply receive vampire blood” and “the burden of responsibility for his life” I THINK SHE MEANS





Onnnnnnnnnnn a side note:

Fai thinks that him dying is the best outcome for all of these people. 

Fai thinks that Kurogane hates him a lot of the time. 

Fai probably does not expect Kurogane to fight so hard to keep him alive. 

Fai definitely does not expect Kurogane will WILLINGLY take this continuous burden to keep him around. 

I really hope that, when Fai wakes up again, this is a clue that will help him understand just how much Kurogane wants him in his life. 


Comfort- Imagine

Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Byers!Reader

Warning: swearing, vomit, fluff

Word Count: 1612

Summary: At Tina’s Halloween party, you and your brother Joanthon take care of Steve and Nancy after they break up.

You nudged your brother Jonathon and nodded your head at your two best friends. Steve had just forced Nancy’s hand and spilled her drink all down the front of her blouse. The whole room went quiet and watched them disappear into the bathroom.

“Oh, shit what do you think is gonna happen?” you wiggle your eyebrows at Jonathon.

“They’re gonna make up, like they always do.” Jonathon mumbles, looking down. Just as the words came out of his mouth, Steve burst out of the bathroom door wiping at his face. You and Jonathon looked at each other, concern laced between your glance.

“Ready, break.” you whispered before squeezing Jonathon’s hand and running after Steve. You pushed through the crowd and managed to slip out the front door all while calling Steve’s name. He didn’t turn around, probably lost in his own little world. He stumbled up to his car, hand in his pocket trying to fish out his keys. As you got closer you heard him cursing under his breath, “Bullshit? I’m bullshit? That’s fucking BULLSHIT.” During his rant, his keys slip from his fingers and plop on the ground. Before he can even bend over, you snatch them up.

Steve regains his balance and blows up before your very eyes. “HEY, you son of a bitch gimme my fucking keys back before I knock your teeth on the floor!” Steve tries to make an advancement towards you, raising his fist. He only lowers it when he sees that it’s you. This is the first time you get a look at his face. His eyes are red and swollen from the mixture of alcohol and crying. His cheeks are covered with angry red blotches and his hair is sticking out in all directions instead of its normal smooth stature. You instantly wrap your arms around him and have to stagger as he instantly drops the majority of his bodyweight onto you.

Steve starts sobbing hysterically, ugly wails of pain are leaking from his mouth. “Shh, I’m here, it’s okay, I got you,” you whisper and slowly lead him to the passenger side of his car. Once he has all his extremities inside the car, you shut the door and rush around to the front. You plop yourself down in the driver’s side and start the car. Steve, still sniffling, reached out and grasped the hand that was nearest to him. You were too shocked to let go and dealt with driving one handed the rest of the car ride home.

When you arrived at Steve’s you pulled your hand gently out of his, which made him whine, and climbed out of the car.

“Are your parents home?” you asked when you had opened his car door. Steve said nothing but shook his head. The red blotches on his face were fading, but he did look a little greener. You quickly hauled him out of the car and made it all the way to the doorstep before he leaned over the bushes and promptly vomited. This caused another fit of sobbing and he couldn’t stop apologizing about throwing up. You hushed him softly, telling him it was okay.

“C’mon, let’s get you to the bathroom and we’ll get you cleaned up, how does that sound?” Steve nodded. After much pulling and convincing you set him down on the toilet, huffing and puffing. The color had returned to his face and he would have looked almost normal if not for his eyes. They were swollen and detached from the world. You swipe a hand through his hair, brushing it away from his face. A static races through your whole body and you struggle to defuse it, hating the fact that all you see in the broken boy in front of you is beauty. He is beautiful. Even looking like he has been losing a fight with pink eye in both of his spectacularly brown eyes.

You pull away and look for a washcloth under the sink, letting out a small squeal of joy when you locate one. You stand and your heart almost explodes as you see that Steve has stripped off his ruined shirt. You look away quickly and wet the cloth in your hands. You cup his face in your hand and gently wipe away the mixture of tear stains and vomit. He looks down out of embarrassment. You pull his chin back up gently and continue wiping his face clean. He closes his eyes so he doesn’t have to look at you and leans into your touch, needing your comfort.


You had just finished cleaning Steve up and convinced him to change into clean clothes and brush his teeth. You helped yourself to one of his T-shirts and slipped into bed beside him, propped up on pillows. He currently has your back to you and you almost thought he had fallen asleep when he sighs loudly.

“(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?” His voice startles you as he has not really spoken since he threatened to know your teeth out. You nod even though he can’t see you. He turns toward you and speaks again anyway. “Did we kill Barb? Are we just pretending everything’s okay?  Are we…am I bullshit?” You see tears have started emerging from his eyes again and he curls up into your side, head resting on your stomach. You are taken back from his forwardness and get annoyed at yourself. He doesn’t like you, dumbass, he is just in pain and needs comfort, you think to yourself.

“No, Barb’s death was not your fault, we helped kill the thing that killed her, that’s something to be proud of! We aren’t just pretending everything is okay, we got through that together. We needed each other, just because Nancy was pretending doesn’t mean the rest of us were!” you state, wrapping your arm around his shoulders. The sound of her name sends a shiver through him and he nuzzles into you and you are praying he can’t hear your heart pounding in your chest. You can feel the quick beats all throughout your body, in your ears, all the way down to your toes.

“Do you feel any better? Like are you gonna throw up again?” you ask, running your fingers through his mop of hair, gently pulling out the tangles until it runs smoothly between your fingers.

“I don’t think I will, but please don’t go,” he mumbles the last part and holds you tighter as if he is afraid you’ll disappear.

“Okay, I won’t,” you can practically hear the excitement in your voice as you continue, “I just wanted to make sure I don’t have to worry about waking up in vomit.” You hear a soft snort escape his lips and smile at your tiny victory. He says nothing and it’s not long before you hear his breaths stretch longer. In his sleep, he has loosened his grip on you but is still lying with his head resting on your body. You continue to play with his hair and try not to let those greedy thoughts in. You’re his friend, he just got dumped for God’s sake! You roll your eyes into the dark and huff softly.


The sunlight streams in through the window and irritates your eyes, forcing you to open them. The room around you looks unfamiliar and you try to sit up only to be held down by a very large, very warm boy. Steve is already awake and pulls away to look at you.

“Good morning,” he says, his voice cracking from sleep. His eyes are a little swollen but significantly less red.

“Good morning? Is it morning? What time is it? Are we late for school?” you scramble, still trying to sit up. Steve removes his body from you, hesitating and you can see the discomfort in his eyes.

“I awoke up a while ago, I just thought I’d let you sleep, since you were up half the night making sure I didn’t choke on my own vomit.” he looks down. “I’m sorry, I would have waken you…”

“Oh no, it’s okay,” you comfort, reaching and touching his arm. “I can afford to take a day off, plus I would have been useless, I need at least 9 hours of sleep before I can function.”

He laughs and takes your hand in his. He squeezes it and says, “Thank you for last night, I was a mess and I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t helped me. Thank you.” You blushed at his comment and looked down.

“It was no big deal, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t crash and die.”

“And because of you, I am home safe.” You look up at him and hold his eye contact for a second too long. You can’t stop yourself from leaning in and he does the same. Right when you get within two inches of each other, you hear a door opening downstairs and his mother’s voice calling, “Steve, honey, are you sick? Why aren’t you at school?” You two break apart and he stands from the bed quickly.

“I’ll go say I was too sick and then how bout I bring us some breakfast, does that sound okay?” You nod still unable to look at him in the eye. In one quick motion he leans down and pecks your cheek and then blush rises up again but by the time you look up, Steve has raced from the room. My God, what have I gotten myself into? You think to yourself as you hear the muffled conversation of mother and son downstairs. 

Hope you guys like it! 

-flawlessara <3

“Pay attention, Sarah Lynn don’t do that where you write down your thoughts instead of what the person is actually saying”

this scene is a bit confusing because Bojack is reading what Sarah Lynn wrote so she obviously wrote down words, but what about the drawings? Are they things she doodled on the side or is Bojack imagining them?

This sounds like a very light and stupid thing to think about but considering that Sarah just spent days drinking and consuming all types of drugs possible and that she talks about how she feel later on the episode, I don’t think it’s a minor detail that she was imagining herself being violently slaughtered.

The bird is very similar to the guy form her AA meeting, and the other woman-thing? I don’t think there’s anything similar in the show.


Under the cut you will find #122 gifs of DAVID HARBOUR from SEASON ONE EPISODE ONE OF STRANGER THINGS. All gifs are under 2MB and there should be no grey boxes. ALL GIFS WERE MADE BY ME. No gifs are larger than268X150PX in size, small and HQ. PLEASE LIKE OR REBLOG IF YOU FIND THIS POST HELPFULtrigger warnings for: smoking, drinking, pills, guns

NOTE: DO NOT redistribute, do not claim as your own, do not include in other gif hunts, do not crop or edit and post in your gif hunts, do not use to make crackship gifs or gif icons. You may link back to this post if you feel the need to have these in your gif hunt.”

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Will meeting Georgie and Georgie stealing Will from Richie.

yells in the club bc all i want in life is will and georgie bonding <3

send in some prompts, bbs!

“Bill, your brother’s pissing me off.”

Bill choked on his drink and turned to face Richie with the darkest look the stuttering boy could give. “Y-you watch what you s-s-say about him,” he bit.

Richie glanced back at him, surprised. He definitely hadn’t been expecting such a sudden and defensive response, but now that he thought about it? Bill probably hadn’t been the best one to bitch about the 8-year-old to.

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a young avengers/b99 crossover where the ya keep getting pulled in by the 99 but the charges never seem to stick so basically the ya are super invested in the 99 and vice versa to a probably slightly unhealthy level

like they all root hardcore for jake/amy and loki unironically is super tight with charles (SPACE FOOD BUDDIES)

david and eli are never sure if they love or are terrified of holt

gina is constantly highkey hitting on teddy and kate

tommy always tries to trick terry into bench pressing him

jake lowkey crushing on noh

bonus points if rosa is actually america  and clint owns one of the 99′s buildings

“all my favorite disasters live in brooklyn!!!!!” who says this

everyone at the 99 is like “oh wow hawkeye is super professional” until jake has to do a solo thing with her and then he is all GASP YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT BEING A PERSON JUST LIKE ME and then they are bffs forever but nobody ever believes him that she’s a mess

amy is a little worried until she sees kate drink coffee straight from the pot

gina somehow??? convinces billy to join dancey regan and their special effects and costumes are bananas amazing

i don’t know why but cassie gets along super well with scully and hitchcock and nobody else understands it either

naturally nate gets along really well with the vulture

Uh, hey guys?

To all you assholes leaving dumbass comments in every recent LP/AH vids commenting on the divorce, Geoff/Griffon “Not being good enough for the other”, picking on their “habits” and constantly bringing up the drinking thing, Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Shut. Up. 

It’s one thing to be supportive. This isn’t being supportive. So please, shut. up.


Hello, m’friends! A couple of things: 

1) I made a video about tea and there’s a tea tag at the end for anyone who wants to do it! 

2) I just looked and Autumn Cozy hit 165,000 followers. That’s a lot of people who love autumn and all things cozy! Somehow it still feels like we’re a small little group, and I love that! Meeting so many awesome people who ‘get it’ (meaning this love for fall and coziness) has been the best, and I’m so lucky to get to get pumped about sweaters and hot drinks and candles and leaves and pumpkin-y things and Halloween with your guys! 🍂 

3) I’m starting to get more active on Winter Cozy now and will post even more after Thanksgiving. If you like winter/Christmas stuff, you can follow here.

Love you guys!


callout post

who are you really following?? in alphabetical order

@bleepbleeprichie makes fun of my inability to read

@denbroughbill if i say one thing in the group chat she will dislike it and tell me to shut up

@eddiekaspbraked only sends me buzzfeed unsolved memes

@kasbrough is the literal bane of my existence. a headache personified. also sucks at game pigeon games

@mikebyler doesn’t answer me

@mikestanlon always tries to expose me for leaving her on read. yells at me when i consume dairy

@millbyers drinks diet coke unironically. invalid in general

@richiestosier i think kel called me dumb one time

@themikehanlon is too pretty, i miss her

@willbyersisaloser called me a bean EDIT: likes dIET COKE???

@willbylers an angel, has only said nice things to me EDIT: likes diet coke ??

@whheeler has said one (1) thing to me and it was about danny devito

anyways thanks for coming to my comedy central roast session, pls like and subscribe for more soft roasts

not to get all positive on this blog but maybe 2017 will end up being my glow up year at the 11th hour? drinking lots of water and going to the gym? great! therapy? LIT! medication too bitches!!! all of these things I thought were unattainable as recently as summer so yeah you never know I guess

Things to do on a Friday Night

It’s Friday November 17. Time to bring in the weekend!

The Cask ‘n’ Anvil

When -  6 (server)
Where - Ironforge

Come to Ironforge’s own Cask n Anvil for drinks and fun with the Dwarven crowd. All are welcome in for good food, good music, and excellent brews.

(Contact Modarin in game for more information)

Mr. Smites Improv

Time:   7 (server)
Where: SI:7 Building, Stormwind City

Come watch the Xanoic Brotherhood as they perform their weekly “Mr. Smite’s Improv” a unique show with laughter, groans, and prizes galore.

(Contact Dreyfusxano in game for more information)

The Stormwind Night Market

Time:   8 (server)
Where:  Stormwind Docks (The series of tents at the base of the docks)

Offering a variety of items, curiosities, and acquisitions that one may find hard if not impossible to get elsewhere. With merits deep in foreign trade and a client list extending from pauper to prince, the Market offers to the public it’s stock of goods for a single night only every other week. Leave your preconceptions of the Trade District at home, and allow yourself to search for that elusive treat or item under the stars.  Visit The Stormwind Night Market for those hard to find items tonight!

(OOC: Contact Masnira or Lissmac for more information! We are open to outside vendors as well. Contact us before the event to get a booth spot! Note this market is a front for black market activity. Some questionable items will be for sale! @enigmatic-elegance )

(OOC: WoW 13th Anniversary Celebration!)

Classic Bosses to Celebrate

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since the heroes of the Horde and Alliance began their journey through Azeroth. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve lived through thousands of battles together, always looking for the next adventure on the horizon. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re bringing back some familiar foes –with some slightly updated abilities– to Azeroth. Players level 60 and above can take on Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and one of the four Dragons of Nightmare each day for some loot and 50 Timewarped Badges.

New Vendor Items

You’ll be able to use your badges to purchase a few new items this year.

  • Celebration Wand – Trogg
  • Celebration Wand – Quilboar
  • Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Costume
  • Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses

In addition all the gifts from last year including the Corgi Pup are back! Visit Llore in the King’s Library to Purchase.

an aura thing that would be useful if i could actually control it is when my brain decides to just randomly like…dump everything in its short-term memory files IMMEDIATELY without at all attempting to move ANY of it to long-term, so from my perspective, i look at the clock, perfectly lucid, and see that it’s 5:30, and then i take a drink of water, say, and then i look at the clock AGAIN and see that it’s 7:22, and apparently i have been acting normal and functioning fine the whole entire time, i just don’t remember any of it.

 it doesn’t feel like zoning out, and believe me i know all about zoning out, that isn’t what i’m talking about– it’s more like someone snipped a bunch of footage clean away from the reel of my life and then expertly taped the film back together. it’s more like a drunken blackout but with none of the disorientation or sloppy fade-in/fade-out, or, uh, being drunk in general.

when you have some boring, rote shit to do, this is AWESOME. it is inconvenient and scary the rest of the time! but occasionally, when you have to, say, polish an assload of silverware or clean something disgusting out of a bathroom or wait in line at the DMV for a tiny eon and you’re just thinking “man, i wish there was some way to get this done without having to have the conscious experience of getting it done, because UGGGHHHHHHHH”, it’s quite welcome (if it decides to kick into gear at that time, i mean)

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ok but fr all of my friends love sparkling water and I HATE it so much!!!! it makes me feel bloated and gross. nice to know I'm not the only one.

it honestly horrifies me that sparkling water is a thing like people not only voluntarily drink it but they do so with pleasure?? like?? they genuinely enjoy it?? wtf??

Yan Qing
  • Run your hand through his hair or just braid it for him. He may whine a little, but he secretly enjoys it.
  • The moment he catches you dozing off, he’ll just gently tuck you in where you are. But if it’s an area where you could potentially wake up with a sore back or shoulders, don’t be surprised to find yourself in bed when you could have sworn you fell asleep while talking to him.
  • Don’t let him lure you into drinking with him, him and Kintoki are notorious for emptying out Chaldea’s storage of wine. The last thing you want is to wake up with a massive hangover from trying to keep up with him while he’s perfectly fine.
  • He’d appreciate it when you don’t mind, or even like, his tattoos. He has a small reason behind each one, so he’d love to tell you all about them
  • He’s a lot more affectionate than you would expect him to be appearance wise. This boy is so easygoing he’d just casually put his arm around your shoulder to take you somewhere, or take your hand in his as he leads you towards a new adventure.
  • But although he may always have a smile on his face, don’t be completely fooled into thinking he isn’t deadly. He’s an assassin for a reason, so don’t take him too lightly.

Kangin never assaulted a supposed girlfriend. He got into a fight with a friend at a drinking party.

Do I think he’s still in the wrong? Yes. Because its obvious he can’t handle his alcohol. There are deep issues there that he needs serious therapy for.. however. All I’m seeing everywhere is that Kangin assaulted this woman. Please read all the facts thoroughly.. there were no assaults to her.

I know I’m defending him, and probably am the last ELF to do so. But I understand what being an alcoholic is like, I’ve dealt with one, and I know that it’s fucking hard to change. And maybe he is looking for help, or trying to do better. But it took my sister 7 years to get on track.

He needs legitimate help and support, and I never realized how much a person who has trouble with drinking needs that sort of thing. I don’t think he’s in the right. I’ll gladly admit that he fucked up too many times. I’ll also accept if he doesn’t return to SJ or if SM kicks him out…

But that being said. Because I understand how hard it is for someone to stop those dangerous habits, I can’t just abandon him. Because Kangin isn’t just “a member of super junior” to me. He’s one of the people who have given me the most happiness, along with the other 14. He’s given me strength and support when I needed it, so how could I abandon him when he needs it the most? I can’t. Because I understand. I love him.

I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. We all have our own. I don’t care if I’m the only ELF still beside Kangin after all of this. I want to be able to see him happier and healthier one day and be proud that I didn’t give up on him. He’s more than just “Super Junior’s Kangin”. He’s my family. Nothing will change that.

tag game!

 I was tagged for a tag game by @loeychateau thank youu

only rule if you do it, tag a few people/blogs you adore :)

whats your favorite song(s) to sing/hum? I loveeeeee Power by EXO or I love to sing to What Lovers Do by Maroon 5 also!

whats your favorite flower/tree/plant (all 3 or whatever you have an answer to)? I think my favorite flower is probably daises they are so beautiful  

favorite color(s)?

what do you always doodle (if you ever do)? I hand write random things often or I will try and sketch the EXO symbol 

how do you take your coffee/tea? if you don’t like those whats your fav warm drink? I don’t like coffee or tea but I really love hot chocolate!

favorite candle scent? I loveeee the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent!

sunrise or sunset? SUNSET!!

what perfume do you wear, if any? 
I have lots of bath and body works perfumes and I use whichever one I feel matches my outfit best ahaha

whats your go to dance move when you’re alone? I often practice old tap steps

favorite quote? “don’t let the behaviors of others destroy your inner peace” this quote means a lot to me because I am influenced emotionally a lot by other people 

favorite self care thing(s)/routine(s)? music that makes me happy or watching my favourite shows 

fuzzy socks or house slippers?

what color are your eyes?

whats your favorite eye color on others? I find brown eyes very beautiful, I’m just drawn to them

favorite season? why?
 Spring! where I live spring is the perfect combination of warm and cold. It’s warm enough for a t shirt but you’l never be sweating!!! 

cheek, neck, or nose kisses?
 nose heh

what does your happy place look like? my room, with soft music playing, my favorite TV and a snack

favorite breed of dog?
 ummmmm no idea!!! maybe golden retriever 

do you ever want to be married? if so, what colors would you pick for your wedding theme? I defiantly want to get married!!!!! I think it would be mine and my spouses favorite color. Maybe a green and purple would be nice

silk or lace?

favorite weather?
 anything involving rain

I tag @minsoakedme @cuddlyjd @singerswhostrip @suho69 @shes-dreaming-of-lost-stars @flxwercafe @2chansoo @fuck-me-up-fam @byunbagel @chouxiu @softbfchanyeolie

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hey i got a few bad grades & now i’m so demotivated i think i destroyed everything although i know it’s not true but i just feel so stupid & unable to learn anything :((((( also i’ve always been one of the best students & now i don’t even know how to start :( help me

This absolutely sucks, and I think the first thing you should do is take a day off. Spend half the day (preferably the first half) moping around, watching aesthetic youtube videos, crying, drinking tea etc and spend the beginning of the second half watching revision videos and scrolling through tumblr (trust me it works) and create a gameplan concerning revision for yourself. Tackle the thing that’s scaring you must by creating a poster of all the ways you want to revise for the subjects that you got a few bad grades in (make cornell notes instead of regularly ones, make flashcards, make summary sheets, get someone to test you, do tons and tons of practice problems, make mindmaps and test yourself by covering up sections and recalling as much as you can + annotating in red the stuff you forgot etc), ask your teachers for feedback and annotate this feedback on the sheets themselves. A sheet per subject. Stick these on or around your desk. It’s time to stop moping and take action, you may think you’ve hit rock bottom but it’s time to start climbing again. You owe it to yourself. Prove yourself wrong. Get to it anon. 

* helpful post by @fuckstudy here:

Cold things ™

  1. Looking for your water bottle frantically, while holding it in your hand
  2. Sleeping all day and waking up at 3 am with a massive stomach ache because you haven’t eaten for 24 hours
  3. Knowing your stomach hurts because you haven’t eaten but continuing to avoid food because your stomach hurts
  4. Everything you eat tastes like cough drops
  5. Knowing you have to stay hydrated but it hurts to drink so you just sort of Don’t
  6. Deciding that consuming/having one certain thing will make you feel instantly better (note; this has to be something you don’t already have)
  7. Googling “how long do colds last”
  8. Trying to figure out how long you’ve been sick and how long you have left
  9. Giving up bc you can’t Math in your current state
  10. Being bored but not having the energy to do anything