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Elsewhere Alumni: Mrs. Frizzle

Mrs. Frizzle was not always Mrs. Frizzle, except she always was. No one knows her real name–she barely remembers herself. In her Elsewhere days she was simply known as Frizz.

Nobody really talked about the education majors–they were a strange in between, using old fashioned chalkboards and new technology, teaching old lessons and devising new methods. The education majors were strange tightrope walkers, and Frizz was the strangest of them all, and walked the tightrope with ease. It wasn’t exactly a metaphor.

A decade later she’s whispered about, stories passed from upperclassmen to lower, although no one fully believed. “She has an agreement with the Gentry” “she makes the Good Neighbors do things at her beck and call” “she has enough boons to have a field trip every day. To shrink down to a cell or go out in space” “she’s Protected”.

Even the crows liked her.

No one ever fully believed the stories. They couldn’t possibly be true. At least, that’s what everyone thought, until many years later, when their daughter came home from school.


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What powers does Tony have as a vampire? Do all vampires have the same ones? I'd wonder if they could make their sexual partners - not in a manipulative way - tell them their deepest sexual desires with little to no problem? Maybe only if the partner trusts them?

Tony is a Fire vampire, an elemental vampire, and since it was thought their kind died out centuries ago, it is even more proof that his Sire must have been very, very old. 

He can call it as he pleases, placing his hands on something and pouring heat through his palms until it sets ablaze– whether that is a building, or a person. It doesnt affect his body temperature, or spark when he is angry or anything like that. Jarvis drilled such self control into him that Tony never even feels warm unless he is purposefully concentrating to call his fire, and after he killed all those vamps in South Carolina, he hasnt had to use it as more than a warning in decades. 

Like all vampires, he has a touch of compulsion– not so much mind control or coercion, but just enough to make humans be open to being bitten, or at least enough to make sure they dont scream, as well as making their memories hazy. 

He used his compulsion on Steve the first time, but never after that. It felt too much like drugging and then taking advantage of Steve, which isnt the case at all, but Tony was surprised at how much the thought bothered him after centuries of doing the same thing to countless other humans. 

Maybe it helped that Tony always made sure the bite didnt hurt, that other than the inital sting it was pure pleasure for whoever he was feeding from. Most vamps werent as considerate, but Tony always was. The little bit of aphrodisiac running through his system helped with it. 

He has thought about using his compulsion to get Steve to admit things to him, but he has learned that after being drank from, after being fucked senseless, Steve will pretty much say whatever comes to mind, moaning it in a soft slurred tone that Tony absolutely adored. 

No compulsion or powers needed when they trusted each other.  

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It is said that dark birds appeared the day the massive star in the sky collapsed into itself. These birds spread and as their population grew, tensions grew too. Now, their tumultuous past with the mooncats has left this birdie race with few survivors, but those who have are spread all over the world. Decades later, relations between the two seem to have mended themselves - the birds who have settled in the cities are more or less accepted, and the younger generation are less susceptible to old sayings. However, those who still listen to old rumours still believe that these birds bring bad luck wherever they go. It’s a slow process, just like any other diplomatic feat. 

Birdie fashion tends to be strappy and close to the skin! (gotta fly yall) Jin wears a mask over her face while she works- a huge crow’s skull she found in a mountain cave. She also hides her weapons with the cloth at her hip.

Jin was kicked out of her household at a young age because of the fear that she had 烏鴉嘴 (literal translation: crow’s mouth*) that created tensions with her family + other villagers in the area. She took on travelling, and finds out that she is really good at reconnaissance and smuggling work- with her sole “power” being the ability to nullify innate magical powers, she relies on the element of surprise and silence to do her work. However, she finds that her abilities to not extend to physical attributes (eg. super strength). That being said, beneficial magic does not work on her as well- healing and attempts to buff her will slip off like water. She relies on poison darts and her daggers to get the upper hand. Jin goes back to try and find her family again after years of wandering but finds no one left at her old village. She bumps into (angie + vv) in a nearby town and follows them to Lucait where they try to forge new lives. 


- at resting state: probably humming songs. removed from reality - “was that a dream or was it real?" 

- intensely loyal to those she cares about

- terrible at facing her own emotions and can come off rude/ masks everything with humour

- desire for personal freedom, will snap if she feels constricted 

- good at blending in with different personalities 

- really useless in the mornings. She needs glasses in the light, and spaces out more than usual and is generally very vulnerable. Idk how she is still alive. (Conversely, has perfect eyesight and is much more alert at night) 

- hungry. always.

*烏鴉嘴 = someone who brings bad things about by talking about them

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anyone: Near is a pure and innocent child tiny cotton sheep and he doesnt even know what sex is uwuwu


In this month of pride, let me give a shoutout to all my LGBTQIA+ people who have changed how they identify over the years. To the people still trying to figure out their identity, even if they thought they found one that fit.

You’re no less part of the community if you first identified as a lesbian, but now ID as a straight trans man. You’re not any less if you first identified as bi, but now consider yourself gay. You’re not any less if you identified as a binary trans person but now have a nonbinary identity.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you had to have known you were a certain way since you were a child to be valid. Don’t let anyone convince you that because your label could change in the future, you aren’t welcome. Don’t let anyone convince you that you must identify a certain way.

We’re all growing and learning about ourselves and maybe what fits today won’t fit a decade from now, but that’s okay. You’re not a bad person for not immediately having perfect knowledge of yourself. You’re not a fake because your identity has changed.

the Signs as Leaders

Aries : the freedom fighter, she raises her fist in a call to action for those around her, she is the spark to set a movement aflame, whether standing behind a podium or charging into battle it is a war of principle to throw herself into and bring to victory with a loyal coalition of followers, she is the beginning. 

Taurus : the politician, there is no gambling only the eternal tread of fate, she plays the long game, she is the grassroots movement that gains momentum until change is inevitable, this is for her past and her future, this is for the present of those around her, willing to compromise and curry favor, in the end she will be sitting in the Oval Office.

Gemini : the aristocrat, the autocrat, the backroom dealer, whether a philanthropist or a robber baron she is out for blood, this is not someone here to make nice, for better or for worse she will do whatever she must to get what she needs, she will deal with anyone any how if she will meet her ultimate goals.

Cancer : the empress, her family has sat on the throne for generations, it is her duty to preserve what was as she moves into the future, she wields ultimate power alongside the love of her people, adored and feared her will is iron and her word is law, change is either immediate or slow, protecting the nation has been her only goal since she was born and she will defend it to the death.

Leo : the warlord, conquest is both her only fear and her only goal, always moving forward never looking back, to sit on her laurels will be her downfall, she cuts a swath through the land amassing an army and a nation both of little consequence, offense is the best defense, if you conquer your enemy before they know you exist you’ll never have anything to worry about.

Virgo : the diplomat, the wordsmith to weave a net of peace, whether the world is already in chaos and she aims to quell it or whether war looms on the horizon she is there, she is a peacemaker and compromiser until her ideals are challenged, with such an infallible set of parameters it is hard to know her true bottom line, she will not reveal her full hand until you are already defeated.

Libra : the principal, the small setting advisor, to be fair and honest one must be willing to focus in on things, she understands those she speaks with and will speak with anyone, the equalizer where she must she understands the importance of backing down to higher powers, she wants to help the world and will do that however she can, she will be the face of nostalgic hope nobody knows but everyone remembers. 

Scorpio : the dynasty, less a person, more a concept, she is what was and what will be, her power ebbs and flows depending on the day, she stretches thin when she must and concentrates on a single instance when she can, she is a winding road made to lead to an inevitable fate lined in fear and sunlight.

Sagittarius : the queen bee, it does not matter where you are in the world you can tell who she is, she is magnetic and intoxicating and her power is vast within its limits, once you are in her bubble it is hard to know the way out, she is singular and exists in those who love her, in high school and in the office she is beloved and feared with no certainty as to what she actually is.

Capricorn : the CEO, the headlines maker, new money in an old world, her scepter is a pen and her army is a hedge fund, she created her power and shields those within it, sometimes you may not agree with all her choices, sometimes you may not understand them, but while she is still afloat decades passed disaster you will see her true motives only in retrospect. 

Aquarius : the influencer, the social media darling, the thoughtful twitter account you keep seeing screenshots of but you cannot seem to find, she has millions who listen to her, millions who follow her, she could found her own country based on those who think she is worth watching and listening to, but she has no idea they exist, she would just as easily see them all gone for good.

Pisces : the martyr, whether in a decades old feud or a millennia old war, she is held as the lynchpin to it all, she does not need to be here, she does not need to lead, she does not even need to speak, it was that she existed that love could so freely flow to her and what she believed in, she transcends humanity until she is an idea that has amassed more followers and worth than any person alive, until the next one comes along.

me after watching season 1: what?! Wolfie never said Kala’s name out loud!

me when watching Christmas special: please say her name. please say her name. please say her name, Wolfie.

wolfgang: enjoy yourself Mrs. Rasal


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me when watching season 2 finale: yes! this is the moment! you said you love her. now say her name Wolfie! say it!

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* out of nowhere * Whispers:

Kala. Ms. Kala Rasal. Thank you, Wolfgang. You see how easy that was?

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