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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

me, wibbling: they DID do shit for you, scanlan, the moment you were like “I’m outie, y’all, I have to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, how can we help??” and vax went with you in the sewers to try and find her, and the moment you were like “I’m going to Kymal to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, do you want us to come with??” and pike did. you can only ask someone “are you okay?” so many times before you know the answer is going to be “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and all those kids are kids, not much older than your actual kid (except maybe Pike) and they LOVE you and you are TOO GOOD at lying and what happened the one time someone did saw through your bullshit?? It was Vex and she was kind and understanding and loving and she swore to never tell and she didn’t, scanlan, she never told. I’m not saying you have to be happy and hunky-dory but once you’ve leveled out and had a moment to breathe you’ll understand this and come back, right?


Anidala Week 2017Day 6: Favourite Kiss (RotS novelization):

There was no hope she could be happier—until his eye found her silent, still shadow, and he straightened, and a new light broke over his golden face and he said, “Excuse me,” to the Senator from Alderaan, and a moment later he came to her in the shadows and they were in each other’s arms.
Their lips met, and the universe became,
one last time, perfect.  


“Empathy? Empathy? What empathy can I afford my enemies? Shall I dither about whether to defend myself because it will cause someone pain? If that had been the case, I would have died years ago! You must be willing to protect yourself and what you cherish, no matter what the cost.”

When the resizing ruins all ur detailing and u crey everytiem

anyway, this started out as an exercise on drawing allll the kids from Glanni Glæpur ì Latabær but then I was like. What IF I drew MORE and added Glanni and îþróttaàlfurinn and I did that too

And then I hand-drew the logo.

And now we are here.

give me an overwatch rarepair and i’ll make up a headcanon about them.

@halkheart​ : Symmetra x McCree

  • symmetra will be extremely weirded out by mccree upon their first few meetings, because all his slang, metaphors and idioms will just fly over her head. definitely a lot of problems with talking and communicating in the beginning. 
  • they eventually found a much easier way to communicate with text messaging. they send each other pictures and cat videos. 
  • mccree will fall in love first. in the beginning he would give her little gifts like flowers and earrings. symmetra does not really understand the gesture of gifting cut flowers (what’s the point of keeping something that’s going to die eventually?), but she appreciates the gifts she can actually use. she then reciprocates by doing little services for him, like tweaking and oiling his prosthetic arm, and making his coffee for him. 
  • they dont often hold hands, because as symmetra will clarify to mccree, she prefers to use her flesh hand to hold his own flesh hand, just to feel skin. it’s awkward because both of their flesh hands are on their right, but both are willing to sit in awkward positions just to relish in the comfort of real, physical contact. they also seek each other out whenever there are phantom pains. 
  • it is a possibility mccree would quit smoking for symmetra. she dislikes the health hazards smoking brings, and will support her part of the argument with cold, hard logic. they will argue over this a few times, but mccree will smoke behind her back a few times. but slowly he learns to quit.