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the boys get bullied
Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy
the boys get bullied

the more i think about [talented and gifted], it was more of like a wedgie quarantine. like, these kids are not gonna survive. they are not gonna make it to middle school and we can’t lose another one.

from mbmbam 259: birthday surprise hole!~


The girls were bribed by their parents with a new apartment in the city… with one condition: they have to live together.

Hopefully this will force them to resolve their differences and learn to actually get along, but thanks to their horrible relationship all through childhood it’ll be difficult.

(that’s not even a joke, they have a ‘childhood enemies’ relationship status and so they get an angry “Ugh! Family!” buff whenever they’re in the same room)

I used to read the Nancy Drew books as a kid, though I preferred Hardy Boys because they got to do more crazy stuff (because old-fashioned ideas about what’s ladylike and what girls can do meanwhile Joe Hardy has been given a concussion for the twelfth consecutive time but nahhhh he’s fine, he’s a dude. Right? Geez, that poor kid)

But when I did read the books, I remember thinking that Nancy’s boyfriend Ned was kind of a useless character. Like any time he showed up, I would be like “let’s see how many chapters end with Ned blacked out! this time!”
Kind of cynical for an eight year old I guess, but hey. I thought he was boring.

I can’t remember anymore. In the classic Nancy Drew books, did Ned ever do anything useful to the plot? Or was he just kind of an obligatory male character that Nancy kinda kept around for some reason?

It's not tea time - Peter Parker x British!Reader

Prompt (request): “hi!!!! love your writing btw!!!! could I maybe request a Spider-Man x English reader, like reader has just moved to America, peter meets reader at school and it turns out shes the new avenger?? thx love mwah” thank you for requesting, love @davros2004 hope you like it:)

Featuring: The Avengers!

Word count: 2,145

One thing I can tell you about my life is that it was great. I mean, it used to be great during my childhood and early teenage years. It all changed when I discovered I could open portals to any place in the world by just snapping my fingers. Yep. I am one of those phenomenons who normal people call superhumans. Just a couple of months later, mum’s boss transferred her from beautiful England to America, and of course, we all had to leave with her. I begged to stay with my aunt or my cousin, but they told me I was still too young for that.

That’s not the real story, though. I was contacted by one of the famous Avengers, Tony Stark. Stark told me they had tracked me and needed my help in some big bloody battle. Leaving the worries about how the hell he’d found me aside, I told him I couldn’t leave England in the middle of the school year to join some superhero team. Lamest excuse ever. Of course he said he was conscious about it and had me transferred to a “New York high school” via some internship job, and even had talked to the people at my mother’s job to have her transferred too.

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  • <p> <b>Winry:</b> Imagine if someone handed you a box of all the things you've ever lost.<p/><b>Ed:</b> My childhood innocence! Thank you so much for finding it!<p/><b>Riza:</b> My will to live! I haven't seen that in fifteen years!<p/><b>Al:</b> I knew I lost that potential of mine somewhere!<p/><b>Roy:</b> Ah, mental stability, my old friend.<p/><b>Winry:</b> ...Lighten up, guys.<p/></p>
Chester Bennington

I’m not the kind of person who makes a drama about the death of a celebrity, but this really hit me.
I need to shout at everyone how important he and Linkin Park were in my childhood/adolescence.
Practically all my life.

Most people here know that I tried to commit suicide more than once, after the third time I went to rehab and today I am here.
Chester Bennington made music that spoke about us.
During the most difficult moments of a girl who was abused, who was alone, who always remained silent, that band was there, in my room helping me through everything; the lost, the depression, the tears, the pain.
And I’m so sorry that they did not help him as much as they did with me.

“When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest”

Leave Out All The Rest

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Lmao for angst what if junkrat's daughter was taken away from roadhog and junkrat and while on a mission he sees her grown up but like kicking ass and she doesn't recognize him and he's trying to talk to her and she's like ????

Enjoy your angst!! Junkrat’s heart is broken because of his lost daughter.

You don’t remember being taken.

You don’t remember your childhood at all.

But Talon had taken you as a child. They trained you to kill, barcoded you, gave you little to no freedom, and fed you lives daily. So when Reaper and Doomfist order you ready for another assignment, you obey without a word.

Things go south as Overwatch somehow ambushes you three. Their snipers do a good job of separating your small team and your forced to race through the back alleys for any sign of Talon help. But there’s nothing; you’ve probably been left behind as a casualty. It was bound to happen one day.

An explosion violently shatters the windows of the building to your left and to force from the blow is enough to knock you off your feet, knocking you into a nearby wall. You groan and try to scramble to your feet, but you too dizzy and fall to your knees.

“Don’t move!” A harsh voice snaps. “Or I’ll blow your head off.”

You look up to see a thin blonde man standing over you, aiming his weapon down at you. But when he sees your face, he suddenly freezes up and looks like he about to cry. It’s Junkrat, but you don’t know that.

“Darl’? Is that you?” He yanks you up by your arms to look at him better. “What did they do to ya!? I’ve been lookin’ for ya everyday!”

You just blink at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re going to kill me, just do it. I’m just a foot soldier. I don’t know anything.” It’s a mantra that’s been drilled into your head from the beginning of your days. Your decided final words.

“Whot!? Don'tcha remember me? Don’t ya-”

You look at him like he’s crazy and it breaks him heart.

“What about Roadie? Don'tcha remember him!? What about me findin’ ya! What about yar little hiding places and cat toy!?” Angry tears breaks free and roll down his cheeks.

“I. Don’t. Know. Who. You. Are.”

He hugs you tight, so tight that you can’t wiggle away. “I’m ya dad! I found ya when your were little and took you in.”

Chesters death is fucking painful. I put on Linkin Park as soon as I got into my car this morning after hearing the news, and as I tried to sing along to the words, I just burst into tears. I cried all the way to work. The voice of my childhood, the man who gave so much meaning to music, who helped me find my passion for it, hes gone. And I never got the chance to hear his beautiful voice live.

Imagine: Elijah confessing to you

You were sitting in Klaus’s drawing room, sketching some pictures when the hybrid decided to annoy you. “ahh my dear (y/n) what are you drawing?Is it me?”

you rolled your eyes and showed him what you were drawing, it was a sketch of the Mikaelson sibling and you seated around a fire talking about whatever, Klaus knew what that moment was from. It was during his siblings and your time as a human. you were childhood friends with the Mikaelson siblings, all of you were close even their mother liked you so when Mikael wanted to turn the whole family into vampires Esther told him that they had to turn you as well, all because she saw you as her own child.

remember that it was during a festival and we were all sitting around the fire talking about how fun the festival was, it was the one time my father actually didn’t call me a failure and showed me some affection” “we were all so different back then, now look at all of us. Your hell bent on taking over New Orleans, Rebekah wants to find a way tonne human or fall in love and Elijah he refuses to give up on all of us”

You smiled softly when you mentioned his name, this did not go unnoticed by Klaus. He knew that you loved him since forever and he was always teasing you about it. “when do you intend to tell my brother of your feelings for him”

“never” “why, you should see the way he looks at you (y/n). He loves you too i know it”

You shake your head not believing him and got up to leave when he grabbed your hand and turned you to face him. He was smirking and you could tell he had a plan brewing and you wanted no part in it. “Niklaus release me at once, whatever our planning I want no part in it”

his smirk widens when we both hear the voice of the once person we were talking about calling for me. I hear Elijah’s footsteps come closer to the room and before I knew it Klaus pulled me towards him and kissed me. “mphhh”

I struggle against his grip trying to get out of it and stop him from kissing me but Klaus doesn’t let me. I’m practically screaming against his lips and I can feel him smirk. Within seconds he is ripped off of me and I’m thrown to the floor by the force of which Klaus was removed from me. Elijah had Klaus pinned to the wall and I could feel the anger radiating off of him as he held Klaus back.

“my what a pleasant surprise brother” “shut your filthy mouth Niklaus, you will never kiss or touch (y/n) like that again do you hear me brother!”

Elijah practically threw Klaus out of the room and he rushes to my side to check if I’m alright. I peered past Elijah to see Klaus smirking and mouthing to me Good Luck. I should have known that was his plan. “are you alright (y/n)? Did he hurt you?”

“uh no I’m fine, it’s just Klaus trying to get on people’s nerves I’m sure” Elijah’s eyes soften as he cups your face and his thumb brushes your cheek softly, you couldn’t help but graze into his eyes and you could see some emotion but you couldn’t tell what.

“Elij-” You were cut off by a pair of lips on yours, your eyes widened for a second before to kissed back, you wrapped your arms around Elijah’s neck, deepening the kiss. You moaned as you felt his tongue push past your lips and explore your mouth. You both continued to make up for a few minutes until Elijah pulled away

“(y/n) I-I’m sorry I should have done that” “no Elijah its ok, I enjoyed it”

you giggled a bit and Elijah smiled “(y/n) you have no idea how long I have wished to kiss you,I have loved you since we were teenages, when you saved Rebekah from the bear when we were human I knew that you were a kinda hearted, brave, beautiful, loving human being. I love you (y/n) always and forever”

“I love you too Elijah, I always have and always will, forever and always” unknown to both of you Klaus had just won a bet between Kol, Rebekah and him, he smirked and chuckled as his other two siblings payed him the money they had bet. He was happy that his best friend and brother were finally together and happy as were Kol and Rebekah.

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Sorry to be THAT GUY, but the Rocko thing, it's a TV movie, not a reboot. It's sorta like a reunion special, it's a one-time thing and they're done. Same with Hey Arnold and Invader Zim, Nick's giving the creators a shot to finish their stories, and honestly it's better than a reboot.

Okay first of all, dontcha worry sweetheart this is nice to know.

Secondly, yeah it’s better than a reboot but this is nickelodeon we are talking about… I hate to be this sort of joyless in this topic but let’s all admit that they are doing this because re-packiging childhood its cheaper that creating new things.

Nickelodeon nowadays is a disaster and it’s terribly administrated, they saw it worked for CN and they are joining the trainwaggon, to the point where they got Jhonen back… the guy they had such a huge amount with inconveniences with.

I am glad Invader Zim is getting a movie, since the show had a short run and Jhonen admitted more than once ton of stories where incomplete, same with Hey Arnold! since i think we all know the movie incident…

But Rocko? Yeah it was for many the creator’s biggest and best cartoon (I like Camp Lazlo more personally but yeah Rocko was great too), but it had 4 seasons and not that much to tell beside social commentary and jokes.

Yeah, it was sort of revolutionary on their time, a kids cartoon with social commentary, such red humor, and that style? but nowadays with the internet all the social commentary they saw on the trailer its something we’ve seen a lot, the style is the same (which tbh thanks the goddess) but again we have the original for that, and pop culture n’ social commentary in cartoons is super common, EVEN red humor have become more common, I don’t know if Rocko can resist the fact that it’s not the only one in their category.

I hope the humor is more based on timeless problems than in pop culture references like the trailer shown, if not.. theres a huge possibility it’s going to bomb, and bomb hard.

Chester Bennington. Lord. I’m just… I can’t believe it. Linkin Park was such a huge part of my childhood. It was something me and my brother enjoyed. I have so many memories. And to hear the news… it truly feels like my childhood is all dead and gone.

I know it’s ridiculous to get so depressed over a band, given how the singer didn’t even know I existed, but it makes me wonder; if someone who had everything couldn’t cope with depression, what hope do I have? :/

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Wow I was gonna mention Chesters death, but I didn't think it would be something prevalent on here at all. Not having the best childhood I grew up listening to Linkin Park and Grey Daze. I was so shocked to hear about this, its sad. Ima play me some goodies 💙

Definitely relevant. Numb got me through so much!

The main reason I like reading stories about teen girls navigate their way toward and through homosexuality is that, as a lesbian who completely and utterly repressed and suppressed any and all of my sexuality throughout childhood and adolescence, it’s a chance to see girls defy that repression in some way or another, and have the chance for young love that I denied myself because of religion and society and family. In short, it gives me hope for young girls, so that they don’t have to suffer the fate I had.

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Everyone is so scared that its Peridot now but its for the SEQUEL dummies :p, its not happening now. Sometime in THE FUTURE when she is old enough and (hopefully) happy, she'll have a kid, it'll probably be Lapis'...Speaking of the matter, hey Lapis, Peri: What do you think about having kids with the other? It could be like the two of you together bringing up something, giving them a better life that you had when you were younger, showing them how life should be.

Lapis: I could have a bunch of kids, and hold them all! I’d show them everything that made my childhood awesome, and… W-wait I um, with Peri? Oh, I… God, imagine how cute a tiny Peri would be…

Peridot: Have kids with Lapis? I want to say I’d be happy, but I’d be so scared…
I-I mean, what if… What if I’m like Miss Diamond? What if I hurt them?

proud to post this drawing from collab with lovely @sweet-childhood-dreams >w<
she did hella cute and wonderful sketch and i did lineart and color here~ it was so good time doing it and, gosh, check out her blog and drawings, not lying, you wont be dissapointed! luv her *blushes*

I can’t believe that there’s people who don’t start crying when they think about their childhood