all of the captions are like 'omg cutie'

if The8 was your boyfriend....
  • he’d poke your cheeks to get your attention
  • he’d be the sweetest boyfriend ever like he’d bring you cupcakes as a surprise and he’d write you cute little notes on post-its before he leaves for practice
  • he’d probably use aegyo on you a lot
  • “baobei, pleeeeaaaaase~”
  • he’d be the type to nuzzle his nose against your shoulder whenever you went in for a hug
  • he’d lay his head on your lap and you’d play with his hair, running your fingers along his scalp and he’d make the most satisfied noises like a cat purring aw my heart
  • he’d link your pinkies together when the two of you are walking around, too afraid to actually hold your hand and initiate skinship in public
  • but behind closed doors he’s the most loving boyfriend 
  • like he’d give you lots of soft kisses and he’d gently run his fingertips up and down your arms before intertwining your fingers together
  • he’d bring you to the studio sometimes and you’d watch him practice, admiring the way he moves with such ease
  • and he’d come up to you right after, all sweaty and panting, asking if his choreography was alright 
  • and you’d just gape at him and be like “babe are you serious that was grEAT”
  • you’d be his number one fan and you’d always go to seventeen’s shows, ready to support your boyfriend
  • “jun omg stop hogging minghao he’s my boyfriend not yours”
  • the members would tease him a lot whenever you were around saying that their quiet lil myungho finally found the girl of his dreams
  • the others would also snap cute pictures of the two of you and then share it on various sns with captions like, “our cutie with his cutie”
  • he’d play with your hands and fingers a lot ok he seems like the type to have a thing for hands 

anonymous asked:

can you to a blurb where you're out in public with him and fans like catch you two doing something cute?? idk i love your blurbs

fuck i’m gonna do muke if you want cashton tell me :-)

You and Michael would be out probably at the mall or something on a day off because this new game he wanted for the ps4 and he’s bring you along because the other guys were out doing whatever and you also wanted to pick up a new PC game you’d both been wanting to try and you’d both just walk into the mall and he’d grab your hand because here were like a lot of people there. So you’d get the the GameStop which happened to be on the total opposite side of the mall and you’d both walk in and he’d let go and say’d he was going to grab the game and you both wen’t separate ways to get your games and when you met back up you were waiting by the register reading the backs of your games and you’d her giggles and whispers and look to the right where a small group of girls were sitting by the Xbox games with their phones held up and smiles on heir face. You gave a little wave before looking up at Michael who quickly tugged you to his side as you got to the register. There was a small awe and you looked down and blushed, handing michael your game as he kept an arm around the small of your back as he paid. Waiting for the young guy behind the counter to bag the games he looked over his shoulder for a second before looking down and you and placing a kiss to the top of your head and pulling you in closer, you taking the bag from the guy and thanking him, taking Michael’s hand in yours and walking out giving a little wave to the girls who were fawning. Later that day you were scrolling through instagram and saw a video of Michael kissing your head and pulling you in close by the register. The caption was “OMfG so MICHAEL aND (y/N) WERE BUYING THESE VIDEO GAMES AND MichAEL WAs BEING SucH A CUTIE AND (y/N) KEPT LOOKING BACK AND WAVING I LOVE HER I LOVE THEM OMG” To which you just laughed and like the video.

All of you guys would be out in Italy and you and Luke decided to escape from the boys, not too far, just some steps back. He was holding onto your hand as you walked the streets, smiling as he’d wave to the fans who were standing around and trying to meet the guys. You’ve been to a cafe and a few shops already but now you’re all planning on sigh seeing before they play their show. With you and Luke a few steps behind it gave you both some time to talk, something that seemed to be getting more and more difficult with his constant moving around from city to city, station to station. Everything was getting harder and this walk was practically your escape with him. He played with your fingers, looking down at your hands before looking up (not really he was still looking down but) at you and smiling before sighing and begining to talk about how you’re hair looked absolutely gorgeous in Italian lighting, to which you responded that ‘Italian Lighting’ doens’t exist and the earth is all light up from the same thing. he just laughed and looked back at you stopping and making you two get further and further away from the boys. He smiled and leaned down to kiss you, the small giggles from fans several feet away not even crossing your mind as you brought your arms around his neck and stood up on your toes. He smiled and whispered a ‘you’re cold’ on your lips before pulling away, pulling off the leather jacket he had on and wrapping it around your shoulders, kissing your nose before following your eyes to the group of girls seemingly video taping your little moment. You blushed and looked down as he took your hand again and walked a bit faster to catch up with the group of guys. Later that night everyone on twitter was gossiping about you and luke and the moment. “wtf (y/n) and luke mad me realize just how along i was” “(y/s/n) makes me want to puke bc they’re so GOD DAMN CUTE” and a bunch of gifs of Luke kissing your nose and giving you his coat. You had to admit, he was such a sucker for romance and you didn’t have a problem with it.