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Felt like drawing some Limetown warm ups since I had some extra time. I re-listened to the first season again to pick up on any clues or things that I had missed the first time around, which made me geek out. Season 2 needs to come sooner! That and the “I Have Heard the Future” pins :O

SLBP men and the way they strip MC san

My buddies and I were discussing about this during our girls’ talk earlier after work. So, this is what it is about… Here goes. 

Nobunaga (All: Rip it off!!!) 

Mitsuhide (Yohane: Shouldn’t Mitsu be a tad bit more agressive? The rest: He is more of a balanced mix…) 

Hideyoshi (Buddy 1: This monkey is quite a devious one. The rest: Sexy it is.) 

Mitsunari (Yohane: The classy kind. Buddy 4: Waiting for him to bed me The rest: You pedo, he is younger than MC and look how old are you?! Buddy 4: Damn you all, I am not THAT old!) 

Toshiie (All: Shy boyyyyy! Buddy 3: His will probably a little sexy. Buddy 5: Just a little?!) 

Ieyasu (All: Okay, his will be pretty sensual. Buddy 4: Why do people call him a brat?! Yohane: Yasu is a sensual one living in the body of a brat. The rest: Sounds wrong, but nah, we don’t mind!) 

Shingen (Buddy 1 and Buddy 3: This is aggressive! The rest: Shingen is a tiger, remember? Buddy 4: Eat me, Shingen! Buddy 2: Someone give her a d***o please.) 

Saizo (All: Dayumnnnnnnnn…) 

Yukimura (Yohane: World’s No. 1 Most Desired Male Virgin, fresh for consumption. Buddy 4: I can eat him. The rest: Get this woman out of here!) 

Masamune (Yohane: My man. Buddy 2: Too tame? Buddy 5: Another shy boy. But Yukimura is not even half way here! The rest: Nah, its fine, he is handsome! You will drown in his loving gaze! *incoherent squeals*) 

Shigezane (Buddy 2: He is direct and not too aggressive, me likey. Buddy 3: Fella is going to crack stupid jokes in the middle of the deed! Buddy 5: He better not!) 

Kojuro (All: PICK ME, MY LORD!!!!) 

Gif credits to: smut 101 @ tumblr, and other sources from google search. Feel free to notify me via pm if any of the gifs belongs to you, I will give proper credit for them (: 


Thank you for these three years

My mom and I were on lunch break yesterday along with some other people. She shows me an antique sale ad and I ask her, “Well, do you think there will be any fluff?”

A dude looks at me and asks, “What, like….marshmallows?”

My mom and I looked at each other for a moment and decided to tell the truth.

“No, fluff as in…..furs and pelts and taxidermy.”

No one spoke the rest of lunch the end

Bonus round: Manager giving me bloodborne pathogen training doesn’t understand why I already know all the stuff boyyyyy wouldn’t you like to hear about RACCOON ROUNDWORM

a compilation of my live reaction to yuri!!! on ice:

episode 1

  • it’s been 10 seconds in and ???? wow the gay is leaking
  • he’s so dorky wtf
  • @ yuri - same
  • what kind of weird ot3 is this
  • :’) this russian yuri reminds me of a version of andrew minyard omfg
  • oKAy bye i’m done i’m shipping ot3
  • sEnpai noticed him????
  • what the fuck i want senpai to notice me
  • gee i love time skips
  • @ yuri - same
  • wait what
  • ???? only 3 year age gap
  • yuri looked so young compared to victor in the first scene
  • ooh i like how victor’s charm works on boys too
  • me likey
  • 5 years???
  • it’s been 5 years???
  • aw yuri’s belly
  • also boyyyyy i love anime family relationships
  • they’re all so Functional!!
  • and Close!!
  • katsudon!!
  • @ cigarette sister - i like
  • hoLY SHIT
  • i can’t believe i’ve barely ever seen animes where they’re actually set in a place that is not tokyo
  • dude @ yuri oogling at victor on the tv screen
  • if this ain’t Love i don’t know what this is
  • the dad is cute
  • he’s healthy enough to run omfg
  • me @ myself - why can’t you
  • nice ass
  • he has a crush on her!!
  • cute
  • @ victor - bring back the long hair pls
  • i would think he’ll spell his name viktor because it looks cooler but okay
  • @ yuri’s sexual awakening has to be seeing victor skating with long hair
  • ????? are your serious @ yuri - i can’t even start listing embarssing things you’re doing
  • you’re displaying so many signs of having a crush
  • 1. reading magazines with interviews of victor
    2. getting a poodle bc victor has a poodle and likes poodle
    3. naming said poodle victor
  • this man crush is getting Out Of Hand
  • wait wtf when he’s on the rink he’s like “in the zone”
  • where his belly gone
  • SkInNy
  • i don’t think i’m supposed to be laughing at this supposedly important scene buT all i can think of is the people producing this anime literally has to draw all these frames and then hopefully repeating some of the spins
  • reusing frames 10/10 A+
  • wait so are they speaking russian or japanese or
  • @ one of the greatest mysteries of hetalia (what language are they speaking?)
  • this scene is way too long but then again knb literally has like 5 episodes of one game
  • the voice actor is one of my faves Damn
  • bruh @ yuri - your posters are exposing you
  • also he must have masturbated in that room when he first hit puberty. did he really do that in his room where it’s filled with posters of victor’s pretty face?
  • @ yuri’s reaction to video - same same
  • @ victor’s face - who is dis i like
  • why is it snowing in april
  • people whose second reaction to that dog is his idol’s dog must be Real Obssessed because clearly that’s almost impossible??
  • @ victor’s nice moan
  • @ victor’s nice ass
  • #victor is super embarassing
    #your dick is out bruh
    #pls don’t
  • fuck i can’t stop thinking about the “dicks out for harambe” meme
  • i feel like animes like to end their episodes with a “ehhhhhh??????”
  • they’re both dorks aren’t they

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