all of the boyyyyys!!!!

me: *just laying down doing nothing*

my brain: jasper has been stuck on that island for at least 14 years. imagine how lonely it must’ve been. how long did it take him to figure out how to materialize and grab stuff? imagine him waking up and calling for help, trying to leave the island only to realize he can’t. he was like eleven man. how’d a kid deal with all that?




Izuku would be quirkless, but made it into UA’S support class. Perhaps not classmates, but Toshi would still ask Izuku for help on boring history homework. Izuku’s a smart cookie!

I hope they can be hero-sidekick (nighteye sideyeing from a distance…), but being quirkless is such a disadvantage when a big villain strikes… hopefully that doesn’t happen, All Might doesn’t recieve his grave injuries, him n Izuku can grow old together, Nana stays alive, and we just have a fun cutesy high school au where we just pals around! 😀


Felt like drawing some Limetown warm ups since I had some extra time. I re-listened to the first season again to pick up on any clues or things that I had missed the first time around, which made me geek out. Season 2 needs to come sooner! That and the “I Have Heard the Future” pins :O

SLBP men and the way they strip MC san

My buddies and I were discussing about this during our girls’ talk earlier after work. So, this is what it is about… Here goes. 

Nobunaga (All: Rip it off!!!) 

Mitsuhide (Yohane: Shouldn’t Mitsu be a tad bit more agressive? The rest: He is more of a balanced mix…) 

Hideyoshi (Buddy 1: This monkey is quite a devious one. The rest: Sexy it is.) 

Mitsunari (Yohane: The classy kind. Buddy 4: Waiting for him to bed me The rest: You pedo, he is younger than MC and look how old are you?! Buddy 4: Damn you all, I am not THAT old!) 

Toshiie (All: Shy boyyyyy! Buddy 3: His will probably a little sexy. Buddy 5: Just a little?!) 

Ieyasu (All: Okay, his will be pretty sensual. Buddy 4: Why do people call him a brat?! Yohane: Yasu is a sensual one living in the body of a brat. The rest: Sounds wrong, but nah, we don’t mind!) 

Shingen (Buddy 1 and Buddy 3: This is aggressive! The rest: Shingen is a tiger, remember? Buddy 4: Eat me, Shingen! Buddy 2: Someone give her a d***o please.) 

Saizo (All: Dayumnnnnnnnn…) 

Yukimura (Yohane: World’s No. 1 Most Desired Male Virgin, fresh for consumption. Buddy 4: I can eat him. The rest: Get this woman out of here!) 

Masamune (Yohane: My man. Buddy 2: Too tame? Buddy 5: Another shy boy. But Yukimura is not even half way here! The rest: Nah, its fine, he is handsome! You will drown in his loving gaze! *incoherent squeals*) 

Shigezane (Buddy 2: He is direct and not too aggressive, me likey. Buddy 3: Fella is going to crack stupid jokes in the middle of the deed! Buddy 5: He better not!) 

Kojuro (All: PICK ME, MY LORD!!!!) 

Gif credits to: smut 101 @ tumblr, and other sources from google search. Feel free to notify me via pm if any of the gifs belongs to you, I will give proper credit for them (: 


Thank you for these three years

kisame nsfw and minato proposition headcannons (thanks for the oportunity!)


  • first of all, lemme say: oh boyyyyy dem theth. he is going to mark u up everywhere; thighs, neck, tummy, boobs.
  • not very much into dirty talk, but when he does, you can wet yourself in .3 seconds because…thats his secret talent.He locks his eyes on you, and with the deepest, 
  • most silky voice you have heard in your life, he talks.
  • *to compensate (or not) he loooves teasing.
  • when he wants to get in your pants, he gets particularly handsy; one hand in dem pants, one hand in the hips, he gets all over you, leaves lingering kisses, and the second you want to get to him, he is gone. And you gotta wait for him till he comes back from his missions.
  • as he is scared of biting when giving oral,he prefers to use his hands.he is a big man,with big, calloused hands. 
  • as one hand is placed in your core, the other is tying you down to the bed, because he doesn’t want you to move; he wants you squirming and he wants to hear you say his name like the pretty needy whore you are.
  • and when ur close to your orgasm, hes gonna quit.
  • kisame is pretty dominant, but somehow, he loves when his partner rides him. He gets them by their hips and makes them move as they want to. Sometimes, expect a hand on
  • your throat, because, why not?.
  • *the other position is, obviously, the reverse cowgirl. Our blue guy almost has an obsession butts. 
  • as soft as he tries to be, kisame ends up being rough, but he tries to compensate by showering you in kisses, big hugs, and warm blankets when he is done.


  • hes a pretty much romantic guy; so he s gonna plan for it for months.
  • Initially, the plan was to appear in your workplace in formal clothes, one hand full of your favorite flowers, and in the other one, balloons.
  • in the balloons is tied the ring, so when he gives them to you, you see the ring and go crazy.
  • but hey minato is a magnet of bad love life plans somehow???? and that day he gets at your job, and while he is waiting for you, all the bad stuff happens;
  • it starts raining, so the flowers got ruined, his clothes too, the balloons exploded, and by the time you get out of work, you find a wet,blonde puppy, with a handful of
  • something and the other full of strings. He is sad, ashamed, and sorry.
  • you go running to him and ask what happens, but he doesnt want to say anything. poor puppy boy.
  • when yall finally get home, you get him some towels, and he is so absent minded, that he forgots about the ring, and it clatters into the ground. You look at him and he is like
  • *obs u say yes. and he runs to hug you and cries a little more because ya. he likes crying let him be.

-Submitted by owhe121-