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2x13 Those of Demon Blood

WARNING: This review contains spoilers


Wow. Just wow. I’m shook to the core. That plot line was amazing! Referring to all that is happening in our world… Just.. Wow… I want MORE episodes like that! More, more, more!

2. Jace

How he annoyed me today… Like… Ugh… Boooy stop it. You’ve started to randomly follow the rules, beceause you are a Head of the Institute *cough cough *nepotism *cough cough*?! STOP IIIIT. But it’s good to see how he sanpped out of it at the end of the episode. otherwise… Ugh… But putting this aside… LOL that HP paraell (at least I see this like that) XD Sign me the fuck up! (Btw Imogen must’ve been furious when she found out what he did XD)

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3. Maia

I love this girl more and more within episodes. I love how she  was against that whole chipping thing (which as an idea was utterly stupid, Clave).And how she took no shit from Jace. Also all those snarky comments torwards Jace ans the Shadowhunters… You go, girl! And I like how she’s starting to like Clary, Really, really nice <3

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4. Jaia

Um… Honestly I don’t know how am I supposed to feel about this. It wasn’t bad, far from it! But I’ve always seen them as friends or something like that. I don’t know, we will see how’s that gonna play in next episodes…

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5. Alec

Alec! My boy! I’m SO proud of you! I really liked how he was acting in this episode. Well aside of the whole “give me your hair, Magnus, don’t be overdramatic”. But the really needed that spat from Magnus to realize what is happening. And I’m so glad that he’s starting to sort of rebel against Clave. I really, really like it! I’m curious how it’s gonna play in next episodes?

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6. Magnus

OMG! OMGOMGOMG, BOIIII!!! I LOVED His outfit so, so much!And you can say that Alec liked it too… :p I really liked his talk with Dot, and the dance. THE DANCE PPL! Harry killed it! And how Magnus addressed how he is in love with Alec… Daaaw! Also I really liked how he snapped Alec into the reality. Boy did he needed it. He wasn’t overdramatic at all. Lol, I would do the same and I wouldn’t mind if you are my bf or not, show some freaking respect…

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7. Malec

*making some crazy fangilr nosies* !!! That. Was. Awesome. ALL of it. Every single one. From the “hello” kiss, how Alec was stunned when he saw Magnus, through Magnus’ concern and Alec’s… Um… Fliritng (?), through that argument, Magnus’ conffesion, Alec standing out from Clave because of Magnus’ words, and the kiss at the end of the episode! I looooooved every single part of it omg! I want more episodes like this, please, please, please, pretty please!

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8. Dot

I don’t hate her for that kiss attempt. I mean if I wold be drunk, dancing with my ex boyfriend who is extremly gorgeous…Besides she let go of that really quickly, so it’s okay. I love her talks with Magnus! They were amazing! <3 

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9. Simon

I. Would. Listen. To. His. Voice. Forever. I LOVE ALBERTO’S SINGING! And I really liked how he played of with that “heeey we wnat to be in your Clan”. No offence, honey, but he’d sooner start a band with you than an acctual Clan XD Besides his bonding with Maia in that cell… And his story about his family… It was AMAZING. (But when they were at that cell I was like “idk maybe call for some of that vampires to help you break out. Idk how, but still  XD”)

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10. Luke

BRAVO! He satnds up for his pack and used those magic words “it’s not about Clary”! Fianlly they’ve adressed him as a leader to the pack! I’m so, so glad! And his talk with Imogen! I want to see more of this Luke! Besides his talk with Simon was hilarious! Daddy Luke for the wiiiin, espesially for Simon!

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11. Izzy

YASSSS GIRl! I absolutley LOVED her in this episode! How she was strong and independet and killed Kaelie! How SHE was the one to figure out all of this stuff! How she was portrayed as a big sis to Max! And how she teamed up with her exes! Omg! AND HER LITTLE SMILE WHEN SHE WAS WATCHING SIMON’S PERFORMANCE *.*

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12. Raphael / Meliorn

The two of them were also amazing! Rapahel’s story to explain why the killer were cutting off shadowhunter’s runes! And Meliorn’s investigating skills! And how he catched that knife (?) XD Like ‘bitch, noooooo”! And I really, really liked how Downwolders were portrayed  in this episode! Strong, taking no shit from anybody! I want more, more, more of this!

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13. Clary

Hm…She really wasn’t that annoying in this episode. Actually I liked how she snapped at Jace and how she actually started to act like a Shadowhunter. How she was able to immediately act when Simon smelled blood and how she snapped at Imogen! Yeah!

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14. Max

Ughhhhhhhh… Stop. Being. Annnoying. Please. I know, I KNOW he is still a child, but that was STUPID! Izzy told him to NOT go, ‘cause it’s dangerous. So what he did? OF COURSE HE SNEAKED OUT! Boy, you’re gonna get yourself killed faster that I expect! Lol Kaelie kidnapped him, without even making a sound! Boy, train more, act less!

15. Kaelie

Wow. Who would expect this… Lol XD It’s really interesting! Too bad she was killed off so fast! Now I’m gonna look at her in 2x07 in very diffrent way…

16. Climon

YOU DID THAT AGAIN, EPISODE! STOOOOOOOP! But I have to admit I even liked Climon today. It wasn’t THAT bad. The concern about the other hafl was true and likeable. Also Clary supporting Simon was nice and cute ^^ (I can’t believe that I’ve said that… XD)


I  absolutely LOVED that episode! EVERYTHING was AMAZING! I want MORE episodes like that! Jesus Christ! I’m so, so happy! i literally couldn’t resist to watch it over and over XD I remember that while I was watching it for the first time I was like “okay so what, I watched like ten minutes of that ep?” so I’ve checked and discoverd that I was already halfway through the episode XD So I’m gonna give it 5,5/6! And a big, big heart! <3

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You know, about Jungkook buying a gift for Jimin's birthday, can you imagine Jungkook getting a ring for him? Like, I'm not saying that's what Jungkook bought, but I love thinking about a shy Jungkook who congratulates Jimin for his birthday and gives him a ring. Idk, I just think it's kind of a romantic gift haha (and JK's recommended so many hardcore romantic songs, I can't help thinking he's that bf who's into romantic stuff lol same with Jimin, since he's the most romantic lol)

honestly i support this 100%. maybe not a ring specifically but something that’s super romantic and sweet. i can see jk shyly buying jm a gift, one that has a lot of meaning or is very romantic. and him giving it to jimin all shy-like. that’d be so cute.

Y’know I think one of the reasons I love Xayah and Rakan so much is because they actually remind me of myself and my bf quite a bit.

She’s a grumpy edgelord who dislikes sunny weather, wears dark clothes and doesn’t wanna be sociable

He’s this over-confident, flamboyant charmer who just naturally seems to be good with people and ready to tackle anything life throws at him

The way they compliment eachother’s personalities even though they seem so different…

It’s… kinda strange how similar we are.

If Sanha was your boyfriend...

okAy so i needed something to post and i figured why not start the Astro series off w my son (lol we’re like the same age wtf am i talking about). hope you cuties enjoy and feel free to request ^-^

  • actual cutest bf ever ok
  • like he’s super awkward
  • but in a good way
  • u guys started out as friends
  • but one day you’re just chillin and hangin out
  • and you do something small like snort when u laugh or get some food on your face
  • anD all of the sudden he’s like ????,,, yoU’RE SO CUTE HOW?>?>.,’.[’.[
  • he goes back to the dorm and tells minhyuk abt his crush and u kno minhyuk he literally tells every other member
  • so sanha tries to keep every member of astro away from u bc he doesn’t want his secret to slip
  • but alas there is no stopping the hyungs so whenever they come around they’re always hinting at sanha’s crush
  • like “oh y/n don’t you think sanha is really handsome???”
  • and “hey r u two dating?? if not u need to be bc you’re cute together.”
  • so sanha is like as red as a tomato
  • and finally minhyuk the traitor just tells you and bang (bang bang lol)
  • ur dating tol bean baby yoon sanha
  • this youngin is so shy and careful around you
  • like he’ll say something and you’ll be fake offended and he’s like “y/N!!!!!! I’M SORRY OHMYGOF!!!!!!” and almost cries cause he feels bad okay don’t be mean to my son like that
  • “hey y/n can i play candy crush on your phone?”
  • “sanha why can’t u play candy crush on your own phone?”
  • “i had to delete it bc i ran out of storage bc i have to many pictures.”
  • so u look through his pics and it’s just him taking selfies w u while u were sleeping earlier 
  • a lot of selfies w him making funny faces tbh
  • he’s rlly nervous w skinship but enjoys it
  • like when u hold his hand he turns red at first but after a while he’s p chill about it
  • buT WHEN U KISS HIM ((whether its on the cheek or whatever))
  • LIKE
  • firetruck red
  • and it makes you giggle every time just to see his blush and the look on his face
  • he’s just a rlly cute silly adorable boyfriend ok love him pls

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I watched love love love to see how bad it is and holy shit Blaine is creepy

Yup, and it only gets worse from there on (not that Blaine was such an awesome character and bf before season 5, far from ít imo, and I’m not even talking about the cheating with a facebook random).

I think ‘Puppet Master’ (5x07) was the episode where Blaine went from creepy to downright haunted mansion madman: all that was missing was a mask and a chainsaw or axe and he’d be perfect for a horror movie. But even with just the puppets (innocent, cute muppet puppets even!) as props Blaine was creepy as hell in that episode. If the gas induced(?) conversations he had with the puppets were any indication of his normal inner thought process (and I see no other way to interpret that) then Kurt (and Tina too tbh) would be wise to run far, far away from Blaine and get a restraining order against him.

Funny thing about ‘Puppet Master’ is that even though Blaine making Kurt’s puppet apologize for his cheating (WTF?!) is by far the worst ‘offence’ in this episode (although there’s also the creepy fact that Blaine acknowledged he prefers compliant puppet Kurt over the ‘real Kurt’), for me personally the worst thing Blaine did in that episode was not going to Kurt’s band’s first gig, even though Kurt had already paid for the plane ticket, and Blaine didn’t even have the decency to tell Kurt that he wouldn’t go! If Kurt hadn’t called Blaine himself, asking him why he wasn’t there yet, Kurt would have had to perform a show while probably being worried sick why his fiancé(!) wasn’t in the audience, and wondering if something went wrong with the plane or in New York. Blaine basically stood Kurt up, dismissing his band and Kurt as not important, at least not as important as his precious Kurt puppet. Ugh.

There was also that one time when Blaine was screaming in Elliot’s face that “Kurt is mine” in the episode ‘New New York’, while in the same episode Blaine himself was literally humping Sam, the guy he had sexually wanted for quite a while (but he never told Kurt that) and who was conveniently sleeping on their couch at Kurt’s loft for months. Great bf material right there.

I’ve seen your recent post on ‘Tested’ in the lol-klaine tag, so I don’t really have to say more to you about that episode, except that practically all red flags of mental and physical abuse got raised, and not even in a subtle, open-to-interpretation way. It’s baffling to know that RIB probably didn’t even do that on purpose (‘cause if they actually did make Blaine abusive in ‘Tested’ on purpose there’s no way they could still justify having Klaine be endgame).

Bottomline is that Blaine is abusive, selfish, childisch, creepy and manipulative. He’s one of the worst characters I’ve ever seen on tv, but what’s even worse is that it never gets acknowledged on the show nor does he ever get called out on it. On the contrary: the writers of Glee consider him a good character, a romantic hero and the ‘rightful’ male lead, when the canon facts (and ratings!) show time after time that Blaine is anything but.

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My bf & I watched the msf & he said "They're not gonna pussyfoot around it after all." I turned to him. "Rick & Michonne. Jessie & her kids are a burden. Harsh but true. And Jessie says one thing then need support from Rick." And then he said the one thing that had me dying. "Rick has never looked at Jessie like he wants to fuck her." I was like really? He rolled his eyes at me. "Rick's eyes have been on Michonne's ass, tits, and lips, the same I do to you, so yea." LOL.

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