all of the artwork used here are official


MM x Pokemon Aesthetics for the RFA + Mint Eye members also featuring my own custom MC Sharon.

All MM official artwork belongs to Cheritz.

All Pokemon official artwork belongs to Nintendo.

The art used for my custom MC was drawn by me, please do not re-use or re-post this particular aesthetic without my permission.

If you guys have any questions on why I went for a specific Pokemon, feel free to ask me!

Also, let me know which one you like best! ^^

Calling all fans of Laramie “Lars” Barriga!

Do you love to draw our favorite insecure donut boy? Do ya wanna have a collection of art pieces of our favorite ube roll??? Then do I have a project for YOU!!!

Introducing the Bingo Bongo Zine 2017! A fanzine made to celebrate Lars and his character development throughout the show of Steven Universe. Whether you’ve been a fan since the pilot or just a recent fan, if you love our boy Lars, you are welcome to join!!!

A “Zine” is an art book containing illustrations from a chosen assortment of different artists, usually centered around a specific subject. In short, this will be a book filled with lovely pictures of our good buddy Lars! This is to be printed as a physical, tangible book stuffed full of awesome artwork done by us fans to be enjoyed by adoring eyeballs!

Artist sign ups are officially open, but don’t plan out a big drawing just yet! I know you’re excited, but patience :) Once the group of artists have been hand-picked, I will send you the template and set up of what is needed for the pages to go in the book. We want this baby to be nice and organized so it comes together smoothly.

If this all sounds interesting to ya, then keep reading cuz here is what you need to do: •Send an email to with the subject line “Bingo Bongo Zine Application” and include the following!

-The name you’d like to go by! We wanna let everyone know who made that awesome piece of artwork in their book.

-Your tumblr url/or other websites that you use for posting all your rad art. Show me your best and loved works you have to offer!

*Note, please use an email that you frequently check, as that will be my primary way to keep in touch with you!

Artist sign ups will be open from June 1st to July 1st, 12am Cental. So one whole month to send in those submissions! :)

Now for some rules:

* Please keep it PG. We want all Lars fans of all ages to enjoy the Zine. * Try to keep shipping to a minimum. Lars can be drawn hanging out with anyone canon in-show, just try to avoid things being romantic. * The drawings should be POSITIVE. This is to celebrate Lars’ development, and our boy deserves to be happy. So as much as I myself love some angst now and then, we need to keep this happy. * All varieties of Lars are up for drawing as long as it meets the criteria above. From Pilot Lars to Current Lars, to AUs in between, its fair game! * HAVE FUN!!! I want this thing to be fun for all of us, so make sure you’re gonna have fun with it and let that enjoyment show in your work! :3

If you have any question, send us an ask and we will answer it as fast as we can! Now lets start getting out there and drawing!!!

So I’ve been getting a lot of message about “Niantic putting Team Harmony in Poémon GO” and I’d like to make things clear for everyone :)

There are a lot of articles running around the internet right now about Niantic putting my Team Harmony in the game because of the legendary pokémon addition (including Lugia). However, Niantic’s officials never said they were putting Team Harmony in the game. They once were interviewed and got asked for their opinion about a 4th Team and said they were “open to the idea”, but never said they would add or use Team harmony.

You need to understand that all of these rumors are FAN-MADE THEORIES, not official statements. You should only believe what Niantic’s official websites/pages say. Anybody on internet can write an article on unfounded information and then spread rumors that are not actually true. So please always check your sources before assuming :)

I wasn’t approached by Niantic nor Nintendo about the use of my Team Harmony design, and to avoid legal actions I highly doubt they would use my logo for their game unless permission was given from me to use my artworks. So legally they cannot use mine. I would definitely be open to the idea of letting them use Team Harmony as an official team for the game, however I’d like to be asked by the devs themselves.

What’s most likely going to happen here is Niantic will make a 4th team, but it will be their own original one and not mine. I am all for people making their own version of a Team Lugia or Harmony (after all I do not own Lugia itself, and as long as it’s not copying/tracing mine I’m pretty ok with it ^^ (but I do have rights over the team image I’ve created)) so if Niantic was to make a Team Lugia I think it would be awesome! They might also make a 4th team with another Pokémon (which would be a little weird in my opinion considering the link between Lugia, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos) but I still see it as a possibility.

So TL;DR: Pokémon GO is NOT using my Team Harmony in the game. These are fan-made theories and not actual, confirmed, official facts.


✨🌚2018 is officially here….onto to chapters new. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. Some new little ventures for you guys. Starry boxes, original watercolours on wood & framed mounted prints. I’ve been busy chasing down ideas in my mind and bringing them to life. Let’s see where 2018 takes us. Here’s to a new year. I hope you have a nifty one. —————-
You can find this little lot in the shop ↩️

Drop me a message if you need any info, happy to lend a hand. I ship worldwide via secure mail.
Happy Saturday 🌚🌼👋🏻

Heaven’s Grace Through White Snowfall

In light of my previous analysis centre on how Yuuki and Zero represent Heaven, Sophi and I want to highlight how Hino enforces this through the use of snow in her official artwork. You can find Soph’s post here [x]

Snow has many symbolic connections, however in Vampire Knight it is stipulated, by Hino, as something ‘white’, something not red, meaning something ‘pure’, all the way back in the very first chapter of VK. The purity of fresh snowfall also represents rebirth and new beginnings. Hence why Yuuki was seen surrounded in snow her first night as a human, and why snow once again was present when she returned to a pureblood. However, snow is also used to symbolise Heaven, and the purity and grace that it embodies. 

Looking at the first official picture of Zero, he is standing amongst the white snow, and thus we see him reborn as the Vampire Knight, as pure and as wholesome as snow, and representing Heaven. If you haven’t seen my previous analysis explaining this in detail you can find it here [x] This picture is a match for Yuuki’s corresponding picture standing in the snow.

The second image highlights how Yuuki and Zero have both been reborn in their new roles; Yuuki as the Kuran Princess and Zero as the Vampire Knight. As such, both are forced to start a new life where ‘they can never be together again’. However as they embrace for the last time, their world is immersed in the heavenly glow of snow, as together, they have ‘reached the preferred direction’, Heaven.

The third image is the image Hino created while thinking of how they might meet in another world, another reality: Yuuki’s fantasy.  The white snow highlights the new world they’ve been immersed in, but also their chance at finally finding Heaven.

Lastly, we have Yuuki, looking up at Zero as he holds her face, watching over her in Heaven. This photo pairs so well with the individual picture of Zero, and highlights the purity of their love and the heavenly glow surrounding them. In this picture Zero and Yuuki are together, eternally, in Heaven, their warmth never leaving the other.


2017/08/02 Blog post by Keiko 『約束』


Hello ♪ This is Keiko.

It’s been a while since my last blog post (‘ω `)!! Everyone, how are you doing?
WOW!… It’s already August!! Every weekend of July was jam-packed, we were either having fun with our live performances or we were taking part in an event, all in all it was quite the struggle for my mind and body *cries*
Unfortunately I couldn’t do much to change my rather poor physical condition but I was able to get through July just by holding on to this feeling ♪ ♪ “There are people who are waiting for me” This knowledge provides more power than anything else *flares up*

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Get 30% off all our official Rick & Morty artwork, including this print from Elisa Wikey. Use code SALE2017 during check out. See all the art online here:


Hey famous folks! I’m here trying to recruit some support on behalf of a special gift for one Mr. Matthew McConaughey that contains the incredible artwork and heartfelt letters from people all around the world. 🌏 This is a multidimensional fanwork scrapbook called the “Hey McConaughey Project” that I’ve compiled using submissions from fans from all walks of life in China, Mexico, Romania, Scotland, France, and more! I’ve spent TWO whole years since January 2015 putting this book together using contributions mailed from abroad and have spent the past six months trying to reach out to official management and office headquarters with zero luck, even planning to evacuate my home with this special one-of-a-kind gift when Hurricane Irma hit Florida earlier this month—so I’m here today asking for your help in some small capacity that will hopefully have a positive impact. This is a small and humble book but there’s a lot of real heart in it, and we want to make sure it finds Matthew so we can share some love for his talent and overall body of work, most notably his performance in True Detective. That’s all I’m asking, I’m not looking for any reward or return or a handout: I just need somebody who can help me get this gift into his hands, safely and securely, through the mail. That’s all! Thanks for reading, peace and love to everybody out there. ✌️💕

Sephiroth is Left-Handed (Long Post Full of My Evidence)

I don’t know why after 20 years this is a debated topic, but this is just for me, and anyone that wants a tiny bit of closure. Because I don’t have time for this mess, so this is my stance on the topic. Sephiroth is left-handed. Period. It’s in the official guide, it’s in ALL (not some ALL) of the artwork, and its in all the spin-offs and Compilation of FFVII. So in case someone brilliantly jumps down my throat on this, here are some evidence, I personally have found. Sephiroth wields an odachi katana. Based off real-life katana hand placements the dominant hand is placed under the tsuba (crossguard). Yes, you see people placing their right hand there, but MOST PEOPLE are right-handed so you will not see people placing their left hand under the guard, or even giving advice to use the left hand. But you know who does? 

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Welcome to the Con Part 18

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Summary: Your friend Lauren and yourself are having the best time at a Supernatural convention. You meet Jared and Jensen in the photo op, and they’re just as awesome as you imagined. Jensen is charming and you seem to click right away. But as life goes, you sadly have to say goodbye. During the panel, however, the unexpected happens….

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14 Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

Jensen was very reluctant to go back to work. You were home again, with Lauren a phone call away if you need anything, but he felt as though he had to be there. To make sure nothing would happen. So a day after you’re released from the hospital, he’s kissing you goodbye and heading back to Canada to finish the season. Sitting around your apartment, watching Netflix, reading, and sleeping gives you a lot of time to think. You think about your job. You think about Jensen. You think about how far away he is from you. You think a lot.

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A few things I’ve noticed about Ayato and Aogiri in Re

This ended up being longer than I expected so I’m putting everything under the cut. Let’s start with a list of things Ayato has done in Re, basically to show how he has grown. 

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theguineapig3  asked:

(2) uncredited reposts. I'm not mad at theslayersblog; mistaking this particular style for official (or at least Araizumi's) art is easy, and everyone makes mistakes. But when fans knowingly share unsourced fanart, it robs the artist of the recognition they deserve and the ability to control the context in which their personal work is distributed, AND it robs the fans of the ability to easily access more work from an artist they admire. I'd be happy to send anyone the link to some archives where

This is it right here. This is the second time I accidentally shared artwork thinking it was official. There was a time, I used to not credit, years ago when I had started out. But quickly learned after people corrected me. (I was new to fandoms/tumblr etc.)

The rest of the time I credit like crazy. I think anon bringing that to my attention is a good thing. I am not offended at all! I want people tp speak up.

UT burrito: Undertaker’s many layers

As we all know, Undertaker wears a crapton of layers. His button-down funeral robe, his heavy mourning coat, and whatever else he may be wearing as an undershirt. All together, that’s like 2 heavy layers, right?

But Wait…

Look closely-

you see that little white (sometimes shown as gray) lining of his shirt? It kinda looks like just a decorative trim, like on a Traditional Chinese robe (the type with a split high-neck collar).


that’s actually two separate shirts right there: his button down AND a white shirt of some sort underneath:

So in total (not counting the sash), Undertaker has three layers: His white shirt, his button down, and his coat, right?

Oh, but wait…

we need to to use the Undertaker figurine for a clear shot at this one. Take a closer look:

You see his button-down shirt? It’s actually split into TWO pieces. Apparently his high-collared black shirt is just that, and his button-down is a separate garment all together. Here is a diagram of all the layers we see UT wearing:

I find it odd that how in no other artwork of him we really get to see that there is a distinct separation between the black shirt and the button down. Even with the collar it only appears to be separate in official art or sometimes in the manga. I’m not sure if it’s always been that way or if Yana has decided to change it.

So in total from what we can see, Undertaker has 4 layers of shirts/coats. FOUR FRICKIN’ LAYERS.

1. His white undershirt

2. His black high-collar shirt

3. his button-down

4. his mourning coat

(its up to you whether or not you want to count the sash) So all in all, Undertaker is a burrito (or should I say, burr-hee-to) of layers upon heavy layers of clothing. Just imagine what it would be like for him to go out and stand in at a funeral in FOUR LAYERS of heavy black robes >_> no thanks.

(figure photos belong to kotobukiya)

cake-stuffed-limbs-deactivated2  asked:

I usually don't like drama as I cant mentally handle it, but I like your blog and for it stands for. I'm a...white fan an I wanna do fics/fanart for this fandom. Do you have a list of do's and don'ts when drawing/colouring/writing POC characters?

  • Avoid stereotypes: Ex) Very violent dark skin man just to make him a villain, submissive Asian girl, sassy black lady, drug lord latino, ect
  • Research: Writing about people and/or a culture you are unfamiliar with? Research it! Maybe even interview some people who are apart of it to get a better understanding.
  • Avoid food comparisons: So many times POC have been referred to as ‘caramel’, ‘chocolate’‘coffee’ ect. Just don’t, like just say ‘dark brown’ or ‘black’ and so on or find a different comparison.
  • Listen to POC: If someone is POC and they point out something they find offensive in the fanwork, listen to them and talk to them so you can understand and learn from this.
  • Avoid animal comparisons: Many times POC have been reduced to being animals or beasts. Avoid this at all cost Ex) ‘he looked at me like a wolf on the hunt’ ‘he let out a snarl’ ‘she was as if a timid brown rabbit’ ect ect, just don’t do it.
  • Don’t lighten skin tones: If there is official artwork with a character’s actual skin color on it, use it! Don’t lighten a character’s skin tone and whitewash them. Even if it’s for ‘aesthetic’.

That is all I can think of at the moment but there is no doubt more, so here is is a blog that is a good recourse that I recommend!

I appreciate that you want to be respectful, so thank you! :)

-Mod A


If you are in London the 23rd of this month: 

“All of this is temporary” is an abstract night of interactive exhibitions and live performance that, through the eyes of politically and culturally charged underground artists, asks the question: is capitalism working?

It can be hard to imagine a world without capitalism, but all of this is temporary: there is an alternative. From immersive artworks and live performance to theoretical discussion from key speakers, explore what it means to live in a capitalist world and what it could mean to live in a post-capitalist world.

I’ve created some gifs that will be displaying in a perpetual loop, thinking about our system and its mistakes and where can we go if we do not begin to think about them.

This is one of them (Auto-us). Here in better quality.

Check here the official web

And here the event on Facebook (if you share it, you come in for free)

*Keep in mind that all profit made by ticket sells will go to Crisis charity, helping homeless people in London, find food and warm accommodation.

Graylu week 2k16: PROMPTS!

GRAYLU WEEK 2016, from Sept. 1 until Sept. 7

We’re proud to present the fourth annual event of Graylu week ! One week celebration for our lovely pairing, Gray Fullbuster x Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, because they deserve more love !(*´▽`*)We’d like to thank all of you for voting and all of you who submitted prompts ! Are you readyyyy? *badum badum badum* And here are the prompts! *tsss*

Official prompt set:

Day 1: Whispers

Day 2: Déjà vu

Day 3: Letters/notes

Day 4: Drunk

Day 5: Breakdown

Day 6: Weakness [ specific genre: smut and/or fluff (❤️.❤️) ]*

Day 7: Undercover

Bonus prompts: T-shirt // Vintage // Fly

Same as last year, we will use *GRAYLU DAY as LOVE LOVE DAY also, so that’s why we only suggest those genres.

You can choose “smut” if you want to make steamy artworks or “fluff” if you’re not comfortable with the other genre and want to show the cute and adorable side of GRAYLU. But it will be double the joy double the pleasure if you choose both, “smut fluff”! ♥(ノ´∀`)

Also don’t forget that if you’re not inspired by the prompts you can use your own ideas ! :)

Well, let’s spread the news and the graylu love!

:: graylu family unite! ::



rules || ask || submit

♥ GRAYLU WEEK 2016: September 1 - 7 ♥

Ok everybody, LET’S DO THIS. As a countdown to the 7th Anniversary of Zero Requiem, fyeahsuzalulu will be organizing A SUZALULU WEEK for this year!

Here’s how it will work and how you can participate:

  • From 22 September all the way until 28 September (Zero Requiem)
  • There will be 1 prompt for each of the 7 days
  • For each day, you can write, draw, make gifs/graphics, whatever you want - as long as it’s related to suzalulu and that day’s prompt (you don’t have to post something for EVERY single day, and it’s totally okay to only submit one little thing, although of course, the more there is, the merrier! You also do not have to follow the prompt sequence but it will be great if you do!)
  • Tag it #suzalulu week 2015 (with the spaces in between; and make sure it’s within the first 5 tags so tumblr’s tagging system catches it) and I’ll reblog it here!

Rules (for posts to qualify for reblogs):

  • All artwork that you submit/use has to be your own and/or come from official art/merchandise. Otherwise, any fanwork must only be used with express permission from the original artist AND be clearly and properly credited.
  • NSFW posts should be tagged accordingly.
  • Depictions of rape or pedophilia will not be entertained.
  • There must be Suzaku/Lelouch somewhere in there, of course. Lelouch/Suzaku (in that order) is perfectly fine too! Julius Kingsley from Akito the Exiled also counts as Lelouch ;)

Here are the finalized prompts:

  1. Day 1, 22 Sept: Blue
  2. Day 2, 23 Sept: sunflowers
  3. Day 3, 24 Sept: The Sword
  4. Day 4, 25 Sept: “This is just like the movies” OR “I told you we should have turned left”
  5. Day 5, 26 Sept: Music / “Shall we dance?”
  6. Day 6, 27 Sept: service and sacrifice
  7. Day 7, 28 Sept: Happy Endings (?) / FREE/OPEN CATEGORY

You are free to interpret these however you like (be it AU, canonverse, etc etc. A quote prompt can be rephrased or can function as a theme instead of appearing word-for-word). Thank you to all who suggested more prompts! I will compile those together with any further suggestions, and if this round is a success, let’s do this again over the next few years! :D

This is the official promotional post for the event. Please reblog and signal boost this post like crazy so that we can entice alert as many people as we can before the week begins, and have as much fun as possible! ;D If you have any further questions, send fyeahsuzalulu an ask. (Replies and other admin issues if any will also be posted to the tag #suzalulu week 2015)
Thank you all! Much love, and here’s looking forward to it!

For my birthday, I got an official artwork piece of the sun goddess Amaterasu from Ōkami, wearing my favourite in-game weapon, the Resurrection Beads.

I mean, this may not mean a lot to people, but I associate this title with a very special period in my life, something I never want to forget. It also represents two beings that are no longer here with us anymore, who also enjoyed the game with me and made this tattoo all the more special.

Guys, go pick up and play Ōkami - you won’t regret it.

Stimming Unpuzzled: Official Guidelines for Submissions

We hope you’ll join us for Stimming Unpuzzled, an initiative which will showcase the importance of stimming in Autistic people’s lives. We plan to celebrate, honor, and raise awareness about these forms of self-regulation, communication, and self-expression. As always, the Unpuzzled Project is opposed to the oppressive behavior-modification strategy of “quiet hands”; we want you to have “loud hands”–flap, tap, flick, twist, spin, dance, sing, and rock to your heart’s delight. No matter how you stim positively, it is your way of making sense of the world around you and the world within you. We believe you should not be judged for your innate way of stimming.

To participate in Stimming Unpuzzled, please email us with your submissions and any questions, at: Here are the official guidelines:

  • Writing: poetry, articles, blog posts, short quotes, personal stories, etc. are all acceptable. Check by email for any other type of piece you wish to submit. As always, all work you submit must be entirely your own; we will not accept plagiarized work under any circumstances. Please let us know how you would like to be credited, whether this is by your actual name, a pen name, or anonymously.
  • Artwork: drawings, photography, comics, photographs of three-dimensional work, digital artwork, photographs of paintings, etc. are all acceptable and should be submitted as an attachment by email. Check by email for any other type of piece you wish to submit. As always, all work you submit must be entirely your own; we will not accept plagiarized work under any circumstances. Please let us know how you would like to be credited, whether this is by your actual name, a pen name, or anonymously. If you wish, you may include the title of the piece, an artist’s statement, and a brief bio of the artist.
  • Video: videos of someone speaking about stimming, demonstrating their stimming, musical performances on the subject of stimming, showing stim toys, etc. are acceptable. Check by email for any other type of piece you wish to submit. As always, all work you submit must be entirely your own; we will not accept plagiarized work under any circumstances. Please let us know how you would like to be credited, whether this is by your actual name, a pen name, or anonymously. If you wish, you may include an artist’s statement and a brief bio of the artist.
  • Other: please email us at to let us know what your idea is. We are very open to out-of-the-box ideas!


                          there may now be any replies for a day or two bc from now on i will either be using the official art or my own artwork just to be sure of not accidently doing something wrong with other people’s ? plus i figured it would be best for me since ever since i was a wee lad ive wanted to go into animation so here we are y’all