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The Ichiruki New Years 2017 Celebration!

I’m so glad so many of you have responded to my call.😃

So here’s how we do this:

2 themes - Wedding and Confession

You can contribute fics or fan art. Can be any kind of fan art, graphic pieces, manips, colorings, sketches, (just make sure you have permission if you are using someone else’s artwork other than official artwork) and no word count minimum for fics so drabble or haiku if you want to!

Tag all “Wedding” themed stuff #wedoalwaysloveyou

Tag all “Confession” themed stuff #ichirukiforever

Secondary tag for both should be #ichiruki of course!

We want to try to get these tags trending on twitter and Tumblr so if you can’t contribute art or fics, help us by getting these tags trending!

We will begin posting our works on 1/1/17. Post all day!

As promised, I will deliver 2 fan arts (1 in each theme) and 2 fics (same, 1 in each theme)

Thanks to all of you who responded, liked, and reblogged my initial post! This fandom means a lot to me and I can’t wait to see what we do when 2017 rolls in!

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If you are in London the 23rd of this month: 

“All of this is temporary” is an abstract night of interactive exhibitions and live performance that, through the eyes of politically and culturally charged underground artists, asks the question: is capitalism working?

It can be hard to imagine a world without capitalism, but all of this is temporary: there is an alternative. From immersive artworks and live performance to theoretical discussion from key speakers, explore what it means to live in a capitalist world and what it could mean to live in a post-capitalist world.

I’ve created some gifs that will be displaying in a perpetual loop, thinking about our system and its mistakes and where can we go if we do not begin to think about them.

This is one of them (Auto-us). Here in better quality.

Check here the official web

And here the event on Facebook (if you share it, you come in for free)

*Keep in mind that all profit made by ticket sells will go to Crisis charity, helping homeless people in London, find food and warm accommodation.

Tumblr Open Arts is getting a fresh coat of paint.  Welcome to, the new-and-improved official hub for all things 🎨 art on Tumblr.  In addition to a sleeker name, we are rolling out updated submission guidelines to help us spread the word about your original artwork, as well as weekly features to help you discover the most creative content our community has to offer.  Stay tuned for all that and more.  

In the meantime, continue to make wonderful things and submit them here. <3

With thanks to mippippippi for her amazing artwork, we are happy to declare that the signups for the 3rd Swan Queen Big Bang are OFFICIALLY OPEN!

Go here to complete your signup!

Authors, you’re signing up to complete a 15k fic between now and the end of August. Artists, you’re signing up to make art for one of those fics (with the option to also share an original piece with us all!). Betas and cheerleaders, you know why we need you and we couldn’t do it without you!

In this very, very Swan Queen-y week, celebrate our ladies by joining us for a summer of fic, art, fun and frolics ;)


Heaven’s Grace Through White Snowfall

In light of my previous analysis centre on how Yuuki and Zero represent Heaven, Sophi and I want to highlight how Hino enforces this through the use of snow in her official artwork. You can find Soph’s post here [x]

Snow has many symbolic connections, however in Vampire Knight it is stipulated, by Hino, as something ‘white’, something not red, meaning something ‘pure’, all the way back in the very first chapter of VK. The purity of fresh snowfall also represents rebirth and new beginnings. Hence why Yuuki was seen surrounded in snow her first night as a human, and why snow once again was present when she returned to a pureblood. However, snow is also used to symbolise Heaven, and the purity and grace that it embodies. 

Looking at the first official picture of Zero, he is standing amongst the white snow, and thus we see him reborn as the Vampire Knight, as pure and as wholesome as snow, and representing Heaven. If you haven’t seen my previous analysis explaining this in detail you can find it here [x] This picture is a match for Yuuki’s corresponding picture standing in the snow.

The second image highlights how Yuuki and Zero have both been reborn in their new roles; Yuuki as the Kuran Princess and Zero as the Vampire Knight. As such, both are forced to start a new life where ‘they can never be together again’. However as they embrace for the last time, their world is immersed in the heavenly glow of snow, as together, they have ‘reached the preferred direction’, Heaven.

The third image is the image Hino created while thinking of how they might meet in another world, another reality: Yuuki’s fantasy.  The white snow highlights the new world they’ve been immersed in, but also their chance at finally finding Heaven.

Lastly, we have Yuuki, looking up at Zero as he holds her face, watching over her in Heaven. This photo pairs so well with the individual picture of Zero, and highlights the purity of their love and the heavenly glow surrounding them. In this picture Zero and Yuuki are together, eternally, in Heaven, their warmth never leaving the other.

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