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Isaac Lahey Imagine
Imagine arguing with isaac all the time but once you are in danger he realizes his love for you.

“So… Y/N what’s your strategy? Claws and fangs?” Isaac questioned? knowing it would get on my nerves. You could say I was a little bitter that I had no spectacular abilities.
“I don’t need powers to be a badass, scarf boy” I responded with a smirk. When the fight started the three of us: Allison, Isaac and me went to fight different oni’s. I saw Isaac struggling but sighed in relief when Allison saved him, caught up in the moment I didn’t notice the oni swing at me. It plunged its sword in my stomach and i fell to the ground.
Isaac came up to me with tears forming in his eyes. “Y/N, I know we fight but you have to stay… for me…” his voice was early above a whisper. It took all my energy to catch the last thing he said. “Please Y/N, I love you…” at this I drifted off to an eternal slumber.

Snk Read Through - Chapter 20 Page 16 and 24.

a.k.a The Read Through I Tried To Explain What Kruger Might Meant With Organic Material In Sciency Way.

It was so interesting to read that Titans do not need water, meat, flesh or any other needs that is necessary for a human. They need sunlight, like plants and some bacterias to gain energy. They need sunlight to work the organic material inside them.

Chapter 88.

My theory is that Ymir was able to connect with organic material somehow like Kruger said but like a car needs gas to work, this organic material needs sunlight to move. That is why Titans can’t move in midnight. I hear you all asking about moonlight Titans but hey, moonlight is just reflected sunlight!

But what about Titan shifters? Where do their energy come from?

Chapter 20 Page 24.

From themselves, of course. 

Get ready because you are in Ecology 101 with kyojinofbraveos!

All living energy above Earth originates from the Sun. While you are running, laughing, crying because of new chapter or reading this meta, the energy you use is actually converted energy that originates from Sun. 

Sunlights reaches to Earth, but it is not just nice and warm energy, there are also some damaging cosmic rays and radiation with it that is why Sun’s pure energy is just too much for living to handle. Sun is not that smiling yellow circle at the edge of your drawing, it is actually a fierce old lady ready to kill you anytime, anywhere with her rays. Some of this rays (%90) reverberate and spans to space thanks to our atmosphere. Remaining ones are going thorough our atmosphere’s natural filter, Ozone Layer. That is one of the main reasons why there is no life in other planets than Earth, because they don’t have the right atmosphere.

After that, sunlight finally reaches to Earth all clean and warm. Green plants are making photosynthesis and putting that energy in their fruit and stuff then they are being eaten by animals. The rest is the cruel circle of life, as you might guess.

So the energy that Titan Shifters and also all the other Titans are using is actually the energy of Sun as well.

Do you remember in Frankenstein novel, Victor gathered all the parts of human body together but he always failed to gave his monster life until he made lightnings hit that monster as he screamed: IT’S ALIVEE!!

Victor had the organic material, but his monster was not alive until he got enough energy.

I think Ymir the First was also able to make something similar as well. Not the scream part of course. She was able to connect with all organic material, somehow, and not just that, she was also able to control the energy that runs through Eldians. And maybe that is how she was able to create paths. 

She bond all Eldians with the same energy using their blood ties. Maybe that is why only Eldians, Subjects of Ymir, are able to turn Titans. 

Plants are only able to use visible light to make photosynthesis and fabricate aliment we are eating. Radiation kills them, or takes them in worser shapes. Other rays are not useful as well. Green plants are only making photosynthesis using visible light, purple light is where we see their max potential.

Only Eldians are able to turn into Titans because to Titan serums they are what visible light is to plants. If you inject it to a Marley or someone from a different nation, it doesn’t work like Gross said so. Because other nations are like radiation rays to Titan Serum, it is not effective and also deadly.

Chapter 87.

Only Eldians are connected with paths because they are all bonded with same energy that also makes them visible to Titan serum.  Shifters are able to reach this energy and see those paths.

Chapter 88.

With the help of shifting power, shifters are able to make the same connection with organic material and energy that runs through them and built themselves a Titan body. But after they got out from it, their energy lefts Titan’s body, that is why it disappears and recycles to nature as we seen many times. Like human body rotting after being buried, but in a much much faster way.

Also memories comes and goes through these energy paths as well. Since all Eldians are connected with the same paths, same energy bounds, they also are able to send it to elsewhere like our Sun sends her energy to us. But as this progress continues, like sunlights, I think memories are going through a filter, an Ozone Layer as well. That is why Eren is not able to remember other shifters’ lives. He can reach them by paths, but he also gets hooked to a filter because he might not able to handle them like our Earth can’t handle the actual pure Sunlight.

End of the class! Thank you all for reading!

Personal Energy Awareness

One of the more universal concepts of magick is that everything in the world possesses a kind of internal energy. Maybe it’s called chi, or ki, or mana, the force, or chakra. When I was first learning about it, and how to control it, it was with a group that called it ‘psi’.  Whatever you call it, the principle is the same. It moves through us as people, it is in animals and insects, it is in the rocks and the wind and the water. When I talk about it, I will simply call it energy, with but you are free to use the term that resonates best with you.

Why should you care about energy? For one thing, as said above, energy is ubiquitous; it is all around us, and within us, and it is not merely passive. Our own energy can be affected by the energy of those around us. It can be confused, drained, raised, and generally messed with by all kinds of factors in the environment. And if we’re unaware of our own energy, then it is left to the same environment to hopefully return our energy’s equilibrium. However, if we’re familiar with working with our energy, we can take steps to fix that equilibrium ourselves, or make certain that it isn’t messed with in the first place.

It is possible to draw on the energy of our environment to supplement our own, to use our energy to shield ourselves from the effects of the energy of others, and to do other, frankly kind of neat tricks with energy. But in order to do any of that, the first step is to be aware of our own energy.

Here is a small guide on one way to become aware and get acquainted with your own energy. This is my own personal method distilled from past research into various methods and my own experience.


First, remove restrictive clothing, or clothing that may pinch, itch, chafe, pull, or otherwise distract.  Arrange yourself in a comfortable, supported position. This may be sitting, or if you prefer, lying down.

Close your eyes, and relax your body.

Now, visualize your body in your mind’s eye. It can be as detailed or as bare as you like. Some people like to use a drawing doll, or the biological model from a cold medicine ad for their visualization.

Now, visualize your energy as it moves through your body. In all likelihood it begins as a dense, swirling mass at your core, and moves outward, through your body, down your limbs, and neck, and escaping out your fingers and toes, and the top of your head.

There’s no wrong way to picture your energy. Take note of how it appears in your mind. Does it have distinct color or style to it?

Start at your core, and follow the energy out of your body as it disperses. Feel it moving through your through your torso, to your arms and legs and head. Feel it leaking away out your fingers and toes.

As you become aware of your energy you may start to feel physical sensations as a result. Likely you will feel areas of hot, or cold, or a tingling feeling, however, it may be a different sensation entirely. This is the feeling of your energy, at least, the way you currently perceive it.

Take deep slow breaths and let yourself become familiar with the sensation of your energy as it moves through your body. If you’re someone who experiences phantom/astral limbs that don’t appear on your physical body, it’s likely that you’ll feel your energy moving through these limbs as well.  If there are any places where the energy seems to pool or ‘get stuck’, make a note of them. There are various reasons that can happen that I’ll talk about later.

When you’re satisfied with your sense of your energy, mentally erase the image of your body by visualizing wiping it away like chalk on a chalkboard, waving it apart like smoke, turning off like an old TV image,  or something like that. If you don’t dismiss the image, it’s likely that the sensation of your energy will hang around longer than you’d like it to.

A note for those who are ritualists, or who just focus better in a ritual environment: 

If you’re looking to engender a good ritual environment for becoming aware of your energy I recommend the following. Light some incense, but not candles. The energy that candles put off can interfere in exploring your own energy. Instead, take salt and make a circle of it around you before you settle down. The salt will help shield you from outside energy while you’re exploring internally.

You can also repeat this spell as you relax:

Hidden vision grant me sight
show my path of inner light


 Further topics that build on this will include sensing external energy, grounding and balancing energy, shielding and manipulating your internal energy.

(This guide is written only from the perspective of its author, and is not meant to represent the teachings or any specific philosophy or group unless otherwise stated.)


Here are just a few good books on the topic of Night Magic. A specifically darkness oriented practice that is outlined in these books can be incorporated into an existing regimen and has substance enough to stand alone as a working system.

Within this category of nocturnal reveries we have magic utilizing nighttime energy for spell work through adaptation. There is also found great reverence for the dark goddesses and other nighttime deities, which these books touch on when mentioning the Dark Moon.

Shadow work is also part of the night magic category, whether using the shadows to cast a glamour or distilling the shadow self within, the darkness is a primal force that can be wielded. The shadow relates to what lurks beneath the surface. Therefore the subconscious represented by the murky depths of dark water has its connection to nocturnal magic.

The above books all focus on working with nocturnal energies, the shadow self, night riding, and all other dark aspects of the craft.

So I was asked about the past life spread this is what I made and used as my angel one. I have a different one about fallen angels and how they fell.
1. Your past spirit self
2.3.4. What supported you and held you up.
5. Who/what helped you?
6. Who apposed you
7. Outside force that affected you
8. Internal force that affected you
9. What you hold above all else
10. Spirit energy when you were young
11. Spirit energy when you were older
12. Spirit energy when you were older
13. Spirit energy when you left
14. Did you come to earth willingly
15. Why did you come to earth
16. Did someone come with you.
Metal medallion pendant with Quartz and Amethyst,Unique,Handmade,Gemstone pendant,Crystal pendant,Natural stone pendant,Boho.
Metal medallion pendant with Quartz and Amethyst. Chain length: 65 cm One of a kind, unique item. Quartz is a stone above all stones. With its

Metal medallion pendant with Quartz and Amethyst.

Chain length: 65 cm

One of a kind, unique item.

Quartz is a “stone above all stones”. With its energy it symbolises “Gods white light on earth”.It is one of the basic crystals, it fits every person, its one of rare crystals witch suites every chakra.

Amethyst is one of the basic crystals, it fits every person, its purple color symbolises 6th chakra the 3rd eye. It brings mental peace and intuition. Quartz boosts its strength and makes our inner self stronger.

–** Resin protects the crystal from outside negative energy’s, the crystal doesn’t need cleaning**–
Meet the

Don’t forget that Beltane can also be a time to promote mental health and creative fertility. If you’re feeling blocked in your creative endeavors, find ways to refresh yourself and renew your motivations. Take some time for yourself. Unplug for a bit and get some fresh air, perform a grounding rite, visit a place that inspires you. Don’t worry about anyone else. Spring is a time for renewal and growth, so take advantage of that energy and above all else, be kind to yourself~

Maintaining Consciousness


  • No matter what happens, can you maintain and hold the higher frequencies of consciousness from within you without shifting out of this space?
  • Can you see beneath the surface, see the other perspectives, see through expanded awareness… IN THAT INSTANT?
  • Do you pull away and go inside and observe to see? Each time you do this, this “natural way” becomes more instant
  • Can you interact with others while maintaining this space? Can you do a multitude of processes all at one time, inside, without ever shifting your energy or stepping out of this space?
  • Can you hold the highest frequency of love at all times, transmit pure light, total HONOR above all, and not participate in the old energies/programs- all simultaneously, while still creating and working in the other dimensions, seeing them all, observing them all, every parallel, every outcome visible…. in a waking state?
  • This is HOW WE EXIST in the higher frequency bandwidth realms, as we move through that which held us back, limited us, kept us held to the old gridwork of consciousness, by that which we chose/held inside. We CAN DO ALL things at once, but first we have to go through “not being able to hardly function” as we embody higher light. We have to let go of the need to control all things and allow our higher self aspects to emerge fully and be present AS ONE at all times. We have to learn to do everything all over again. We function completely different here. It looks nothing like before. We have total awareness, total command, total power again AS HIGHER SELF BEINGS MERGED WITH OUR HUMAN ASPECT and we walk as the NEW EARTH HUE-MANS here to assist HUmanity with doing the same.
  • Merging all of our aspects is a FULL-TIME JOB. With this comes those physical realities that match in frequencies and that bring forth all that we truly desire from within our heart. All supports our missions/purposes/roles to be in higher-light-service at all times as we all work together as love, as light, as one.
  • There are many physical realities that already exist that you cannot yet physically see. Each more magnificent than the ones you’ve already experienced, each which appears to be more of the lucid dream. As you anchor light (which feels like you’ve been drugged and distorts your perceptions which brings clarity as it does) you do start to see and realize that it’s always been there, all around you, yet you didn’t hold the vibration before. As you do, all becomes more colorful, vibrant, alive, interactive and lighter. All around you seems to be becoming more conscious, too. Others are awake or waking up, understanding and experiencing more. You FEEL everything around you, the magnificence, the beauty and gratitude, love and brilliance fill your every cell. You REMEMBER THIS SACRED CONNECTION and the subtle and silent tears of utter and complete appreciation and peace run through you.
  • Your NEW Earth Existence comes forth through your commitment and dedication to your own journey and through honoring your Physical LightBody upgrades and integration process, all around you a NEW EARTH EMERGES as you do.
  • This is an entire transformational process that take every bit of you to do. Stepping back and getting out of the way, as a human, is the hardest thing that we all do. Letting our higher self aspects guide us and run the show is necessary, and where we do not understand/honor this, this is where “suffering” comes from. The physical body upgrades to hold light- and it’s intense. This eases and even gets easier as we fall into the FLOW of how all works here. Everything just becomes energy and outside reflects the same. We work through all the scenarios that used to create realities, release the belief, power and energy that were held inside and as they go, the outside world just re-aligns. Simple existence- it’s easy here. Yet all have to let go/transcend all that kept them from this easy existence. Everyone has this (cap)ABILITY… conscious awareness/choice/action dictate how/when this occurs in the physical for all.

-Lisa Brown


If you’d live and study here in Stockholm, this would have been your week. You’re missing out on sunrises, monotypes, monotypes on inkjets, free Dürers for all, mica-dusted rainbow roll lithos, afternoon coffees and December dips by the harbour.

Head in dark clouds despite all the goodness posted above, difficult to summon energy to post.