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The best day in my little fangirl life so far, 
I look awkward in the Jensen picture because at the time he thought he messed the first picture, so he pulled me closer and I was debating if I could rest his head on his chest or not and I kinda went for it but too late so awkward hovering but it was great. 
Jared was so sweet, he talked to each fan, asked me how I was, called me Sweetie and hugged you tight and was so warm, physically and in his personality. 
IN the J2 sandwich I couldn’t stop laughing because I asked for a sandwich and Jensen pushed me against Jared and leaned against me so I was really squished between them. I forgot about the photo and just enjoyed the moment between them. 

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I is a busy child.... one of the things making me busy are jelousey (can't fuckin spell it) I is jelous that all the good youtubers have an apple where they can get Imovie to edit and it seems awesome, while I am stuck with probably the first windows computer that didn't come with movie maker.... yep, my life's going great (you is lucky, me us jelous -w-)


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Since I'm having a stressful week, can I have some CS fluff?

I hope you see this, anon and I hope it makes your week at least a little bit better! *hugs*

All the Emmas; ~2 000 words; Also on

Three months after they had returned from their trip to the past Killian had discovered a multitude of new sides to Emma. He’d be the most despicable liar, if he said he didn’t love each and every one of them.

Sister Emma

She shined through every time she was with Neal. Killian was in the habit of missing half of what David was telling him when both of the prince’s children were around. He simply couldn’t tear his eyes off the sight that Emma made, eyes sparkling, golden hair falling over her baby brother, who wasted no time in capturing a strand of it and tugging and giggling. She giggled right along with him, loud and happy and free. There was a softness, a lightness, about her, the kind that the pirate hardly saw at any other moment.

And when she looked up and caught him staring (“You’re always staring.” “You’re always beautiful.”) she lifted an amused eyebrow at him but there was a little quirk to her lips, letting him know that she knew exactly what he was thinking. He shrugged at her anyway, bowing his head a little, and received the expected eye-roll but, oh, the fond smile that accompanied it. Yes, he was not ashamed to admit that he lived for that smile.

Hungry Emma

He believed that hurricane Emma was also a good label. He could tell by the very way the bell jingled painfully, nearly flying off its rightful place when Emma stormed in, that she had been forced to postpone her lunch break just that little bit too long.

 She didn’t bother with greetings or smiles or small talk but made straight for the counter, leaning her elbows on it, an almost animalistic glint in her eyes, and shot her order at the nearest unsuspecting waitress. Only Ruby ever dared to tease the sheriff when she was like that (“And here I thought I was the wolf in town.”)

Order placed, the blonde plopped down in his booth and again without any greetings or preamble dug into his fries. By the time her food arrived, his was already gone. Her slight blush, after her appetite had been satisfied and she had asked him if he wanted her last pancake was in part due to her own antics and in part to the absolutely besotted look that was no doubt painted all over his face. Yes, he lived for that blush too.

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