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My sexual orientation is the entire cast of MTV Scream

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:all Akutagawa ever wanted was for Dazai to acknowledge him and that bastard knew it perfectly well yet decided to just abandon Akutagawa like it was nothing and then found himself a new fucking toy he even used Akutagawa's attachment against him don't even try to tell me he didn't know because the manga makes it pretty fucking clear Dazai reads people with like zero effort listen this is not funny this is mental and emotional abuse no one should be forced to go through something like that DAZAI IS SUCH A DICK YOU HEAR ME HE'S A TERRIBLE PERSON YOU CAN'T JUST FUCK UP ONE KID AND THEN SWITCH TO ANOTHER THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS DAZAI

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michelle.......draw me.............

I KNOW YOU’RE ASLEEP RIGHT NOW BUT HERE YOU GOOOO. (i gotta practice my cartoons and i was watching a bunch of fancams of their concert sooooo)

ft. Minghao protecting you from the Dark Concert later today bc who knows what will happen in a few hours.

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Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

Okay, but can you imagine the reputation that the paladins of Voltron will start getting around the intergalactic bars nunvillaries after a while? Give it a few months, and there will be some aliens gathered around a table going like:

“Have you heard about the new Voltron pilots? Holy quiznak, do not mess with them. Any of them. I mean, yeah, the one in black makes sense. There’s a reason some people call him Champion.”

And multiple eyes widen around the table and there’s a whisper of, “Champion? Champion is a Voltron pilot?”

And the first alien nods and goes, “But no, don’t mess with ANY of them. I mean, the red one and blue one bicker like Trallarian hellcats, but if you mess with either one the other will blindside you so fast you’ll get whiplash.”

Another alien nods and takes up the tale. “It’s true, definitely. But don’t insult the yellow one, either. I mean, don’t even call him fat, which is true. ESPECIALLY do not call him stupid. Red and blue will FIGHT over which one gets to beat you harder.”

“It’s true,” an alien with a deep voice asserts. “I heard it with several of my earholes.”

Various assenting voices around the table. Then a tiny voice pipes up in a near-whisper, “But the worst one is the one in green.”

Everyone turns to look at the new speaker, eyes and eye-parts wide.

Tiny alien nods solemnly. “If you mess with the green one, all of the rest will come after you.”

Nods, shudders, fervent agreements. “Even the one with the mustache, the one who usually tries to hold them back, will just stand there and watch them do it.” “My cousin Vini died.” “DO NOT TOUCH THE GREEN ONE.”

And they all drink their nunvill and try not to cry.