all of my wips are finished yay

Hallo lovelies!! I am so sorry for the long absence. Great news is that I have a new full time job! Yay! Bad news, I don’t get as much free time to work on my own things. But I am determined to finish this guy before the holidays. You all have nnnooooooo idea how long I’ve wanted to do this. I have been having way too much fun! *laughs* Now I have to do one about Rohan, and Treebeard…and Galadriel…and Glorfindel…and Thorin’s company…I could do so many…

You shall see more updates sooner rather than later!


Omg sorry for take so long I had this one in my WIP folder for like months and I haven’t got to finish it till now?? Thank you for the prompt, it’s been very cute to draw!! >w< 

This is surely AU because otherwise Ulqui would die because of those sweets pff