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Dear James,

WE FUCKING SAW THAT!  Was that the only way of taking the transmitter? Was it that difficult to do that without stealing a touch? Was it? Was it, James?

so…I pretty much fell in love with UNF & it’s highly possible I could get a full ride/nearly a full ride there so that’s reassuring

plus we went to the restaurant that my sister works at & as per 2 of the managers I basically would automatically get hired if I want to work there??

I Love You {Jason Smut}

word count: 2.4k (because I love Jason and oh well.)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: Smut / Fluff! I fell in LOVE with Jason Crouse while watching The Good Wife, JDM is such an amazing actor AND ALL THOSE UNF scenes with him in it, my heart! @ladylorelitany and @may85 fics gave me the inspiration to share my love for this man. Tagging you in it because thank you!! Hope you like mine ;o; 
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: Jason comes over to get his mind off Alicia and (Y/N) was always the perfect distraction but after a month of silence, he has some explaining to do.

I have known Jason for a while, being one of the first few people he met coming to the state and he just stuck around my life after that like some magical spell I couldn’t wake up from, he always told me it was because I knew how to brew a great cup of coffee. In all fairness, that really could honestly be why he stuck around, but as we talked more and started to hang around together, we realized we just clicked.

I always made sure I was there for him whenever he was having a rough day, I wanted to be his backbone, I wanted him to know I was there. That I loved him.

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Lena Hall’s #yitzograms, showing me everything I want in a man since 2014.

Oh how I wish we could all go back to these simpler, more beautiful times, fueled by sex and savior-complexes, desire and damage, addiction and anxious-codependency, flirtation and fanboying, just all that gorgeousness where no one gave a fuck – espesh those that were fucking.

Oh how beautiful things could’ve been.