all of my sisters are homies like me

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Five years ago, I wasn’t even familiar with Tumblr. The first time I heard about it, I was heavily focused on a project that made us create a personal blog of sorts. Now, it’s a place where so many memories were made, and it became a space where I can be as creative as I can be, and show it off to the world– despite being scared of the reception. 

Whether it was my first run as Minato, my attempt in making original characters in the Shield Breakers, or my return to this blue-haired protagonist, I feel like I’ve grown up in front of you people– honed my craft, improved as both a writer and as a person, shared part of my life that I can look back in fondness.

I wanna take this time as a way to give out my thanks, to each and every one of you that’s been with me and stuck with me for the road. I do hope I get to continue to impress you guys, and entertain you with what I can bring to the table with just words, stories and ideas. 

More thanks will be under the cut, with a special message for two specific people and a thanksgiving list!

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anonymous asked:

Ive seen celeste. She's a baddie, how come u wouldn't date/fuk her? Are u not attracted 2 her?

Since y'all keep asking this, imma hook you up:

She is my homie for life but I couldn’t fw her like that. No, I’m not attracted to her like that. Yes, she’s cool as a bitch, she’s cute, etc. but that’s not our relationship. I look at her like my sister, like my partner in crime. She’s so supportive, she’s wonderful, I love her to death,
BUT she’s damn near F A M I L Y to me.

Point blank, period.
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mama if you leave me
i don’t know what i’d do
i’m already lost enough
& i still got you
i do but…
mama if you go now
half of me does too
i don’t wanna say goodbye
i wish that it wasn’t true

i think that i’m too focused on the future
i want some commas don’t want kama sutra
sometimes the workin just feels like waiting
i need a mil, then i’ll take a vacation
i’ll take my mama, my sister, my homies, my dog & my baby
then i guess maybe…
i could be lazy
…but i don’t see that comin anytime soon

can i ever do that?
can i ever do that?
could i ever really chill?
don’t know what to do yet
playin rush & roullete
head spinning like a wheel
will i ever do that?
will i ever do that?
could i ever sit still?
tell me that you love me now
promise that you’ll love me still

hope you get some rest & some relaxation
i’ll be there soon
but you gotta be patient
right now i can’t
but right when i can
i’ll take a vacation

i remember when i first got a check
that was a feeling i’ll never forget
sometimes the work doesn’t feel like it’s working
i made a wave & now i wanna surf it
i’ll keep on practicing until it’s perfect
all for my mama, my sister, my homies, my dog, & my woman
i got my foot in the door
did what everybody told me i couldn’t before
i bought my mama a ford
before i was 14 i was dreaming of more
now you can see me on tour
i got her now but i take her for granted
lucky to be with her here on this planet
she’s got my back no matter what i do
she is my stars & my sky & my moon

hope you get some rest & some relaxation
i’ll be there soon
but you gotta be patient
right now i can’t
but right when i can
i’ll take a vacation


this song is dedicated to my friend Cole & his family. his mother, Franny, just lost her life to cancer.

his loss makes me so sad, but it also makes me think about the people i do have here with me right now & how important it is to keep your relationships with your loved ones in tact. sometimes i get so caught up with my bullshit that i forget to call or text my mom or sister. time is just as precious for all of us. i’m gonna try to get better at sharing mine.

hope everyone enjoy’s the song. 👽shout out Jeremy Rocwell for supplying me with this gorgeous beat.


p.s. if you want to help his family with the medical bills, you can donate here: