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“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.”  - (x)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who gets sick more often:

who is the better caretaker:

who is the most needy when they’re sick:

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes:

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice:

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care:

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish:

who tries to pretend they’re fine:

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies:


Why don’t you carry your dead back to the chapel before you count yourself among them.

Imagine your OTP

-Person A has that one comfort/survival food they would kill for and Person B always makes sure to have some on hand for their bad days (plus a hug)

-Person A’s specialty is that one thing Person b hates more than anything but they’ll deal with it because if it makes Person A so happy, it’s gotta be worth it, right?

-Person A has had the hugest crush on Person B forever and Person B’s best friend/family member finds out and they end up spending a lot of time with each other which makes Person B really jealous/suspicious/confused

-Person A is getting picked on and Person B is the new kid who literally only just walked into school and they save Person A without a second thought 

-Person A has a crush on Person B and Person A/B’s much younger sibling finds out and tries with all the subtlety of someone who isn’t even at the double digits yet to get them together

-Au of the above where the younger sibling is actually the sneakiest littlest shit ever

-Person A’s the kind of person who doesn’t drink in college or do drugs or have crazy one night stands but goes to parties and Person B’s the only person at them who lets them be/encourages them to be whatever they want without worrying about what other people think

-Persons A and B have feelings for each other they think are unrequited and end up totally looking out for each other and each other’s families/friends without the other knowing and everyone thinks they’re the sweetest most caring couple ever, look at how they help each other out so much

-Person A needs a favor and apparently Person B is the guy who knows a guy’s cousin’s brother’s best friend’s in-law’s recommendation and they tracked down a lot of people to get this favor so please tell me you can do this for me

-Persons A and B have known each other since childhood and Person B constantly pulls on A’s metaphorical pigtails because crushes and will utterly destroy anyone who even thinks of messing with Person A, constantly doing nice things for Person A behind the scenes while Person A has been wooed so hard they just want a date, dammit

-Person A keeps talking about the amazing date they’re going to have and how romantic and fantastic it’ll be and even though Person B is sad, if it makes Person A happy, they’ll do their best to be happy for them and then the huge date night comes around and Person B gets a call and thinks something bad happened on the date and rushes over only to find roses and candles and Person A holding a whiteboard saying, “be my date tonight?”

-Person A has a family member constantly in the hospital/in the permanent care ward and Person B is volunteering at the hospital and completely falls for the person with a new vase of flowers every week and the biggest smile they can muster on any day

-Person A works as a florist/grave digger and always brings or grows flowers to lay on all the graves in the graveyard and Person B notices them constantly and thanks them for watching over their loved ones when they can’t be there

-Person A is visiting a grave and notices a couple of very dirty ones, so they grab supplies and are cleaning the graves to fix this very bad problem when someone with cleaning supplies walks up to them and sees someone else cleaning their family’s graves even though everyone in town/wherever they are hates Person B’s family, which is why the graves are dirty

-Person A has a habit of dropping little pecks all the time on Person B and Person B has a habit of being unable to stop smiling afterwards

-Person A always orders pizzas with a topping they don’t like because Person B likes it and they always tear them off to give to Person B

-Person A doesn’t like rollercoasters so Person B always sits next to them and holds their hand however tightly they want to, whispering reassurances into their ears over everybody else screaming

-Person A and B both hear someone say something extremely offensive and turn around to tear into said person at the same time. It was true love at first scathing remark

-Person A has just started working out at a gym for the first time and Person B, a regular, shows them the ropes and how to work things and they become workout buddies with the most UST ever (and all the other regulars have placed bets on when they get together)

-au or continuation of the above where a new regular comes in and asks them how long they’ve been together and both of them become super flustered and cute

-where Person A knits things and Person is so fascinated that they literally just watch Person A knit and totally fall for them all over again when they become a huge, blushing mess from all the direct attention

-Person B constantly helps Person A’s grandparent with their groceries/anything because they live in the same neighborhood and is very close to them and only finds out that the two of them are family when Person B walks into their house with the newest set of groceries or whatever and sees the cute kid from English sitting at the table in front of them

-au or continuation of the above where the grandparent finds out that they knew each other and picks on Person A for not ‘scooping up this fantastic person earlier, do you know how much they adore you and talk about you???’

-Person A accidentally commits a murder and Person B is the random passerby who witnessed it and helps them bury the evidence and maybe hits on them but you only live once, am i right?

-Person A is the star player of their sports team and always notices the person who comes to all the games no matter what with a huge (amazing) smile and suddenly panics when Person B doesn’t show up for one and tracks them down to make sure they’re okay

-points for the above where everybody knows who Person B is but not their name or anything else and suddenly everyone else is looking for the huge sports fan that just isn’t there anymore until they develop a system and find Person B sitting and having a coffee with Person A and laughing

-Person A and B are doing this school icebreaker where they have to look at their partner and say the first thing that comes to mind and Person A fucking loses it in the silence that ensues and blurts, “you’re really hot and I’ve been in love with you for years” and Person B looks at them and smiles this slow, devastating smile and says, “me too.”

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! 🍇💜💕

Thank you because it’s always good to remember happy things at the beginning of the day ;D <333 I’m happy with :

- The YOI event and all the victuuri feels >v<
- Korrasami first kiss ;______; 
- Sormik reunion hug ;A;
- Little Haru offering his hand to little Makoto >v< <3
- It’s my mom birthday today and we celebrate it in family so that makes me happy ^v^

Soulmate AUs and Variations

-your soulmate died and became a ghost for you, guiding you and helping you after death

-variation of the above where you don’t know about your soulmate becoming a ghost/spirit for you and assume you’re lucky in all the ways that matter except one

-your soulmate has a different soulmate and when you die you help them get together so they can be happy and then fade away

-your soulmate’s name is written somewhere on your body and turns gray if they die and you name your kid after the soulmate you never got to meet

-you and your soulmate meet in a situation where both of you know you’re not going to survive and you’re both sad but also just happy you got to meet and have this precious time left together

-variation of the above where they die next to each other holding hands and smiling

-your soulmate is not a person of romantic inclination towards you or anything, but in fact your child because they change you the most and make you the happiest you could ever be

-variation of the above in which your soulmate is still the person who changes your life the most and gives you the greatest happiness ever but is your archnemesis

-another variation of above in which the reason they’re your soulmate even though they’re your soulmate is that in the end they give up their life/everything important to them for your happiness/to save you

-you have two timers, one for each hand-left is when you meet them, and right is when they die

-variation of above: the two times are minutes or seconds apart

-another variation: your soulmate is a villain/hero or cop/law enforcer and you constantly check your right hand because the time never stays the same

-in which the information you get on your soulmate isn’t a name on your body or when you’ll meet them or even their dreams, but random bits of information and thoughts they have in the middle of the day no matter how far apart you guys are

-in which your entire life you have your soulmate’s eyes so when you see each other for the first time, you can see how the other looks at you

-where you have multiple names/soulmarks on you because so many different people make up who you are

-where you literally and physically cannot fall in love with someone who isn’t your soulmate because your heart stops if you do

-your soulmate is someone who grew up/went through similar or extremely similar experiences and circumstances but turned out different; the literal equivalent of what could have happened if you did something different

-your soulmate is your brother/sister/twin because they made you who you are and constantly make you better and love you forever

-you and your soulmate are best friends and everyone keeps telling you that you both will end up together romantically even though you really won’t because being a soulmate doesn’t have to mean being in a romantic relationship

-your soulmate hates you because they’re afraid of what you could mean for them and are so, so, afraid

-your soulmate can change if life-altering experiences occur physically or mentally (though not death)

-your soulmate hates you so much or perhaps the thought of you so much that they try to get rid of their timer/name/mark/etc by scarring and hurting themselves and it kills you

-where your soulmate is the only person who can kill you outside of natural causes (meaning no dying if caused by another person such as car accidents, poisoning you, etc)

-au in which you actually have a guardian angel/cupid with a list of potential soulmates who guides you through your love life and slowly checks people off it

-variation of the above where you have no one/a hell of a lot of people on the list but none of them work and it turns out your cupid is your soulmate

-au where you don’t have a name/mark/timer/first words/etc, but words written on you telling you what they will love most about you

-variation of above in which what’s written is what they’ll always be known for (their legacy or kindness, etc)

-if blind, your name/sentence/timer is set in braille via permanent goosebumps or moles or etc

-au where you live without one of your senses (the one that is or will be the most important to you) until you meet your soulmate

-variation of above where its a color you miss until the meeting

“But god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky”

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I have a cute Jashi NSFW headcanon where Ashi sometimes cries during sex. Not because she finds it particularly painful or anything, but because she feels so loved around Jack. Love wasn't something she experienced at all throughout her childhood. Even years down the road the feeling of love is so fresh in her mind that it makes any kind of intimacy feel more intense for her, so the need to cry during sex is natural for her. Of course, Jack doesn't mind and caresses her a lot when it happens.

I have pictured all my otps crying during sex honestly ;-; for basically that reason they’re overwhelmed with the steam of sex and the love for person theyre with, especially when they’re going at it harder.

Imagine they get more intense then she starts looking at him and is just so happy and pleased that she has him that she starts weeping and tearing! He pauses and hold her face in his hands all “ashi?! My love did i hurt you ?!?!we can stop if you-!” and shes all blushing and tearing and embarrassed and weeps “j-jack….i love you…” with her eyes closed cuz she embarrassed to look him in the eye with all these tears and she says barely opening her eyes “i-im sorry…. k-keep going…” and jack just reassures her that a she looks so cute like that and that he’s in love with her too and they just hold each other even tighter while they finish having sex. Afterward he wipes all her tears and giggle at how cute she looks and shes still embarrassed and emotionally drained and they just cuddle the rest if the night ;_; wow why i write that

See what you did?! XD