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bless this Guy


Sandylion Spongebob stickers🦀🐠

JohnDave week // day 2

I’m short of breath / Standing next to you / I’m out of my depth / At this altitude / Like the world makes sense / From your window seat / You are beautiful / Like I’ve never seen

Go ahead and laugh / Even if it hurts / Go ahead and pull the pin / What if we could risk / Everything we have / And just let our walls cave in

Heart - Sleeping At Last


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
       (click individuals if they’re not hq)


Inktober #1
I was just about to throw away my old school notebooks when i found this old doodle of vriska in one and decided to redraw it (in the same notebook lmao)

I tried to participate in last years inktober but my plans were way to elaborate so i gave up on day two. This year i’m gonna try to do little doodles like this instead


decided to draw some of my faves over the years. apparently my thing is guys who think they’re cool but are actually huge losers…. and then there’s oot link who’s just too good for this world.

check out the pic captions for names & series 8′)