all of my love for tater tots


You lifted up the suitcase, knuckles turning white as you tried to prevent yourself from crying.

“You can’t leave, Y/N.” Tate whimpered from the threshold, watching your every move.

“Tate, I have to make something of my life. You can’t expect me to waste the rest of my life.”

“You’re being selfish.”

“I’m being selfish? You’re the one trying to stop me from becoming someone.”

“I love you, you’re all I have.”

“And I love you, Tate, but my decision is final.”

You pushed past Tate, running down the stairs, finally the tears escaping your eyes and cascading down your flushed cheeks.

Tate climbed onto your bed, peering out the window. He let out an exasperated sigh as he watched you take a final glance at the house before getting into your car and leaving him behind, leaving to go where he couldn’t follow.

inspired by the update: bittytater
  • Tol & Smol TM, a classic
  • ok but would ransom or holster have been able to convince bitty to try a lift with them?? i think not, but tater’s enthusiasm is contagious
  • it would be like a really huge st bernard flopping all over a corgi
  • and ok so i’m southern & my old dog’s nickname was tater and let me tell you – the nickname possibilities are ENDLESS
  • tater tot, tater salad, tatey, tates…
  • Sweet Potato though – that would be the winner.
  • the number of emojis, smileys, and exclamation points in their text message chains would outnumber actual words
  • bitty would definitely reach out to katya again for help learning russian – tater works so hard on his english, B wants to meet him halfway
  • bits loves a boy with a big appetite…….
  • (but also: unafraid to talk smack. somewhere in nevada, kent parson just felt a cold chill in the air)
  • just imagine how smiley and optimistic these two would be together
  • (also: height difference. gets me every time.)

a part of me likes to think that cecil’s first impression of carlos wasn’t nearly as eloquent as “and i fell in love instantly”

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intp x enfp headcanons?

INTP & ENFP Headcanons

The pair goes scuba diving. ENFP is taking a million pictures and gushing over all the fish, while INTP calculates the shark attack probability and collects cool rocks because listen there could be fossils inside 🐠

Everyone is hanging around a bonfire. ENFP is adding things to the fire that they shouldn’t, and INTP is watching the flames, because the evil wiggly light is such a strange concept ?? 

All the mundane household chores are ignored but who needs to do dishes when you can spend all day covering the ceiling in those glow in the dark stars?? Priorities 🌟

INTP helps a sad ENFP indirectly. They bake them tater tots, play their favorite music, bring them hot chocolate and blankets and games and anything that says I love you and I know my words won’t help so here are your favorite things

The pair is on a ferris wheel. ENFP starts rocking the car. INTP snaps because dear god are you trying to kill us both I swear if you move one more muscle I am personally ejecting you from your seat I have never hated ANYONE moRe 🎡

INTP wakes up early to make ENFP breakfast in bed. They stumble across ENFP making breakfast for them as well. It turns into a heated cooking competition #choppedIsLife 🍽️

~ INTP mod

The Evan's reactions to a trans partner

For all my trans*/nonbinary Evan lovers (such as myself), here’s how the various boys would react to you feeling dysphoric/coming out/transitioning and what have you:

Tate: Tater Tot here grew up in a homophobic and most likely transphobic home, so his initial reaction to you saying “I’m trans” would probably not be great. There would be some awkward silence, and you would ask if he was mad. He would say no, shake his head, walk over to you, and grasp your arms kind of firmly. He’d look right into your eyes and say he still loved you, he just needed time to think about this. If it was anyone but you he would’ve probably had an outburst and said something shitty, but he cared for you enough that he would at least try to be a good person and say the right things.

Kit: kit-kat, ultimate sweetheart, would be supportive as ever. The day you decide to tell him, he hugs you close and promises to do his best to help you feel affirmed in your gender. It would be the 50s after all, so he couldn’t do much, but he would buy you new clothes if he could, or he would give you some of his if you wanted them. He would be supportive through thick and thin, always standing up for you if someone used wrong pronouns, trying to fight the law to make things easier for you and other trans individuals, he would just be a great partner and an amazing activist.
(Bonus: if you wanted a haircut, Kit would insist on doing it himself. He would stand behind you in the bathroom and snip away your hair until you were left with a slightly scraggly mop, and e would apologize for not being the best barber and place a soft kiss on the very top of your head, which would probably make you smile.)

Pre-death Kyle: happy go lucky frat boy would hug you tight the day you told him and then proceed to help any way he could. He would be very apologetic if he used the wrong pronouns or wrong name, but he would adapt pretty quickly. Over all else, he would just love you for, well, you. If you ever questioned why he stayed with you or why he still loved you after you came out, he would reply
“Baby I fell in love with you as a human being. You’re just a… comfier human being now. So of course I still love you.”

Post-death Kyle: sweet boy Ky couldn’t do much to help at this point. With his lack of fine motor skills and almost no ability to speak, he would just give you a sort of sad puppy look when you were upset and dysphoric and snuggle up to your side. He would gently paw at you and give off quiet noises until he got the go-ahead to hug you. His arms would wrap around you and he would bury his face in your shoulder. He would try to grunt out a quiet “I love you” but it would end up clumsily said and stuttered so he would just get sad and hold you a little tighter.

Jimmy: Mr darling here wouldn’t care. He would be a bit confused by the concept, since it wasn’t something he had known of, but once you explained it to him, he would just smile and show off those cute dimples of his as he said, “oh, that’s it? That’s just fine… so what pronouns should I use?”
He would be very quick to pick up on a name change or pronouns change. He would start getting things right away. If you ever felt dysphoric he would lay down with you and gently rub your shoulder and say
“You know, you couldn’t have picked a better group ‘a people to be around during this. we’ll all support you, no matter what.” And then he would probably call you ‘doll’ if you liked that.

James: hoo-boy Mr. March would be the ultimate sugar daddy no matter your gender. You want a haircut? You got it. You want top surgery? You got it. You want ffs? You got it. You want your name legally changed? Your wish is his command. James loves fiercely, and anything you wanted, he would get it for you. If you felt dysphoric he would bring you into his arms and press small kisses to your neck and shoulder as he muttered out something like 'you are what you wish to be, dearest. Don’t listen to what others say…“
and oh jeeze if you told him someone in the hotel misgendered you…
“What room are they in darling?”
“James don’t”
“Don’t what, I’m just going to pay them a visit…”
“I can see the fucking knife behind your back.”

Rory: Rory would help you any way he could. If you need a binder, breast-forms, or literally any other transitional thing, he would help you research how to find just the right one for you, and then buy it for you. He would go to pride events with you and reassure you when you felt insecure in your gender with many kisses and affectionate snuggles. And you know this passionate boy would be ready to t h r o w d o w n with anyone who got in your face about lgbtq+ stuff.

Edward: if you weren’t together, Edward probably wouldn’t give two fucks what gender you were as long as you were leaving him alone. If you were together however, he would just start using your correct pronouns without question.


Guess whats? It’s my turn to bees da BIRFDAY BOY! When I closed my eyes and blew out my THREE candles, I wishes as hard as I couldz dat all my bugz and birdie fweindz would come to my pawty! My birfday wishes all came true and Day were all at my window to wish me a happy day–best birfday ever! 🐞🐜🐝🎂🎉

(Mama says I gets cuter every year–stay tuned until the end if you wants to see my snaggletoof trick! 😂). Happy Caturday! Luvs, Tater Tot

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I maybe need a 2nd part of your 5 part fic chocobros x reader

I wasn’t planning on expanding that series past possibly two self-indulgent spin off one shot deals that involved:

• In Altissia, right before all the shit hits the fan, MC confesses her feelings to Ignis and he flips out and drama but hot sex occurs because I’m Ignis trash and also because of this post
• MC gets kidnapped instead of Prompto by Ardyn and … bad things happen (my excuse to write some fucked up Ardyn smut)

… but I mean, I technically could plan a part two to part five… it’d just be full of nothing but sex. WHICH I GUESS WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM FOR Y'ALL THIRSTY THOTS. It wouldn’t be till after I go through all the things I wanna write first though (so yeah when KH3 comes out), and I promise it will not be 10,000 words like Part 5 was.

cute vegan food n snacks for chirebs!

I’ve seen some lists of ideas for cute chire food and the like for when you’re regressed, but not a whole lot for lil vegans like me! so here’s some stuff off the top of my head!

☆ pb&j (cut into fun shapes of course!)

☆ gogo squeeze pouches or other squeezable fruit/applesauce blends–I love the pedal pedal peach kind!

☆ earth balance cheez nips

☆ ants on a log!!

☆ bagel pizzas! with all kinds of fun toppings like tomato sauce, daiya cheez, n veggies cut into neat lil shapes

☆ chopped fruit in your fave cute bowl

☆ unbuttered popcorn with diy vegan seasonings! I like nooch on mine ~

☆ vegan mac n cheez–they make box varieties but it’s also easy to make a yummy cheez sauce yourself (or with a carer) using potatoes and carrots!

☆ vegan nuggets & french fries/tater tots

☆ veggie sticks and hummus or pb!

feel free to reblog with your own ideas!!

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how would the matsus react to accidentally seeing their s/o trying out lingerie? (i hope this isn't the first ask sent to you. if so, i'm so sorry ;w;)

ooh boy these boys would get hyped if you get my feel ;0

Osomatsu would be surprised at first. He wouldn’t resist to indulge though. “Goddamn, how did I get lucky enough to have a sexy babe like you in my life?” He would approach you and set his hands on your hips, looking you over like you were the most delicious dessert he’d ever seen. You damn well wouldn’t be getting much rest that night.

Karamatsu would be a red faced mess. He would quickly excuse himself from the room, but when you pursued him, he eventually decided to come back in. His blushing gaze would look you over in sheer amazement. He would pepper you in compliments and slowly begin to plant kisses on your neck, moving his sweet soft kisses down your body. Your body would be pleasured in a slow, sweet manner.

Choromatsu might just pass out from how good you look in it. He would attempt to complement you, but all he could do was make little squeaks and whimpers. You would have to initiate anything if you wanted to get something out of it. When something did get started though, you can expect him to get into it. I mean seeing his s/o in lingerie? That opportunity doesn’t come along very often.

Ichimatsu would be pretty red faced, but would gladly approach you with every intent of getting down and dirty with you. “Wow, did you really wear something like that for trash like me? You must be really desperate for some cock inside you.” He would lick his lips, already devouring you with his eyes. You should expect not being able to walk for a few weeks.

Jyushimatsu would get an immediate boner. He would run towards you with violent excitement. “Hey hey, s/o!! You look so good in that!! Now it won’t go down!” Juiceboy would be so excited and hyped up that if you wanted any foreplay, you would have to calm him down first. If that’s even possible. Sex wouldn’t necessarily be rough, just deep and hard. He would mumble in your ear how good you look and how much he loves looking at you in your pretty little outfit.

Todomatsu would play it off as if it was nothing, even though lingerie is his sHIT. He would approach you and smirk. “s/o~, you look really cute in that. It really suits you!” He giggled as he watched you blush in your spot. If you were looking for sex, you’re gonna have to beg this tater tot for it. He loves to tease, and toy with you. Just seeing you in lingerie turns him on badly, but since you went to all that work to wear it just for him you must be pretty desperate for him to fuck you.

Mod Den~

(this was actually my second ask, and dont worry about it you’re alright anon!)

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got tagged by the lovely @rowmeyer thank u gurl!!

name: nadine
star sign: aries aka the best one
average hours of sleep: uuuh i guess about 7/8 hours??
lucky number: don’t have one
last thing you googled: ‘does classical music help you focus‘ because i wanted o know if classical music helps you focus
favorite fictional character: chloe motherfrickin price
what are you wearing right now: besides underwear and socks? an oversized flannel shirt.
when did you start this blog: uh technically over a year ago cuz this used to be my gaming blog (rip. i low key want it back now) but then I changed it to an andi mack/multifandom blog about three weeks ago
number of followers: 168
what do i post: actually /post/ - edits and gifs of andi mack (maybe some other fandoms in the future, text posts related to anything, occasional andi mack headcanons/aus and photos of myself. reblogging? whole lotta stuff of other fandoms and a lot of things that hopefully puts a smile on the lips of the people who see it (aka my happy tag).
do i run any more blogs:  yeah, a lot. this is the only one i’m using atm though. i’ve got a 5sos/bandom blog called mikeyloser, two sideblogs to that which are my mentioned moved gaming blog punkmax and my ‘pretty people’ blog ravingbeauties and a rpt/rph blog called dreamyrp. got a few others that aren’t worth mentioning as well.
do i get a lot of asks: occasionally, i guess??? like every other day i get one and it low key makes my day then.
why did i choose this url: i wanted to make it clear that my precious son is bisexual and everything else i tried sounded terrible so i choose this one.

i tag: @heliophelic @shawnmendesislife20 @lesbeanflowers @verygaycyrus  @lousytrash @dean-is-bi-till-the-day-i-die (same btw) @that-one-tater-tot @suuperstitions @lostcontactwithreality  

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May I request a Dutch/Tennie fusion?

I was gonna draw them doing the Electric Slide but for some reason I still associate Dutch with the Lindy Hop, SO

Their fusion would be super cute!  And have the maximum number of arms with which to make cutting-edge super-functional art installations.  Soft-spoken, but taking approximately -293% of peoples’ shit.  

Plus they would use all their arms to the fullest at all times?  They’re uniquely spectacular at using all four of their arms for four different tasks all at the same time. 

Can definitely do four different secret handshakes with four seperate people all at the same time.  Or build a four-armed jaeger to do it for them.

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Hey! Have you got any advice for a high school freshman? (love your blog, by the way <3)

Hi! I’m gonna to be a freshman in high school soon and was wondering if you have any advice on how to stay on track, using planners and working around sports? Have a lovely day!

hey friends!!!! WHAT AN EXCITING TIME FOR YOU BOTH!! AHH!! (also thank u ily)

figured i could answer these together since they’re pretty similar!! it’s been 8 years (dear god i’m old) since i was a freshman in high school, but i’m going to try my best to share some advice!! 

  • you’re going to be okay. high school seems like this very large daunting thing, and while there’s gonna be a lot of new stuff thrown at you, you’re gonna be so okay!! everyone else in your class, your friends from middle school, all that stuff, they’re in a brand new boat too!! find solidarity in that. 
    • also, upperclassmen will seem like weird, really tall, attractive creatures, while you may perhaps feel like awkward and unsure and a little like AAHHH and stuff. patience – a lot happens in the 4 years of high school. ignore the seniors and just focus on ur own thing and you’ll be fine 
  • your work load is gonna increase. you will have obscene amounts of homework, particularly if you’re in pre-AP classes or honors classes or whatever sort of upper level class. it will seem very sudden and very overwhelming, but mentally prepare yourself for it, and then figure out a game plan. 
  • the study habits that you develop in your freshman year will carry you all throughout high school and into college, so it’s in your benefit to really explore how you best learn, what sort of planner system works for you, solidify your time management, all that stuff. 
    • confession: i went to an arts high school, so re: sports practice, i had to plan my homework around rehearsal!! i also commuted 30 minutes to and from school every day so i had to be very careful when planning out my homework. i was terrible at doing this. i would do my 1st period homework in the morning before class really quickly, or my physics homework during lunch, or squeeze it in during rehearsal. 
    • my after school routine was: get home, nap, play on the internet, eat dinner, mess around some more, start hw around 11pm and go to sleep around 2 or 3am, to get up at 5:45am to get to school by 7:30. i honestly have no idea how i survived high school and got the grades i did. don’t be me. please learn from my terrible mistakes. 
  • so! speaking of staying on track! once you have your schedule for the semester, and you have all your syllabi for your electives and classes and everything (also, re: electives – pick something you will actually truly enjoy. don’t just do choir cause it’s an easy credit but you hate singing/performing. electives are meant to be fun), write it all down!!! see where the big due dates are, see if for your sports team when your practices will be – spend the first week wrapping your head around a vague outline of your upcoming semester. if you can get an idea for when your workload is gonna be REALLY INTENSE and you’ll be pressed for time, you can prep accordingly!!! 
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions!!! if you do have a couple upperclassmen friends (like sophomores maybe), ask them for help!! get their advice, maybe their tips on dealing with one really tricky english teacher, stuff like that. 
    • also, listen to and respect your teachers – they LOVE when their students are engaged and acting questions. everyone else in 9th grade is way too focused on being “cool” which is just another word for “apathy” SO be the one awesome kid that actually engages the teacher. be the kid that raises ur hand all the time and answers all the questions and ppl will give you shit about being the teacher’s pet, but honestly being the teacher’s pet is amazing and a smart thing to do because 1) your teacher is a human and appreciates your input and engagement and 2) when you get that 89.45 on your report card and you really need that A, they are far more likely to bump you up. also give you minor extensions on assignments when you hit a rough spot. develop your relationships with your teachers. this is also a great skill you’ll want to take with you to university, so start working on it now! 
  • pack your own lunch – i don’t know about you, but at my high school the cafeteria food wasn’t free. so save the $5, stay away from the grease-soaked pizza and tater tots, and pack urself a good old pb&j on wheat with some carrots and cucumber and a yogurt tube. ALSO grapes !!! man, i love grapes. 
  • join clubs!!! i regret not joining clubs in high school – they’re so fun and a great way to make new friends!! try the school newspaper, a comic book club, whatever sort your school might have around !! 
  • please have fun – and i don’t mean like drinking and all that shit like they show in the movies (that’s a whole other post honestly, so i digress), but like you’re 14/15!! you are so young with not too many responsibilities, use this time to really hang out with your friends, enjoy your time at school, like…not worry. i was so anxious and so sad when i was 14, and as a result my high school years are a bit of a blur, so just – relax. the projects will get done, the rehearsals/practices/whathaveyou will go as they go, the papers will be written. just enjoy yourself. <33
  • i would say “be yourself” but i think that phrase is a load of bullshit because no one ever knows who they are, so be whoever you want to be!!! this is way easier said than done, but don’t worry about the bullshit of cliques and being “cool” and dressing well and impressing people. be exactly whatever you want to be, whatever makes your heart happiest, and you’ll attract the people that you’re meant to befriend. i was fucking weiRD in middle school/high school, but the few true friends i made are ones that i still have to this day because they saw me at my weirdest and we grew up and learned together. you’ll also find people to share in that experience with you and it’s totally beautiful 

wOW that was a lot and i’m sure there is so much more, but that’s all i’ve got right now !! i hope that helps!!! love you both, and best of luck!!! xoxo

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#36: No shave November baby! I can hear tater be so excited about this to Jack...poor poor tater.

Listen, Nikolai (named after Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) is the dog that Tater and Snowy have and is basically canon as far as I’m concerned, even if I only imagined him a day ago. Just a big doofus dog (part Great Pyrenees?) that loves everyone and thinks he is a lapdog. (Maybe he takes after Tater a little? Lol) ANYWAY, Poor Tater cannot grow facial hair to save his life. His moustache is just like, 12 scraggly hairs. The whole team drags him for it, but it’s all in good fun. Snowy swears in basically every sentence. I love bros and friendships so much. (Also some Zimbits and fluff at the end because of course.) Enjoy!

36. No shave November, baby!

“Oh, come on! Is not fair, man!” Tater groaned when he finally started to catch glimpses of his teammates with their helmets off. He had been gone for a rare four days during the season for a family event in Russia, and returned to find his team well into growing their Movember moustaches.

“Not bad, eh Tater?” Jack grinned and rubbed his fingers across his growing moustache. “Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Zimmboni grows moustache so fast. Share your secrets.”

“I dunno, man. I used to have a lot of trouble with growing my facial hair when I was younger, but this year? It’s been quick. My best friend is loving it. He’s been bugging me about trying to grow one for over four years.”

“Your best friend – the little blond man, yes? Beetle?”

“Oh, uh, no. This is my other best friend – the guys all call him Shitty. He’s had a moustache since he was eighteen. And it’s Bittle, not Beetle.”

“Ah, Bittle. I thought maybe his nickname was after bug because he is so small.”

Jack chuckled and briefly considered explaining that his real nickname was ‘Bitty’ which could mean small, but decided against it. He did not mind sharing the nickname with their old Samwell team, but Jack liked being the only person in Providence who knew Bitty. “He might not appreciate that much.”

Tater ran a towel through his damp hair and sat down in his locker room stall. “So, Zimmboni–” he began. “Always with so many friends. So many best friends.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Jack grinned. It felt strange to realize that he was a person with such a large group of friends. Genuine friends. Ten years ago he barely had any friends – he had not even met Kent yet back then.

“It’s okay, as long as I’m your best friend on team. Right?”


“Good. Zimmboni is my best friend on team too. Outside of team? Probably Snowy.”

(More under the cut)

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Request- Wow your writing get better everyday! Could you do another part to fated kiss?  Like a epilogue? Where the reader is pregnant and has a child!   Dean just panics when her water breaks, and she yells at him a lot when she’s giving birth or something funny?😂😂

A/N- Wow title is soo original! haha Okay so hope it was okay to have Hadraniel there cause I dunno why but I love him!
‘Hadraniel- What do you mean you don’t know why? Hun everything about me is fabulous! Plus hun you are a romanticist so of course cupids must be your fave type of angles. Amirite ;) Oh dad! I love my job
Any who tell me us what you think x) I’m such a dork!

Dean x Prego!Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Word Count- 757

Hello loves! Bet you thought you heard the last of me. Think again! Being the amazing cupid that I am, I thought I could tell the after story. Plus I come out in it! Bonus! Don’t worry I’ll keep it short. Maybe. Any who, the last time I saw you was well there was the time you and Dean kissed. I mean I was the one who got you dum dums together after all. It’s been a long time since then, three years to be exact. Ah I remembered I also saw you about four months ago. Your belly was swollen and you had this glow. Oh dad! It was exciting! You had a little Dean or little Y/N in your tum tum. You didn’t want me to tell you what it was though. Oh well you were in for a surprise.

“Ugggghhhhh” you groaned. It was a week past your due date.

I remember you and Dean being so excited. Now you just wanted the baby out of you.

You were laying on the coach like a potato. In fact, you looked exactly like a giant potato. You felt like a giant potato. But if anyone actually told you that, you would probably stab them in the face. Not that you could. Not in this state you were. Dean catered to every one of your whims. Which of course was extremely thoughtful at first. But you were nine month pregnant, and right now everything annoyed you.

“Babe, you need anything?” asked your dreamy eyed soulmate… I mean Dean.

You smiled, not a happy smile, but a sarcastic one. “Do I need anything? I need this baby out of me! Seriously it’s been nine freakin months!” you yelled as you tried to stand.

Dean rushed to your side and helped you up. “Don’t worry, I’m sure little Y/N will come out any day now.’ he said.

You gave him a look, “Little Y/N?” you ask. It was the first time you heard him say it. “You think the baby’ll be a girl?”

His beautiful shiny smile was the only answer you needed. Seconds later, that smile was long gone. You were screaming in pain. Dean looked down and saw that your water broke. It was finally time.

If it weren’t for you Dean would have stayed frozen like a statue. You yelled out in pain again and he snapped out of it. “U-Uh K-Keys. Keys.” the dum dum repeated as he looked around.

“Dean! Sam took baby out for a supply run remember!” you remind him through the pain.

“Crap… Um-”

“Just call someone! Anyone!” you yelled already covered in sweat.

“Did someone call.” queue the applause I have arrived.

“Ha-Hadraniel!” you yelled.

“Looks like I came just in time! Hun you are lucky I have done this before.” I said.

After hours of your screaming, bucket of sweat, and crushing Dean’s hand, you heard it. The cry of a baby. I expertly wrapped the baby in a blanket and handed him to Sam. Yes you heard me, Sam. You, Dean, and Sam himself were both very confused as to why I handed your newborn boy to Sam. You figured it out seconds later when the pain returned. The look on Dean’s face was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I mix of ‘another one?’ and ‘oh my god another one!” It was fearful happy face. While you gave the final push, Sam rocked your first born back and forth.

“Ooh, his one is a girl!” I say excitedly even though I already knew.

I wrapped her in a blanket just as I did with the first and handed her to Dean, who had completely forgotten the pain in his hand. Sam handed the boy to you. You both were instantly filled with adoration for your little tater tots and only looked away to stare at one another. It was adorable!

This scene is one I had waited for all my life. It might have taken centuries, but I was finally able to witness it. It might have severely damaged my wings but it was totally worth saving you from hell. Yours is a love story that would be told for generations to come. So you take good care of your tots in the way I know you can. Love them. Love your soulmate, be there for him. He has a long road ahead of him and will need you by his side. But don’t you worry love, yours and his story is a happy one.

Hope you like it! x)

you…can do this…WE can do this…it’s a simple matter of mind over anime

you’ve been training your whole life for this moment

and now it has come

last week

the water is alive

once you dive in it will immediately bare its fangs and attack

how did we go

from this sweet perfectly seasoned curly fry. this tiny pure tater tot. this adorable and beautifully golden fried potato knish 

to the mayo and sin drenched potato salad we’ve all come to know and love/hate

i ask you—how?

have you ever seen someone so seamlessly annoyed yet inwardly pleased at the same time. only my son, ladies and gents. only my son


actual picture of me watching this anime whenever JJ is on screen




like honestly

what am i even supposed to say? what could i possibly add to this? there is no joke i can make, there’s no reaction gif i can use. there aren’t words to express except for: this show is wonderful and makes me so incredibly happy 

the fact that literally everyone ignore JJ feeds my soul on a primal level

you literally gave yuri your grandpa’s home made pirozhki, wished him a happy birthday, and had a genuine bonding moment while snow fell gently around you just last episode. you are literally fooling no one Edgelord. go buy some more studded belts from hot topic and calm the frick down

how is this show REAL where did this pole even COME FROM

…that’s a dumb question obviously chris keeps a collapsible one on his person at all times for just such an occasion 

HIS LITTLE BLUSH AND GASP ARE YOU K I D D I N G ME how is my lone fragile body meant to take on this much!! it can’t i tell you it can’t!!!!!!!!!!!

well folks. that’s it. i’m gone. i’m done. i’m packing my bags and i’m running away. deep deep into the mountains where none of you will ever hear form me again, never to return. it will be a hard life, but a simpler one. a life where all i need is myself and my knife, one girl facing the odds, never again plagued by the trials and tribulations of this modern world. never again burdened by the all consuming darkness…of sports anime…

jk see you all next week

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anonymous asked:

hey carrie. just wondering if you knew of any teen wolf (any pairing) tentacle fics?

* indicates warnings for dubious consent

various pairings

  • The Migratory Patterns of Omegas by clio_jlh (Lydia/Erica, E, 9k) Erica and Stiles are convinced that they’re going to go down in history as the first-ever omegas at Beacon Hills High School to go unclaimed. But they also, deep down, have an alpha that they’re hoping will come to them when they go into heat. Both of these ideas about instinctive mating are pretty much entirely wrong. 
  • Stiles and the Neighborhood Friendly Tentacle Monster by vampireisthenewblack (Stiles/Other, E, 2k) Stiles gets friendly with a Tentacle Monster.
  • Hardwood* by the_rat_wins (Stiles/Nemeton, E, 4k) A tiny green tendril curls softly around his wrist where it’s resting against the wood. Stiles takes shallow breaths, trying not to move or get too excited, but—it’s working, he thinks. This is going to work.
  • Rose Quartz Means My Love Will Come For Me* by tryslora (Stiles/Danny, E, 2k) It was one spell. One spell. And now Stiles is bound to a tree, being fondled by vines, and waiting to see if his true love comes to rescue him. Fucking fairies. It’s all their fault!
  • What The Water Gave Me by seto_puppy (Jackson/Stiles, M, 1k) He officially hated witches. With their sleek hair and curling mouths and sharp, hawk-like eyes. And their zapping, gut writhing, leg splitting apart, tentacle making pain.
  • Rain by amorremanet (Jackson/Danny, G, 657 words) Yeah, well, what makes you think I’m going to fix them for you?” “Because I have it on good authority that you love grooming my tentacles for me.”


  • Ad Astra Per Tentaculum by morganoconnor (E, 12k) Space contains a multitude of different species, and Derek has seen and helped a lot of them in his time taking down branches of the slave-trade organization. But this is the first time he’s seen an Aloshrivnik. It’s not the tentacles that draw him in; it’s the goddamn eyes that stare at him without backing down. “Stiles,” it says to him. “My name is Stiles.”
  • stem of the bloom* by languistly (E, 5k) “I have to fuck that tree,” he tells Scott and Allison at lunch. The cafeteria is packed but Stiles doesn’t bother to keep his voice down. “Okay,” Scott says. “Wait, what?” He’s been a little slow lately, but that’s forgivable. True Alphahood, darkness in his heart. Those things build up. “The Nemeton,” Stiles says, rolling a tater tot around in ketchup. “I’m gonna put my dick in it.”
  • The Creepy Cave* by lolafiest (E, 4k) Stiles looks up. Slowly. “Holy shit,” he says. The tentacle is attached to more tentacles which are attached to a giant glowing squid thing. “That is not the droid we were looking for.”
  • When It All Comes Crashing by snarkasaurus (E, 19k) Once upon a time, a woman fell in love with a man that she thought was actually a man. Turns out, fucker was a shape shifter, and not just any shape shifter, but a chaos monster.Fast forward a few hundred years, and one Stiles Stilinski is minding his own damned business, helping his pack defeat an (the? He doesn’t know, he just knows they’re assholes) alpha pack, when this witch starts laughing at him. And suddenly he has tentacles.In which Stiles discovers he’s actually a baby chaos monster, sprouts tentacles, and then has to spend an indefinite amount of time with one rather surly alpha werewolf, learning how to control his form, defeat an alpha pack, and navigate the perils of loving someone who’s kind of afraid to be loved. All while sporting tentacles that have a mind of their own. Easy, right?
  • Let That Be A Lesson* by vampireisthenewblack (E, 3k) In which Derek finds Stiles in a compromising position.
  • I Was A Teenage Tentacle Alien by Green (E, 10k) Stiles and his family crash landed on Earth years ago and were forced to blend in. Now they’re being rescued but Stiles doesn’t want to leave — especially now that he’s started a relationship with Derek.
  • show me your back (and the secret it keeps) by Pandelion (E, 2k) He’s always hidden it. Them.
  • Octopussy Galore by eeyore990 (E, 2k)  The beginning sequence to the new James Bond flick opens more than the movie. It opens Derek’s eyes to a kink he had no idea he’d possessed.

I hate it when the summer ends,

Gotta say goodbye to my best friends.

Camp Takota I love you so,

I don’t know where the summers go.

I love Camp Takota,


Gonna miss Camp Takota,

But I’ll be back next summer, Yay!

Wake up in the morning, in my bunk.

My hair looks crazy and my face looks crunk,

I get out of bed, and get myself dressed.

To take a trip into the mess.

Grab some grub and I’m on my way,

To my activities for the day!

Arts and crafts we tie-dye

Archery hit bulls eye

Canoeing off the dock

And pillow fights around the clock

In the mess eat tater tots

Basketball taking all the shots

And when the day comes to an end

Go to sleep and do it again

I love Camp Takota

Gonna miss Camp Takota

But I’ll be back next summer yay!