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Fairly Straightforward

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Title: Fairly Straightforward

Rating: Teen

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

Pairings: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 1087

I felt arms wrap around my middle and breath fan across my neck and froze up. “I know your very busy. I know your works important.” I heard Anthony sing loudly behind me. I laughed at his childishness and pushed his hands off of my middle.

“Damn right it’s important. If I don’t fix this light you won’t have your precious spotlight.” I snarked back. I went back to work on fixing the wires in the back of one of the main lights. I had been with the Hamilton production from the beginning and worked as maintenance on the set. I had gotten to know a lot of people on the cast, Anthony included, and had become pretty close to all of them.

“You work too much. The cast wanted to know if you would go out for dinner with us tonight.” He practically begged. I had a lot of reasons to go but all of those paled in comparison to the one reason I shouldn’t go. Daveed Diggs would be there. My best friend of 4 months would be there and I had been systematically avoiding him for 2 weeks successfully.

“I have to go out that night. I am sorry.” I lied without a second thought. I looked over to him and saw him glaring at me. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

“You can’t avoid him forever Y/N.” He stated with a harsh tone. I sputtered in shock and confusion. How did he find out it was Daveed I was avoiding? He rolled his eyes at me. “It’s not that hard to notice that you’re avoiding him. Every time he walks into the room you walk out. Every time you find out he is going somewhere with the group you say you have somewhere else to be.“ He started pacing back and forth on the floor in front of me. “The one thing I can’t figure out is why. Why are you avoiding him? Things were going great before. He is a mess now. He is asking everyone what he did wrong. I just don’t –“

“I like him.” I blurted out accidently cutting him off. Somewhere in the middle of all this his words had gotten to me. Was Daveed really upset?

“You what?!?” My head snapped up and I met Anthony’s wide eyes. “Why have you been avoiding him then?” His gaze softened as my bottom lip trembled so he stepped forward to pull me into a hug and coo gently in my ear.

“I- I shouldn’t like him Anthony he is my best friend. I can’t tell him how I feel but I can’t act like we are just friends.” I said shrugging away from him and wiping me cheeks before I grabbed my tools and went back to working on the light. “I just got to push him away a little bit.”

“No. Y/N you can’t do that. He is walking around like someone kicked his puppy.”

“I have to.”

Nervous. That is the only emotion that could remotely describe how I was feeling about this situation. Daveed had stopped me from leaving the commons room when he enter and had pulled me to sit with him. He looked determined to talk to me and I didn’t want to upset him.

“What did I do?” He asked serenely.

“What are you talking about?” I asked back innocently, looking at my feet and refusing to meet his eyes.

“You have been avoiding me.” He stated.

“No I haven’t”

His composure broke. “Dammit Y/N what are you 5? You have been avoiding me and I have no idea why. What did I do? I can’t fix anything if I don’t know what it is.” He said raising his voice in frustration and anger with each word. My face heated up and I felt sick to my stomach. His face dropped and his eyes stared at me. He looked so upset and I didn’t know what to do.

“I- I don’t know what –“I started not sure exactly what I was going to say before I was interrupted.

“YOU KNOW HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU RIGHT?” Lin came in from the dressing rooms shouting with a frustrated look on his face and a flustered Anthony running after him.

“GOD DAMMIT LIN SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LET THEM WORK EVERYTHING OUT THEMSELVES.” Anthony shouted and practically grabbed Lin in a head lock to started pulling him back down the hallway. Lin was trying his best to get out of Anthony’s hold him as they scuffled back down the hallway.

Daveed and I sat there in shock and stared after them before I began laughing. I heard Daveed begin laughing next to me. Before long we were practically using each other as support in order to stay up right as we continued laughing. When we calmed down I finally regained my breath I looked at Daveed. That’s when it clicked. DID LIN JUST SAY DAVEED LIKED ME? My eyes widened looking at him and he seemed to have the same realization as his face turned red and he began looking at the floor.

“I- I won’t deny what Lin said. I u-understand if this it confusing for – well may not I mean I figured you knew because – well you kept avoiding so you must have figured it out. I – don’t – I just- .” He said and became increasingly flustered when I didn’t respond.

I grabbed his chin and brought his face up to mine so I could smash my lips to his. He froze for a second in shock before grabbing my waist and pulling me closer until I was practically on his lap. We broke apart after a minute to stare at each other. “I like you too.” I smiled.

“Wow.” He said in shock before he rested his head on my shoulder and breathed a sigh. “That was more straightforward than I thought it would be.”

“I think you have Lin to thank for that.”

“Yeah your right I am going to thank him and then beat his ass.” He grumbled as he fit his head between my shoulder and neck. “He could not possibly have known you liked me.”

OH. God. There was one way that Lin would have known. I jumped off Daveed’s lap. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU ANTHONY RAMOS!!” I shouted towards the dressing rooms. I heard a girlish scream from the hallway and a scuffle of a few doors to tell me that Anthony had fled.

Frost  (Chapter Four)

Tony and Loki try to get closer. Thor and Tony talk about the hjartslattur bond. Loki has a break down.
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“Why do you call Thor ‘Our King’?” Tony asked as they headed back into the castle when it was finally too dark to continue gardening.

“What else would I call him?” Loki sent him an odd look. “That is his title, just like you are Sir Anthony, though I will admit to having a more difficult time with that one.”

“Yeah, no I think we all know Sir Anthony sounds stupid.” Tony agreed with a laugh and the tiniest smile creased Loki’s mouth. “I guess I mean, why don’t you call him brother? Or Thor?”

“He is not my brother.” Loki hated that the words sounded so bitter. “And I have no right to address him by his given name. Not only is he King, but he and I– he and I–” Loki cleared his throat. “Addressing him as ‘Our King’ is just prudent.”

“That’s fair.” Tony nodded. “Well, since I’m never going to refer to you as ‘Prince’, feel free to never call me Sir Anthony.”

“You never even refer to me as Loki, I certainly don’t expect you to address me as Prince.”

“Yeah, well Reindeer Games, you threw me out a window once. So you know.”

“I would ask your forgiveness for that.” Loki stopped halfway down the hall and grasped Tony’s wrist. “I am not sure if you are aware of all that preceded those events but–”

“God you guys talk like you’re out of Knights of the Round Table.” Tony rolled his eyes. “It’s fine. Thor has tried to explain it, it’s all very Norse Mythology and I can’t say I understand it but I do know you weren’t really acting under your own power or whatever, alright? No harm no foul.”

“Anthony.” Loki’s grip tightened and he stared down into deep brown eyes. “I would ask your forgiveness.”

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“there’s this girl” (anthony ramos/reader)

summary: you know these conversations. you know them well. you know the slowly drawn out voices, you know the endless glasses of wine, you know the words spun carefully with delicate thread. and you know that these conversations never end well for you. because, as you said, there is always a girl, and that girl is never you. no matter how much you want it to be.

word count: 1397

a/n: lmao hi read this fic its incoherent and messy but i had so much fun writing it, it’s my first anthony fic so who could i dedicate it to except @linmanuclmiranda? i wrote this mostly for her, but it was so fun to write that i think i’m going to write a part 2 of it. also i’m not saying i wrote the whole thing in lowercase for aesthetic purposes but what do you expect from the worlds most extra bitch? i’m also tagging @femilton because she mentioned something yesterday about me not writing any anthony fics, i think her exact words were “kate needs more anthony fics and so do i” so here’s an anthony fic lmao

warnings: none, this is pure fluff lmao

“there’s this girl.”

anthony’s words echo out through the room. a gentle beginning. tugging at ropes and twisting them into pathways. it’s a night like any other. you and anthony. these are the nights that make you feel comfortable. safe. whether it’s the look in his eyes, the flow of the conversation, or the neverending glasses of wine.

anthony is sitting on the window sill. eyes cast out the window, watching rain trickle down the glass.

a tiny smirk toys at the corners of your lips. “there’s always a girl, ant. isn’t there?”

you regard your best friend of 5 years through knowing eyes. you reckoned you’d heard anthony speak these exact words approximately a thousand times, but even so, you’d sit here on nights like these and listen a thousand times more. because that’s what you’re here for. to listen.

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Rated B

Chapter 1: Friendly Skies

You never ask for it too happen. It just kinda does. You meet someone and they show you all these things. They make you feel things that you’ve never felt or thought you couldn’t feel. You’re falling in love.

Falling in love can be the sweetest thing ever. It happens often when we least expect it. You find yourself constantly thinking about them. Every song reminds you of him. You wonder what they doing and you smile when a text or call comes in from them.

It’s like having the perfect love. You plan for the future and wish nothing but everlasting love. It’s amazing how quickly loves takes us on a journey of passion. Here’s my story.

I can hear my heart beating through skin. The wind is running through my body. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt anything aside from pain and misery.

I can see the water. It looks dark. I close my eyes and brace myself. I hit the water hard. I can feel pain shot through my body. It feels like needles are stabbing me everywhere. Everything turns dark and I feel nothing but coldness. Slowly my mind begins to relieve the moments that led me too this particular moment right here.

Six Months Earlier……..

I hurried through the airport. I was rushing towards the terminal. I had been in Chicago for the last two weeks visiting family and I was eager to get back to my life. The last two weeks had been good to me family wise. So I was definitely ready to get back Ronny home  and celebrate with some various different activities.

I made it through security finally. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw it was my assistant calling. He probably wanted to fill me in on some pressing matters. I hit answer and put the phone to my ear.

Me: This is Beckham.

He instantly started to fill me in on various different things that required my attention once I got back in town. He made sure I was always well informed of everything.

As he gave me an earful of information, my mind began to instantly process everything. Somewhere in the mix I stopped really paying attention to my surroundings. I bumped into someone.

Me: I’m sorry.

As I said it I made eye contact with the person. He was very attractive. This gorgeous mocha colored Latino man these pretty dark eyes. He smiled at me and gave me a slight head nod. It was a simple gesture but his looks had me.

I kept walking while listening to my assistant. Part of me wanted to stop and turn around and let this man have his way with me. Of course I couldn’t actually do that. I have more pressing issues waiting on me back home and I am not the hoe type.

My call ended with my assistant . I found a seat to relax in until the plane started boarding. As I sat there I couldn’t help but feel blessed. Here I am at 27 years old, I head up several high end high rise condos and apartment in the state of Texas.

My name is Beckham Anthony. I am a the regional property manager for Fairchild Properties . Fairchild is pretty much like Trump Towers. Only the best of the best can afford them. The Fairchild family are from Europe where the dominate the market. They have properties in New York, California, Florida Georgia, and Texas. I oversee all of the Texas properties.

I pulled my iPad out and began to go over some documents. Just as I was starting to really get into my zone, the phone rang. My phone is always ringing. I looked at the caller ID. My best friend Dominik was calling. We had been friends for a eight years now. I never thought I would be friends with a straight guy until I met Dominik.

Me: wassup son.

Dominik: So tell me why the fuck this girl trying to go some gay shit to my anus?

Me: What do you mean she trying to do something gay to your anus? Is she trying to fuck you?

Dominik: YES!!!

Me: You don’t have to scream fool. Now how exactly is she trying to fuck you? She doesn’t have a penis.

Dominik: She has a dildo.

Me: Oh God. She’s trying to peg you?

Dominik: Yes. Bitch talkin bout if I wanna get the the pussy I gotta let her tap my ass.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Dominik always pride himself on being this amazing wild freak and here he was getting punk’d sexually by a female. I can’t lie Dominik definitely has an attractive ass. I remember wishing I could hit that ass the first time I met him.

Dominik: Dude this shit not funny.

Me: I’m sorry, I just can’t help but laugh. I mean you are always trying to upstage someone about being a freak and now you got this girl that’s clearly a better freak then you are.

Dominik: I’m straight. I’m a freak when it comes to doing straight guy stuff.

Me: Anal stimulation can very much be a straight guy thing. Ass play is a universal pleasure zone. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Dominik: I’m gonna pretend you’re fucking joking.

Me: Your g-spot is easily accessed via the anus.

Dominik: Why did I even call you?

Me: Because I’m your best friend and you know I’m gonna tell you what you wanna hear deep down inside.

Dominik: what’s that?

Me: Let her play in that booty. You will still be straight in the morning. No one will ever know. Except for me because I want all the details of the deed.

Dominik: I’m hanging up now.

Me: Make sure you clean that booty meat good.

Dominik hung the phone up. I put my phone away. I looked up and this older white lady was staring at me as if I was sick or something. I guess she had heard my conversation and wasn’t pleased with it.

Me: Can I help you with something?

She turned her nose up at me and grabbed her shit and walked off. I found her actions funny. I don’t allow myself to get upset over ignorance.

Before long the plane began to board. I found my way to my seat and sat down. As soon as I sat down I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from my ex-boyfriend. He was still trying to warm his way back into my life.

I turned my phone off and put it away. I turned my head and looked out the window. Someone took the seat next too me. I turned to look and see who was sitting next too me. I almost melted when I saw him. The guy I had bumped into earlier was sitting next too me. He smiled at me and I smiled back before turning my attention back to the window.

Elias Julio

Before long the plane began to make its way down the runway and then we were lifting off. I had flown so many times that it didn’t bother me. However, this guy was trembling like. You could hear the chair shaking from the grip he had on it.

I looked over at him, his eyes were closed and he was trembling and holding on tight to the armrest for dear life. I reached over and took a hold of his hand. He opened his eyes and looked at me gave me a weak smile.

Me: First time flying?

Him: No, I just never do well on take off.

Me: It’s ok. A lot of people don’t, but I gotcha.

Him: (laughs weakly) Guess you think I’m a punk or something.

Me: No, plenty of people have trouble doing take off.

Him: Thanks. I’m Elias. Elias Julio.

Me: Nice to meet you. I’m Beckham. Beckham Anthony.

We shook hands and started to have a little casual conversation. Elias relaxed and was before he knew the plane was cruising at altitude.

Elias: So where are you headed?

Me: Houston. What about you?

Elias: Seattle. So what were you doing in Chicago? Business or pleasure?

Me: (laughs) Business. What’s in Seattle business or pleasure?

Elias: Home.

Me: Thats code for pleasure.

Elias: Maybe. So is Houston home for you?

Me: Yes.

The more we talked the more I was feeling this man. He was absolutely sexy too me. He was dressed in this nice grey two piece suit with a soft pink shirt to bring it out. He was clean shaved and just damn fine.

As we were talking I noticed this lady get up and head towards the bathroom. I could have sworn that a man had gone in there just a few mins ago.

Elias: Someone is about to become the newest member of the mile high club.

Me: What? How can you be so sure? She could already be a member.

Elias: I doubt it. Most people in the mile high don’t do it again. Once you’re in you’re in.

Me: Is that so? Are you in?

Elias: Not completely.

Me: How is that an answer?

Elias: I have never had sex on a plane. Just made out .

Me: How lame.

Elias: Totally not lame. That was some good head. So what about you?

Me: Oh God no. I don’t have the courage to try that. So tell me about this best head experience.

Elias: You don’t wanna hear about that.

Me: Why wouldn’t I? I like hearing about straight guys and their female encounters.

Elias: It wasn’t with a female. But you can’t tell anyone.

Me: I promise not to say a word.

Elias: I was on a flight from Miami to Atlanta when it happened.

Elias began to tell me about this experience. He had been flirting with this guy and drinking with him. They had hit it off really well.

As I listened to the story my blood began to flow to the lower regions of my body at great speeds. I could feel my own dick growing in anticipation of hearing all the events that led to the mile high dick sucking.

I was wearing some slim fitted slacks so it’s safe to say that they did nothing to hide my growing member. I felt my dick twitch and jump in my pants. My eyes were locked on Elias. I was giving him my full attention.

Elias: Enjoying the story?

He looked down at my hard on. He reached out and placed his hand on my thigh. My dick was trapped between my thigh and my slacks, it was begging to be free. I felt the tip of his finger on the head of my penis. He started to slowly run his finger tip around my cock head.

No lie it felt so good. I honestly couldn’t believe  our friendly little conversation had escalated to this level so soon. I definitely wasn’t about to stop it.

Elias: Does that feel good?

Me: Yes.

Elias: Why aren’t you touching my dick yet?

Me: I don’t know.

I reached over and felt his dick. He was just a hard as I was. His dick was thick and heavy. The head felt pretty nice. I wanted to taste him so badly it was making my stomach turn. He breathing was getting heavy. I felt myself trying to pant but I was fighting it. I could feel the nut building in my balls.

Elias: Beckham you never asked me about Houston.

Me: What do you mean?

Elias: You never asked me if Houston was business or pleasure.

Me: I thought you were going to Seattle.

Elias: I see a stop in Houston coming up.

Me: Well, are you going to Houston for business or pleasure?

Elias: Absolute total pleasure.

I smiled at him and he smiled at me. He licked his lips in this sensual manner. They were some sexy lips. I wanted to taste them and I think he knew I wanted to taste them. I wanted to do some bad things to this man.

Elias: If this is moving to fast for you just let me know.

Me: It’s not fast enough. This plane really needs to hurry up and make it too Houston. We hold hands and relax back in our seats. We both just enjoy the ride. Next stop is Houston and then straight to my bed. I’m not one for sex with strangers but there’s no way he’s going to Seattle without being inside of me first.

To Be Continued…………..

The start off is slow but I promise to take you on one hell of a journey. This manuscript style writing so I hope you can follow and definitely get some enjoyment and hopefully catch a few nuts. This is Rated B for Beckham

Fuzzy {Anthony Ramos x Reader}

Originally posted by yay4hamlet

Hello there! So this is my first Hamilton fanfic and I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t really point out the flaws in my writing (unless they’re typos because I freaking hate those and would love to fix them). If anyone has any requests, feel free to dm me or send me an ask. Well that’s all so read on

Word Count: 911

Summary: You’re a part of the ensemble in Hamilton and during a performance you were attacked on staged. You wake up entirely confused, having no recollection of what happened or who anyone is.

“What am I supposed to do? Just walk out of here and leave her?”

I wake up to the sounds of people arguing and machinery beeping. Everything is so fuzzy and I can’t figure out where I am. Finally opening my eyes, I see people in clothing that could only replicate that of the revolutionary era. I see an abundance of people milling around the room. Why are there so many people? They’re everywhere in petticoats and corsets which makes no sense at all.

“Seriously?! Is that what you really want me to do?”

I turn to see where the yelling is coming from and I find two people talking by the door. There’s this guy with freakishly curly hair tied into a tight ponytail and so many freckles that I couldn’t even imagine counting them. Standing across from him is a man with darker hair and some stubble. The commotion seems to be coming from them.

“Yes. That’s what I want you to do, Anthony, but don’t make it sound so bad. I just want you to go get cleaned up and get that cut checked out. I think you might need stitches. After that you can come back and see her when she wakes up. But until then you need to go take care of yourself.”

The man with dark hair seems to be more reasonable than the other, whose name appears to be Anthony. He speaks with rationality and logic while Anthony seems to be talking nonsense. Anthony seems to really care about this girl that they keep mentioning.

“Look, I can take care of myself just fine so back off. But right now she’s unable to take care of herself and I need to help her. I don’t want her to wake up alone, Lin.”

A lady dressed in scrubs makes her way between Anthony and Lin. She pushes through the crowd and the groups of people conversing amongst themselves. She looks slightly annoyed and I can’t help but relate to her. It’s too loud in here. Too crowded with people that I don’t know. She continues to make her way to my bed, stopping at the foot of it to pick up a clipboard which I assume has my charts on it. She writes something down on it then checks on the IV bag hanging beside my bed. Then she looks at me and I at her.

“She’s not going to wake up alone. Do you see how many people are in here? You are clearly not the only one who cares about her. We are all going to be by her side when she wakes up. And once you get yourself put together you can be by her side as well. She’s going to be fine so stop all this unnecessary worrying.”

The nurse gives me a soft smile as I come to the realization that I am the girl the men are talking about. The man named Anthony seems to care about me immensely but I have no idea who he is. How can a stranger be so worried about my well-being? I mean, he is stranger, right?

This time it’s the nurse whose voice you hear. She softly says to you, “Well hello, sleepyhead. You were out for quite some time. I was beginning to get a bit worried until I realized that you were administered a larger dosage of medicine than you were supposed to receive. But everything is alright. You had some internal bleeding, but you were rushed to surgery and the doctors fixed you right up. Now you’ll need to stay in that bed for the next couple of days because we don’t want any complications. Does that sound good, sweetheart?”

For some reason, Anthony could hear the nurse talking all the way across the room and snapped his head to look at where I lay. His eyes widen as he looks at me. It makes me wonder if I have any strange marks on my face. As I reach up to feel if I do, Anthony races across the room and grabs my hand.

“Y/N! Oh my god, you’re awake! I was so worried. We were all so worried. I mean the dude rammed into you so hard and then you hit one of the props on stage and then you wouldn’t wake up. We couldn’t seem to get to the hospital fast enough. The ambulance kept getting stuck behind stupid cars with stupid people who refused to move to the side of the stupid road. Oh, I’m so relieved that you’re awake.”

I’ve never heard someone talk so fast before. It’s like he was saying a million words per second and it took me a while to fully understand him. It seemed like he thought he had about two seconds before I would fall asleep again. But here I am, still very awake and very confused.

He continued to look at me as I gazed around the room to find everyone’s eyes on me. It’s quite an uncomfortable feeling and I really don’t know what to do about it.


I turned back to look into the hazel eyes that felt like they were reading into my soul. And with just three sentences I could feel the hearts of everyone in the room drop, the fastest one holding on to my hand.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who any of you are.”

A/N: Bum bum bummmmm. Well I hope that was okay and that you liked it. A part 2 may be in the future but that all depends on y’alls response. Peace out my peeps

Update: pt 2  pt 3

Buffy isn’t just a horror – it’s a comedy, it’s a thriller, it’s a coming-of-age drama. Whedon proved that you can have sardonic humour alongside all the serious stuff, you can turn emotions on a dime, and people love it. A laugh-out-loud moment, followed by a death. He changed television.

Anthony Stewart Head, writing for the Guardian in celebration of Buffy’s twentieth anniversary 

My own feelings on Buffy can be complicated. When I think back on the things I’ve loved in my life so far, the things that have made a dent in me, my love for it is not as pure or as fond as it seems to be for other people, though I respect it beyond measure even with that. I’m grateful for it, still, in a way that is almost impossible to articulate, because it’s just that mind-boggling to imagine life without it. 

But this. I pull this out, from just one fine piece of many fine pieces written this week, from fans and from critics and from cast members and writers, because I think it is this more than anything else about it that has really stuck with me. More than character or plot structure or quirk of dialogue (except perhaps the speeches–damn if Whedon can’t write a good speech). More than strength and independence and courage. This willingness to blend tone and genre and world and mood is what I took from Buffy, into almost everything I do, and while I’ve hemmed and hawed about whether or not to say anything for the twentieth, there’s probably no better time to say it than now.

Thanks, Buffy. Congrats on twenty years of ruling the cultural landscape. Long may you reign.

Imagine the world getting to know you because of Chris.

A/N: Part 3! This one’s kind of like a filler piece, if I’m being honest. Still cute, but not as cute as what’s to come. 😉😏 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2’)

Chris felt like throwing his phone when he saw yet another mean comment about you appear under his latest tweet. He knew it was jealousy, but it didn’t stop him from being angry. He wished he’d just kept his mouth shut until you graduated so the scrutiny and ridicule wouldn’t affect your studies, which you’d assured him a few times it hadn’t and wouldn’t. You’d been a fan of his for a while now, so you knew what his previous girlfriends went through- Jenny Slate, especially. So you were prepare for whatever the public was to throw your way, that and you had a group of very supportive and protective ladies constantly reminding you that you weren’t at all what they were saying about you: your mom, Chris’ mom and sisters, and Ava- of course. Then there were a group of writers: Salma, Taylor, Tori, amongst other names; girls you’d befriended over your years on Tumblr, who- to your surprise- swore they’d defend you despite your being with their beloved Christopher Robert Evans. As it turned out, your mini-series swayed them and they were now just happy that Chris was going to finally get the life, and love he deserved.

Chris’ phone buzzed as another comment popped up, he was about to turn off his phone when he saw that it was one of his fans defending you from the previous remark. He smiled because there seemed to be more in support of his relationship with you than against, so perhaps he didn’t really have all that much to complain about. His publicist was in agreement about not complaining as she was using his successful relationship with a fan to humanize him. She said, and he quote, “Chris Evans, all round nice guy with a heart so pure he falls in-love with the soul and not a status.” He wasn’t particularly happy about her using you to humanize him because that wasn’t what your relationship was about; he truly loved you. But you were; you wanted people to know how real and genuine Chris was, to see him as more than just Chris Evans, Captain America. You wanted people to see him as you did: underrated actor, transcendent director, amazing fiancé, and soon-to-be perfect husband and fantastic father. Your expectations may have seemed a little high to others, but you knew for a fact they weren’t unrealistic at all.

“I feel like this is my fault,” Anthony held out the latest copy of People Magazine for Chris to take, who did it and sighed upon seeing another headliner about the two of you. “I’m so sorry, man. I should have never said anything.” Chris waved him off, shrugging. “Did you at least tell Y/N it was my fault?” Anthony quizzed and got a head shake from Chris. “But I was the one who spilled the beans, I was the big mouth who said ‘bet you’re excited to get back to that fiancée of yours’ when you mentioned her name.”

“Yes you are, but she doesn’t need to know that. She won’t hold a grudge against me, but she might against you and we don’t want that considering you’ve just met each other.” Chris said and Anthony nodded in agreement, sighing at his negligence of keeping Chris’ and your engagement a secret. “She’s a fan of yours, but-”

“She’s a bigger fan of you,” Anthony rolled his eyes and Chris nodded, chuckling. “Yeah yeah, we’ve all read the damn mini-series where you’re just the perfect guy.” Anthony tried to be annoyed, but he couldn’t knowing how happy his friend was with you. “The kid really needs to stop putting you up on a pedestal and see you for the slob you really are.”

“Jealousy will get you nowhere, Mackie,” Chris joked and Anthony laughed. “At least she looks pretty in the picture,” Chris sighed with a smile when he let his gaze fall onto the magazine. The photo was a paparazzi shot of you leaving school with the headline 'Chris Evans’ fiancée, Y/N Y/L/N, star pupil at UCLA’. “God, can’t they just leave her alone?” Chris groaned, flipping open the magazine to check out the article; he was annoyed, but curious. “I know she’s interesting, but do they really need to write an article about her?”

“It’s a pretty good article, paps invading her privacy aside.” Anthony told Chris as he took Robert’s actor’s chair which was next to Chris. “They talk about her in school, the course she’s taking, and how they can see why you’re so smitten with her. It’s not one of those articles where she’s berated for how she looks, or what’s she wearing. It’s an actual intellectual journalist taking proper interest in the girl Chris Evans is with.”

“How rare,” Chris commented with a soft chuckle then proceeded to read the article whereas Anthony headed for his trailer as he was done for the day. Chris read the first paragraph and realized Anthony was right about it being a good article. The whole thing praised you, stating you were “a girl with big dreams and even bigger talents”; they even called you his “forever.” He smiled because he agreed, you were his forever. So what if some of his 'fans’ didn’t support the relationship? He had those who actually saw you for who you were, seeing how successful this relationship was going to be despite the age gap and the difference in social status- not that it mattered considering where you were going to end up once you graduated.

His phone started buzzing under his leg and he put the magazine on Robert’s chair while he reached to answer the call. He smiled when he saw your name and picture pop up on the screen, he found himself admiring your beautiful smile for a little while before he answered. He was missing you, that was for sure. “Good evening, my love.” He greeted and heard you giggle, making his smile reach his eyes. “Aren’t you in a very good mood,” he chuckled, “what’s going on?”

“Nothing, I just like hearing you call me your love,” you admitted and he chuckled again. “Are you filming, am I disturbing you?” You quickly asked before you continued talking, knowing you’d get him in trouble if he was due. It wasn’t like you had anything important to tell him, you just wanted to talk and hear his voice.

“No, I’m free,” he answered. “I’m never not free for you.”

“You keep saying that and Kevin’s going to hate me and fire you,” you giggled, making him laugh. “But I appreciate it, it’s good to hear your voice.” You told him and he smiled, silently agreeing that it was good to hear yours too. “Though I’ve been listening to it for the past hour, it’s still good to hear it.”

“What do you mean you’ve been listening to it for the past hour?”

“Anna’s podcast,” you told him. “You and Jenny could not be more obvious with the fawning,” you teased him and he rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Do we sound like that when we talk?” You quizzed, but didn’t give him time to respond. “God, no wonder Ava calls us insufferable. She says it with a smile so we think she’s joking, but if we sound like that- I don’t think she’s joking.”

Chris could honestly listen to you ramble on about nothing, bombard him with your random thoughts and queries forever, and not get bored. There was just something about you that kept him entertained, so much so that he could even give up Sunday football for that. Now that thought assured him that you were his one true love, 'cause nothing was more important than football and Tom Brady- nothing until you, of course.

“I love you,” Chris chuckled, cutting your rambling short.

You smiled at his sincerity, a little heat even rushed to your cheeks. “I love you too, baby.” He smiled back, then chuckled softly; he was still in awe that you were his fiancée. “And I can’t wait for these next thirty weeks to be over so I can be with you again.”

“Oh, so we’re counting weeks now?” Chris quizzed with an amused smirk, then chuckled when you noised confirmation. “Yeah, I gotcha. For some reason when we used months it seemed as though we added time, like when we were at two- we were really only at seven weeks.” You nodded with pursed lips. “Okay then, thirty weeks it is. I can’t wait to be reunited with you, my love,” he said with a smile that could be heard.

“The feeling is mutual,” you agreed.

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Part 4

Emilio Martinez - Death Janga

**A/N: Hey people!! So first of all, you may notice I used very little Spanish in this and that is because I really didn’t want to mess it up and I hope you enjoy!

I walked into the Team10 House around 11 that night. As I walked through the door the first thing I saw was a huge jenga tower. “What are you guys doing?” I sighed as I closed the front door behind me. “Hey Katie! We’re playing giant jenga!” My best friend Emilio exclaimed. Me and Emilio have been best friends since him and his twin brother joined Team10. We have so much in common and we have a lot of fun together. I walked up and leaned against the wall next to Erika. “Hey girl!” Erika smiled and gave me a side hug. “Hey E.” I said and returned the hug. “Anthony, you’re up!” Jake said from the stairwell. As Anthony started his turn and decided which block to move, Emilio walked over and gave me a hug. “Hey princesa.” He said quietly. “Hey, darling.” I said, I rubbed his back and returned the hug. I can admit that I like Emilio, I’ve liked him for a very long time but he’s so amazing and fun that I assumed that he didn’t like me back.

We moved away from each other and he climbed up a couple steps as Anthony started moving the wooden wedge he chose. We all watched in intense anticipation as he removed the wooden piece. It became apparent to Jake and I immediately that this tower was going down. He tried to warn us but Anthony succeeded in removing the block. We all started cheering and screaming out of excitement, I watched Chance and Anthony chest bump out of the corner of my eye and I started laughing. But, then the tower started to tilt. Everyone started yelling and running away and Erika grabbed me and told me to run. But as that happened, I turned around and saw that Emilio hadn’t noticed the tower. It was about to fall right on his head and he didn’t see it!

On impulse, I lurched forward and wrapped my arms around him, dragged him away from the tower. That’s when the tower fell right where Emilio was just standing! We both panted heavily, as I wrapped Emilio into a tight hug. We fell to the floor in relief in our tight hug. A few seconds later, everyone snapped out of the shock and started yelling about how close the tower was to landing on Anthony but all i could feel was Emilio’s body next to mind and all i could think was how close i was to losing him. I couldn’t help but imagine what would’ve happened if i hadn’t grabbed him and dragged him out of the way. I didn’t like that thought, it made me hug him a little tighter. “I’m glad you’re okay” I whispered to Emilio. He nodded against my shoulder.

Everyone hadn’t taken notice of our position and had moved on. We both stood up and moved to the living room where everyone was sitting and trying to calm down. “You know what we should do? We should rewatch this frame by frame because I for one, would like to see this amazing dive that Anthony did to get out of the way.“Jake laughed. “Alright, lets go watch the tape from Kade’s camera.” I suggested. We all started moving to the office, my hand laced with Emilio’s to make sure we didn’t get separated again. If there was one thing for certain, I was never gonna let him go again. We all sat in front of the computer and began the tape. Jake and Chance were narrating Anthony’s fall and we were all laughing and having fun, and me and Emilio were still standing as close together as possible. As he was laughing, i stared up at him and thought about how lucky i was to have met him and how happy I am that I get to see him everyday.

“Hold on, hold on did you guys see that?” Anthony suddenly said. This called everyone’s attention back to the computer. “What is it?” Chance asked. “Kate saved Emilio” Anthony said, shocked. “What are you talking about?” Jake chimed in. “Yeah i know, we hugged just before the tower fell and it happened to move me out of the way.” Emilio shrugged. “No, that’s not what happened. Watch her, Emilio and Erika frame by frame, look at what she does” Anthony said as he rewinded the video. I didn’t want to relive that terrifying moment so I left the room quietly and returned to the living room. Then, frame by frame, everyone watched how I grabbed him and dragged him out of the way. I was just down the hall from the office so I heard everybody’s reactions as the video played. I heard a mumbled “Oh my god” from Erika, I assume. At that point, I walked up to my room so I couldn’t hear anymore.
Emilio’s POV:
As Anthony restarted the video i noticed Kate slip out of the room. I didn’t blame her, i didn’t really want to relive that moment either but i was curious to see the video again. Then, Anthony restarted it and we all watched Kate’s heroic action as she dragged me out of the way of the tower. When the tower hit the floor I heard Erika say “Oh my god” from next to me. Then the video ended and everyone looked at me to see my reaction. But I had no idea what to feel. My best friend and long time crush had just saved my life. And she wasn’t even in the room with me for me to thank. “Emilio?! What are you doing! Go talk to her, she just saved your life!!” Erika said excitedly while slightly shaking my shoulder. I looked and her and nodded quickly. Then I started quickly walking to her room with Erika and Jake, vlog camera in hand, following behind me.

“PRINCESA?!” I shouted as I searched the house for her. “In my room!!” she replied. I quickly jogged to her room and walked in to see her taking out her earrings. “Hey, what’d you need?” She smiled as she turned around. “You saved my life!” I said, still shocked. “What?” she said, a little confused. “You could’ve run off without me, but you didn’t. You turned around and put yourself back in danger. You did that for me.” I said quickly. She shrugged her shoulders and walked closer to me and out her hands on my shoulders. I tried to ignore the giddiness from her touching me to focus on my goal. “Of course i did.” She said simply

“I would do anything for you. If there was any chance of you being in danger, I would risk myself for you in a heartbeat.” I stared at her with my mouth slightly open as she put her hand on my cheek. “If anything ever happened to you, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. I could never live with myself.” She turned around to put the earrings away on her dresser. I considered right then to turn around and leave it at that but I couldn’t. For one thing, Erika and Jake (along with his vlog camera) were standing in the doorway and blocking me and also, I felt like if I didn’t tell her how I felt, I was gonna explode. “Well I guess that’s why I’m in love with you. Because you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” I finally stated, with a small smile. I saw her freeze. And even though the jenga tower almost killed me, this was still the most scared I had felt all night.

Kate’s POV:
I froze. Did i just hear him right? Was this a prank? I slowly turned around to look at his face. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was truth and vulnerability. I heard Erika’s let out a small, excited squeal but the only thing I could focus on was him. I started walking towards him with a smile growing on my face. “You’re in love with me?” I quietly asked. “I am. I have been for a really long time.” he said with a smile identical to mine. “Well I wish you would’ve said something sooner, I thought you didn’t love me back!” I said, pretending to be irritated. “Back? You love me too?!” He said excitedly. “Very very much.” I definitively stated. His smile widen and he immediately pulled me into a kiss.

Apparently, it’s very hard to kiss someone when you’re smiling and giggling but we made it work. We heard cheering from the doorway and we both turned to see almost the entire Team10 team cheering and smiling from the doorway. “Hey Jake, is that going in your vlog?” I asked with a smile while Emilio pulled me into a hug. “DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!” he yelled, everyone responding with a cheer. “Then you better tag me!!” I laughed. Jake turned the camera towards his face and said “Always plug ya’ll!!” which was met with another abundance of cheers. And as I stood there with Emilio hugging me and all of Team10 yelling excitedly, I felt happier then I’ve ever been.

**A/N: And that is the very sucky ending to the first (and probably last) imagine I’ve ever written. Remember to like and reblog and give credit if you repost!! Love, Grace ❤️

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The only rule is that it has to be about Sam. It can’t be about another character and just feature Sam, he has to be the main focus. It also obviously cannot be offensive.

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Never Felt So Much

Anthony Ramos x Reader, ft. Hamilcast, Lin, Leslie, & Oak

Fake Dating AU

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 2209

Warnings: Fighting, kissing, mild language

Request: Hi!! Can you please do Anthony and fake dating au??? I’ll love you forever and ever @linmanuclmiranda (I already love you forever and ever oops)

A/N: I did it guys! I kept my promise! I really am sorry about yesterday. Thank you the anons and asks today, you were all so sweet and made me feel so loved. It really made my day. Thank you all so much, without further ado…Fake Dating AU, with Anthony. Enjoy, lovelies!

“Hey! (Y/N), wait up!”

You stopped in front of the taxi cab and turned back in the rain.

Anthony was holding his jacket over his head, splashing in puddles as he ran.

“What is it, Anthony?” you asked, folding your arms over your chest, shivering in the rain.

He shook out his jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. “Can we talk sometime? Like outside of work? Or now?”

You rolled your eyes and looked back at the taxi. “Cup of coffee?”

“Yeah.” he smiled. “That sounds perfect.”

He jumped in front of you and opened the door. You blushed and smiled at him, and slid in the back. He slid in next to you. You were both drenched.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

You told the driver the address of the coffee shop. He started driving. You pulled Anthony’s jacket off and rubbed your hands together, blowing warm air into them.

“Sorry,” Anthony said, “I just really wanted to talk to you.”

“Well, you sure don’t talk to me at work. Plenty of time there.” you said bitterly.

Anthony frowned. “Yeah.” he said softly. “I’m sorry.”

The rest of the drive was silent, aside from the hum of the taxi, filling the empty space.

“This is it!” the driver shouted.

“Thank you,” you smiled at him, reaching for your wallet. Anthony threw his hand in front of yours and smiled at you.

“I got it.”

He handed the driver a wad of cash, then put his wallet back in his pocket. He opened his door and helped you out, reaching for your hand. You reluctantly accepted it.

Anthony waved off the taxi driver as he drove away, then turned back to the coffee shop. “Let’s go in!” he shouted. He put an arm around your back and hurried you into the shop. He let go when you walked inside.

“Thanks.” you smiled awkwardly as he opened the door for you.

You ordered two hot chocolates and sat down in a booth. You sipped yours slowly, savoring the flavor and warmth. The feeling returning to your fingertips.

“So, Anthony…what did you want to talk to me about, so badly?” you teased.

Anthony smiled and rubbed his hands together, taking a quick sip from his cup. “I need you to pretend to be my date.”

“What?!” you shouted. A few heads turned, but the shop returned to normal after that.

Anthony spoke cautiously. “Please, just listen. A bunch of the guys like Chris, Lin, Leslie, Daveed, Oak, and I are all having a party get together sort of thing. They are all bringing their wives and girlfriends. I need a date. I-I…forgive me for the lack of a better word, I don’t want to show up empty handed.”

“You mean, single?” you spat.

“No! Please, (Y/N), it’s not like that!”

“Oh, but I think it is!” you shouted. You slid out of the booth, grabbed your jacket, and put a five on the table. “Thanks for the drink, Anthony.”

“Wait! Please!” Anthony ran from his chair to catch you.

He caught you at the door.

His hand was around your arm. You wouldn’t look at him, otherwise he would see you were crying. You felt so stupid and betrayed. You had thought Anthony just wanted to hang out and talk. Something you had always hoped to do. You weren’t close to anyone on the cast or crew, you were just there. Trying to fit in. Now you felt like Anthony was treating you like an object. He didn’t want to show up empty handed.

You bit your lip to calm the quiver in your chin.

“Please, (Y/N),” he said softly, “just let me talk.” You stayed silent, so Anthony took it as his cue. His hand dropped from your arm. “I didn’t want to ask anyone but you. I genuinely like you and think we should hang out. Look, I’m just trying to fit in too believe it or not. I may smile and look like I’ve got everything together. But some days I don’t. It’s the simple things that drive me crazy. Please, (Y/N), I need you. It’s just a favor. Nothing needs to come of it. Just one night. Please. You don’t have to do to it if you don’t want to.” He took a step back. “I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

You stood there for a moment, staring at your feet, watching the tears drip down the bridge of your nose. You tighten your arms around yourself.

“Fine.” you mumbled.

“What?” Anthony asked softly.

“I said, fine. Just text me the address and I’ll meet you there after the last show.” you glanced up at him before you walked out the door. He wore a face of bewilderment and guilt. His eyes were full of hope and were beaming at you. A single tear rested on his face. His lips in a small smile. His hair was obviously messed with, as it hung in his face.

You ran down the street without even thinking. Running away from the coffee shop, crying. You called a cab and rode it home.


You fixed your hair, humming a showtune. You had put on the best clothes you had. A red elegant dress. You dropped the iron from your hair and let the curl fall against your face. Checking the time, you finished getting ready.

You looked in the mirror and took a deep breathe. “Okay. You can do this.” you said to yourself. “Just one night. One damn night, and you are damn gorgeous. Let’s do this.”

You checked your phone for the address and went downstairs to the lobby,  and called a cab.

You arrived a few blocks away, at a large fancy apartment building. You took the elevator up to the top floor, and knocked on the last door.


He stared at you in awe.

You stared at him with disappointment and embarrassment. He was wearing a simple dress shirt and blue jeans. You saw past him and everyone was dressed in nice casual. Lin’s wife in a soft blue blouse and a skirt. Aside from her, no one wore formal  attire.

“You look…beautiful.” Anthony said.

“Thanks.” you pushed past him and walked in, taking off your high heels.

“(Y/N)?” you heard Lin call from the kitchen, “(Y/N)!” he ran to greet you and wrapped you in a hug. “It’s great to see you!” he said, when he pulled away. “You look marvelous tonight! So, you are here with Anthony then?”

You nodded slowly. “Yeah, Anthony and I.”

Lin smiled at you. “Well, go get him!”

“Oh, yeah.” you said softly. Lin walked back to his wife.

You walked over to Anthony, who was mid conversation with Oak.

“Hey, talk to you later, Oak!” Anthony waved as Oak went to join his date. “Hi,” he said softly when you walked up to him.

“Hi.” you replied.

“It’s good to see you. I’m glad that you made it.”

“Anthony,” you said sharply, through gritted teeth, “you didn’t tell me no one was dressing up for this. I thought it was a party at Lin’s. Not a beer and booze and blue jeans sort of party.”

Anthony frowned. “Sorry, I should’ve told you. But, don’t worry you look gorgeous tonight, no one is going to care.”

You sighed. “Well, if I’m your date and we are dating, what is our PDA?”

“Um, depends,” he said softly. “What are the boundaries?”

You eyed the bedroom. Anthony chuckled. “Hand holding, minimal kissing preferably on the cheek, and you have a limit of saying cute.”

“What’s the limit?”


Anthony laughed. “You’re cute, (Y/N).” he smiled.

You smiled and bumped your hand with his. He laced his fingers through yours and you didn’t protest. The two of you sat down on the sofa. There were beer bottles and Lin brought over a bottle of wine. Anthony poured you some.

“So, how long have you guys been going out?” Leslie asked, his arm around his wife. He was beaming.

“Oh, um,” you and Anthony looked at each other for a moment.

“A week-” you said “Two months-” Anthony blurted out.

Leslie raised his eyebrows at you and grinned.

“Two months and a week,” you smiled, squeezing Anthony’s hand.

“You are a finish each other’s sentence kind of couple?” he laughed.

“Yup!-” you said

“-that’s us!” Anthony finished.

Everyone laughed.

“Okay, here is a juicy question.” Oak said. “Why? You work together everyday and have been for almost six months now, why the sudden interest?”

You looked to Anthony. “You wanna tell them, sweetie.”

“Sure.” he smiled. He turned to Oak and the rest of the group. “We’ve been on stage together for a long time now. Backstage, we would just chat here and there and (Y/N) really made me laugh. If I was tired, she really brightened my day and I was able to get back out there. I guess it’s just because she makes me smile and laugh, and I wanted to get to know her better.” Anthony smiled at you. You watched him, marveling at his words. “Because, I always had a crush on her since day one. She was and still is, the best dancer I’ve ever seen. She is my everything. Her smile. Her laugh. Her face,” he chuckled, “everything about her makes me happy.”

“Woohoo!” Everyone cheered. “Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!”

You and Anthony blushed. You went in and he kissed you on the cheek.

“Boooooooo!” they yelled. “Come on!”

Anthony smiled and kissed you. Quick and subtle. Just enough for a spark. He pulled away.

“Yeaaaaah!” they cheered.

Anthony pretended to bow, “Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week!”

Everyone laughed.

As everyone resumed their normal conversations, you turned to Anthony. “Hey, can we go outside? It’s a little stuffy in here.”

“Yeah, of course.” he smiled.

You walked to the balcony, with his hand in yours. He closed the sliding glass door behind you. “Wow.” you said.

“Wow, indeed.” Anthony laughed.

The two of you were marveling at the distant city below.

“The city is so amazing, like mountains. They are so large not in their size but their heart and soul, the lights and windows are like a million stars all in one small. It’s all so beautiful, unique, and amazing.” Anthony turned, his voice softening. “Just like you.”

“Wow.” you laughed. “That was cheesy.”

“Yeah.” he laughed, letting go of your hand. “It was pretty cheesy, wasn’t it?”

“Anthony, I didn’t mean it like that.” you sighed

“No, it’s fine. It’s just a fake date,” he shrugged, “watcha gonna do trying to make it not so awkward.”

“Anthony?” you asked softly.

“Yeah?” he hummed.

“Did you really mean all of that?”

“Mean all of what?”

“You know,” you laughed, gesturing back to the party. “Everything you said in there. How I was beautiful, funny. How I made you smile and made you so happy. The things you said out here too. Or was that all just for show. You know, for the fake date.”

“No.” he said after awhile.

“Oh.” you looked down at the street. “Okay.”

Anthony turned to you and reached for your hands. “No, it was not all for show. None of it was. I was being cheesy comparing you to stars, because it’s unreasonable. You are more beautiful than the stars. They can’t make me laugh, smile. Not like you. They can’t dance. They can’t light up a room-” he stopped, laughing, and held your hands “okay maybe they can. But a million stars does not even compare to your smile, both on your lips and in your eyes. I am cheesy, because I am being genuine. I genuinely like you, (Y/N). I’m interested in you. I really have had a crush on you since day one. But, I didn’t think you liked me. So, I just took a chance and asked you to be my fake date, at this fake party, hoping you would fall in love with me.”

“What?” you said, “Fake party?”

“This party,” he said, “it didn’t exist when I asked you yesterday. It didn’t even exist an hour ago. I had Lin put all this together. Everyone basically knows, (Y/N), but I don’t care. Because, it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”


“I love you, (Y/N),” he smiled, tears in his eyes, “and I’m not afraid to admit it.”

You let go of Anthony’s hand and put your arms around his back. You kissed him. For real. It wasn’t quick and subtle. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t something out of a fairytale. It wasn’t magical. But there was a spark. A spark that stayed and kindled like a flame. He was warm and soft. His hair softer than you ever imagined it would be.

His hand moved to just above your shoulder and one to your hair. It curled it back behind your ears and kissed you gently.

You were on a balcony, looking over the city, kissing Anthony Ramos.

He felt like home. He made you feel protected, safe, warm, and loved.

Love never made you feel so much.

Frost (Chapter Fifteen)

This is a rough chapter guys. Buckle up.


Tony should have seen it coming, since he always saw these sort of things coming, whether anyone listened to him or not. He had always just known, right? When terrible things were coming?

But this time, he was distracted, and honestly could he couldn’t be blamed for that.

Loki had started spending every night with him, whether it was appearing in bed next to Thor and Tony after the storms had ceased rolling across the sky, or when Thor crept under the covers of Loki’s bed after the frost had started melting from the windows.

Either way, Tony never went a night without both their arms around him, and waking up between them was quickly becoming his favorite thing to do. Thor was all rumbles and deep morning voice, Loki stared at him like he couldn’t believe it wasn’t a dream, before kissing him so sweetly Tony always teared up.

Breakfast belonged to Thor, with Tony sitting on his lap being spoon fed his meal in between kisses and sips of the startlingly caffeinated version of coffee they served. Thor spent most days doing… whatever it was Kings did, which this past several weeks had included training with the soldiers and overseeing practice for the huge tournament that would be held in just a few weeks or so. He always lingered over breakfast with Tony, unwilling to leave a moment sooner than he had to.

Lunch was Loki’s, usually taking place on the floor as he and Tony shared a plate and shared a book, trading light touches and easy snuggles between bites, with Loki showing him little magic tricks to make him laugh, and Tony being appropriately awed while still snarling at the lack of “real tricks”.

Afternoons in the rose garden were a regular thing, with Thor trying to make time as often as he could to join them, listening intently to every answer about the flowers, adding in his own information as he could.

In the early evening, Loki took Tony to the training grounds, laughing as Tony whistled wildly, made obnoxious cat calls and generally shouted sexually suggestive remarks as Thor trained and sparred with the other men.

It was relatively easy to find a balance with “who got Tony when”, and other than a few teasing remarks, there had been no jealousy between the two gods over their shared hjartslattur, and Tony– well Tony had two beautiful, powerful mates who went out of their way to spoil him as best they could, as well as keep him sated and happy in bed.

Thor of course, always took Tony, taking him apart expertly over and over until Tony was a whimpering mess, exhausted but always asking for more. Their love inspired raging storms, thunder and lightning and black clouds for hours, and then Thor would hold Tony close whispering sweet things in all his languages as Tony fell asleep.

Tony and Loki, on the other hand, enjoyed switching with each other, wrestling playfully to decide who would top. Sometimes, after a long talk, or a particularly hard day, Loki would pull Tony on top of him, needing the reassurance of his love, the freedom to be still and let himself go entirely. Then it would be Tony telling him how beautiful he was, how wonderful he was. Other times Loki would grab Tony, snap his fingers and send them somewhere private before finding some way to make Tony scream for him.

Tony was as happy as he’d ever been in his entire life, in the month or since consummating his bond with Loki. So yes, of course he could be forgiven for not thinking of what could go wrong, of the worst case scenario.

Which meant, of course, he had no idea what to do when it happened.

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Forever | 21: Decisions

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1695

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language, Gun Violence, mentions of death, Angst

Characters (in order of appearance): Chadwick Boseman, Sebastian Stan, Reader

A/N: Only 4 chapters left!!!! I’m gonna cry when this fic ends, but I hope y’all enjoy!!! today was a great day so I decided to update earlier than planned lol; ALSO PD means present day but y’all smart anyways please read


Forever | 20 // Forever | 22

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Imagine you and Chris going to your best friends’ wedding weekend. (Part B)

A/N: Part 4B ❤️ @chrisevans-imagines Oh man, your birthday is really soon! I hate how expensive postage is, so I’m glad Tumblr is free. We can consider this an unconventional present, right? Sorry this didn’t come out at it’s regular time, I was a little distracted watching Zac Efron movies last night. 😋 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A)

It was only 7:00AM when you got to Ava’s room, but she was already having breakfast while her hairstylist worked on putting her long locks into an elegant up-do. “Aw, babe. You look exhausted.” You spotted a sympathetic smile on her lips when you moved to stand behind her and she caught you in her sights. “You know you don’t have to get up so early, you can come when the beauticians are ready to work on you.”

“And miss the chance to have a little girl talk?” You giggled, pulling up a chair so you could get off your feet. “No thanks.” You bit playfully and she laughed, reaching behind her to squeeze your hand before returning to her cereal. “So how are you feeling?” You asked, resting your hands on your belly. “I feel like we haven’t had as much alone time since the guys came to our lives. I love them, but there are some days where I’d still rather just you and me.”

“Yes, take me back to those good old days.” She joked and you nodded, laughing. “I’m feeling good, really good. I’m excited to get married, and I’m excited to meet our little boy and your little boy and- Things are good, really good,” she nodded and you found yourself nodding in agreement. “And how are you doing? Are you a little less overwhelmed now?”

“Yeah,” you smiled. “I’ve had some time to really just sit and bask in the fact that I am pregnant and I am going to be a mom. Chris and I went to a birthing class together for the first time, which is ridiculous considering Jack’s due next month.” Ava nodded, laughing; she and Sebastian signed up for all the classes as soon as they found out they were pregnant. “And I finally joined him shopping for clothes and other nursery items instead of letting mom and Lisa take my place. I don’t know, it’s still a little overwhelming but I am feeling much better about it all. Chris has been a rock, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.”

“You’d strive anyway,” she winked and you smiled, “you’re amazing like that.”

“Knock knock,” Ava’s mom poked her head into the room and you both turned to smile at her. Your smile widened when you saw who was with her; Ava’s baby brother, Kian. You smiled and gave him a little wave, earning one in return. “I hope we’re not interrupting, we just thought we’d come and see how things were going. Kian also had something he wanted to give his big sister. Go on, sweetheart. Go give Ava the present you got her,” she released his hand and he padded over to Ava with a little paper bag.

“How are you, Mandy?” You smiled at her when she pulled up a chair and sat down next to you.

“You’re asking me? I should be asking you that,” she smiled and gave your belly a gentle rub. Your smiles widened when Jack kicked under her palm. “I heard about your RV road trip,” she chuckled when she pulled her hand away, and you bit back your smile. “You poor darlings, maybe you should just stay in New York and have the baby here.”

“No way,” you laughed, “Chris would have a heart attack. Ever since Seb saw me in a Yankees cap, he has been sending me Yankees merchandise for my birthday and Christmas presents. And he knows I’m not an actual baseball fan, he just likes messing with Chris.” Mandy laughed. “I am not going to give him another reason to drive Chris up the wall by giving birth in New York. Seb will mark Jack with the Yankees seal and Chris will pop a vessel.”

“Funny you should say that,” Ava looked at you and her mom through the mirror as she picked her brother up to sit him on her lap. “Seb was actually hoping you’d go into labor while you were in New York.” You laughed because why were you not surprised? “He has a little Yankees cap with Jack’s name embroidered on the back waiting in our apartment to- he said and I quote, ‘bless Baby Cap’s little head with’.”

“He couldn’t just get one for his own son and leave Jack out of it?”

“We haven’t thought of a name yet, but don’t worry- our little peanut will get a hat too.” She said, drawing laughter from you and Mandy. “What did you get me, Kian?” She asked in a softer, gentler voice as she addressed her brother. “Thank you so much, little man.” She took the little paper bag and gasped when she pulled out Cartier’s signature red box; the size looked like the contents involved a necklace. “Is this a joke?” She turned to face her mom with furrowed brows. “How much did you guys spend?”

“Enough for our daughter to know how happy we are for her,” she got to her feet and kissed the top of Ava’s head. Ava sighed, but smile and kissed her mom’s cheek as a thank you. “We’ll leave you girls to it. Come on,” she lifted Kian into her arms and exited.

“What is it?” You sat forward to peer over Ava’s shoulder as she opened the lid of the box, revealing a eye-catching sapphire necklace. You smiled when you saw Ava’s eyes quickly fill with tears, knowing she was touched by her parents’ thoughtfulness and generosity. She didn’t show much interest when you asked her if she wanted to meet the old wedding tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in one’s shoe. It may have been a folklore that originated from her country, but she was a lot more practical than you were; she didn’t live her life like it was a romantic comedy. Either way, you could tell she was overjoyed with the gift from the look in her eyes when you said, “looks like you got your something new and something blue after all.”

• • • • • • • •

Sebastian stood in front of the full length mirror in his room and adjusted his tie. His eyes darted to the clock hanging on the wall behind him; 11:43AM which meant there were seventeen minutes until he was officially married. He let out a shaky breath as he rubbed his hands together, all the while experiencing the incessant flutters that came from the wings of the butterflies living in his stomach. Now he knew Ava was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but it didn’t stop him from feeling nervous. Everything was happening so quickly, he was going to get married today and in June- he was going to become a father to a baby boy. All these were great things that he was excited for, but it was a little overwhelming. You and Sebastian were similar there; you were extremely good at psyching yourselves out. Hence why you’d both found life partners in Chris and Ava, they were good at bringing the two of you back to reality.

“Bas,” Chace threw a scrunched up ball of paper across the room and got Sebastian in the shoulder, earning the attention he wanted from his best friend. “Are you okay?” He chuckled softly at the nervous expression on Sebastian’s face. “Do you need some air?” He asked and got a head shake 'no’ from Sebastian.

“It’s okay if you do,” Don told him. “I did too.”

“I know it is,” Sebastian rolled his eyes. “But I don’t.”

“You sure?” Anthony furrowed his brows. “'Cause you lo-”

“Oh my God,” Sebastian growled under his breath. “Yes I’m sure.”

They all stopped asking, pressing their lips together. It was clear he needed something, but they didn’t know what. Of course Chris knew- not because he knew Sebastian the best out of all the guys in the room, but because he had felt what Sebastian was feeling on his wedding day. He needed to see you then as much as Sebastian needed to see Ava now. It would’ve seemed ridiculous to anyone else considering he was going to see her in fifteen minutes, but Chris understood. Sebastian helped the two of you have an amazing moment before the wedding, the least Chris could do was get him to Ava. He pulled out his phone and texted you: “Seb needs to see Ava, think you can get her to the lighthouse?” The reply he got from you drew a chuckle from him: “I was just about to text you the same thing. Yes, we’re heading there now.”

“C'mon, Seb.” Chris placed both hands on Sebastian’s shoulders and started to steer him out of the room. “Trust me.” He said when Sebastian tried to fight his actions. “You need some air out by the lighthouse,” Chris spoke in a tone that Sebastian immediately understood; he bolted out the door. “We’ll be back before the wedding starts,” he assured all the confused faces in the room then ran after Sebastian.

Tags: @chrisevans-imagines@widowsfics@m-a-t-91@imaginesofdreams​  @katiew1973@winter-tospring@shamvictoria11@soymikael@faye22@always-an-evans-addict@heartblackerthancoffee@whenyourealizethisisntagoodname@yourtropegirl@smoothdogsgirl@createdbytinyaddiction@dreamingintheimpalawithdean@rileyloves5@buckys-shield​ @catch-me-im-a-falling-star @tabi-toast@ssweet-empowerment@chrixa@feelmyroarrrr@akidura79@castellandiangelo@edward-lover18@yourenotrogers@im-a-fandom-slut@royalexperiment256@palaiasaurus64​ @tacohead13 @badassbaker@pegasusdragontiger@sfreeborn@dorisagent101@aekr@imagine-cats96@adeptkillsyasse​ @shliic @justanotherfangurlz@winchesterandpie@creativeheartgemini@camerica96​ @thestarlighthotel @lilya-petrichor@pinkleopardss @lizzysugar@bywonater@avengingalec@nerdingoutismylife@rayleyanns@captainxamerica@lapetitsyrene@01asianista@alwayshave-faith@southernbellestatues

Part 4C

The Two-Person Pride Parade

(or, in honour of Pride Month, the West Wing fic I’m too lazy to properly write)

Okay this got wayyyyy longer than I meant it to be, but here it is, my not-quite-a-fic fic. I may write more if I feel like it? Warnings for allusions to period-typical homophobia (late 1990s-early 2000s)

From the minute Toby brings CJ onto the campaign, she and Josh are dancing around each other.

There’s just something sitting at the back of her mind. It’s not until she overhears Josh talking to his assistant Donna that she recognises it – it’s the same thing that drew her to Joanna Leed in ninth grade, the best friend who became the girlfriend; it’s the same thing that led her to a group of nerds at UC Berkeley, the nerds who became the first community she ever knew. She figures it out because Josh is talking about a date, and he never uses a single pronoun. She figures it out because she’s been doing it since she was sixteen.

At some point, gay rights come up in Governor Bartlet’s debate prep, and there’s a split second where she catches Josh’s eye. They exchange a look, and it’s all they need. CJ knows that, for however long this lasts, he’s the only person who can know, and the only person who needs to know.

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"Please don't go!" Anthony Trujillo

Imagine Anthony leaving because he is fighting with Chance. (Inspired by Jake’s vlog)

Chance and Anthony have been arguing a lot lately. They don’t talk civilly unless they are filming a video or doing something in Jake’s vlog. Anthony has been distant towards me, also. He won’t tell me how he feels, and it hurts. It hurts me. It hurts him cause he’s fighting with his best friend. It hurts all of us.

I was sitting in the kitchen when Anthony came down the stairs with his backpack. I looked at him confused as he walked into the office. I jumped as he slammed the door behind him. I stood from my stool and quickly made my way upstairs to Chance who had his head in his hands.

“What’s going on?” I asked his softly. “Tony is leaving,” he said bleakly. “I’m sorry, what!” I asked, not sure if I had heard Chance right. “Tony is going back to Ohio!” He yelled bitterly. I looked at him with sad eyes before quickly going back down stairs.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs Anthony was hugging Jake and turning to leave out the door. “Anthony please stop,” I whispered, barely loud enough to be heard. Tears were slowly streaming down my face. “Tony please don’t go!” I begged. He stopped and turned around. He took a few long strides towards me and pulled me into a hug.

My arms wrapped around his neck as his found their way around my waist. “Please don’t go!” I whispered in his ear. He sighed,“I have to.” I buried my head deeper into his neck. “Please, Tony,” I begged frantically.  He slowly pulled away.

“I swear I won’t be gone for long. I just need sometime to think everything over,” he reasoned. I bowed my head, knowing it would be useless to keep arguing. When Anthony has his mind set on something, he usually accomplishes whatever it is.

The tears keep and falling, and I don’t know what to say. Anthony kisses my forehead and pulls me in for one more hug. “I promise this won’t last forever. I’ll come back. I love you,” he whispers in my ear. I nod and kiss him gently on the lips. He sighs and slowly pulls away, walking out of the door to leave.

I watch as the door closes and Anthony leaves. The tears rush out of my eyes and Jake pulls me into a hug. “Everything is gonna be okay,” he whispers. “We will get through this. Tony will come back really soon,” Chance tells me. I nod and slowly pull away from Jake. “I’m gonna go take a nap. My head is killing me,” I told them. They nodded and smiled softly at me. I quickly walked up the stairs and went to my bedroom. I went to my closet and pulled out one of Anthony’s hoodies. I pulled it over my head then pulled my hair into a messy bun. I slipped on my pajama shorts and climbed in bed. I slowly fell asleep consumed by the smell of Anthony’s cologne and the taste of salty tears.
Yes! I know! It was all a prank but this is an imagine. Anyways. I hoped you like this imagine. 😊✌🏽
P.s sorry for any mistakes. I’m writing this on my phone. 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽

Forever | 5: Explanations, Part 2

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1232

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Sebastian Stan

A/N: I started writing this in 2015, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 8 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

Forever | 4

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Road Rage To Center Stage

Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: SWEARING LORDY I am a sinner, extreme fluff!!

Authors Note: thanks for all the love for HTBTH!!

For starters, you’d had a long day.
It was Wednesday, which sucked to begin with because it wasn’t close enough to Monday that you could complain about it being the beginning of the week, and it was too far from Friday to be excited for anything. That put a damper on your mood to begin with.
Second, you’d woken up late and didn’t have time to get coffee, so you were tired and groggy throughout the day, which caused so many problems by itself.
Thirdly, you’d forgotten about the monthly meeting, causing you to be publicly humiliated by your boss in front of your co-workers, and therefore ruining your day altogether.
The fact that your best friends had canceled on you tonight for your usual girls night was the icing on the cake.
So yeah, you’d had a long day.
You were eager to get home and just relax, and chill out for once.
However, New York traffic was always unforgiving, and today was no exception. Traffic was bumper to bumper, and it seemed as though every driver on that freeway simultaneously forgot how to fucking drive a damn car.
You had honked your horn too many times in one minute, and you banged your head against your steering wheel as the traffic left you and a line of cars completely stopped.
You hadn’t ever met a driver on the road that didn’t leave you on the brink of a fit of road rage, but the asshole next to you topped all of them.
They were attempting to squeeze into your lane without using a blinker, causing you to slam on your brakes with a loud screech.
“What the fuck you bitch!”
You screamed as the driver sped up ahead of you.
You pressed on the brakes again as the car stopped suddenly, and you leaned on the horn for a good 10 seconds.
You flipped off the car as traffic eventually cleared up, and you sped past them in your pursuit towards home.
Hardly noticing that the driver was behind you, you drove 15 minutes to your house, before pulling into the driveway and exiting your car. You heard a melodic laugh beside you, and you turned and suppressed a cry of embarrassment.
The driver, whom you had flipped off and screamed at, lived RIGHT next door to you, and you couldn’t be anymore embarrassed.
“Can today get any worse?”
You said out loud, and fumed.
Of course your day had to go like this.
Absolutely fabulous.
Your neighbor locked his car, and proceeded to begin walking up your driveway, making your stomach wrench in fear.
He didn’t look upset, however, just amused.
“Didn’t know that I had a sailor as my neighbor. Hey that rhymed!”
You rolled your eyes and repressed a laugh, instead smirking.
“I didn’t know I had a neighbor who somehow managed to counterfeit a license.”
He laughed, and the sound filled your ears and left you smiling more than before.
“You got me there. Hey, at least you have humor about it. I’ve been told by more than one person that my drivings a bit off.”
“A bit off?”
You shrieked.
“You almost crashed into my car!”
“Oh contraire, my dear. You, in fact, almost crashed into MY car.”
He smiled, and you nearly melted into a puddle on the driveway, the fuzzy feeling of a crush blooming in your heart.
“Same difference. My point being, you’re a terrible driver and I’d advise you to stay off all roads until I see you, with my own two eyes, pass a driving test.”
He shook his head, laughing.
“Anthony Ramos.”
He stuck out his hand, and you shook it.
“Y/N L/N. Nice to have a name to match the driver.”
“Nice to have a name to match the beautiful face.”
You blushed a deep red, flustered to say the least.
“Well, I would stay out here longer, but the weather says otherwise,”
You had noticed that it was getting visibly more chilly.
“But if you’d wait a second longer then I have something to give to you.”
You shrugged, and gestured for him to go ahead.
He raced into his car, and immediately reached for the center console. You didn’t notice what he was doing, because you were way to distracted by his fluffy hair and adorable freckles to be curious in what he was doing.
He emerged a minute later, a piece of paper in his hand.
“Here. Open it inside. Until we meet again, Miss Y/N.”
He threw up a peace sign, and retreated inside his house. You waved goodbye, and then went inside your own home before it started to rain.
You flicked on all the lights, eager to see what the boy had written to you.
I may be a bad driver, but I don’t have bad eyesight, because I was able to see the beauty in you. Sorry, that was bad. But here’s my number, in case you’re into awkward boys with curly hair and bad pickup lines.”
You scanned the note again and again, and you still couldn’t shake the smile off your face.
You grabbed your phone, and began texting the number.
“I’m texting you now, just in case you’re into angry girls with horrible road rage and an undying love for their steering wheel horn.”
You smiled, and closed you eyes for a moment, letting your mind soak up how your day went from bad to good in a matter of minutes, thanks to a boy with horrible driving skills and a fit of road rage.
He texted back a moment later, an emoji immediately drawing your attention.
“That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Well not exactly, but you just described yourself and well… never mind. But what I’m trying to say is that you may have been pissed off with me today, and I want to make it up to you. Coffee tomorrow?”
You blinked slowly, and tried to fight the smile that was creeping onto your face.
“Coffee heals wounds. Hey, I have one exception. I’m driving.”
You could practically here the laughter from next door, and you awaited a reply.
“I planned on being a cheesy gentleman and driving for you, but equality calls, so I’ll let you answer this one ;)”
You smugly grinned, and texted back.
“I’ll be over at 8:00. Be ready when I get there because I don’t plan on waiting :)”
You rolled your eyes and laughed at his dorky comments, and shut off your phone and tuned into your current Netflix series that you couldn’t get enough of.
The next morning, you slammed the snooze button on your alarm at 6:00, then remembering where you had to be in 2 hours and jumped out of bed.
You showered and dried your hair in record time, though you somehow managed to shave your legs.
Hey, you went all out for him.
You winged your eyeliner and put on a dark red lipstick, then got dressed in your work attire to meet Anthony in exactly 10 minutes.
You zipped up your jacket, and put on your heels as you stepped outside into the cold New York winter day, and began the short trek to Anthony’s house.
You sat waiting at the door, staring at your phone, then, at exactly 8:00, rang the doorbell.
To your surprise, Anthony opened the door before you’d take your finger off the doorbell, causing you to jump back in shock.
“Jesus fuck. Don’t scare me like that.”
You said as your heartbeat slowed down.
“That almost scared me as much as the thought of you driving me around.”
He laughed and followed you to your car, hopping in the passenger seat as you drove to the coffee shop.
He started as you sat down at a table.
“Why, in all my years of living at that house, have I never noticed you?”
You rolled your eyes.
“I moved here 10 months ago. I’m pretty new to the neighborhood and to New York City in general.”
He raised his eyebrows.
“You mean you didn’t grow up here?”
“Nope. It’s peaceful where I come from. It’s called quiet.”
He smirked.
“I just thought, by the way you drive, that you had always been around here.”
You smacked his arm, and smiled.
Anthony was a very animated person, always smiling or laughing, telling you stories and making you laugh.
It was a change from your usual morning gloom, which was nice, for once.
You exited the coffee shop together, and he shyly took your hand. You laced your fingers with his, and repressed a smile from bursting onto your face.
You walked back to your car, and drove him back to his house.
“Thanks Y/N. I had a lot of fun today. In fact,”
He glanced up at you.
“I’d like to do it again sometime. Tonight, if you’re free.”
Your heart leaped again, and you nodded.
“When and where?”
“How do I tell you this…”
He was silent for a moment, then spoke.
“Well, I’m an actor in a musical. It’s called Hamilton, and I want you to come see it. You don’t have to, of course-”
“I’d love too. What time?”
He smiled, relief apparent on his face.
“7:00 tonight, at the Richard Rogers. Be there at 5:30 and I’ll let you in.”
You smiled.
“Perfect. I can’t wait. See you then.”
You waved, and he disappeared inside his house, leaving you to drive to work, giddy with happiness and impatient with excitement.
You jumped to your feet, clapping, as the theater thundered with applause. You hadn’t seen a better Broadway show ever, and you were so incredibly proud of Anthony.
As soon as he exited the stage, you jumped in his arms.
“That was so amazing Ant! You’re so talented oh my god!”
He laughed as he hugged you back, and led you to his dressing room.
“Yeah, well, I try to impress the ladies.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Sorry, I meant ‘lady.’”
You heart did somersaults all over you chest, leaving you dazed with complete adoration for him.
“Thanks for bringing me tonight. I had such a good time, and it was so amazing to see such talented people come together to sing about a founding father.”
He laughed.
“Just doing my job. And I got to see you in the audience, so it was a 10x better show tonight than any other night.”
You blushed, and felt Anthony’s arms circle around your middle.
“Thanks for coming tonight, for even giving me a chance. You’re more than I deserve-”
You cut him off by pressing your lips against his, feeling warmth flood your body as he brought his head closer to yours.
You giggled when you pulled back, and he put an arm around you shoulders, leading you out of the room.
“I’m skipping stage door tonight. I have better things to be doing.”
You raised an eyebrow, and smirked as he led you through the theater and out the door.
3 years later, you watched as Ant took his final bows as Philip Hamilton/John Laurens. It had been an incredible ride for you and him both, an endless plethora of happy memories shared in this theater.
To your surprise, the cast members handed Ant a microphone, and stepped back from him.
“Hey y'all. As most of you know, tonight is my last show here.”
The applause seemed endless, but they finally ceased so he could continue.
“It’s been an amazing journey, all these years working with so many talented people, I wish I could stay forever. But I’ve gotta pass on the torch, and besides, I have something really important that I promised myself I wouldn’t do till the day I decided to leave Hamilton. So, here we go.”
He took a deep breath, and then spoke.
“Y/N, can you come onto the stage?”
You were utterly confused, and then you were being dragged onstage by Carleigh and Thayne.
They stopped you in front of Anthony, and he smiled at you as he kissed your head.
“Hey. Ant, what is all this…?”
“Just wait.”
He addressed the audience again as they finally quieted down from the cheers.
“This is Y/N. She’s been my girlfriend for the past 3 years, and it’s been the most amazing, most enjoyable 3 years.”
You smiled shyly, and waved at the audience.
“She’s the most sweet, the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’ve never met someone who was quite like you, which sets you apart, and makes you special.”
You blushed, and smiled as the crowd awed and cheered.
“We’ve shared so many memories here at this theater, and on this stage in general. You agreed to come here for a date, which happened the day of our first date, so technically, this was our second date.”
You recalled the day so clearly, and grinned as you remembered how nervous he was to hold your hand.
“But before that, it started with a fit of road rage from this one and bad driving on my part.”
You laughed along with the audience, although his driving skills had drastically improved now.
“But here you are now, from road rage to center stage. Which is why,”
He pulled a box out of his pocket, and got down on one knee in front of you.
You gasped and felt your eyes tearing up.
“Y/N, you’ve been my number one girl for 3 years now. You’re charismatic, beautiful, hilarious, and caring all in one package. What else could I ask for? I know you’re mine, but I want that to be forever. Will you marry me?”
You nodded vigorously, and tackled him in a kiss.
You laughed through the tears, and smiled down at him.
“From road rage to center stage, huh? I’m going to quote you from the first thing you said to me, hey that rhymed!”

Anthony- Tony Stark One Shot

Pairing: Tony Stark X Reader

Prompt: You have been Tony’s best friend since childhood. The Avengers are shocked that the billionaire allows you to call him by his full name, ‘Anthony’. They realize that you and Tony have romantic feelings for each other, and they try to set you up in three days.

Word Count: 1500


You had been best friends with Tony Stark all throughout your childhood. Although during high school you developed romantic feelings for him, you two were still platonically stuck together like glue. You could never admit your feelings to him, in fear that he didn’t reciprocate them. Unfortunately, you two were forced to journey separate ways when Tony went one way for college and you went the other. He became Iron-Man and you became a part of Doctors Without Borders, traveling the world to help others. With your separate lives, you eventually lost communication with each other. A year after your last contact, you were back in New York for the week and had decided it was time to pay an old friend a visit.

You walked into the Tower and notified JARVIS of who you were. The AI allowed you into the elevator and took you to the main floor. You stepped off the elevator and were met by five pairs of curious eyes that belonged to Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton. The five were sitting on couches, watching something on the TV. When they heard the elevator ding, they looked to investigate.

“Who are you?” Clint asked, bluntly.

“I’m Y/N. Is Anthony here?” You replied with a smile. You felt a bit self-conscious about being in front of five complete strangers in their own home.

“Anthony? You mean Tony?” Steve asked.

“Yes. Is he here? JARVIS told me he was.”

“I’m sorry, but how do we know we can trust you?” Natasha questioned, “After all, you are a stranger here.”

“Romanoff, it’s fine.” Tony interrupted stepping into the room, “Y/N! Long time no see.”

“Anthony!” You smiled as he pulled you into a tight hug, “I’ve missed you so much. How have you been?”

“Busy saving the world, but then again so are you.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it that. I mean I am helping others with illnesses, but it’s nothing compared to you.” He let go of you and turned to your friends.

“Avengers, this is Y/N. Y/N, these are the Avengers. I’m so sorry about them. I had no idea you were here until JARVIS alerted me.” Tony explained.

“How exactly do you two know each other?” Clint asked, clearly confused at the exchange.

“We grew up together, practically inseparable.” He turned to you, “Do you want a drink? Or do you want to see my lab? Bruce is currently down there.”

“Lab, definitely.” You smiled and he lead you away to the lab.

“That was very strange.” Steve said.

“I’ve never seen Tony talk to a girl that much without hitting on her.” Natasha stated.

“She must really mean a lot to him. He never cringed when she used his full name. He hates it when we do that.” Thor replied and the others simply nodded their heads in agreement.


“It feels great to have my best friend back.” Tony said to you that night. You two were sitting together, eating pizza for dinner. The rest of the Avengers were all around you.

“So Y/N, what do you do for a living?” Steve asked.

“I’m a doctor. I’m in the Doctors Without Borders program so I travel to various countries and help vaccinate the citizens.” You explained.

“See? She’s a superhero all on her own.” Tony said.

“Anthony always joked about me having healing powers. I would always nurse him back to health whenever he got sick.” You added.

“That’s nice.” Natasha replied.

“Which country did you just return from?” Clint asked.

“Bolivia. Thursday, I leave for Mozambique.”

“Thursday? But that’s only three days from now? I thought you said you were staying for a week.” Tony asked. Sadness was present in his voice.

“Well it was technically six days. I spent three of them with my family. I thought I’d spend the other three with you. I haven’t seen you in a while and I’ve really missed my best friend.” You replied.

“How long are you going to be in Mozambique?”

“At least six months. AIDS and other STDs are extremely bad in sub-Saharan Africa. The death and illness rates are continuing to rise.”

“I say we have a party. You’re not leaving New York for God knows how long without attending a classic Stark party.” Tony said.

“You know how I am with parties, Anthony.”

“It will be fine. They’re loads of fun.” He begged with his best puppy dog eyes until you eventually gave in.


Over the next few days, the Avengers were able to observe you and Tony as you two continued to interact with each other. Bruce witnessed the two of you geeking out in the lab. Clint interrupted an intense tickle fight over the remote. Natasha overheard you explaining how antibodies worked to Tony, although she was positive he already knew. Thor saw you two cuddled up underneath a blanket, asleep on the couch at 3 AM. Steve was in the room while you were throwing grapes at Tony, trying to make it in his mouth. Wanda walked in on you cutting his hair cautiously. The team, except for Tony of course, decided that it was more than friendship between you two. They noticed how you would admire him when you thought no one was looking. They also took note of how different the billionaire was around you. He was happier and dialed back on his flirtatious nature.

On your last night, Tony held a party, as he promised. You didn’t fully grasp why he was hosting an event, but went along with your party animal friend anyway. Tony was standing off to the side, searching for you. With the crowd in his living room, it made it quite difficult to spot you.

“Looking for Y/N?” Steve asked, coming up to him.

“Yes.” He replied, “Have you seen her?”

“She was over by the bar the last I saw her. But before you go searching for her, I gotta know, Tony, do you love her? More than a friend?”

“I have no clue what the hell you are talking about.” Tony lied.

“Come on. We all see the way you look at her and the way you treat her. You’re a completely different man around Y/N. You also allow her to call you Anthony.”

“She’s the only person, other than my parents, who has ever called me my full name and gotten away with it. Don’t expect that since she can call me it, you can too, Spangles.”

“Fine, fine. I won’t call you by your full name. You didn’t answer me-do you love her as more than a friend?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I have since senior year of high school. I could never say anything to her about it.”

“Why don’t you tell her tonight?” Steve asked.

“I can’t tell her. She’s leaving for Africa tomorrow.”

“And this chance won’t come around for at least another five months. Tony, you’ve got to tell her. She feels the same. We can all see it.” Steve explained.

“In order for me to say it to her, I’ll need more booze.”

“Anthony, don’t get completely wasted tonight.” You said, coming up behind him. Both men jumped and you laughed.

“How much of that did you hear?” Tony asked.

“Just you wishing for more alcohol. Typical you.” You smiled.

“I’m going to go find Nat.” Steve said, walking away. Behind your back, he gave Tony a thumbs up.

“You look lovely as ever, Y/N.” Tony complimented you. You looked down at your red dress and shrugged.

“It’s not everyday I get to attend a Stark party.” You laughed, “Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself, Anthony.” You reached up to straight out his tie.

“Will you come with me outside for a moment?” He asked. You could tell that his normal confidence was gone. He was a little bit shaky and nervous.

“Of course.” You replied. He lead you out onto the empty balcony. It overlooked the city. You admired the view in awe.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something. It’s been on my mind for quite a while now.” Tony said and you nodded your head to tell him 'go ahead’. He sighed and you turned to face him, “Y/N, I love you as more than a friend. I don’t want you going to Mozambique tomorrow not knowing how much I care about you.”

“Oh, Anthony.” You laughed lightly, “You don’t know how long I’ve been dying to hear you say those words to me.”

“Are you saying that you feel the same?” He asked. You watched as his nervousness was beginning to leave. You smiled and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips to yours. After the initial shock wore off, Tony wrapped his arms around you and proceeded to kiss back.

“Do you have to leave tomorrow?” He mumbled when you pulled away.

“I can push it back by a few weeks.” You replied.

“Good.” Tony said, pulling you in again.

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