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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

me, wibbling: they DID do shit for you, scanlan, the moment you were like “I’m outie, y’all, I have to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, how can we help??” and vax went with you in the sewers to try and find her, and the moment you were like “I’m going to Kymal to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, do you want us to come with??” and pike did. you can only ask someone “are you okay?” so many times before you know the answer is going to be “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and all those kids are kids, not much older than your actual kid (except maybe Pike) and they LOVE you and you are TOO GOOD at lying and what happened the one time someone did saw through your bullshit?? It was Vex and she was kind and understanding and loving and she swore to never tell and she didn’t, scanlan, she never told. I’m not saying you have to be happy and hunky-dory but once you’ve leveled out and had a moment to breathe you’ll understand this and come back, right?



If you believe in the Gods, then you believe in the cycle of time, that we are all playing our parts in a story that is told again, and again, and again throughout eternity.
                                                                              Death is not the end. 

Anidala Week 2017Day 6: Favourite Kiss (RotS novelization):

There was no hope she could be happier—until his eye found her silent, still shadow, and he straightened, and a new light broke over his golden face and he said, “Excuse me,” to the Senator from Alderaan, and a moment later he came to her in the shadows and they were in each other’s arms.
Their lips met, and the universe became,
one last time, perfect.  


“Empathy? Empathy? What empathy can I afford my enemies? Shall I dither about whether to defend myself because it will cause someone pain? If that had been the case, I would have died years ago! You must be willing to protect yourself and what you cherish, no matter what the cost.”

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So! I was experiencing one of the best moments in my life on Nov 5th-
The CHIRAL Night 10th Anniversary Live!!!!
Can’t believe I’ve gone so far with N+CHIRAL QAQb
They did an amazing mash up story with almost all the characters from their games- Lamento, Togainu no chi, Sweet pool(my personal bias!) and of course DmmD!
The story and pacing of the live was so well crafted, tears were shed (yesh, its CHIRAL lvl of writing, very awesum ) I’m crey
So thankful to be alive rn guys
Itou Kanako, the goddess QAQb was just too epic OAQ!!!!!
tl;dr of the plot
A magical hour causes the worlds from all 4 games to collide.
In Toshima, Akira (TnC) meets Konoe (Lamento) and proceeds to be suspicious cos of Konoe’s ears ,hahaha essentially whenever characters from other games meet Lamento characters, they are just wow~ at their ears and tails. Aoba (Dmmd) then falls from the sky and Akira gets very angry cos he doesn’t know what’s going on and there are suspicious people appearing. They found Bby Youji (Sweet Pool) looking at them from behind a tree and after the four of them are assembled, 4 very cute oval shaped creatures appeared in front of them.
Konoe, who can understand their language, let the rest know that they are stuck in this situation unless they find music representing each of their worlds, collect a seal from it and combine them together.
Things went well, various characters met in different worlds (very funny sometimes, Keisuke and Makoto appeared tgt and I was like ermahgerd the best friends turn 病 type duo) and soon all the seals were collected but! Akira, Konoe, Youji and Aoba found themselves reshuffled back to each other’s presence and the situation has not been reversed….because 2 characters from 2 different worlds have strong emotions for each other…..turns out Shiki and Rai who met in Midorijima were fighting (think: hey my sword skills is the best. Haha you think Dis be my full strength? Think again. Hey, The next attack will be the last..) and they drew blood from ea other…. thus summoning out the final bosses = =|||| Leaks, Usui, Nero and the Meat God Monster which spawns a zombie army.
From here, the worlds were ruined by the final bosses, reality shattered and all was lost.
I sht you not, N+C had a screen that says - The end.
The entire theatre was in shock, so we began clapping in unison and chanting CHIRAL, CHIRAL, CHIRAL!
Thennnnnnn the part that made us all sob was….. beautiful music from a stringed instrument…. it was Shui!!! And N!!! And Erika Neechan (I swear I teared when she apppeared), and Seiiiiiii!!!!
They encouraged our 4 main characters, who now found out they have to send the 4 oval creatures to somewhere near the enemy!!
My bby Youji said he’ll see this deed done-you brave boy! Konoe sang! Akira and Aoba were like, we can be your shields and started whacking the zombies!
Aaaaand it turns out the 4 oval creatures were N, Erika Neechan, Shui and Sei!
So they sent the final bosses back and our main characters heard some nice music and decided to listen to the final live before being separated ; v;
Aaaaaand that’s the True End!!!
Alsoooo as you guys already know, we were treated to a rough pv of Slow Damage, everyone just watched it in shocked silence trying to remember every tiny little detail then exploded after!!!!
Maji Yabaiiiiiiii OMG OMG
The environments!!! The characters!!!
I am so looking forward to it!!QAQbbb
I love you Chiral! Here’s to another 10 years of awesome BL games!