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Alright, sorry for being such a waffle about this, but I’ve decided to delete my ‘extras’ sideblog. Instead, i’ll just keep my edits and gameplay on this blog. The only reason I wanted to keep things separate was because it would stress me out when my blog became ‘unsightly’ or didn’t match. I now see that is somewhat foolish and I need to loosen my grip a little bit. (It’s a personal problem, really)

So, expect edits and gameplay on this blog from here on out! I’ll be adding navigation links on my blog to those posts as they roll in! (Oh, and anon is back on. I’ll be doing replies posts again.)

Edit: In addition, not all anons will be answered. If I determine that they are either hateful in origin or something I feel doesn’t need to be posted, I reserve the right to delete them. So be aware of that! 

This community just warms my heart…

From time to time I just see a post being like “a community member needs some good words right now. Help them!” And then you go to their blog and there’s a bunch of positive messages bombarding this person and trying to save them from the worst. We all just…care

oh hey. i’m posting an opinion. shit.

okay, so i usually don’t like to post my own opinion on things on here, because i wanna keep this blog to just happy stuff and things that you guys want, but this has been irking in my head for a little bit of time now and i wanna get it out there.

basically, Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) recently did an interview with Ryan Seacrest where they called a fan and they spoke and had all the good banter that one does with people, right?

this fan got the chance to speak to Jungkook and she spoke in Korean with him. well, she tried. she said ‘annyeonghaseo’ and then continued to tell the boys that she couldn’t speak Korean too well. she said this is in Korean.

i’ve seen people making fun of the way she said hello, and it’s really bothering me.

my first language is Korean, but i live in England at the moment. England is a country that has very little Korean speakers in it - as expected. it’s an english speaking country.

but let me tell you, if somebody was nice enough to take into consideration that English might not be a strong point and actually tried to speak to me in my first language, i would be a flustered, happy mess.

that girl was being polite. she knew Jungkook can’t speak English too well, and she made a good effort to communicate to him, and i can guarantee that that made Jungkook feel happy. that fans cared about him so much to at least try.

hating on her for trying her hardest (and it was a really good try, given the circumstances) is just cruel, and it’s judgemental and unneeded.

i dunno man. maybe i’m looking too deeply into things, but it just bugs me when people make fun of people for things like that.

learning a language is difficult - talking to celebrities is difficult. she did a hell of a good job with the circumstances she was in, and from a Korean girl who still struggled with english a little bit, i really wanna tell her just how much her efforts mean.

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do you run your blog on a queue?

i would if i had my life together lol

no but like, sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t. usually my answers to plant questions and messages are suuuper long and take like an hour each to write, edit, and cite, because im just like that. sometimes these get queued, and i would queue them all if i was an actual adult, but like i always end up getting excited and wanting to publish them NOW. and then i get more questions spawning from my answer lmao

if i really had my life together i would recruit some mods to help me run this thing because i have 99+ dms and a little under 800 asks as of right now, but i haven’t because this blog is like, a happy disaster??? what can you do honestly at least we’re still having a fun time

tl;dr: basically anything tagged with “queue” was published using the queue, which i have set on this blog to publish one post a day between 7 and 8 am when i have stuff in it. 

re: the zine

These will probably be my only thoughts on it–not because I won’t be following the mess, because I will be on my own time, but because I don’t want to continually invite the stress onto my blog. 

Right now, as of 10PM some ~4.5 hours after the news went public, having read the original accusation and the defenses and spent the last several hours going over it in my head the only things I can conclude for certain are that a lot was kept from us (the contributors, and frankly just about everyone who wasn’t the organizer) and a lot of things were extremely mishandled within the zine. 

I genuinely don’t know if there was intentional embezzlement at this point. I don’t have all the numbers to do the crunching. Right now, I’m of the thought that it might not have been intentional (because it seems a little too messy to have been), but management was definitely, definitely done wrong in a hundred ways, and honestly, it sure looks a lot like theft when you make that many mistakes. 

I have no idea who’s ultimately right. I’m not sure I care, because things still were done wrong, and the method of fixing it will still be the same. 

I do believe that all the zines will make their way out into the world. We do know they exist, and that they’re being worked on. After this shitshow, I believe that the money will make it where it should be, and people will get what they paid for, eventually. I’m not sure there was doubt that the product would be made and distributed, at the very least. 

Personally, I’m just waiting for the zine to get to everyone–until I get my hands on the copy that is my payment for my work, and until I know this is resolved satisfactorily. After that, I’m washing my hands of the blog and the zine entirely, at least until when/if new management come along; my name/fic/misspelled Twitter handle are already printed, and I’m happy to have done a project with so many other good people, but this is obviously too much. 

Again, I’m deeply sorry to those of you who supported this project and have to deal with all this now. I hope you realize that the contributors really had nothing to do with how this went down, and you’ll be willing to continue supporting them, if not me, once the dust settles. 

One zine, and its poor handling, isn’t representative of this fandom. We all went in wanting to do a fun, meaningful project to benefit others. And I still enjoy this ship, and the community I’ve found, and frankly there’s the fact that nobody gives a damn about my other work, so I’ll be sticking around for the rest. 

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What's all this shot I hear happenin with mchanzo what happened I am not informed yet please help me change that

Hey, Anon!

Unfortunately I am not more informed than what you will read in the post below, since it has been the only source of information for me as well, given by another person when I asked the same as you did.

I was not part of this and nor did I know any person involved, so I am not aware of anything that happened other than what it was mentioned in the post. 

I am really sorry for all those who had to suffer any sort of consequences because of what happened. I support all McHanzo artists that come to my dash and always reblog! The best I can do right now.


And I’m coming back to simblr. The last few weeks/months have been crazy. I’ve moved to a completely new town all on my own, I started university in October and that was an experience, to say the least. 

But now I finally feel like I’ve found my place here. I made some amazing friends in my second week here and I couldn’t wish for any other people. It’s like we were meant to be. 

I feel like I’m in a really great mindset right now and this seems like the perfect time to start again with simblr. 

I’m going to move to a new blog, though. Because this blog here doesn’t really feel like me anymore. 

But it’s great to be back, guys! ♥

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The way you write Vergil gives me life. Omg the feels!

Originally posted by hardcoreboxdrummer


*Spade.exe has stopped functioning* 

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! (>///w///<) 

I….I just…love this man….so…so much….

Words cannot even begin to explain the joy and other things I feel knowing there are people who enjoy what I write, especially when it involves writing for one of my most beloved characters (so much to the point where he’s basically a borderline mascot for me and my blog tbh) not just in gaming, but in fiction in general. That being said, I hope to be posting more on my sideblog and while i have some WIP right now, I have yet to have enough time (and motivation tbh) to finish and post them for all you amazing lovelies who follow my on my sideblog. <3

The whole world is a shit show right now. I want everyone to know that this blog is a equality blog, here for all of my people of all races and sexual orientations and genders. I believe in you and I love you and I fight for you. Even if all you ever see from me is super heroes. 

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Honestly the screenshots you post make me emotional Oblivion as a game means so much to me and it gives me such a nostalgic feeling where I can't tell if I'm happy or sad but I love it (tmi i know but seriously i love your blog)

nah same dude… oblivion is my home lmao

i picked it up because i wanted to play skyrim, i happened to find oblivion in best buy and went “oh! this comes before skyrim, right? i should play this first!” (best/worst decision ever)

and i was so clueless when i first started (”who’s this ‘talos’ guy?? did she say alien ruins??* what is going on how do i hit things”) and now three-ish years later i’ve sunk literally thousands of hours into the tes series and it’s all because of this one sad, lovely game

also thanks <3

*she had in fact said ayleid ruins. i figured this out eventually.

#npso, instead of disappearing off the map with no explanation, I think I should write something.

I’m semi-officially retiring this blog as of now. I love supernatural and the supernatural fandom and that’s never going to change, but right now my life is going in different directions - I’m applying to law school right now, that plus all my other school and work commitments leaves me with very little free time, plus I’m trying to make the most of my last few months with my close local friends before I move back to europe next summer. that’s also something I need to save a lot of money for, meaning I won’t be going to any more cons.

I just got back from dc con, I got to say a personal goodbye to Rich and several (!) to Rob, and I met Misha, Jensen, Jared and more knowing that it would be the last time. best of all, I got to hang out with Darius Marder for a while, and I think he is honestly the most amazing man I’ve ever had a conversation with - the stories Misha tells are only the surface of how great he is. and the whole thing was just a really great sendoff.

i’ve had some of the best experiences of my entire life in this fandom, and I love everyone in the spn family with all my heart - some of my closest friends in the world I originally met through spn. goodbye isn’t easy and I’m crying a lot, but it’s the right thing. if anyone wants to keep in touch, I am @nonbinary lance#1287 or send me a message for my facebook (I’ll definitely give it to you!)

I hope you all have amazing times in this fandom, I hope you all meet your faves (both actors and other fans) and I hope this fandom keeps growing and succeeding like I’ve seen it do over the past 3+ years. I’m gonna miss you and I’m really fucking gonna miss rob benedict and please feel free to message me any time - absolutely no part of this is bad feelings towards any person or people, it’s just things changing.

love you all <3 

ptsd-pal  asked:

My partner is a trans guy who is slowly starting to come out, but has really crippling dysphoria. I’m nonbinary so I get it to an extent, but what he’s dealing with is much beyond my experience. Right now the most difficult thing is that he’s shaking, basically shivers as if he was cold, almost all the time to the point where it’s getting difficult to even sleep. Do you guys have any advice on how i can help him? Thanks so much, I really appreciate your blog.

Oh my, this really sucks for him :/. I would valid the crap out of him; saying he looks really masculine, looks flat, whatever can go a really long way. To be blunt, validate the crap outta him. Also, just making sure he knows you’re always there to support him, willing to talk, etc can help a lot too. It’s a plus if you’re able to do research and he knows you’re trying to understand and help him.

If available, he should try to get help from a therapist/counselor with his dysphoria. It really really sucks; people are and passionate about helping trans people with stuff like that. While they’re not gonna fix everything, they can offer and contribute a lot.

Also just coming from me, it’s really awesome you’re reaching out because you care about your boyfriend so much. Hope everything goes ok.


just fyi, if my blog gets deleted, as of right now, i have 100,097 posts and 6,868 followers. i think i’d be so disheartened to lose all my writing, work, history, art curation, connections, etc. i’d probably just give up. i don’t know, i might come back as adamthegirl2 or adamthegirlagain, just to try to tell a few people what happened. it would be difficult to want to continue, if my account was unrecoverable.

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hello !! ok so i'm pretty sure you're a bts fan (right? if not, plz ignore me i'll just assume that tumblr ate my ask) and i've only now gotten into them, so i wanted to ask who your favorite member(s) is and why this sounds like a really awkward interview i'm sorry i've never sent an anon ask before but i want people to fangirl with!!! (also since i've gathered up the nerve to send this i just want to add that i went between pronouncing your name as chee-bacon and chee-ba-ken ok ily bye)

HELLO THIS IS THE BEST ASK BECAUSE IT GIVES ME THE CHANCE TO FANGIRL OVER BTS, which is an urge that I usually suppress for the sake of all my followers who just want drarry (I should probably start a BTS sideblog but also I should definitely NOT do that because I have no time)

OKAY SO YES I am ABSOLUTELY a fan and like over the moon obsessed with them and currently having an aneurism over all of the amazing stuff they’re doing in America. 


Okay but if I HAVE to choose, my all time fave forever whom I adore is J-Hoooooooope <3<3<3. There is just no way that anything could ever top his dancing, and he is just so full of joy and energy and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And @queenofthyme agrees with me and this is why we are such good friends now, because hobi brought us together. 

And then after J-hope… well, I just tried to order them, and I literally can’t. THEY ARE ALL PERFECTION. 

Okay, I will make myself stop here even though I could talk about BTS for literal hours, but THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS ASK!!!! 

Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL

James, a deeply feeling man who began his working life as an auxiliary psychiatric nurse, shakes his head.

Many of the younger people who present at gender clinics have a history of mental health issues such as self-harming, social anxiety, eating disorders and so on. They see transitioning as their panacea.’

In addition, James says that the proportion of people attending gender clinics who are on the autistic spectrum is approximately six times higher than the general population.

‘The activist line is, 'Oh that’s because they’re trans so if they weren’t discriminated against and could just be themselves and transition they wouldn’t have mental health issues.’ That’s far too simplistic. I wanted to try to find the truth.’

In November 2015, James submitted his first proposed Masters Research title, 'An examination of the experiences of people who have undergone reverse gender reassignment surgery’, which was accepted.

'I had some people contacting me who said, 'Yes we’ve reversed our gender reassignment, but we’re so traumatised we don’t want to talk about it.’ It made me realise how very important the research is.

'Then a group of young women in the U.S. contacted me. They’d transitioned from female to male, had double mastectomies, then re-transitioned back to female.

'They’d stopped the hormone treatment that had been suppressing their menstrual cycles, but didn’t want reconstructive surgery to rebuild their breasts.

'I wanted to include them in my research, particularly as some of the women said they thought their original decision to transition to male had come from social and political pressure, not for psychological reasons.’

He submitted a revised title in October 2016: 'An examination of the experience of people who have undergone Gender Reassignment Procedure and/or have reversed a gender transition.’

James accepted the research might not be 'politically correct’, but felt it was important.

The next month the university rejected his proposal on the basis that 'the posting of unpleasant material on blogs or social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the University’.

'All I wanted to do with my research was listen to what people were saying and report it,’ James says.

'Society is changing so rapidly that a lot of people feel uncertain of their place in it and they’re looking for something. The fact is, the idea of trans identities is now being brought into the classroom and is all over the internet.

'I really think it’s good people who have transitioned have rights and they’re legally recognised in their gender. People fought for years for that and it’s very important.

'Some people need to transition and benefit from it. It’s a complex field, which is why we need to be able to have a healthy discussion about it and not feel afraid to do so.

This has all become a kind of Kafkaesque weird tangle. Somebody needs to call it out.’

Read more:

The old Fall Out Boy can’t come to the phone right now…



because they’re so much happier, healthier, and better off now so stop saying you wish they would return to pre-hiatus era and be a real fan and support them with what they do/decide or get the hell off my blog