all of his stuff is so gorgeous!

a list of things that everyone should consider

  • percy with an undercut
  • percy platonically kissing all of his friends on their foreheads
  • percy always introducing his school friends from Goode to his camp friends and both groups are always like “you hang out with this loser too?”
  • re: when his hs friends meet annabeth they think it’s some kind of joke because holy shit she is gorgeous percy wtf
  • percy with an undercut
  • percy swimming for his high school and life guarding in the summer months at the local pool when he has time
  • buying excess amounts of skinny jeans because annabeth they make my butt look great
  • she doesn’t disagree
  • also he finds out that oversized sweaters are really fucking comfortable so that’s all he begins to wear during the winter
  • and beanies, don’t forget beanies
  • percy with an u n d e r c u t
Monster (Young Remus Lupin x reader)

A/N: the angst i’ve been longing to write has arrived,, idk how i feel about the ending but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

 Request: Could i request…I was wondering if you could do something just a few years out of hogwarts were remus and reader are together and reader starts asking remus about having children and he freaks out at the though and they end up fighting because reader is already pregnant and was hoping to tell him but now it’s all your stuff, you mentioned something about angsty requests, I figured if you’d have it a fight might be nice. 

word count: 648 

warnings: aNgSt 

You and Remus have been sitting, legs intertwined, reading for hours. “Hey, Rem?” You close your book to look up at him. God, he’s so gorgeous. The way the light perfectly contours his face when it’s tilted down, like it is now; the way his hair falls in his face slightly; the way he absentmindedly licks his lips or scrunches up his nose as he reads; how could one man be so beautiful? 

 "Mm?“ He doesn’t even bother to glance up, which amuses you for some reason. He’s just so cute when he’s so engulfed in a novel, like that.

You can’t help but smile. “What d'you think about having kids?" 

His eyes flash up, scanning your face frantically. He’s got on this unreadable expression. "I can’t tell if you’re joking or not,” is all he says. 

Your little grin has disappeared and you can feel your heart sink. “Why would I joke about something like that?”

“I don’t know, Y/N. I just- you know that- I can’t really.. have… children,” He utters, his eyes still searching your face for something, though you don’t know what. 

You’re awfully confused now. “What do you mean?” You sit up and pull your legs up to your chest, getting visibly upset. 

He furrows his brows. “I thought it was obvious?” He sits up as well and mirrors you to an extent. You shake your head. “I don’t know if my- condition- is passed down by genetics or not. I mean-”

“Remus, you know that I’ve always wanted children, and you didn’t think this was worth mentioning?” You frown. You feel your chest tightening. “I don’t care if your ’condition’ is passed down by genetics or not!" 

He scoffs at you, "Well, unless you want little monsters popping out of you all willy-nilly, I think it’s a bad idea." 

 Your heart stops at the word, the obvious disgust he held behind it. 


You swallow the lump that’s formed in your throat, "Okay, then.” Feeling tears forming in your eyes, you stand and hastily stumble into your bedroom, slamming the door behind you. You set yourself down on your bed and bury your head in your hands. Sobs wrack through your chest. 

You hear his soft footsteps and then a quiet knock. “Sweetheart?” His voice is infinitely gentler than it was before.




“Can I come in?”

You don’t answer. The door opens and you feel the bed sink down beside you. “I’m sorry.” He moves his arm, about to wrap it around your waist. 

“Don’t, Remus. Don’t,” You snap, pulling away from him. “You said exactly what you meant." 

"No, I didn’t,” He says firmly. “You have to understand that the idea of having children terrifies me. What I meant was, I don’t want to bring someone into this world, knowing they’re gonna have to go through everything I have.” He places a hand on your thigh. “I’m sorry." 

You pause for a moment before uttering, just above a whisper, "If I told you I was pregnant, would you love our child unconditionally?" 

 You feel him tense up next to you slightly. "Of course.” He kisses the top of your head. “Are you telling me you’re pregnant, though?”

 You close your eyes, letting another tear slip out, and nod. 

 "Y/N, please, stop crying,“ Remus cups your face in his hands and wipes away the drops sliding down your cheeks. "Honestly, you’re breaking my heart.” You let out a light giggle at this. “Yes, I’m nervous, but I promise you, I will love our baby with my entire heart; maybe even more than I love you,” He chuckles. “I’m just- I’m so sorry." 

You finally let him take you in his arms. The two of you lay down and he places his hand on your tummy, rubbing it every now and then. A strange little family.

A fast Rogue One entry

Remember the Diego Luna Appreciation Post? Well, I just wanna tell you that I saw Rogue One last night AND IT’S FUCKIN AWESOME!!!

And this movie made me think about a few things:

Diego Luna is gorgeous. A precious gift. And it’s SO awesome that many latinx kids will feel identified with his character.

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Apparently the new Star Wars combo is British girl+Latino guy. And we all love it.

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Even though I want more brown and black and asian girls in Star Wars, having a girl as the main character in the last two movies is just perfect. Telling girls everywhere that they can be heroes and not only princesses is the best. Really thank you <3

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The only white guy in the film’s gang of rogues (who are the good guys) is a robot, so I don’t know if he even counts.

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The rest of the gang is made of: a woman, a latino, two asians, and an indian. A perfectly colourful ensamble.

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And we can add Forest Whitaker.

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Not exactly in the gang, but the other (and visibly only) white guy is Mads Mikkelsen. And he’s perfect. Anyway, have you noticed that he’s everywhere? Well, I am definitely not complaining.

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I’m not gonna spoil anything BUT there are a lot of cameos. Like a LOT. You’ll be very happy when they happen.

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Darth Vader. Darth. Fuckin. Vader.

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And capes. Wonderful capes. Let’s ignore Edna Mode’s advice and let them wear wonderful capes.

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Yakunoya Headcanons

Future Roomates!AU Headcanons:

-Nishinoya and Yaku have step-stools, color coded to make it easier, one orange and decorated in crow feathers and the other red with small paw prints. Why? Because they’re short and the kitchen shelves are tall.

-Yaku has no filter when he’s sleepy so like… sometimes when he’s drowsy at night, he gets all sappy and says stuff like “I wanna squish Yuu’s cheeks” or “Yuu is the best thing that ever happened to me” *giggles*  Noya records it because it’s too adorable even if it may not be good for his heart.

-Yaku sings so beautifully (I mean have you heard his seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana singing?? It’s GORGEOUS)
-So he sings Noya to sleep when he’s having a bad day or when he just wants Yaku to sing to him. Noya could not be more in love.
-Nishinoya is into breakdancing and DAMN THAT BOY IS AMAZING (Yaku drools over him but like is lowkey about it because he has an image to keep.)

- Yaku secretly has a hoard of “Cute Noya Pics” from Suga.
-Noya not-so-secretly has a hoard of “MORISUKE-KUN PICS ♡” from Kuroo.

-Sugawara and Kuroo are their biggest and most problematic shippers.
-“YAKKUNNNN” *splashes water on his shirt* “OOPS SO SORRY!” *Kuroo’s scandalized face*  “OH NO NOW YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF YAKU-CHAN IT’S BAD FOR YOU TO KEEP IT ON YOU’LL GET SICK!” *Suga’s fake mom scolding*
-They take lots of pictures of shirtless Yaku and send them to Nishinoya when HE’S IN CLASS.
-Rest in Pieces Nishinoya Yuu.

-They share gari gari-kun popsicles on dates~
-They share umbrellas on rainy days ‘cuz they smol.
-Nishinoya doesn’t like wearing gloves, so during the winter months, he shoves one hand in his pocket and the other in Yaku’s warm, soft hands.
-“Kenma, ‘Kaashi why can’t you guys be like that with me and Kuroo :(((((((”- Bokuto *unamused looks from akaken*



Guys, can we talk about the new Gintama 2017 trailer?
I mean seriously, there’s is so much amazing stuff to see!

We got another look at the most precious child in the world (not counting baby Kagura and Kamui for obvious reasons…)

My precious Nobu-chan is back and beautiful as ever!

The sleeping beauty is waiting for her Prince Charming 😉

The most gorgeous Psychopath in all anime is ready to fight and he brought his Abuto Nanny with him. (Not gonna mention the nanny’s lost of age, but HOT Dawn!!!)

And of course the king of pussy slayers is back to fuck everything up!

And so much more! :’)
Our final season his gonna be beautiful 😭😭😭


                         B e a u t i f u l    .

That’s what his Sammy was. Inside and out. All long, gorgeous hair that Dean secretly and not-so-secretly loved and teased him for and tanned legs that stretched on for miles. A heart proportional to the rest of him; gigantic. And filled to the brim with the same amount of love and compassion - the type of stuff that was so sweet it made Dean’s teeth ache just thinking about. That made his stomach twist and the rest of him shudder, but only in the good sorta ways. Dean hated that lovey-dovey stuff, but he loved Sam. And Sam loved that stuff. So, he guessed, that by association, he loved the stuff, too.

Sam’s pretty eyes were what really took Dean’s breath away. Hazel. They captured each and every emotion he was feeling and played it back, so easy to see. That’s how every time Sam says I’m fine, Dean knows he’s not. If not by his ailing body, but by the struggle behind his pretty eyes. Almost amber some days, sometimes a kind of mutt brown that made him look even more like a puppy - and seeing as he looked like some kind of overgrown labradoodle already, that was saying something. And other days they looked green. The kind of green that almost made Dean jealous. Then, when the light hit them just right, his his smile was just bright enough, they were blue. The kind of blue that makes you feel cool all over just from a simple glance.

Every time Dean would let himself give Sam once-overs, his chest would swell with pride. His lanky-bodied, gangly-limbed little brother was all broad shoulders and and rippling muscles now; a real force to be reckoned with.

Exactly what a Winchester was ultimately destined to be.

All of that to say that this six foot four moose of a man was still so, so very soft to the touch. Calloused fingers tracing over puckered scars and blooming bruises. It was all silky smooth to Dean’s experienced digits. With just the right amount of edge to remind him just how much of a man Sam was. Chaos and perfection, an expanse of sun-kissed utopia for his hands to find purchase in whenever things outside of their little bubble were a little too crazy for Dean to think about.

Sam was his beautiful little not-so-little bubble that he sometimes liked to get lost in. And could anyone really blame him?

In which Castiel is a pureblood, and Dean is a loud, obnoxious Muggleborn, and Cas doesn’t want that stupid, fit, gorgeous, freckled Hufflepuff anyway. He doesn’t.

What would father say?

Meanwhile, Dean is trying his level best to get the blue-eyed Ravenclaw to go to Hogsmeade with him. 

Yes. Come and talk to me about any SPN-HP headcanons you might have. 

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Zen teasing seven about his lil honey Buddha belly and seven feeling super embarrassed about his chub. Zen feels bad so he takes seven out to dinner and cannot help but stare and want to touch when seven stuffs himself?

‘It’s not your fault, Seven. Not everyone can have a drop-dead gorgeous body, after all! You have your own virtues.’

A long silence follows Zen’s words, and his brow furrows as he stares down at his phone screen. Why isn’t anyone replying? Even Seven, who would usually be quick with a snappy comeback, is silent.

Yoosung is the first to say something; all he sends is a bolded ‘wow.’

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hey y’all, remember when I was talking about a vox machina daemon AU? well, tada.

  • Keyleth has a gyrfalcon named Feldarios, white and silver with black markings. He’s absolutely gorgeous and they’re separated (it’s an Ashari thing). He is the proudest, most regal bird you have ever seen in your life and he could Fuck You Up. Combs his beak through Keyleth’s hair when she gets anxious. He’s unusually kind and soft with those who Keyleth considers dear, which is sometimes embarrassing for Keyleth. Not super great with social cues.
  • Grog - Khavamaria (or Khav) is a European hornet. Barely noticeable, she tends to just chill somewhere on Grog’s person. When he wants to be intimidating she hides and Keyleth/Minxie plays the part of his daemon instead, which works surprisingly well. Have you seen a goliath with a saber tooth tiger? It’s terrifying.
  • Percy’s daemon is a common crow named Athanasia, with a shock of white along the crest of her head. She’s quiet most of the time, and moves further from Percy than any normal daemon ought to. The others quite politely don’t bring that up. She also gets along incredibly well with Feldarios, and the two sometimes disappear together. Scanlan likes to point it out and ask if it means anything. Keyleth and Percy like to ignore him.
  • Pike has a golden retriever so dark he’s practically russet, named Miro. He’s fairly easygoing and almost as tall as she is. People tend to underestimate them––she’s tiny, she’s a cleric, she has a dog daemon––and it is often the last mistake they make, because when they kick ass they kick ass. They have been strangely distant ever since Pike died and came back, and they don’t like to talk about it.
  • Scanlan doesn’t have a songbird, like most bards, but rather a bullfrog named Terre. He loves to show her off, because fuck your expectations. She is just as much a troublemaker and show off as he is, and knows the bawdiest drinking songs.
  • Tiberius has a jackdaw and loves pointing out that both he and Percy have daemons in the same taxonomical superfamily. Her name is Bellisandra, and she is quick and crafty and a big fan of shiny things. Spends most of her time perched on Tiberius’ shoulder, surveying the world and talks almost as much as he does.
  • Vax has a red squirrel. Her name is Ilmariel. She is loud and brash and playful and either gets aggressively friendly or disappears entirely when Vax sulks.
  • Vex has a cat, small and quick and dark as pitch. He’s named Oraman and he spends most of his time curled up between Trinket’s shoulder blades. He is better than you. (People often attribute the wrong daemon to the wrong twin, and they don’t often bother to correct them.)

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What's Troll Hunters about?

Well, this boy named Jim and his friend Toby find an amulet. Turns out this amulet has picked Jim to be the next Trollhunter, which means he protects the underground world of good trolls from the evil Gumm Gumm trolls. 

It’s full of sweet cheesy family moments, dorky trolls trying to figure out human stuff, and a badass theatre geek named Claire. 

The characters are all well-developed and so very precious, and the art is gorgeous. I highly suggest it!

Bad boy Mikey getting all jealous and stuff when he saw some guy chatting you up and he can’t stop staring at you cause you look so gorgeous in that black body con dress of yours. And he’s just thinking how he’s going to show you that night that you’re all his and that no one should even lay eyes on you

Mr Wilkinson Smut Part 2 hope its ok sorry it took so long to write. Please read part 1 and my other imagines would be much appreciated also feel free to request stuff. Hope you like it :)

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So I’ve been thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that Magnus Bane must have a tattoo somewhere

Like just imagine - Magnus has never been one for tattoos but he is so used to seeing them by now and he loves seeing art on bodies like this vampire he once knew in like the 60’s whose arms and back where covered with them -some were just pretty flowers and some of dragons and other mystical creatures and all sorts of fun stuff- and Magnus was SO fascinated and like considered getting one but nah they’re not for him

Except one particularly fun evening in the 80’s and so many people have them by now because of the punk scene which he may or may not enjoy too much and he might had a little, or a lot actually, to drink and he had a pill of something from this gorgeous girl with pink hair and he is on his way home because portaling is not a good idea because he could end up ANYWHERE and there’s a shop right there and he just decides yes and waltzes in and fuck what is he even gonna get? And where?

And that’s the story of how Magnus ends up getting a small blue flame with little golden sparks around it on his ankle or something because he might have accidentally inspired the awfully mundane tattoo artist when he opened the door using magic or made his trousers disappear he’s that lazy when he’s really drunk oops


WELP! (O  w <);;; this is going on the list of strangest things i’ve ever drawn! HAHAHAHAH!!! XD ohhhhh~ Halloween! you’re so fabulous! HAHAHAHAH!!! when i read it, i could NOT resist this micro fic from @harleenjokester :

It’s late and Hux should have left the museum three hours ago but the new mummy exhibit is taking longer than expected. Hux is on his way out when he glances inside the onyx tomb to see the perfectly preserved pharaoh Kylo Ren, Hux leans over and it is remarkable, he can’t be 3000 years old, his face, his gorgeous hair, his big pretty eyes-what?! A linen bound hand reaches up to finger Hux’s red hair and cup his cheek, “beautiful” whispers the pharaoh.

All i could think about were the classic 50′s and 60′s monster movies!!! like the Hammer classics and stuff?!?! HAHAHAHAH!!! XD they were always so over the top and self-serious! but just AMAZING! i almost did this in black and white actually~ (>  w <) but i couldn’t resist the color, so HERE WE ARE!!! hahahha!!! i hope this gives you a bit of a laugh!!! we’re half way to Halloween now! and there will be some special rules posted tomorrow for the MFM’s leading up to the big day! so look forward to that! XD laters!

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So Naughty Dog has these moments in their games. These little moments. Simple but incredibly impactful. For example the giraffe scene in The Last of Us. I still remember the chills I got when first witnessing it.

In Uncharted 4 there again is one of those little moments. Nate and Elena are just about to head off to New Devon, agreeing to table their relationship issues for now. As she walks away and gets in the 4x4, Nate stands alone, all the ambient noises fade away and a subtle piano piece we’ve now come to associate with the pairing of Nate and Elena can be heard. Only that while you take in the landscape and Nate struggles with his thoughts.

As they drive off through the jungle the engine noise is muted so all you can hear is the now swelling of the music and see the incredibly gorgeous surroundings making it really feel like, “yup, this is it.” That for me was one of those signature Naughty Dog moments. It’s stuff like that that make it a complete story telling experience.

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Bruh I dunno if you've thought about this yet but paint-matt with g l i t t e r. Those gifs of slime with sparkly stuff in them but with him. Metallic paints, pearlescent paints, holographic paints, plea se


He’ll maybe have a tiny pint of metallic paint from when he was alone that he carried around since it was so pretty and he used it on his face, but after moving in and meeting Mattom, he’s constantly begging for pearl/shiny paints to use on himself to look gorgeous!!! He’ll track glitter all over the halls and his room tho :’)

Classic and EU Who Appreciation Week - Day 6: Favourite Scene 

History sometimes gives us a terrible shock, and that is because we don’t quite fully understand. Why should we? After all, we’re too small to realise its final pattern. Therefore don’t try and judge it from where you stand. I was right to do as I did. Yes, that I firmly believe… And now, they’re all gone. All gone. None of them could understand. Not even my little Susan. Or Vicki. And as for Barbara and Chatterton — Chesterton — they were all too impatient to get back to their own time. And now, Steven. Perhaps I should go home. Back to my own planet. But I can’t… I can’t…

I haven’t written anything for any of my other appreciation posts this week but I just wanted to say a little something about why I chose this scene. Even though we can’t watch it, the audio alone lets us know that Hartnell is absolutely acting his heart out. These beautifully written lines are delivered with such emotion and we can only hope that one day we’ll be able to see the performance that accompanied the words. The speech itself is so revealing about the First Doctor’s character development, how he has softened from someone so opposed to human company to someone lamenting their departure. What he says about history giving us a shock harks back to serials such as The Aztecs and can still be seen in modern stories like The Fires of Pompeii. It’s such a wonderful window into how the Doctor sees the universe and a reflection back to those who have accompanied his on his travels, and by the end of the speech it’s impossible not to share the loneliness and helplessness expressed in his final broken “I can’t”.