all of f(x) are my biases

no offense

but stop downplaying any idol’s talent just because you’re biased towards another group. every single idol puts in more work unfathomable, and unless you’ve actually gone through training, then you have no right to attack any group or idol for the matter. just be supportive of your group without negativity, they’re all talented, they wouldn’t have debuted if they weren’t.

10 bias tag

Thanks @kae-popx for tagging me in this… but i also hate you for making me do this hahaha 

I am also going to leave this to 1 member per group


1. T.O.P - Big Bang (Ok, but I hardcore love Big bang so all the members are my Big Bang biases at the end of the day)

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2. D.O - EXO (But don’t forget that Kai is a walking art piece)

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3. Jackson - GOT7 (but i also seriously love Bambam!… and the rest of GOT7…)

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4. Minho - Shinee (but let’s not forget about Onew and Jonghyun!)

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5. Jooheon - Monsta X (*cough* Wonho and Shownu *cough*)

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6. Wooseok - Pentagon (yo, but the rest of the ‘98 line tho)

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7. Youjin - KNK

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8. Jinjin - Astro

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9. Yongguk - B.A.P (but Jongup tho!)

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10. Rap monster - BTS (But Suga and Jungkook and Jin omg)

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But I also love: P.O from Block B, Hwasa from Mamamoo, Amber and Krystal from F(x), Siwon from Super Junior, Wendy from Red Velvet, Leo from VIXX, Dongwoo from Infinite, Taecyon from 2PM, Ren and Baekho from Nu’est, and Matthew from KARD

I am serious kpop trash and I dont care! There are so many talented people to love and admire

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Top five biases tag

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1.) Jonghyun!!! From shinee he’s my favorite idol ever and is such a lovely person
2.) Jinkiiiiiiii my favvvv he’s such a good leader to all the shines
3.) Amber of f(x) she’s such a talented rapper and singer and has a beautiful soul!!
4.) Irene of Red Velvet bc she’s so cute and lovely and yay
5.) V of BTS bc he’s very fun and I love his chainsmoker voice and his rectangular smile is sooo adorbs

I tag anyone who wants to do this!!!!

The World’s Most Imbalanced Bias List

Hello new followers (and old ones who I never talk to). My name’s Taylor and I’m a senior citizen at the ripe age of 22. Yes, I am aware of the punchline.

Anyway, I never listed out my biases here (I did on twitter) so um…. here’s my bias list because maybe you want to know these things idk

Starting with the girls bc their list is shorter since I don’t listen to girl groups a lot:

  • SNSD: Tiffany is 100% of the reason why like SNSD, ult female bias, a goddess among us, we’re married btw, that’s why I tag her as “my wife”
  • Twice: I’m never choosing between Sana and Momo, you can’t make me
  • Red Velvet: pringle child Seulgi, my fellow Aquarius
  • Blackpink: I’m not really into them but I do like Lisa A LOT, her rapping is so naturally good that it’s hard to believe she’s actually considered the better dancer while Jennie is better known for her rapping. I mean that Lisa’s a great dancer and Jennie’s rapping is solid but Lisa’s rapping, in my opinion, is slightly above her dancing.
  • F(x): Amber aka the idol everyone wants to be friends with
  • With soloists, I like Heize, CL (I can’t believe I have to list her as a soloist now) and I pretty much worship Hyuna - then again, who doesn’t?

And now we… bring the boys out: 

  • Exo: Baekhyun, my ult of ults, my baby, my man, the best singer kpop has ever known, a king, a god, owner of my heart I love Byun Baekhyun more than I love dogs, stole me away from PCY
  • BTS: Yoongi!! I got into BTS bc I heard JK sing and I was like oh wow but then I hear Suga rap and ?? He’s literally the best idol rapper out there and he’s so passionate about what he’s saying he’s also a Slytherin and that’s something I relate to. Number two on my bias list.
  • Big Bang: GD, my husband. Yes I am married to two people. That’s normal in some cultures. 
  • Seventeen: S.Cute, an adorable puppy here to make our lives bright and easy
  • NCT: These motherfuckers. At first it was TY Track but then Jaehyun was like :) and I was like :) please don’t sir  you are too young :) but he WOULD NOT STOP and then after trying SO HARD to force myself to bias one of the older ones like TY or Hansol, the Limitless cb just reminded me how whipped for this boy I really am I lowkey hate him though
  • Got7: JACKSON!!!! You all know Jackson so I don’t need to explain why he’s perfect and deserving of the whole world.
  • Monsta X: This is a new one. I’m still getting to know them but Wonho is where it’s at for now. Let’s hope Kihyun doesn’t mess with that.
  • iKON/iJON: I was 100% here for Bobby but then Hanbin just… he snatched me
  • SHINee: Bling Bling because I just love him
  • Day6: Jae, one of my funniest biases. Support Day6, my boy needs to eat good.
  • Male soloists: Zion. T, my jazz-pop love, Dean, who sometimes makes music that makes me feel creeped out but in a good way, Jay Park who turns me into your favorite local thot, and Zico, my problematic fave who I really don’t want to like but I can’t help but like (I put him under solos since I’m not really into Block B - I don’t even know all their names - and it doesn’t seem fair to claim him as my Block B bias without giving the other members a fair chance).

And there you have my lengthy, gender imbalanced bias list of kpop/krnb faves.

Okay, so at first I was going to completely ignore this article that has been floating around, because lets face it. AllKpop is nothing but a junky gossip site that claims they bring updated kpop information to their readers, yet they allow some blogger who seems to have the mental attitude of a tween to write such a biased article. However, after I read a few of the snippets of this article I finally decided I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

She starts off with f(x). Really? Out of all the artists under SM she chooses the most cast aside group to call overrated? How does this even begin to make sense? First of all, does she understand how ignored this group really is by their company? They debuted in 2009 and they have yet to have been given so much as a fanclub name! ““Red Light” was a blender of EDM sounds during a time where everyone was hating on EDM - yet people were loving this song!” I really don’t understand where she was going with this one. She is basically saying that f(x) is so talented that they made a “hated” genre such as EDM popular. This proves what exactly? Please someone enlighten me on how this makes them “overrated” because I have no clue. After all these girls have been through over the past year or so (and pretty much their entire carriers because no matter how many chart-topping or innovative songs this group puts out they are still cast to one side by their company) they deserve all they recognition they are and will get.

Here we go with Apink. Really, what I’m getting from this post is that she’s just salty that people are comparing Lovelyz and G-Friend to them. This should really only prove how much star power this group has to have other groups compared to them, and really why the hate? All three are talented groups. I also hate the fact that she used the phrase “modeled themselves” as if it was simply their looks which got them famous. She is completely ignoring the hit songs these girls have managed to put out as if they don’t matter.

Next she calls out miss A, but before I go any further have you guys noticed a pattern here? Don’t worry though, she calls out a few boy groups, it just so happens that the majority of this entire article consists of girl groups.

Alright *Beyonce voice* carry on.

I really don’t understand why she even mentions miss A here. Literally, the meaning of overrated is to have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved, yet she clearly states that miss A “has made hits, each and every time.” Wouldn’t this mean that people’s high opinion of them is well deserved then? Really, the only argument she has to support her claim that miss A is overrated is her statement that their comeback song “Only You” was too “simple”, however, as this is only an opinion she really has nothing.

Orange Caramel? Really? Excuse me, but I fail to see how a group of three girls that managed to win over tons of people even with quirky concepts and out-of-the-way outfits is overrated. Please, check yourself at the door because that is the very definition of earned success, thank you.

Everything about her judgment on AOA screamed misinformed. First of all, she seemed to be under the impression that AOA only became a dance group later on in their career, however if she has bothered to look them up she would have realized they were marketed as a dance group from the very start of their careers. Their debut song was Elvis, a song in which the group DANCED. If anything this girl should be impressed that AOA has such talented and versatile members that can not only dance and sing, but also play musical instruments. Another thing, AOA didn’t “drop” anything. They have a sub-unit called AOA Black in which 5 of the members are involved in the band. Again, please check yourself at the door for even thinking of shaming these girls because they choose to show a little skin. “Booty based choreography” God, bless this person.

She then goes after Sistar. Why? Because she doesn’t like the musical direction they have chosen to take. That’s really the only thing I got from this post. She bashes them for releasing a “generic” summer track like “Shake It” instead of “Alone” part 2. Did she proof read this or? “Shake It” is a SUMMER song. It was completely appropriate of them to release a fun, catchy, song because that’s the type of sound people are looking for during the summer. Please, take a step back.

*le gasp* Could it be? She finally took a break from criticizing girl groups and took a jab at iKON. Here, she basically admits that they worked hard promoting in 2015 and that they are indeed talented, yet she questions if their success was only because of their company. *side eyes* Has she seen WIN? Mix&Match? Has she seen how hard this group has been working to debut for years? YG is a tough company to be under because their CEO expects a lot out of them. These seven boys have been busting their behinds in order to reach the level of success that they have, and for her to ignore that hard work and simply blame their success on their company is honestly very insulting. iKONics, *CL voice* set them on fire.

Where are all my Starlights at because I’m gonna need ya’ll to set up a powerpoint presentation (minimum of 20 slides) and school this girl. She makes it sound like VIXX just popped up out of nowhere. They debuted in 2012, hello! They work so hard, and their concepts are always so different. This group works to show different sides of themselves, and yeah, they look good doing it. These guys have such artistic qualities about them, that for her to call them overrated is nothing but her simply not seeing them.


That’s really all I have to say about this one. I could let out my inner BOICE and educate this girl. I could mention how these boys make all their own music, how they first roughed it out on the streets of Japan before their debut in Korea, or how each of the four members can sing, and not just their lead singer. I could also mention how they each have very successful solo careers as actors, and they have worked themselves to the ground in order to become world stars, but let me not. I have to stay classy like my men in CNBLUE.

Lastly (thank God, I was about to lose it) she lists WINNER. Again, has she seen WIN? Has she seen how much these boys worked and worked in order to get the chance to debut? How can she even say that these boys haven’t ventured out in variety when they’ve only had one album? THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED ANYTHING SINCE THEIR DEBUT, YET THEY ARE OVERRATED?!?!? They’re one of the most under appreciated groups in freakin’ kpop! Sure, they may have gotten the fastest win in kpop history (5 days after their debut, that should tell you something) but their company has been hiding them away for ages. Plus, it’s clear to me this girl did not bother to listen to their full album, because she seems to be under the impression that it is full of ballads. It’s as if she completely skipped through “Love Is a Lie”, “Don’t Flirt”, “Smile Again”, Hugeboy solo “I’m Him” !?!?!?!? I really have nothing more to say other than Inner Circles are watching you.

My purpose in making this is for people to understand that you can’t simply put down other groups as if their hard work doesn’t matter. ALL kpop groups work hard to debut, and for someone to come in and call them “overrated” without knowing the struggle, is completely disrespectful. Let’s all try to be a loving kpop family, and let’s try to be aware of others feelings before we bash their success.

Anyway, have a happy New Year guys! Let’s work to make 2016 another great year for kpop!

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I realize that we all have our different biases, opinions, and thoughts with f(x), but after watching f(x)’s first win and seeing them all crying/sobbing it broke my heart because it seemed to me that they need our support the most right now. They’ve been through so much difficulties and were working very hard for this comeback. As fans of f(x) we should put our differences aside and not fight within our own fandom and support our girls because they really need/want it. F(X) FOREVER! <3 (anon)

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