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Love will taste like malasadas…or malasadas will taste like love?

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A picture + short story in honor of the most precious couple of dorks ever, now canon.

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Gen 4 Sinnoh: Introduces Lake guardians

Lake: a relatively small body of water surrounded by land

Gen 7 Alola: Introduces Island Guardians

Island: A relatively small body of land surrounded by water

Also, a minor detail, Cynthia is back in the recent Sun and Moon trailer.

I’m watching you, gamefreak.

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I remember in one of the early novelizations of the Pokemon anime, it was stated that Delia runs the only restaurant in Pallet Town. As such, whenever Ash is competing in the League, she always invites everyone she knows from Pallet to come by the restaurant to eat for free and watch Ash compete on the small television above the counter. But since Pallet Town is a small farming town where everyone knows everyone, people always bring food for Delia to cook (since they don’t want her spending all that money on them)–and many will lend her a hand in the kitchen or by bringing food to tables. They all watch and cheer on with pride as Ash competes alongside his Pokemon, representing the hometown they all hold so dear.