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omg i love leaf!!! could you share anything else about the harbinger au?

(i love him too) not much to say really. The main story is set “long long ago” in a made up universe, and cos i’m fully struggling to finish it atm i thought it’d be fun to do some practice comics with a more aged up + sassy Leaf, just a sad guy with a shitty!supernatural job to do in the modern world

preview for the next ^

All This Shit Is Even Weirder - Chapter 5

Hannah finally has some time to herself so she decides to organize her thoughts. Unfortunately, what her mind comes up with is neither helpful or happy-making. So she continues going about her life in Thedas, hoping that something changes for the better. So far, with no luck. 

MGiT || 7426 words || Read on AO3


The next morning came with an abrupt knock on the door and a loud huff of annoyance.

“Just how much longer do you think you will sleep?” came a muffled voice that she knew belonged to Adan.

Hannah could have sworn there was a giant wad of cotton surrounding her head, but when she reached for it with her hand, she only touched the slick, sticky skin on her face.

“Unnnghhh…” she groaned into the pillow “Yerblerghhh…”

The door opened then - she recognized the telltale scratch of wood against stone floor - but her eyes would not crack even a sliver and stubbornly stayed closed.

“The morning bells sounded almost a half an hour ago” Adan kept grousing. “Get your ass out of bed. There is work to do!”


Theme was for week was: More Than The Job

Downtime // @outcastcommander

Even the worst of the worst need downtime. How they spend it … that’s up to them.


a hobby // @batdad

When they are off duty, finding things to do can be a little difficult for the clones. Still, the downtime proves to be eventful for one of them anyway, and he learns a little more about his stoic sergeant than he anticipated.