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So I got bored and decided to make Nienna in Skyrim 

I don’t really like the war paint that much but I’m so used to seeing her with her vallaslin that her face looked naked without some sort of markings on it. May or may not ditch it later though. 

~All about my OC~

Name: Nikola (Niky) Bal 

Name meaning: Victory of the people (in Greek)

Race: Human

Age: 17 years old

Birthday: 10 may

Sign: Taurus

Country: Poland

Blood type: 0

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Aqua green blue

Height: 5′7′’

Weight: 73 kg.

Scars,Birthmarks,etc: Few scars on her knees

Personality: Shy, Introverted, loyal,brave,creative, badass (sometimes :v), clever, loving (only with friends).

Likes: Art, the night and the stars, animals, flowers…

Dislikes: Lies, people, scandals, beach and sun.

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, sleeping, walking in the garden, playing videogames and watching movies… (AND MAKING SUBARU BLUSH)

**Favourite food: **Green tea sweets


  • She can speak 7 languages (Japanese, polish, spanish, catalan, english, german and russian)
  • Can cook very good
  • very strong physically and mentally
  • good at every school subject except maths
  • Good singer but don’t wants to admit it
  • every animal on this world loves her, LITERALLY.


  • Tried with everything
  • Sometimes can be a little arrogant and bossy
  • Yandere (when a girl is with Subaru)
  • Partner: Subaru Sakamaki


  • Pervert woman, prey, blondie (Shu)
  • Decent, Niky-sama (Reiji)
  • Blondie (Laito)
  • Niky-san (Kanato)
  • Suika, Booty, Blondie (Ayato)
  • Baka, pervert, bunny (when he wants) (Subaru)
  • Niky-sama (Ruki)
  • Bunny-chan, Marilyn, Subaru’s prey (Kou)
  • Booty, big sow (Yuma)
  • Niky-chan (Azusa)
  • The killer (Carla and Shin)



Shu Sakamaki: He’s jealous, because he wants Niky as his prey, and constantly persuades Niky to go with him but she’s loyal with Subaru so she don’t wants to do it.

Reiji Sakamaki: She treats him like her own mother. Niky feels that Reiji did something bad in the past. Reiji treats her like a decent girl but only because of her inteligence, and tries to teach her manners.(They’re tea friends xD) 

Laito Sakamaki: Niky REALLY hates him. Laito once called her ‘’Bitch-chan’’ so she decided to kick him, then he fainted because of the hit. Now he’s scared and just calls her Blondie.

Kanato Sakamaki: If Niky makes sweet’s, he’s okay with her. Hates her body because he can’t put any of his lolita dresses on her.

Ayato Sakamaki: They’re friends, but oh boy… Ayato loves her, especially her big boobs. Niky is tried of him, because of his bad jokes .

Subaru Sakamaki: The most adorable couple EVER. Subaru thinks that Niky is the ost beautiful person in the world, she’s the love of his life and when she looks at him he is red like a tomato. But Subaru says that she doesn’t deserves him but she’s trying to help him, because he’s a good person and deserves better life.


Ruki Mukami: A relationship like with Reiji, just respect each other. They talked like few times but no more. Niky thinks that she is too serious.

Kou Mukami: Oh no, Niky hates him, because he is a fake person (She’s his hater xD) . Kou likes her and tries flirt with her, but then comes Subaru and kicks him out.

Yuma Mukami: He loves her, once he tried to touch her …. But Niky… Well, better don’t see her angry, Yuma since that moment is not the same. But normally they are good friends because Niky likes gardening like Yuma, and they are from a small village.

Azusa Mukami: Niky thinks that Azusa deserves better life, and Azusa thinks that she’s very cute. They’re friends.


Carla and Shin: They think that Niky can help them to kill Karlheinz because her great-grandmother was a vampire killer so they send wolfs to the Sakamaki’s mansion to take her but she kills them all

Van & Eridan of Sabrae clan

Eridan belongs to my friend @sparklesman - he was a city elf who joined the clan as a child and grew up as a friend to Van, Tamlen, Merril and Fenarel

He wasn’t with the clan when Tamlen disappeared and Van left to become a Grey Warden, but he went after her as soon as he learned and joined the group in Lothering :D  

They have a brother/sister relationship. Eridan is also the one who convinced Van to spare Zev life (andweareallgratefullforthat)

I’m having some doubts about my writing and such, just having nothing to do at work is allowing my brain to wander to my more depressed and bitter side. There are writers I get hardcore attached to, ones that I’d do anything to write with and be mutuals with and they seem to want nothing to do with me. It hurts, and I try to not say anything, but I see them writing with other people back and forth and I’m sitting here feeling left out and not to good about myself. Plus, I see all these wonderful OCs who are deeply written out and have detailed stories and tons of partners throwing themselves at them on a daily basis and then there’s my muses who gave basic details and not much on them. Or one muse will get all the attention and the ones I really wanna use no one ever really wants besides the people I talk to on a daily basis. Plus there’s other stuff that’s bothering me and I’m just frustrated and not feeling good. Bleh.

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