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What does jeast look like?

like this

RJ and mona are the epitome of that one post where someone’s best friend called them to ask what color dress they were wearing to prom so he could color coordinate and the person was like “since when are we going to prom??” and the best friend goes “….shit. i forgot to ask you”

~no one deserves, to disappear; the illusive, the forgotten, the valiant, the lionhearted, the deliverer, the returned, the unwavering~

I had an urge to draw more of the lovely and amazing entries into the Trollhunters fanart contest because they are all so beautiful so I picked a few and asked for a couple and!!! look at all these wonderful trollhunters i love them all 💙💙💙💜💜💜💜
i honestly had the hardest time picking hahaa
Characters credit:
Novu the Illusive- @drawingsdrawingseverywhere
Favre the Forgotten- @kori_dinosauri (Instagram)
Lakronica the Valiant- @stringbeanjim (Instagram)
Dava the Lionhearted- @merlin.daylight (Instagram)
Nakúh the Unwavering-
Rtharber the Returned- ya boi Jay
And my headcanon Deya!

In the end I hope you will return to me

Pairing: Lusen Yonosae x Aymeric de Borel
Rating: T
Warnings: Mild Angst, but it leads to fluff!

Summary: Lusen Yonosae the Warrior of Light is called away from Ishgard to aid in the war against the Garlean Army, but first he has to break the news to his boyfriend.

“You’re leaving?” Aymeric’s words hung heavy in the air. Lusen looked up with saddened eyes, and nodded, his ears folding down and his tail curling between his legs. 

The commander had heard of the events at Baelsar’s wall. Saw the horrific primal crawl out of the aether cocoon that held it, but the thought of his lover marching off to war with the imperials was never a thought. But why? That’s the Warrior of Light’s job isn’t it? To rush head first into battle? To save the day? Perhaps he got too comfortable with Lusen by his side for so long. Expecting his little hero to stay in ishgard forever. But that was not how fate took its course though, for darker lands needed light, and Lusen was that light.

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Just cause Im in the DA mood again. Honestly, even though shes not my main, I do really love my Lavellan.

Eilwen is cityborn, given to the dalish when her parents couldnt bear the thought of their child going to the circle. So she has a bit of an accent, though she can still speak in Elvhen. She loves to sing though, she did it a lot in the Alienage, learning to dance and play the drum among the city elves, and then brought it with her when she joined the Dalish. Music is like magic to her, theres a power in the stories and flow of songs, of finding and moving to a beat. I also think of her as visually softer than the born Dalish, theyre all hard angles and richer earthy colors, taller and willowy-er than their shorter, paled, more muscular cousins. Eilwen sticks out like a sore thumb in her clan but she loves them and they care for her too.

Important Question

Would anybody be interested in reading a novel about a trans man meeting and dating a nonbinary android from the future?

As well as a centuries old dragon dating his reincarnated lover, who was born to a family of dragon slayers?

Also a polyamorous agender necromancer dating a nonbinary angel, as well as an agender witch who’s dating a demon?

And a fallen angel dating someone who is possessed by a demon, while also very protective of said necromancer’s younger sibling?


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!