all night skate

every single time i think yoi has reached the absolute maximum level of Extra™ something new comes up and proves me wrong lmao this show is a gift

Day 6 : Ice skating
Khadgar didn’t grow up in a very cold place, did he. Few chances he got a lot of occasions to step on a frozen lake until then, I believe ? So yeah, let Perry teach you cause she knows, somehow (she’s been in a lot of places so, it’s possible ! xD)
I think he’s worried they’d fall through, to be honest. And Peregrïn’s like “eh, I guess we won’t.” (She’s kind of a crazy risk-taker at times.)

30 Days Challenge

I just saw @galentines post about it being her birthday in an hour and a half (less than that now!) and I wrote a quick birthday drabble.

Welcome to your late twenties, Caity! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3

Agghhhh, it’s @kickassleslie‘s birthday too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I hope you both have a great year ahead!

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Schenkst Du Beim Tango Mir Dein Herz, Nights and Days

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights Part 8

The final chapter :)

And I shall also take the time to announce that the Nino Prompt is the winner of the poll with 111 votes! New year’s Dance internship was in a close second with 108 so no worries, i will write that as well just after.

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yuri on ice is good shit

anonymous asked:

What's a g'n'g standee?

these little beasts!

they stand 6″ tall, and they’re basically double-sided laser-cut acrylic standees for your desk/wherever! again, you can get them from me in vegas! i have a couple people who have them on reserve right now! ( ᐛ )و (also, i keep forgetting to say–they’re $25!)

Anonymous said:

How do I buy hard copy of God n Gabe

i should probably add this to my faq;;;; i sell this from my home, so i’m not able to do them very often due to time constraints! i sell them from my etsy, and you can sign up for an email update when they’re back in. thanks!

Anonymous said:

Since you’re (hopefully) gonna have G'n'G out again soon, I was hoping you could clarify some stuff. Like do they ship worldwide, how much do they cost or how many do you put out at a time?

i ship anywhere in the world, first volume is (USD) $7.99 and second volume is $14.99. the amount put up at any given time is honestly dependent on how much time i have to do them, but the most i’ll do is 50 of each at a time!

Persona Protagonists hobbies include are:

p1-kun: being an American

p2-kun: riding a motorcycle, BROOM BROOM MOTHERFUCKER

p3-kun: eating, NOT GIVING ANY FUCKS as humanly possible, being a door

p4-kun: origami, bonds, bonds, bonds, friendship, bonds, bonds, friendship, dancing and more bonds

p5-kun: ??? taking your heart, skating all night???? 

TCA love • Nate Maloley

helloooooo pals! 3AM inspirations???? anyways. this wasn’t requested, but popped into my head :-) but for real, congrats to Nate our baby! God damn i’m so happy for him, so i made this lmao


excuse any typos and/or grammatical errors, i’m like 5


request here!:

here it goes! enjoyyyy

All the guys and I were in Hawaii cause we figured a break was way overdue. Nate had been planning to tag along as well since he has been working endlessly on Maloski and just working. I love him and his love to work, which sounds odd. He loves what he does, and I love being part of his team, considering we’re dating.

“Baby, me and the guys are gonna head to the dock and chill, maybe see if we’ll rent and ride a boat there? You wanna join?” Nate walked towards me giving me his dimpled smile that kills me every time.
“No not this time baby. I’m gonna go tan with Stas, Jordyn, and Emily. But i’ll meet up with you guys later?” I gave him a quick shoulder brush as my hands went all the down his arms, smiling. He relaxed under my touch.
“Ugh baby how do you even do that?” He groans slightly and pulls me into his chest and gives me sweet neck kisses.
I moan a bit under his spell, which is exactly what he wanted. He smiled on my neck but quickly knocked him back to reality.
“Baby if you keep fantasizing about me, you’re gonna be way late to the dock and boat.” I laughed as I pulled away from his strong grip.
“Y/N.. I will always fantasize about you.” He winked as he headed out the door.

What a loser.

“I could so get used to this.” Emily said with relaxation tone and letting a huge sigh out.
“Ohhhh yesss” We all agreed in sync.

I decided to check my phone and update a bit on social media considering it had been a couple days without being busy on my phone, which was nice for a bit. I opened Twitter and saw all these TCA vote tweets. My mentions happened to always be flooded, so I decided to peek at my mentions.

“Y/N WHERE U AT” another user @ me
“U DEAD” another user @ me

I didn’t know if these things were true, but I decided to check sources and before tweeting back. I googled the TCA voting and went through every category to see if Nate was supposedly in any of these as many of the fans claimed to be. I stumbled upon the “New Breakout Artist” category and opened it. Nate’s name was definitely there.


*Nate’s POV*
“I never wanna leave this place dude” Sammy said sitting on the edge of the boat.
“Dude same why can’t I just live here” Hayes commented in agreement

I enjoyed this vacation, knowing that this was a great break from working so much with my friends and my amazing girlfriend, what more could I ask for?

Me and the guys started cracking jokes until I saw a figure far from me, but growing closer to me and the guys within seconds. I furrowed my brows and it caught the attention of the guys. The closer it got, it was Y/N. She has never ran so hard or this fast ever!

“NATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled on the top of her lungs, as she kept running towards me.

She thinks she’s so intimidating but she’s much shorter than me, so I find it funny. But as soon as I thought she would stop, nope. She keeps running to me faster and faster, with a huge smile on her face. She eventually got closer to the dock and us. This girl was at full speed.

Next thing I knew, I was in the water and with her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me not just with passion, but with love and lots, and lots of lust. It was so sexy, so I played along. Our tongues met and I moaned under against her lips and it caused her to moan into my mouth. She gave me more sloppy and slobbery kisses, and when we pulled away, I was stunned from her actions.

“What was for that babygirl?” I asked confused, but completely turned on.
“Baby I just wanna say I am super proud of you” She said as her hands explored my stomach and tracing my tattoos.
God, this girl knows all my turn ons.
“Baby..” I groaned and my hand met her ass.
Her lips met my neck and I couldn’t hold back any moans anymore. I moaned in her ear and it encouraged her.
“Alright you guys, get a room please! My virgin eyes!” Hayes yelled as Sammy covered his eyes.
“What’s with you Y/N! Is there something we must be aware of?” Swazz asked, followed with curiosity.
“Well.. My baby boy has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award as Breakout Artist!” She said, with triumph, love, and proudness. She said it loud enough for all of the guys to hear.
“NO FUCKING WAY!!!” All the guys looked at each other and back at me.

I was too stunned with what was happening to even believe this was all real. I helped Y/N out the water and held her by the waist, as all the guys had their phones whipped out and going to check if this was all real.

Sammy looked up at me and pulled me over with his arm around my neck, bro slapping my chest.

“She isn’t lying bro” Sammy said handing me his phone.

I studied the phone, refreshed the page, thinking this was all a dream, but nope. This was really happening, this was real. I looked back at Y/N who had never let go of my hand and she was smiling up at me, looking into my eyes with so much passion and happiness. This was a sight I couldn’t bear to look away from. I smiled back down on her and kissed her lips, adding as many ‘I love yous’ in between all of it. She giggled and her hand caressed my cheek.

“You did it.” She said rubbing her thumb on my cheek with a wide smile.

The sound of those words, made me never want to stop. I felt invincible, I felt like ‘the man’, I felt unstoppable. My friends and my amazing/supportive girlfriend by my side, nothing can beat these moments.

Many of the guys came by the dock to wish me a congrats, and we all went out to celebrate.

I was exhausted and wiped out. It was 3AM in Hawaii and all these timezones got us all mixed up. Y/N was in the shower, washing off from a sweaty and beachy day.

She came out in a robe and her wet hair all over the place. She managed to still be so damn beautiful, inside and out. I got up from the bed to take a shower and saw Y/N’s nice and big ass, bending down for some clothes. I smirked to myself and slapped her ass.

“BABE!” she said fake surprised, with a hint of smirking in her voice, and I knew she loved it.
“Let me help” I smirked, bending down to her level.

I went through her luggage, finding her panties and loving how I got
to see this just about all the time. I picked out a lace black thong and the matching bra for it.

“There are your PJS” I winked and handed them to her.
“Of courseee” she fake rolled her eyes and we laughed.

I sat down on the bed and headed on twitter/IG for a bit.

“Baby..” She said grabbing my lose hand to my side, playing with my fingers.
“Yes?” I said, looking up at her due to our uneven height levels.
“I’m so beyond proud of you. All this work has paid off, and I’m glad I’m here with you and the guys. This is much fun and you work your ass off, you deserve the world.” Y/N said, running her hands in my hair and kissing the top of my head.

I closed my eyes to her relaxing and soothing touch. My hands met her waist and I rested my head on her breasts, both of us completely relaxed. Her head rested on top of mine. We stayed like this for a while before I brought her small figure, compared to mine, to the bed and we just laid in bed, with smiles all night long.