all night bender

All Night Bender . [Zellitte]


Zella was frustrated. It was Saturday night, which meant, no InterPride in the morning and no play or cheerleading practice, which meant, Zella could do whatever the fuck she wanted. She’d been party hopping, wasn’t even expected home; had told her mother she was spending the night at Emily’s or Beatrix’s or someone’s (she couldn’t remember as she was rather wasted at the moment.) 

Each party had been more boring than the last. There had only been about three, but she hadn’t found a single person worth anything. Not even a drunken make out. She was so desperate she had even sought out Ber for a midnight toke and a bit of a laugh–but he was nowhere to be found and his friends had given her the eye when she’d swooped near them. No thank you. 

She even was missing teasing Kiara, good lord. Or that Alice girl who she was beginning to believe she’d just–made up somehow, high on the cocaine she’d done later in the evening, a muddy not-real memory. 

Whatever. Zella didn’t need a party. Didn’t even need her sister (who was being a mopey, party-vibe killing brat). She could have fun all by herself. Which was exactly her thought as she crawled, rather gracelessly in her high heels, onto a rock over looking the lake water, which was still and black. She stared out across it for a moment before digging into her clutch and pulling out her joint, lighting it and taking a long thoughtful drag, feeling it spin in her head and her gut. 


Whiskers waking up after an all night catnip bender. (via respectmyauth)

trade - Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, because yes I can be a trade bore, sorry…

…I’m not sorry, I love it !

My first experience of trade was the 9th birthday, travelling up with Nik Denton and Becky, Carleton, Mary and many others who’s names escape me now. It was everything I’d ever heard or read about it in Gay Times, Attitude, QX Magazine and I was hooked. I remember dancing with Becky Denton (only 15 at the time) to Mark NRG’s ‘Never Lost HIs Hardcore’

Clubbing isn’t really an adequate description. Yes there’s music and dancing. Event doesn’t even describe it, I usually find the easiest way to explain it to people is to take them. They don’t normally know whats hit them, minds well and truly blown by the lasers, the performance, the dressing up, the dressing down, the musical journey lifting you up pushing you higher, beating faster, the crazyness and energy that gets a hold of you, charges you, keeping you dancing and laughing.

Many hours have been spent dancing, usually being physically encourage to leave the dancefloor as its time to go home. Sunglasses are usually a most on leaving trade as the suns normally up and you’ve just spent many hours in the artificial night of stars under the lasers.

I’ve seen a few birthdays since then, did a stint of a few weeks in a row when it was weekly still, followed them to the Love Parade and danced The Last Dance at Turnmills.

The 21st birthday was my last outing, had tickets to the 22nd, but the stars didn’t align on that occasion, so looking forward to the 23rd…

Trade - The Birthday “A Party for All Seasons”