all new spiderman


/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

okay for real tho you guys don’t know how happy it makes me when artists draw my spideypool where spiderman actually LIKES deadpool or!! or!!!!!! when it’s spidey initiating oh man that’s so Good Shit right there just!!!!! i just love it when they actually look like they’re in love rather than the 50 million fanarts where sm looks like he’s about to kill dp for even looking at him

Wednesday Roundup 15/6/2017

So this is a day late but in my defense I had a ridiculous amount of comics to get through with no one to blame but myself here. And you know what? I genuinely enjoyed almost everything. But does that mean every comic was good this week? And even so what did I think was the best? 

Honestly I don’t know how to write these intros for people who wouldn’t be here to read my opinion anyway so let’s just jump into it. 

Marvel’s All-New Wolverine, Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, DC’s Detective Comics, DC’s Gotham Academy: Second Semester, DC’s Justice League of America, Image’s Motor Crush, DC’s Superwoman, IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC’s Titans, IDW’s Transformers: Salvation, DC’s Wonder Woman

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UM i would like to talk about that part in spider-man: homecoming when Happy was loading all that shit on the plane for Moving Day and he mentioned A PROTOTYPE FOR CAP’S NEW SHIELD??? um excuse em moi??

r u tellin me that tony mayhaps loves his dear friend steven unconditionally and has forgiven him and bucky?? i bet they’ve been Talking and organizing how they can all come back!! oh my god they miss each other they just want to be a family again!! Tony’s getting the compound all prepped and ready for them to come back. All shiny and new!!

steve said “I don’t like the idea of you rattling around alone in a mansion” and tony’s like fuck he’s probably rite i gotta sell this fuckin tower we don’t even use it anymore and i’m tired of sulking around its empty halls. i miss my friends i’m gonna build them some toys.

so then SO THEN tony gets to work and starts making thor a Sick Belt and cap a New Shield and stays up during obscene hours under lamplight sewing peter and dope new suit and then later presents it to him like ya whatever i only hand-stitched this entire thing with my unconditional love and affection relax about it.

and things will be NO DIFFERENT when he gives steve the new shield he made he’ll be like ya i only spent a year making this and crafted it with the upmost precision and painstakingly ensured that these new amenities will protect u as if if was my very own heart duct taped on the front of there to take any hit for u but it’s really not a big deal so shut the fuck up about it i love you more than anything anyway is bucky okay bc i have some ideas for his arm