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White Christmas ‖ t.h

Summary: Tom has a bunch in stock for you this Christmas.

Requested: part of my holiday extravaganza list

Warnings: swearing, extreme levels of fluffiness

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield bc I fuckin love Haz

Word Count: 2K

A/N: In this fic Tom is a bit of a Sugar Daddy, but he’s the good kind and not an asshole!! Also I hope you all have a happy holiday + a happy new year xoxo 

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” You exclaimed, taking in the New York Skyline, the sun dipping down into a sunset. Tom followed you off the plane, his hands shoved into his pockets, his jaw shivering, “Really? I think it’s fucking freezing but that works too.” You smirked. This was your fourth time spending Christmas with your beloved dork of a boyfriend, and it definitely was the coldest yet in New York City. Tom wanted it to be just the two of you, alone this time/ Sure, you were doubtful - this was your first Christmas away from yours and Tom’s families - but you were with Tom, and you were positive nothing would go wrong.

You walked into the penthouse with your arm looped around Tom’s. The place was yours for the next few days, and you already dreaded the time you had to leave this lavish home. Your hands traced across the frost gathering on the windows, admiring the huge Christmas tree set with gold ornaments, housing little presents at the bottom. You turned to Tom, acknowledging the tree. Tom shrugged, simply explaining, “I had them mail over all our presents.” Tom walked up to you, wrapping his arms around you and nesting his head in the crook of your neck, “Only the best for you, angel.” You collapsed onto the bed, “Thomas Stanley Holland, have I ever met anyone more extra than you?” Tom scrunched his nose, flopping down next to you, “Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, have I ever met anyone more annoying than you?” You mockingly gasped, ensuing a tickle fight. Laughter filled the room, and it seemed as if the Christmas tree glowed brighter from joy. Tom peppered your face with kisses as you gasped for air. *bzzzt* Tom’s phone rang. He cursed under his breath, dipping his head down into your neck. He cupped your face in his hands, “I’m sorry my love, this was supposed to be a distraction-free vacation.” You waved him off before he gently kissed your forehead and scurried into the bathroom.

Harrison’s face flashed on the screen. The disappointment in Tom’s voice was clear, “What the hell, mate? I was just about to ask her.” Harrison chuckled, “Well thank God I called you, the plan was to ask her tomorrow you dumb fuck.” Tom could almost taste the sarcasm in Haz’s voice. Haz sighed over the phone, “Whatever, do you have the ring? Or did you lose it on the flight there?” Tom laughed, “Oh fuck off, I still have it, dipshit.” Tom pulled the ring out of his jacket pocket, staring at it as if the crystals might disappear any second. Haz sounded busy, saying, “Alright, well, I made you a reservation at Fig & Olive, you should ask her there, mate. Have the servers do something fancy schmancy like put it on her plate or around a wine glass.” Tom smiled, “Thank you, mate. Best Wingman ever.” Harrison rolled his eyes, “I don’t get paid enough, by the way.” Tom did his best sarcastic groan, hung up, and headed out to find you.

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-  Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #15

- Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #299 

- Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #13

- Luke Cage v1 #169

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 - Iceman v3 #9

200 Follower Celebration!

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 UHHHH what?! I have no words for you guys and your amazing support. 201 followers??? Like I just can’t believe it. Like why on earth 201 of you would want to follow me just.. wow.

I love you all.  Thank you so much.

In celebration, i thought I would try something new for my favorite Nors God, Loki. He’s just misunderstood ok?? You guys can read that here

Another Peter fic will be coming after Christmas, I just had this written so I thought I would give it a go for you all. Again thank you so much!

My requests are OPEN if anyone wants so submit any prompt ideas for a fic they want to read. I will link my prompt list here (x) yes i know its the party time prompt list but it’s all i have time for with the holidays. i am so sorry. feel free to send any other prompts, not even on that list!! and my ask box here (x). Please feel free to send any ideas you want to see me try and I will do my best! I have a lot of time to kill this week so please, FILL IT! 

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