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Silly viktor hair hcs! I'm pretty sure he wouldn't've gotten his giant shiny forehead until puberty and he was at 1st afraid he was going bald (which is a reasonable fear) but he ends up spending his 1st big sponsors check on a ridiculous amount of hair care/health products. It doesn't work but he does have very healthy now

I don’t buy into the balding victor hc because i think he did it as a joke to get Yuuri to chill around him (Show his sillier side and stuff) 

But he prob takes AMAZING good care of his hair. The most expensive oils, shampoos, and hair care products. The katsukis also introduce him to some all natural stuff they produce at the inn itself for customers and he’s hooked. His hair always smells nice, is amazingly soft, and Yuuri loves to bury his face in it while being a big spoon. 

But, if cinema does not give us the presence of the body and cannot give us it, this is perhaps also because it sets itself a different objective; it spreads an ‘experimental night’ or a white space over us; it works with 'dancing seeds’ and a 'luminous dust’; it affects the visible with a fundamental disturbance, and the world with a suspension, which contradicts all natural perception. What it produces in this way is the genesis of an 'unknown body’ which we have in the back of our heads, like the unthought in thought, the birth of the visible which is still hidden from view.
—  Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 2: The Time-Image

The pineal gland and / or third eye is the gateway to out of body journeys.

The pineal gland produces:

- Melatonin: Natural sleep chemical, that helps you get that deep sleep where your body regenerates

- Serotonin: Neurotransmitter, that regulates your mood and helps with cognitive functions as memory and learning.

- DMT: Dimethyltryptamine short DMT is also known as the spirit/dream molecule. All mammals produces this naturally and its linked to dream phenomenas. DMT can also be found in various plants and has been used be indigenous tribes all over the world. The South Americans make a brew called ayahuasca using two plants one containing high amounts of DMT (Psychotria Viridis) and one as an activator / inhibitor to start the process faster(Banesteriopsis Capii). The mixture is made by a Shaman with right knowledge and insight. The Shaman also supervises the ceremony. The DMT in the ayahuasca brew stimulates the natural occurring DMT in the body and activates the third eye, sending them on their journey in to the spirit world and into them selves.

Reports from people who have tried ayahusca states that in can be a very overwhelming experience if you are not properly prepared, because it cleans out your entire body mentally, emotionally, spirtually and physically, so if you have some worked up issues you will be confronted by them, but its a healthy process and the people say they come out refreshed, clear minded and maybe have another perspective of the world, because of what they have experienced.

Scientist have measured a high amount of DMT production, when a person is dying and its said to be the spirit leaving the body.

So when you take DMT you get this out of body experience, because you are crossing over to the other side, but your body is in meditative state.

So maybe dreams are more real than we think?

A note on the “Hannibal knows it’s all a front” idea

Hannibal can’t know it’s all a front. Because it’s not a front. Will really loves his new family; they fill a void with him that Hannibal can’t touch, even if they were gone–that lighthearted laughter and gentleness and domesticity that Hannibal’s all-consuming nature can’t produce. Will is carefully keeping a wall between him and Hannibal and not rising to Hannibal’s bait (much as I’d like to see him rail at Hannibal, he never does it, sigh) because he can’t let himself become vulnerable. He says, “I’m more comfortable the less personal we are” exactly because he is vulnerable. He’ll always be vulnerable where Hannibal is concerned.

Hannibal knows this, so yes, he knows that Will isn’t indifferent and could never be indifferent to him, so if you want to call Will’s “front” indifference, then absolutely, Hannibal knows it’s fake. But Will isn’t pretending indifference. He’s being cold and unreceptive, and most importantly, he’s offering nothing of himself, which he has never done before. That’s real–that’s not a front. It is a defense mechanism, to keep Hannibal at arm’s length, because that is the only way he can possibly balance what he’s trying to balance. He is hostile toward Hannibal and unreceptive to him, and he will give Hannibal no piece of him to chew over. Will’s new family is clearly related to that, both as cause and as effect. They continually reinforce to Will that it’s IMPERATIVE he should stay as far from Hannibal as possible.

Thus they are very much a threat to Hannibal, and he’s not at all incorrect to view them that way and suffer all kinds of jealousy in that direction.

We may all believe that it’s a foregone conclusion that Will is going to fail at keeping Hannibal at arm’s length, but Will doesn’t–he knows the danger, but can’t afford to avoid it, because he can’t just let families die, he can’t just let Molly and Walter down. He has to try. And so Hannibal can’t believe that it’s a foregone conclusion, either, exactly because Will can’t and won’t and Will’s trying very, very hard right now. Hannibal is the one person on the show who never underestimates Will, and Will has rejected him TWICE already. He may have the most reason of anyone to believe that Will belongs with him, but he has the least reason of anyone to believe Will will ever go to him.

Hannibal can’t afford blind faith.

Society produces lots of waste. We’re all part of the problem. If you went back a 150 years, you’d find that the waste stream contained mainly of natural products so it would be paper, wood products, animal products, wool - the fibres cotton [and] wool were all naturally produced. What’s happened in that intervening time - a 150 years - is that the waste stream has become progressively more toxic. So we’ve seen increasing levels of heavy metals, radioactive substances, synthetic plastics… So 150 years ago, you could’ve taken the waste stream, you could’ve stuck it in a hole in the ground, and it would have rotted, and there would not have been any long term consequences. Now, if you want to go looking at a modern waste stream, you need to be very careful, they’re actually quite poisonous.
—  Professor Vyvyan Howard, Professor of Bioimaging and a toxico-pathologist quoted in Jeremy Iron’s 2012 documentary Trashed.
Ruby/Saphire and Garnet Theory

Okay, so I was thinking about this a lot and I wanted to get the fandom’s input on this.  I was trying to figure out the weapons for Ruby and Saphire.  This was difficult because they would have to somehow combine to become Garnet’s gauntlets.  I think Ruby’s weapon is a type of crystal flail, similar to Sugalites, but smaller.  Saphires weapon would be crystal gloves to mostly protect her hands while aslo increasing the severity of her punches.  That, I thought, was the best combination of weapons to equal Garnet’s gauntlets.  

Also, I was thinking about how people said Garnet’s Future Vision belongs to Saphire.  I disagree with this.  I think the Future Vision is a special feature that the fusion Garnet obtains.  This is somewhat unrelated to the rest of this theory, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway.

Discuss Away!

Well, we don’t currently know how or why Gems produce weapons so its actually entirely possible that neither Ruby or Sapphire actually had weapons prior to forming Garnet, which may explain why they never need to re-fuse them. Neither Peridot or Lapis seem to have weapons currently (I’m talking weapon-weapons so Lapis’ wings do not apply in this instance) so it doesn’t seem like all Gems naturally produce weapons. 

If they had weapons, I know a common theory is that Ruby had boxing gloves and Sapphire had brass knuckles. But its also possible they both produced one gauntlet, considering they both only have a gem on one hand.

Future vision is most likely a Garnet thing, since it makes sense it would come from the merging of two minds. However, the only thing we know for sure is that Ruby did not have future vision, its still currently possible that Sapphire did. I’m sure once we learn more about them we’ll know where it comes from.