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ayo hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition

sjadnfgdfhjkj ok i’m joking here’s your annoying jin stan with the second follow forever!!! its my blog’s first anniversary and for the last year i’ve met here so many beautiful people, i know i haven’t talked to all of you but i really apreciate you!! thank you for making this year so amazing!!! and i’m sorry for excluding some of my mutuals, feel free to deck me in the face 

special shout out to my homies:

@leejinks get your ass here faster pls we have 3 months to waste, ily n i miss u 💞 💞 💞

@jimissi my savior, you kno i love u the most im sorry you have to hear all abt those groups you’re not even into i’m not sorry for dragging you into some of them  💞 💞 💞

@yoonjisungsgf thanks for everything, quality memes and notes and shit, i wouldn’t survive this year without u  💞 💞 💞

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💞 - angels whom i don’t deserve 

side note: i know some of you follow my svt sideblog, i just remade it into a separate blog so now you can find me at @wongyuhan​ this is a shameless promo i’m sorry i’m like this

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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 18 - Claire

Work is kicking my butt this week so just a quick painting for today. Tried to see what I could do with only one large brush… I know, I know, another b/w, but I do have some bright colors coming your way for next week, I promise!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far!
We’re a week closer to September!



Hey guys!!! So I think now is the perfect time to say thank you to all of you…These past few days have been hell and honestly i was almost about to do some stupid besides just erasing my blogs…something stupid against my life and honestly I managed to stop myself before I could have done something regrettable. I cried for days in my room because my life is a complete mess and I have so many problems not only with my parents, abuse and financially. I have been dealing with that for years to the point that i’m so emotionally drained and physically exhausted especially now with how sick and fragile of health I am to the point of almost dying in the hospital….

but all of you have been nothing but kind and patient and lovely and I can’t believe how supportive and nice all of you are. I want to change and look at life more positively. I know everything seems horrible, but I’ve always trued to look forward to another day. I realized that life is important and that even when it all seems like shit, it will get better. I appreciate all of you so much for always checking up on me and making sure I’m always loved and appreciated…I don’t know where i’d be without the support! And so in order to take the initiative to start fresh and with a new outlook, and not many people actually know the true reason why i did this…but i decided to cut my hair to my shoulders and dye it after years of having it long. I think this really helps me cope better and truly feel a weight off my shoulders. I’m gonna try my best to keep trying to improve and again thank you thank you so so much for all the love.

Sincerely, Crystal

Here’s some ugly selfie’s of my hair!)

Special thanks to @ask-bts-stuff @ask-cosplayer-tae @askbongtan @askminfamily @askjimjamjiminnie @ask-nerve-bts @ask-neverland-bts @aikochaaaan @ask-bts-au @ask-witch-jiminie @ask-deer-suga for encouraging me with sweet messages and the love

SARAH! TABBY! NICHOLE! KAELA! BELS! CAMI! thank you for sending me private messages and talking me out for making decisions i could regret. I appreciate it with the bottom of my heart. I would be nothing without you guys anf omg im such a zap i love you guys <3 <3<3

Sweet/candy lingerie set 🍬🍬🍬

I just wanted to say a big thanks to the person that bought the candy lingerie set from my amazon wish list ✔️ I love my pictures and I hope you appreciate them too ✨✨✨✨✨✨
And thank you to everyone that likes and comments and re blogs my posts, I see you all and appreciate every last one of you 🤗
Love and stuff #alienfamily 🔮👽🌙

YELLS. A LOT. Okay, now that I got that out of my system…

It’s only been a month, and I’m actually kind of shocked at how well received this blog has been and how much traction it gained in a short amount of time, considering how old my muse’s series is. the fandom may be barely alive, but the love and appreciation for InuYasha certainly hasn’t died at all, and I’m so happy for that! all of you have made this trip back to 90′s nostalgia so wonderful, and the positive reception of my portrayal is such a relief, considering how popular a character he is. I look forward to continue having this annoying doggo harass the hell out of ya’ll.


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Spy not knowing what to do while encountering someone who’s crying are my fucking aesthetics

I tried something simple this time.Shiro and Allura looking at each other…Well,I should try more dynamic poses (T_T) But I hope you like it ^^

((also, important

((i swear things will get better from here on the blog hh and like thank you guys for all the support and love yall are givin me but i just wanna let you guys know that i love you all, and that nothing will ever change that. you guys mean so much to me, you have no idea, haha… but if i ever make you feel uncomfortable or humiliated or anything of the sorts, please do not be afraid to tell me and i will do everything in my power to help you. i love you all, -mod twiz

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How easy it was to forget that the world outside was in ruins. In Reed’s arms, it’s impossible for Savannah to feel anywhere but home.

They dance to euphonious silence, their bare feet clumsily moving across the concrete floor. Their laughter rings through the hall like sweet music. Savannah cannot remember the last time she was allowed such freedom from her surroundings. She closes her eyes, Reed’s touch electrifying her where their fingers tangle. All at once, she is safe and filled with adrenaline. Maybe that’s what it means to love somebody, or simply to feel alive.

“You can’t dance,” she teases, giggling as he twirls her. She stumbles into his chest and the two of them burst out laughing once again. The dimple on his left cheek indents with his smile.

“So charming,” he remarks, drawing her closer. “But you’re no better.”

He raises her arm with an impish smile and right here, enveloped by his warmth, the sound of his voice, and the lingering smell of the woods outside that clings to him no matter what, she has never felt more at peace.


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13 for kiribaku!!

Kissing fic meme

Stomach kiss

Bakugou groaned loudly from where he laid across the couch with his head rested against Kirishima’s lap while Kirishima idly lifted weights and used his free hand to look through his phone for some type of music while he did a small workout. “What’s the matter Bakugou?” He asked turning his attention to the blonde.

His arms crossed over his chest and a deadly glare set in on his featuers making Kirishima snort and turn away to keep up with hid mini workout, switching the weight to his other hand he glanced back at Bakugou watching the way he turned over so his back was facing him. “You wanna go out and blow shit up don’t you?” Kirishima smiled slightly.

There were always times where they were stuck at home, no villains to to after leaving them with nothing to do. More like leaving a restless Bakugou with Kirishima which wsd never good, at least on Kirishima’s end it wasn’t. “Its fucking boring! We’ve been sitting around for two weeks and nothings happened!” Bakugou complained turning back over to look up at Kirishima. That same glare never leaving him.

Setting the weight on the floor Kirishima leaned back against the couch running his fingers through Bakugou’s hair knowing he liked the feel of it and helped calm his restless nature when there wasn’t anything for him to do to pass the time. “This is fucking stupid..” He mumbled out turning over to face Kirishima.

Smiling slightly Kirishima nodded his head gently brushing his fingers over his boyfriend’s cheek a slight blush creeping its way up his cheeks at the sudden feel of Bakugou pressing a kiss to his stomach. “I’m bored Eijirou..” He muttered under his breath sitting up a little more to reach for Kirishima’s shirt and pushed it up.

He pressed a few more light kisses to his stomach before letting his head fall back into his lap crossing his arms over his chest leaving Kirishima a bit speechless. He never knew what to do whenever Bakugou showed some form of affection toward him but he knew one thing for sure.

Don’t say anything about it or he’ll blow your face off without a second thought. Leaning his head back against the couch Kirishima smiled slightly pressing a hand to his forehead. “Yeah you’re is kinda stupid to be sitting here doing nothing.” Kirishima laughef quietly rubbing at his cheek to rid of his blush. “Damn right it is..” Bakugou responded crossing his arms over his chest not bothering to hide his own blush.