all my sweet babes~


Totally forgot to post this on here but:
To the most sweetest and courteous man I’ve ever met, Thank you! Last night was SO much fun and I’m so happy that I was able to finally meet you! Thank you for all the hugs and for taking the time out to meet and speak with us. When I asked you for a hug, you responded with “Of course you can! These hugs are always free girl”. Also when I told you that your wife has an amazing Instagram, you said “She’s amazing at everything"❤ The highlight of my night though was when you caressed my cheek, made eye contact with me, and sincerely thanked me and loved me for being a fan of yours! You also told me to keep a lookout because there will be exciting things to come! I almost cried and went to fangirl heaven! From Gilmore Girls to Supernatural, and all the Always Keep Fighting Campaigns, I’ve supported it all and I will continue to always support you. Jared Padalecki, I love you SO much and thank you for making my night❤❤❤😘

*is getting interrogated*
  • police: have you ever done anything illegal
  • me: i watched broadchurch on illegal websites because i am restricted from quality television and that makes me bitter
  • police:
  • me:
  • police:
  • me: what i have a blog to maintain

Happy New Year Robron Fandom ♥