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Totally forgot to post this on here but:
To the most sweetest and courteous man I’ve ever met, Thank you! Last night was SO much fun and I’m so happy that I was able to finally meet you! Thank you for all the hugs and for taking the time out to meet and speak with us. When I asked you for a hug, you responded with “Of course you can! These hugs are always free girl”. Also when I told you that your wife has an amazing Instagram, you said “She’s amazing at everything"❤ The highlight of my night though was when you caressed my cheek, made eye contact with me, and sincerely thanked me and loved me for being a fan of yours! You also told me to keep a lookout because there will be exciting things to come! I almost cried and went to fangirl heaven! From Gilmore Girls to Supernatural, and all the Always Keep Fighting Campaigns, I’ve supported it all and I will continue to always support you. Jared Padalecki, I love you SO much and thank you for making my night❤❤❤😘

*is getting interrogated*
  • police: have you ever done anything illegal
  • me: i watched broadchurch on illegal websites because i am restricted from quality television and that makes me bitter
  • police:
  • me:
  • police:
  • me: what i have a blog to maintain

All I know is that I’m really really excited for dream daddy bc as a black person it’s nice to see a black gay man character that isn’t a gross stereotype of what a gay man is supposed to be and also u can be a trans mlm of color and it’s 2017 and that’s wild to me

anonymous asked:

That spoiled prince of yours. Don't you ever tire of waiting on him hand and foot?

Ask Specs about certain people in his life;

    This anonymous person was very lucky that Ignis was well-mannered.  He had his left leg crossed elegantly over his right, both gloved hands clasped over his knee.  He blinked several times and pursed his lips.  "Perhaps you should be more mindful of how you speak to people,“ Ignis said, his voice sharp and short.  He reached over to his can of Ebony and took a sip.  

    "No, to answer your question.”  He stayed silent for a good long while, removing his glasses from his face to clean each of the lenses thoroughly.  "Have you ever been trusted with a task so precious that you were protecting another human being?“  he asked thoughtfully, still cleaning each lense.  

    "I have been conditioned and taught my duties, and in the midst, Prince Noctis became one of my closest companions.”  Ignis placed his spectacles back on the bridge of his nose.  "He is sometimes rather frustrating when he will not wake up, but it is an easy fix.  Otherwise, all of my affection has been fairly returned by Noctis, thank you.“