all my summer shoes are flat right now

supercabsy  asked:

Hi - I am a jean person and never wear skirts... I have one short skirt in my wardrobe which is above the knee. How would you wear it? With thick tights and heavy boots or fine tights with heels or flats. I haven't got a clue! If you could blog any photos I would be grateful. The skirt is Pierre Balmain and has a snake skin design (colour is mainly black and white and is made of stretchy wool material. Thank you.


Well, I don’t know where you live, but here in NY the colder-weathered days are minimally numbered (I’m crying into my keyboard right now about that very fact), and a wool skirt doesn’t seem to be the most appropriate item for the imminent warm weather. With that said, spring is the perfect time to mix heavier and lighter fabrics into one outfit. I guess what I would do is (if you’re comfortable with it) not wear any heavy tights at all and wear a pair of cute high heeled sandals or d’orsay flats. Something that helps offset the heavier material skirt is a spring/summer shoe. As for a top, anything that can be worn when the weather is nice and sunny during the day, and also when it drops a bit into chillier temperatures during the evening. Maybe like a button down, or a loose blouse, or you can tuck in a simple graphic or plain t-shirt and bring a cardigan, blazer, or a large chunky pullover sweater for later. Accessories help with the look too, either a spring scarf, a felt or woven hat, and jewelry. Whatever floats your boat.

Try Zara. They have great ideas, as always. As per request, I’ve attached a few examples that I thought might offer a little inspiration for styling and silhouette ideas. In my opinion, Kate Bosworth, Taylor Tomasi-Hill, Ashley Olsen, and Christina Centenera know what they’re effin doin’.

Hope this helped!

Also, check out my #mini skirts on my site, there are plenty more style options!

I swear this little oblique is holding on for dear life 😂 this is from yesterday morning 🙆 just did legs and my butt is shaking. So. Bad. Right now 😱 if I’m not super sore tomorrow I’ll be surprised 😬 however, I was really bad at myself because I wore the wrong shoes and kept on running shoes instead of training shoes which are flat and don’t have a back heel to it, so my balance was pretty awful 😂 well more so than the usual 🙈 so glad it’s Friday! It’s hard getting back into the swing of things and waking up early again for classes after a long summer! But I’m liking all my classes and it already feels like home ☺️🏡