all my shows are ending ugh

Beauty and the Beast 2017 thoughts (& spoilers!):

Okay so I know everyone’s been talking about the new Beauty and the Beast and all, but I just have to get all my feelings out there, it’s about to be quite a rant lol (SPOILERS AHEAD!). The songs are so much richer, it’s so much more “broadway” for a lack of a better word. There are new harmonies and dance breaks (GASTON OMFG) and incredible swells and omg my heart couldn’t take it. Dan Stevens shows such vulnerability in evermore, I was drawn to tears (I was also moved by his growl at the end, but that’s a different story in itself lol). AND AUDRA MCDONALD HOLY COW. I mean I knew she was incredible and all, but she just adds so much to the magic of every song and ugh the whole thing is just incredible, thank you Disney. 

Not only was the music incredible, but the extra plot hole fillers were perfectly woven into the original story and it was just wonderful. I was definitely sobbing when the furniture was becoming furniture for good and Chip was running for Mrs. Potts and the coat hanger caught him, it was sincerely heartbreaking, even though I knew the ending. I was constantly surprised by every second of this movie and my heart is still recovering. I am so overwhelmed at how amazing this movie is ugh


We swear by the light of the dragon’s eye to be loyal and honest and never say die. Wasabi!

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@laisvega said: Game of Thrones

bless my fav!! ty guys <33

  • the first character i ever fell in love with: dany i think
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: olly
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: okay so i like tyrion/shae but by the end it was so jealousy fueled and ugh (in the show at least i haven’t gotten to it in the books) i didn’t love it by the end but i still ship it if that makes sense
  • my ultimate favorite character™: sansa i think
  • prettiest character: jon, robb, dany, sansa, jaime, literally they’re all so pretty
  • my most hated character: ramsay i still love his scenes and his character in that way but he’s the literal devil jesus christ
  • my OTP: i don’t know that i have an otp but lots of ships!! including jaime/brienne, sansa/sandor, jon/ygritte, arya/gendry, sansa/petyr, jon/sansa, dany/jorah just lots okay
  • my NOTP: again not just one notp i suppose but!! i’m not a big fan of jon/dany romantically but if it happens i might change my mind who knows 
  • favorite episode: i can’t choose ONE but wow 1x10, 6x04, 4x08, etc etc etc
  • saddest death: jesus robb, cat, shireen, hodor, jon, so many help my children
  • favorite season: s3? s4? s6?
  • least favorite season: i l ove it but it kept getting better and better after s1 ya feel but ugh my children id K
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: renly*** (i don’t hate him in the least i actually like him i just think in the show he didn’t really do as much for me as i would’ve hoped, he was more interesting in the books) and i don’t totally hate khal drogo but also yikes like i liked him kinda ish but also yikes
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: petyr, jaime, sandor
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: sansa
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: sansa x petyr omg
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship’: dany/jorah, arya/gendry, sansa/margaery

send me a fandom!!!


so if you guys didn’t know, the vampire diaries’ series finale aired tonight and honestly i’ve been left shook. i’ve basically grown up with this show, as this was one of the very first shows that i got into heavily. the characters and story just resonated with me, and it quickly became something very important to me. this show has made me laugh, cry, get angry, and everything in between, and i just can’t believe that the tvd era is over. the characters will forever stay with me (specifically stefan salvatore, aka the love of my life, and bonnie bennett, the reason why i live), but for now, it is time to say goodbye to an era.

so i guess that it’s a wrap on tvd for good now.

(how the fuck am i supposed to go through this again with teen wolf later this year? ugh, why are all of my fave shows ending oml)

Take me somewhere nice [Smut]

Would you show me around? I don’t know the city…” Chanyeol said as you drove him to his hotel. “Why would I do that? I’m not a tour guide Chan”. You’ve known him for a few years now but it was always hard to see him, he was always busy, busy with work and tours. Actually, he was giving a concert that night. 

“You are! You just became my tour guide! I haven’t seen you in months, so we need to spend all the time we can together!” 
“Ugh. Fine…” You sighed. “Just this time, you and your dorky smile”

Explain to me how we ended up at my place?” Taking off your jacket, you peered over your shoulder . “Come on… if you are going to show me the city, you need to show me where you live too”. Rolling your eyes and trying to hit his chest playfully, you noticed he started to get closer to you very slowly, cornering you, gently pushing you against the wall.

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Smh so glad I stopped watching the vampire Diaries in season four why did they do that to Stefan and Stelena 😭 he didn’t deserve that at all he was always getting shit on of course he would sacrifice himself for everyone’s happiness while his rapist abuser brother was declared a hero and got the happy ending Stefan deserved 😷 ugh thank god it’s ended I don’t need that pain, anger and ugliness in my life

  • Kid Who Got the Lead Role: I hope the stage manager's ready to be my teleprompter tonight!
  • Me: I hope you're ready to get your ass kicked tonight!
Eat, Mama Jin, Eat!

i just spent 18 minutes watching this gorgeous man eat one of my favorite foods sooo deliciously, i just had to dedicate a shrine of a post to commemorate this joyous occasion.


even the way he says “thank you for the food!” kills me. ugh mama jin is so precious just end me now

then this queen of the fluffiest of all the squirrels tries to show us how to eat jjajangmyun (korean black bean sauce noodles) like a cool guy

but all i can see is that jawline like W O W. as a mom of 6, you sure look mighty fine, jin mama. also, why are leather jackets a thing for bts? like does yoongi just lend erryone his leather jacket to DRIVE US INSANE? i want to burn that jacket FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE’S HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. 

so i continue to watch and the action starts to pick up. the plot thickens as big mama jin prepares to take his first bite.

wait, what. you’re kidding right? you’re not actually going to shove that all in your mouth at once are you–


idk whether to be impressed or terrified by the powerful blackhole of a vaccuum that is jin’s mouth like HOW DID ALL OF THAT FIT? 

it’s okay though, i don’t think i was the only one horrifyingly amazed because lo and behold, tae strides by like

“alright then. you go mama.” 

but then he decides to give it a go and see how much he can stuff in his mouth too cuz hey, it should run in the genes right? 

but then he’s like “ah screw it, i’m just gonna steal mom’s food.”

look at that sorrow on jin’s face. but like a true mother would, he bites his tongue down and sacrifices his precious food for his hungry baby bird. at least it’s only for one kid–


“thanks ma, you da best.”

“leave or i will bite your thumb off.”

luckily child #1 kimtaetae comes back just in the nick of time, bearing a gift of atonement to calm mother jin’s rage

and he’s all "ah, i knew there was a reason why i chose you as my favorite. good work taetae.”

“wait wait wait, where do you think you’re going with that–”

“jimin says you’re on a diet. so i’ll drink this for you.”

“i hate you all.”

“whatever, i’m just gonna eat all my feels AND Y’ALL UNGRATEFUL RUGRATS CAN’T HAVE ANY SO HAH.”

“motherhood’s great.” /sobs internally


Just finished watching Cheese in the Trap and I must say that this drama gave me post-traumatic stress! I still can’t get over on what happened to the ending, it literally broke my heart :(

But all in all, this was a good drama, especially for showing the reality and situations of a college life these days. Plus the scenes of Yoo Jung and Seol was so relatable… to me… ugh *cries*

Park Hae-jin did a great job for his character, appreciated him more in this drama than mlfts, a dazzling actor!

I’m starting to adore Kim Go-eun, my classic asian beauty! Watched her movie ‘Coinlocker Girl’ with Park Bo-gum and srsly, she’s a really great actress!! Looking forward for her projects in future. This drama was a periodic for her.

Lee Sung-kyung! Her acting was so impressive, definitely a daebak for being stunning. A big improvement since her starring in it’s okay that’s love.

and Seo Kang-joon goshhhhhh, the boy who melted my heart through his hazel eyes, hoping that he’ll be the main lead in a drama someday.

So yeah, another korean drama is added to my recommended list. Goodbye Cheese in the trap! It was very fun very freaking sweet, a roller coaster ride. PDnims, you played our feelings so well… huhu

Me: *makes a post I worked very hard on* Post: *1 note* Me: *shitposts at 3am* Post: *50 000 notes, 10000 followers gained, post is trending, invited on the Ellen show, shook hands with Obama bc of this post, T-shirts are made, there is now a fandom dedicated to this post, won a Nobel prize, wars have ended, time has stopped all together*


Just saw another clichéd first kiss on a network show. It was the worst. They went with the argument formula. You know, when two people are in the midst of an argument, then suddenly realize they must kiss…you’ve seen that right? Like a billion times. It has never felt real to me. These two looked like they were trying to chew each other’s faces off. 😝 Somewhere, somehow, writers, directors and tptb mistook aggression for passion. You don’t have to claw at each other, slam each other against walls and rip off clothes to have passion. Ugh! Tried to change the channel, but it was on my DVR–the tail end of a show b4 my DVR’d show started. So I was left fast forwarding. Do I now see all things through Richonne tinted glasses? Maybe, but I’m okay with that. Now to cleanse my palate.

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let’s be positive; 11x20

I’m literally crying. No, really. I’ve got tears in my eyes and every time I think about the ending I want to cry some more, because besides The Man Who Would Be King, that was my favorite episode of all time. Hands down. Robbie, you are by far the most talented writer I’ve ever seen on a TV show and I adore your work. 

  • When the theory popped up that Chuck was God, I fully supported it. After Swan Song, there really was no denying it in my mind, at least. The character of Chuck had a different tone, which suggested what we learned in today’s episode: God was playing as Chuck on Earth this entire time, turned off the amulet so he couldn’t be found, watched the Winchesters save the world firsthand, and let humanity run it’s course. 
    • What’s interesting about this is that the theory of a “hands off” God is very popular in religious circles (and as a Christian, I know this firsthand from going to Bible school for basically my entire life). Essentially, there are people who believe that God is there, but he is letting humanity run it’s course on its own and is no longer intervening. I don’t agree with that in real life, I feel like the Lord is involved in ways we cannot even imagine, but on the show, it works wonderfully. “Chuck” was witnessing the world firsthand by partaking in his creation: learning guitar, dating (men AND women, thank you, Robbie), living everything firsthand. He runs a blog about cats, he watches humanity, he is living as one of us, unknown. He doesn’t answer prayers, he only helps when convenient, and is letting free will reign. He is a God who is letting things run it’s course, and now that Amara is going to destroy what he formed, he doesn’t care. From what we’ve viewed over the entirety of the show, I’m very glad this approach to God is the interpretation they went with, because it is just very clever. 
  • I never thought I’d say that I like Metatron, but in this episode, I adored him. Part of that was from Curtis’s acting, which was the best I’ve ever seen out of him. I enjoyed the version of Metatron who dropped the douche act and presented his pain and disappointment to God when given the chance. He wasn’t afraid, but he was angry. He admits to being  a loser god, one who didn’t do anything and only cried out for attention from his father. And yet, he got none. God ignored him, as per usual. Of course, Metatron is pissed about this fact. I loved the pure anger I got from him, the unapologetic, ruthless review of God’s work, once he got past trying to please him by lying. I loved that in a way, he is the one who convinces God to rescue humanity from Amara, the angel who thought humans were just pawns in his game as an angel, now appreciates humanity as a human man. It reminded me a lot of Gabriel’s speech to Lucifer in his last episode, actually. I loved it. Ugh. A C T I N G. 
  • Note: all of the acting in this episode was phenomenal, but the episode goes to Rob and Curtis for rocking those Chuck/Metatron scenes. I was frightened of Chuck a bunch of times this episode, while also laughing at the comedic lines. Our cast is way too talented, guys. 
  • Random thought, but ironing Sam’s shirt with beer was AMAZING. The timing on that was perfectly done by Jared and Jensen, as per usual. It was gold. 
  • Chuck taking Metatron to that landscape to ‘enjoy it one last time’ really put into perspective that he really is going to let Amara take down everything, and that is when Metatron first realizes that yeah, he’s gotta intervene. Perfectly written, and that landscape can’t be beat in beauty. 
  • THE LITTLE JOKES ABOUT THE OLD EPISODES. Like ‘That’s was my editor’s face when I turned in Bugs’ or ‘Supernatural. Revolution. You’re not great with the titles.’ BLESS YOU, ROBBIE.
  • Metatron talking about God being a coward TOOK BALLS. I never thought I’d be cheering on Metatron, but I was today. 
  • And Chuck’s reaction about being all powerful was ugh, amazing.
  • Back to the brothers, I loved that we got a glimpse of Sam holding a baby because TALK ABOUT ADORABLE. Dean was also great with duct taping the walls and windows with that ‘blue steel’ face he had on. Jensen, really now? Too good. 
  • It’s not unusual by any means, but I loved that Dean wasn’t going to leave Sam in the fog, even if he couldn’t be affected by it. (Not thrilled about trying to take in the fog to go down with Sam again, but it’s SPN; codependency is expected at this point imo.)
  • No, literally, I was crying real tears when that happened and they found Chuck at the end. Beautiful. 

Guys, everything about the episode is what I would’ve hoped for. Robbie, thank you for making me cry AGAIN. Beautiful. 

Next week, we’re going right into the action with Lucifer being held by Amara, Amara and Dean talking again, and Chuck back for good (?). Also this is the episode where Dean cries, right? It’s gonna be amazing! 

re:THAT part in Kingsman

so i went to see Kingsman today with venvephe and traumachu for the first time (well, my first time, their 3rd + 4th times) and i was thoroughly enjoying myself throughout it. it has everything i look for in movies: cool fight scenes that utilize slo-mo, meaningful relationships between dudes with heavily homoerotic subtext, prominent-ass ladies, socioeconomic class conflict, jokes on jokes, suits, accents, umbrellas, etc etc. i couldn’t wait to show more pals and to enjoy this movie with them too… 

… until THAT part. you know. the one at the end. (pun un/intended)

at first, i was upset about it for all the obvious reasons - it was unnecessary, gratuitous, objectifying, and just… ugh. i was so upset about it that i couldn’t even enjoy the last otherwise-supremely-satisfying 2 minutes of the resolution. i was so upset that all the good feelings i had about the other 99% of the movie suddenly disintegrated and all i was left with was an unhappy, bitter, “blah”. 

(that’s not true. i was yelling about how upset i was about it at traumachu​ for a while.)

and the more i thought about THAT part, the more upset i got. i think what upset me the most about THAT part, aside from those obvious reasons, was that it said to me, “don’t forget who this movie was really made for.”

it said to me, “you know the past two hours you just enjoyed so much? well, it wasn’t really for you. you’re not the intended audience here.”

don’t get me wrong - i don’t have anything against lady butts. butts are beautiful/bootyful things to be celebrated. i welcome tastefully done nudie parts - pretty much always!

but in the context that THAT part was presented and the way that it was done was in no way tasteful - it was just pandering to its intended audience… which, as i was unsubtly reminded, did not include me.

i enjoyed the prominent-ass ladies, but not the prominent lady ass.

  • Henry: I heard all the noise outside. What happened? Where's Mom?
  • Charming: I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but she's the new host for the Dark One.
  • Henry: What?!
  • Charming: Yeah. It came out of Gold in a mess of black goo and attached itself to her.
  • Henry: Oh my God.
  • Charming: I know. It must be tough to hear but--
  • Henry: She got Spider-man 3'd.
  • Charming: What now?
  • Henry: Don't worry. I know what to do. You go see if the nuns will let us use their church bell. I'll make sure nobody indulges her if she starts a dance sequence. Text me the second you notice any wardrobe changes.
  • Charming:
  • Charming: None of that made any sense.
  • Snow: When does it ever?

before i go back into my shock bubble i just have to say something

how to get away with murder literally took the mystery theyve had in front of us all season and just gave us a satisfying end to that mystery while creating another mystery that still links in to the original mystery

whereas pretty little liars (i show i watch and i enjoy just to clarify) is how many seasons in with the same mystery???? 




who is a

"she betrayed laura"

Holy shit, SHUT UP?????

How can a person who watches this show use their keyboard to say that Carmilla fucking Karnstein betrayed Laura Hollis?

This has been nagging me since the end of the episode because I have a lot of feelings about Carmilla and I’m just gonna let this all out. First of all: Carmilla is not the villain of this piece. But she’s most certainly NOT the hero and this is what tiny gay Laura Hollis needs to understand.

If no one has realized this: Carmilla has been upfront about who she is from day one. She never pretended to be someone else and she’s said time and time again that the things she’s doing - all that she’s done since season one - has been for Laura.

“My mother fed the only person I cared about to a monster and maybe I don’t feel like letting that happen again.”

It’s been there all along. From season one. What she does, the sacrifices Carmilla does - they’re all to save LAURA. Not a single other person. The bat bracelet. Giving up Kirsch. Going after the sword. Everything just so that she could keep Laura (and herself, obviously) safe. She isn’t a hero and she never pretended to be one.

What she most definitely is, though, is a fool in love.

Laura, however. Oh, sweet Laura. At first, the whole not-having-a-clue thing was cute. ‘Oh, Carmilla isn’t doing this for me. Oh, Carmilla doesn’t like me. She’s been changing way before she met me.’

No, Laura. No. She’s said it to Laura’s face over and over again how things work. But Laura is the one who lives in a world where everything is black and white and so Carmilla helping her surely comes from her desire to help humanity as well. Except it doesn’t and while it was cute and adorable last season, it’s just frustrating now.

And here’s why it’s frustrating: because this is exactly how Ell broke Carmilla’s heart.

Carmilla isn’t insecure about their relationship because she thinks Laura wants someone who’s a hero. No. Carmilla is insecure because Laura thinks she is something that she’s not. And back when Ell found out what Carmilla really was, she turned her over to the Dean and basically smashed her heart in the process.

So what is Laura gonna do when she realizes that Carmilla isn’t a hero? That’s what Carmilla is afraid of. And that’s why she keeps reminding Laura that that’s not who she is but Laura refuses to accept that. Laura refuses to see that Carmilla has no desire to protect anyone else but her.

So don’t you come around saying that Carmilla betrayed Laura. Not when everything she’s done since season one has been about protecting this girl.

Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 3

Jack: They traced someone smoking E-cigarettes to the cause of their death which means ugh.. that’s one more smoking death that’s not a marijuana death.

Jeremy: It’s true.

Michael: Jack, you gotta stop pushing your agenda.

Jeremy: Jack, come on man. 

Jack: Just saying..

Michael: We know, I’d like to get high at work too man.

Jeremy: Jack’s gonna legalize it.

Michael: *laughs loudly*

Jack: Vape Nation y’all!

Michael: Gay marriage, check! What’s next?

Jack: Work your way down the list.

Jeremy: What’s next? Marrying weed.