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I’m finally going through all the photos my dad took of my Eowyn cosplay over Christmas - I got waylaid by returning to LA and immediately catching the plague for two weeks - and all of them are like pretty “stare off into the distance and look sad” pics, but these are actually the truer representation of me and what my poor family has to deal with all the time. 



tagged by the lovely @taylorreadsbooks ✧ 2016 was a good year for bookish pictures and i’m excited to see what the next year will bring me.

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‘auntie Reni’, Teine Renaissance at Rassim’s, litter sister to the black lady in the previous post. She can’t be shown after an injury, but came to support her sister, 2 nieces, nephew and her little daughter at the show. 

She’s showing off the specific borzoi smile.

And what a gorgeous colour! I really hope to get a girl with that dark red some time in the future, they are so rare these days.