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Even if you could do all those things, but how could you be someone who could do that? The world would know that you were the one that betrayed every last one of our partners. Betray the memory of Charles Vane. 

Charles Vane is dead. I’d do it for us. It’s how it started. It’s how it’s going to end.


yall see this???? 👌


The proposal 



Ok but really why dont people pay more attention to Soon-Duk and Wang-Eun like how can you not be totally in love with them and their relationship?

  1. unconventional romantic relationship
  2. Soon-Duk is a strong and independent female character
  3. Wang-Eun has no shame in showing his emotions despite being a man in a conservative society
  4. Soon-Duk takes care of Eun eventho its usually “supposed” to be the other way around and she doesnt give a shit because she loves Eun just the way he is
  5. Wang-Eun is not apologetic to be what is considered quite unmanly and childish and always relies on her without feeling undermined in his manliness or some shit, he just accepts (or more like doesnt even think about the fact) that their relationship is different from the conventional path
  6. he often doesnt understand when hes overstepping the lines and crossing borders but he’ll be sorry as soon as he gets aware of the fact that he was hurting other people with his behaviour
  7. Soon-Duk is a warrior but she is also very sweet and though she doesnt really understand Wang-Euns soft ways and rather sensitive personality some times, she is always trying her hardest to get his point of view
  8. she loves him wholeheartedly
  9. she was basically the one curting HIM
  10. Wang-Eun is more often than not a total diva but you can see even in his nagging that he cares for her alot and is just showing it in different ways which Soon-Duk is totally okay with and seems even fond of
  11. they are basically the polar opposite on how they should be regarding traditional gender roles
  12. and despite being literally on opposite sides of the spectrum they still have a really caring and understanding relationship and are always trying to look out for the other in their own ways
  13. they are basically like bestfriends

The Question here is not why someone would love this couple, the question here is more like why wouldn’t you love this couple and why doesnt it get the recognition it deserves

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Ive been wondering if u have a sketchbook :3c it would be ossom to see some or your bootyful sketches

ahaha hiii~

hmm, i used to have some sketchbook, but bcs theyre expensive and the paper feels expensive, i was really reluctant to draw in them (the burden of having to use these expensive papers for good) so i usually just grab HVS paper (that printer paper), fold them into two, and doodle all i want =u=

i used to have a folder where i put all those spread-out papers, but bcs im studying abroad right now, and i prefer not to buy too much paper, i just doodle in my tablet. but if you’re curious, my notebook is as good as a sketchbook to me hehe