all my otps tbh


waiting here, for evermore. (x)


Even if you could do all those things, but how could you be someone who could do that? The world would know that you were the one that betrayed every last one of our partners. Betray the memory of Charles Vane. 

Charles Vane is dead. I’d do it for us. It’s how it started. It’s how it’s going to end.


The proposal 


10 days of OTP challenge

Every single day for 10 days straight, do a random prompt and tag #10daysOTP

the prompt does not have to be these but here are some suggestions

1) first kiss vs 100th kiss
2) karaoke goes horribly, medical-emergency wrong
3) “you look nothing like the picture you sent me”
4) A tries to convince their significant other/s that aliens/ghosts/demons exists while their significant other/s try to hide that they are an alien/ghost/demon
5) sneaking into their kid’s school after school hours (why? up to you)
6) obscene moaning out of context
7) “this whole group of ducklings think I’m their mother what do we do”
8) “a fuckin demon photobombed us”
9) “my __________ feels weird can you take a look?”
10) skinny jeans are painfully stuck at The Most Crucial Moment