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Shance Step-Up au

AHAHAHA I havne’t watched the movies in years I can’t remember for shit what they’re about but I woke up with flo-rida’s “low” stuck in my head and an image of Lance and Shiro dancing to it SO

  • Shiro is studying dance at this fancy ass arts academy, right? And he’s a golden child, has won many teen awards, his teachers all love him, his peers envy him. But on his second year, he gets into a slump.
  • Completely out of nowhere, he hits a wall. He can’t make any progress. It looks to him like he’s even regressing. Nothing inspires him to dance like he ued to.It’s starting to affect school, so he goes to his most prised mentor/teacher (Allura) and asks for advice.
  • She tells him to go to *fakename* club on *fakername* street on a certain night of the week in a certain time, and tell them Allura sent him.
  • It’s shady af but he trusts her plus he’s getting desperate, so he goes.
  • They take him to the back, then outside, and into a warehouse. All this time he’s sure he’s getting murdered and probably eaten. There’s even loud music coming from there, surely to mask his screams.
  • Nope lol, it’s music people dance to. More specifically, have dance battles to. There’s gambling so it’s illegal technically and that’s why it’s secretly in the back??? idk.
  • The poiNT IS. He grabs a drink, sits back, tries to figure out why Allura sent him there. I mean, it’s a cool place, but so far he hasn’t seen anything he hasn’t seen before. That’s before the real battles begin, tho. Up until then it was just warmups. Beginners.
  • The first battle blows his mind. It’s not that they have marvelous techniques, although they do, it’s more about how alive their bodies are. How alive the dance is. Nothing like the rehearsed, controlled dance he’s used to. Shiro’s hypnotized.
  • At some point, “Rolo” and “Lance” are called forth. People snort and chuckle when they hear the last name, and Shiro even heard some girls behind him say something about how he should have kept his distance after what happened last time.
  • Shiro is even more intrigues now.
  • Lance turns out to be a god. Or an angel, at least. How else would you explain someone being this pretty? His tan skin practically glows, his eyes are the color of what diving into a pool on a hot day feel like. And he’s wearing loose sweatpants and a crop top for christ’s sake. Shiro hasn’t felt this gay in a long while.
  • And lord, can this boy dance. He’s a little sloppy, his movements a little too erratic, but dear heavens does he make Shiro’s heart race. Still, he tries to do some complicated flip flop near the end of his dance, loses balance and trips. He doesn’t exactly fall, and recovers pretty quickly, but from the loud Boo’s all around, Shiro assumes either it was an embarrassing mistake in this place, or these people were just waiting for him to fail.
  • Lance loses the battle but wins Shiro’s heart (I’m made of cheese lemme live)
  • Shiro goes to talk to him, and Lance is, predictably and understandably, in a shitty mood, but having a tall incredibly handsome dude express so much interest in him is def helping.
  • Shiro invites him to the academy, because surely if anyone could get in on a scholarship it’s this boy.
  • But Lance is having none of this. Rich people’s academy? That shit’s ain’t for him. He does dance battles for the money. Where’s he supposed to get money if he spends all his day repeating the same dance movies in some classroom?
  • Shiro is desperate enough to offer him money if he teaches him how to move like that.
  • Lance jumps on the offer and the private tutoring starts. All the while Shiro keeps low-key trying to convince him to at least think about applying. Also there’s LOTS of flirting, and SO MUCH sexual tension. Especially whenever Lance takes Shiro out clubbing, so he can “feel the music in his soul”. All Shiro feels is Lance’s ass grinding into him, but Lance says he’s improving so who is he to disagree, really?
  • He’s doing better at school and when Allura asks, he tells her about his lessons with Lance.
  • Allura is surprised, but overall pleased. She says they’re a great match and Shiro blushes right down to his buttcheeks.
  • Shiro breaks through his dance-block and doesn’t really need the lesson anymore, but he keeps taking them bc he wants to see Lance and although they’re close now, he still isn’t sure they’ll still be close without the excuse to meet.
  • Their first kiss is in one of the clubs Lance takes him to. They’ve both had a bit of alcohol before stepping on the dance floor, and they’re really feeling it, dancing so close and tight some people think they’re trying to fuse into one. Lance’s hands are all over him, in his hair, on his abs, was that grope on purpose??
  • Shiro’s hands also drift to his waist, then his ass, and once that happens they both know there’s no going back. Lance initiates the kiss, but Shiro’s the one who takes it to the next level with prying his lips open and kissing him like his life depend on it.
  • So they become super gross lovey dovey boyfriends and it’s all syrup sweet and so cute you’d have to punch a wall after seeing them smile to each other. 
  • One day Lance gets a call from Shiro’s fancy academy inviting him to an audition and he’s like ??????
  • A couple of months back Shiro took a video of him dancing “for reference”, and then gave it to the adminitration, hoping it’d impress someone enough to give Lance a shot.
  • Lance is a little mad that he did that without talking to him, but by then he was actually starting to become convinced to give it a shot.
  • He’s accepted on a scholarship ofc and after about a year, he and Shiro get an apartment together and live happily ever after :D
  • They also adopt 2 cats and a dog.
  • And a parrot.

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Just wondering, why do you hate the live action Beauty and the Beast so much??? All of my friends that have already seen it loved it. And a close friend of mine is planning for our group to go see it for her birthday over the weekend.

Ok so I’m gonna make this a bulleted reply because I’ve got so many…

• Emma Watson’s singing was a huge turn off for me. I didn’t like her singing at all. I don’t know if Disney changed her voice because she was bad at singing or just because they could, but it was a bad move. She sounds robotic or metallic and it bothered me through the whole movie. 

• Emma Watson changed the dress because she didn’t like that she couldn’t move well in it like if she had to fight in it. Like, you use a dress to dance in, not fight. And she changed how it looked visually. It looks like Michael’s puked on a cheap prom dress that no one wanted because the design was crap and the quality was even worse. When they revealed her in her full dress I was kind of expecting it to be a cool reveal and I was so disappointed. The bodice looks like cheap fabric that was super glued together, the actual dress looks like a ridged banana, and the glitter glue on it made me think of my 3rd grade arts and craft class. The dress was supposed to be Belle’s most beauty and enchanting moment and she looked hideous.

• Emma Watson made Belle really mean in this movie. She was unnecessarily harsh and negatively emotive. In the original, Belle was much kinder and had a sense of dignity about her. In the original when Belle was being hounded by Gaston in her house, she let him down rather gently as compared to this movie when she’s basically screaming at him when he makes small talk with her.

• Beast’s design was way too human in my opinion. He looked like a furry. I just didn’t like how they designed him.

• Belle and Beast interacting felt fake and pushed. Every time they were together it felt like they knew they had to have a certain outcome, but the chemistry between the actors just wasn’t there. It was really cringey to watch.

• Her skirt was hiked up on one side because they thought it would be easier for her to get on Philipe with one side already folded up. Hint: if they were not complete dunces then they would know you can get on a horse without having to hike up a dress. And they never actually showed her getting on Philipe so it was just awkward seeing her undergarments. It felt unnatural, didn’t fit the time period, and looked like she was flashing everyone she met.

• Emma Watson’s acting was stiff like a board. She was worse than Kirsten Stewart. I hated how she acted in this movie. Anytime she interacted with other character’s it either fell flat or she was overly expressive. There was no in between. She was a mess.

• They made LaFou gay because progressivism. I don’t mind that he was a gay character, but if LaFou was gay in that time the town’s people would have shunned him at best and killed him at worst.

• The Beast’s gift was coincidence and not out of genuine heartfelt caring. The library was supposed to be his gesture of beginning to care for Belle. It was supposed to be this turning point in the movie where you could see something blooming between the both of them, but in the new movie it was the Beast just making a point. It fell on it’s face, hard. 

• Emma Watson changed so much of Belle’s original character. Belle is supposed to be this caring and compassionate character that shows the Beast that he doesn’t have to be a jerk to everyone. However, Emma made Belle to be this “independent” woman and she came across as a jerk herself. 

• Gaston wasn’t a jerk for like half of the movie. They made it obvious that he wanted to marry her, but whenever he spoke to her for the first half of the movie, she would just scream at him for making small talk. Then during the other half it was like the director remembered that Gaston was the villain of the movie and made him mean. It also felt pushed and was fake.

There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now, but this is the bulk of what made it a terrible remake. 

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Lucy have you seen D.E.B.S.? It is lettucegoodbacontomato legendary. It's like spy kids mixed with but i'm a cheerleader you would love it

funny story about me and that movie: when i was probably 11, my brothers girlfriend took me to the video store to rent something to watch later, and my dumbass 11 year old Self saw it on the shelf and thought Oh! it’s gonna be a fun teen comedy like Bring It On or something! WRONG! it was not. obviously. that. and i had to awkwardly sit in the same room as my brother and his girlfriend as we all slowly realized we were watching a Lesbian Filmé

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What did you think of beauty and the beast?

Short answer: I’d go see it again, y'all should go see it.

Long answer: ok so movie has mega points for not being too white. There were a lot of Black characters that were not just servants.

Lefou was definitely not the goofy “fool” character, or overly pining for his abusive “friend.” While he had about two seconds of an explicit gay scene, he definitely was coded strongly throughout the whole movie (whether that was positive or negative I really can’t say, but it made my homophobic mother uncomfortable the whole time lmao.)

Everything was lovely, I really liked it a lot.

My biggest problems were honestly Emma’s singing, the fact that the Beast looked like a horned man who hadn’t shaved in ten years, and that Gaston wasn’t beefy enough.

I’m not much for overwhelming heterosexuality, but unlike in the cartoon, I was feeling the relationship in the movie and actually rooting for it.

And, the thought that made me wish I unthought it immediately, was “tumblr is going to want to fuck the candle,” and then “dammit I’m probably right there with them.” So fuck this movie for that.

You know what I’d love to see in season 2? Laughter. Like, the real kind. I wanna see Jace trip over a wrestling mat or something, and Izzy just burst out laughing. I wanna see Magnus & Alec giggling about an inside joke between the two of them. I wanna see Luke and Clary reminisce about something funny Jocelyn used to do, and start to laugh so hard, tears come streaming down their cheeks. I want Simon watching an old movie and chuckling at the crappy special effects. That’s all I want, sh writers! I want my babies to laugh! God knows they deserve it.


I’m starting a monthly feature of 10 special things people have said to me that have really impacted me, whether it’s watching my back and telling me someone reposted my story, asking advice, or just saying some really sweet stuff that makes me love what I do.  I love everyone!

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6 Movie I Can Watch Any Time

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1. Moulin Rouge (2001) - This was my first musical movie I love it even though the ending is extremely sad I can’t stop watching it (Yes I do cry everytime I watch it) and I have watched it so much my brother broke the DVD so I couldn’t play it anymore (But my grandad bought me another copy the other day) 

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2. The Goonies (1985) - I have fond memories of this movie when we were little my mum would have a movie night once a week with my siblings and I and the Goonies was always one of the movies we watched (also the only one we all agreed on) Truffle Shuffle it never gets old.

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3. You are my Pet (Korean Movie) (2011) - I love the Jdrama as much as I love the Korean movie it funny a good Rom-Com don’t get me wrong It’s weird watching a movie where its ok to keep a men in your house cause he’s willing to pretend to be your dog but it funny to watch them fall in love and I love the actor Jang Keun - Suk he’s an amazing actor,  funny, brilliant singer and dancer

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4. The Avengers (2012) - Again this is cause of my family they are huge Marvel fans so to be able to watch a bunch of Marvel characters (espasally Iron Men) in one movie always makes me happy I liked there a lot of comedy in it especially when the Hulk beat the hell out of Loki always makes me laugh

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5. The Breakfast Club (1985) - it’s an old movie (came out a way before I was born) but I love it I had have a huge crush on Bender it give you a good insight to how high school work with the different social groups but also showing just because your popular doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with a nerd or an outcast (also Detention on Saturday really? American school are mean) 

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6. Hocus Pocus (1993) – (brought out the year I was born) I first saw it when i was 7, its Classic Halloween movie it was perfect, weird and funny and also this movie was where I had my first crush on a fictional character which was Sean Murray as Thackery Binx (at the beginning when he was human not when he was the cat ok)

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(it be interesting to see what all you guys watch) 

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I'm trying exposure therapy for my social anxiety as per my therapist suggestion. I don't have money though or when I do it's barley any since I am not currently working due to this anxiety. Any ideas of places I can go that are free or cheap? Today I sat at panera bread with a tea reading and writing for an hour and browsed a used book store.

Libraries are quiet places you can interact with people in a safe and controlled environment with lots of free resources as an added bonus. Books! Movies! Music!

I also love to people watch in places like malls, parks, public transit, and art galleries. It helps my anxiety to watch how others interact with people. All free or at least cheap and require minimal interaction unless you decide otherwise.

Taking a class in something you enjoy might also be another idea. Exercise or art classes often have deals on first classes to get new members so you could probably find one in your area for not too much! It pushes you outside of your comfort zone a little but gives you something to focus on (the instructions) so the focus really isn’t on socialization. 

I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck 💕

Cartoon + Live Action Stream!

Hey there everyone!! I decided that, to celebrate the second chapter of BATIM coming out not too long from now, I might make a movie stream this weekend, featuring only cartoon + live action type of movies! It’s titled Bendy’s Favorite Movies, because, well, not only that is also a theme that BATIM follows, but it was something I deeply loved as a kid, I’d watch these movies all the time and each of them has a special place in my heart, no matter how silly they might be.

When? The stream will be hosted at night, during this weeked, through friday, saturday and sunday. Don’t worry, I’ll make a post letting you know once it’s open!

Where? At my Rabbit room, at ! As usual, for now it’s offline, but once it’s open I’ll let you know through a post on this blog and once you open the link it should be on!

What movies will be streamed and when?

I’m glad you asked! There are five movies* in total and they will follow a strict schedule of:

1. Re-Animated, 24/03

2. Space Jam, 25/03

3. The Looney Tunes Back in Action, 25/03

4. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, 26/03

5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, 26/03

*all of the links in the movie titles I’ve added lead to their IMDB pages so you can read their synopsis and decide for yourself if you wanna watch or not!

Things you should know once you’re there:

  • I will be having my microphone on and speaking through rabbit’s mic feature, since in case the chat gets too crowded and I can’t keep up, I’ll just talk through there. It’s easier for me and improves the probability of me being able to read everyone’s lovely comments!
  • Please do not turn your microphone on as well once you’re there. Not only if I don’t know you very well it will be slightly awkward, but also it might make it hard for others to hear the movie.
  • I’ll try not to speak a lot or too loudly, but if I’m ever getting too obnoxious with it you can tell it straight to me and I’ll correct myself!
  • There should be no limit as to how many people should be at the stream, but if Rabbit starts crashing, we can regroup at another streaming site, though our limitations might be slightly increased.
  • Be considerate. Common decency as to not try and seek to offend others at the stream should be used. People who disrespect this rule will be kicked out.
  • Try not to spam the chat. Of course we all love good humor, but it can get a bit hard to read!
  • If anyone needs the stream to be paused, they are allowed to ask and I’ll pause.

Have any other questions? My inbox is always open!

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My favorite book to movie adaptation is Stardust! The movie is totally different than the book in a lot of ways, but I think the characters are delightful, I love all the actors and Robert DeNiro as a cross dressing pirate? Yeah, its pretty amazing.

YES CAPTAIN SHAKESPEARE!! I love Neil Gaiman and I did enjoy Stardust, but the movie is a MILLION times more fun and silly and the ending is adorable and touching. I love that movie so much!

What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

Desperate Need for Drarry Beauty and the Beast fanfics

Hello drarry squad. So this weekend me and my friends saw the awesomeness that is Beauty and the Beast. It was sooooooooo good. Better than good, it was incredible. And I know other drarry sqaud members such as @ourloveislegendrarry and @well-done-draco are loving it just as much. 

So me and @dreamydrarry aka the ever-awesome-and-adorable Sammie were talking about the movie and the HP feels it gave us. Which brought up drarry, which brings me to a request. 

Do any of us know good any Beauty and the beast drarry fanfics? Like any at all? @dictacontrion? @cremebunny? @dragontamerdrarry? @julietsemophase? Any recs? 

Just saw the Captain Underpants trailer, I remember reading the books in elementary school but not really getting into them even now but I admire the love its put into it.

Needless to say this reminds on how  I saw the Peanuts Trailer/Movie and gush out of all the labor of love for my childhood cartoons. And CU looks adorably charming and I’m glad for fans of the series getting this pure love letter.

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Lmao, to the NH anon: At least SS fans are able to actually examine official manga panels, since they have a lot of manga moments. You, NH shippers, couldn't even "read underneath the underneath" even if you tried, since you got almost no moments in the entire manga (and every single one you have is, ofc, platonic). All you have is a filler movie that was SP's idea, in which Naruto "fell for" Hinata due to a genjutsu. :) Btw, the forehead poke was described as the ultimate expression of love. :3

Anon, my blog is not the place to bash NH, please do it elsewhere.


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Can you explain the Choi Siwon thing please?

  • disney wants to make a mulan live action movie
  • with an all asian cast
  • *look at the camera like i am in the office*
  • generalization of asian people i live in north america long enough why do i still feel bitter 
  • the kpop side of twitter chip in and discuss about possible actor for li shang
  • a person suggested choi siwon 
  • a fucking homophobe
  • who queerbait his entire fucking career
  • oppapoligists come at me 
  • anyway the tweet got popular 
  • and i am bitter 

btw regarding the movie 

  • disney decided to take out all musical score 
  • decided to eliminate bisexual icon li shang 
  • the first ever queer disney prince 
  • who is a BISEXUAl 
  • and a CHINESE (a poc, an asian)
  • and instead replace with a meninist who “hates mulan completely until she reveal she is a she”
  • i want to die
  • i a gay chinese girl who grew up loving mulan with her entire being 
  • who refuse to go to kindergarten if my mum didnt play the mulan vcr while we were getting ready 
  • i a dylexic chinese who had to dictate the entire 木蘭詞 in secondary school 
  • i a gay chinese girl does not deserve this 
  • disney already made a white people furry boderline beastility live action movie
  • leave my ancestors alone please 
6 Movie I Can Watch Any Time

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1. The 13th Warrior (1999) This one is mine and my dad’s favorite movie of all time. It’s a great movie about vikings and their bravery. This is actually base on true events, which make it even better. I recommend to watch this one.

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2. No One Lives (2010) A course I can watch this one over and over again, it’s Luke Evans. This is one of my favorite movies he was in, just because it left it open for so many opinions about his character. This character/movie gives me so many ideas for my stories.

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3. Boondock Saints 1 & 2 Another favorite movie of me and my dad’s. We can both sit there and watch both of the movies over and over again. It’s amazing that these two brothers are willing to clean up the city for the greater good and not expect anything in return. They are doing what needs to be done, love it.

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4 Heist (2015) One of my favorite movies with JDM, also my dad’s favorite. A father willing to do whatever it takes for his little girl. It shows what sacrifice really means. It’s an amazing movie and full of emotions. 

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5 Unconditional Love (2002) This movie is about love and family. There is comedy and music. It stars Kathy Bates and we all know how amazing she is. So if you want a good love/comdey with some singing, watch this movie.

6 Hot Fuzz (2007) A great comb of comedy and action. Simon Pegg is always funny and I love the movies he is in. This one is my favorite ones he did. I recommend to watch this one and any other movies of his.

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There is my top 6 movies I can watch over and over. So now I’m tagging,

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A to Z meme

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A - AGE: 33, but mentally I’m around 16.
B - BIGGEST FEAR: FAILURE - stealing this, because it’s always fucking failure, isn’t it?
F - FAVORITE SONG: Love with the Proper Stranger was my wedding song? Otherwise I would probably say anything by Porter sung by Fitzgerald 
: Never met one, so I dunno. 
H - HOMETOWN: Pasadena MD
I - IN LOVE WITH: writing, movies, books, like 5 people…
J - JEALOUS OF: whomever is currently touching Mads? I don’t know, I like to think I’m not super jealous.
K - KILLED SOMEONE: no comment
L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Saturday night, I was drunk, shut up. 
M - MIDDLE NAME: Ashleigh 
O - ONE WISH: a fat publishing contract, or peace on earth…one of those.
P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: My husband, who needed to pick up grapes. 
Q - QUESTIONS YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: “Are you ok?” Yep, this is just my face. 
R - REASONS TO SMILE: good conversation, good food, good sex, good books and movies 
S - SONG LAST SANG: Gaston, fuck you, I sing what I want. 
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 7:30am boooo! 
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: Blue with white stars and red lace. Yeah, their WonderWoman underwear, what of it? 
W - WORST HABIT: Procrastination for me too..
X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: Chest, neck, leg, foot, ankle, knee, hand, shoulder - I break a lot of things, OK?
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: SUCH a fucking Scorpio, OMG.

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