all my love for this band

i just really, really hope louis knows how genuinely loved he is and what an important role he played/plays in the band. i know he’s heard it before, but i’m gonna say it until my throat is raw: without him one direction wouldn’t be one direction. none of their voices are even close to how unique louis’ is. and of course they’re all extraordinary, but he brings something different to the table. it breaks my heart he felt so discouraged for so many years.

and he didn’t only play an important role vocally. he took one for the team over and over again, until that one turned into hundreds. he was faced with the brunt of their label’s wrath, all because he stood up for what he knew was right, just like he’s been doing his whole life.

most importantly, he didn’t only do it for him; he did it for his brothers. the brothers that would take bullets for him. you can see how heavily they depended on him right from the beginning, and i think even if he was the youngest of the band it would still be that way. it’s his spirit that drew them to him, just like it drew all of us.

you’d think that spirit would be crushed from all the rejections, all the “no, you can’t have a solo"s, but instead he’s wielded them and used them to become stronger. he could’ve turned bitter and hateful, but instead he chose love. he’s given that love wherever he can, notably towards countless charities. he’s dedicated himself to lifting others up and making them feel better, so much so that it’s his first instinct when he’s feeling down. i can’t think of anyone that inherently selfless.

i can never fit enough words into a post to express just how special louis tomlinson is. i can say he’s stubborn for the people and things he cares about, i can say he’s an unyielding light in the darkness, i can say he’s a fireball who won’t take no for an answer, i can say he’s inspiring, i can say he’s a soldier who won’t give up no matter what hardships and tribulations he faces, i can say he’s hilarious, i can say he’s an angel on earth who is charitable, kind and good. i can say the entire dictionary and it still wouldn’t be enough.

i can say i’m so fucking proud of this boy and what he’s accomplished, and that i can’t wait to see what other paths he goes down and what other adventures he undertakes. i’ll be there for him, supporting him, every step of the way. it’s the least i can do for someone who made me believe that life is something worth fighting for.

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With Niall there’s this sense of constant adventure, like anything can happen and every day is weird and hilarious. Like he’s taking my hand in his bigass beautiful hand and holding on tight and we’re going on this journey together and we’re singing our lungs out on the bus and we're sorta sleep deprived and we love our band and our socks and now we’re going to Australia and isn’t it all grand?? It’s weird random spontaneous mad magic. I’m so freaking happy. Solo Niall is the best thing ever.

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ID #36722

Name: Lea
Age: 17
Country: Germany

Hey there!

I am looking for fellow hippies and art nerds from all over the world!

I am very passionate about art, music, travel, the environment and human/animal rights.
If you would like to discuss and share art (drawings, paintings, photography, anything you love) with me, share vegan recipes, rant about stuff, have a little book club, talk about shows on Netflix, or love music from the 60s and 70s (for example David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin) and/or Indie bands (like Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, The 1975), come say hi!
I love analyzing books and shows or art pieces and discussing current events.
Apart from all that nerdy stuff I am also a sucker for memes and puns and a huge animal lover. I have a dog who is my absolute best friend and I love looking at cute pictures and videos of all kinds of dogs and other cute animals.
I hope to one day inspire people with my art and make a difference as an activist for the beautiful humans and animals of this world as well as our planet itself.
But right now I am just a teenager who wants to make some new cool friends! I am very open-minded and nice so don’t be shy! :)

Preferences: People around my age would be great, maybe 16-20 :)


I’m bored and anxious soooo!!
I wanna do the handwriting tag thing!!
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I just came home from the U2 concert and OH MY GODDD IT WAS SO AWESOME

They didn’t just play songs from The Joshua Tree, but they also played other hit songs of theirs from other albums, and I thought that was cool!!!

They had like this…film screen? behind the stage, and while they were playing the songs there were a ton of cool video effects and slideshows and I really loved watching all of the stuff they did on it!!!!

And near the end of the concert, they performed a song as a tribute to women and the women’s rights movement, and on the film screen there was this slideshow of historical figures in the women’s rights movement, and some of the first figures they showed in the slideshow were black women!!! I thought that was really awesome of them

Some of the songs that they played I didn’t really know that well, but all of the songs that I knew I sang along to!!!!! I have a really loud voice so I’m sure people rows down from me could hear me singing

BUT anyway I had a ton of fun at the concert and it was REALLY fun to see one of my favorite bands perform live!!!!!!

im pretty sad that this era is over yet very excited for a new one to come.
during this time i met so many wonderful people who have changed my life and i am so thankful for Twenty one pilots for bringing them to me. I attended emotional roadshow, had best time of my life, traveled, listened to all of this amazing songs,, it was a fun ride

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Let me tell you a tragic story: My sister divorced her husband of six years, thing is he was cheating and supposedly fell in love with this other woman so when he left their house to never come back he took off his ring and threw it somewhere in their garden through the window, so I happen to find this simple silver band with my sister's name on it one day and give it to my sister and she throws it in the fucking trash can, what do I do I wait and then snatch it when she's not looking

Now that happened three months ago and I’ve been wearing the ring all this time my sister hasn’t even noticed it’s the same thing and everything was chill because my only thought concerning it had been on not letting perfectly working jewelry go to waste in the trash but I just realized like an hour ago silver is worth actual money like, currency money, money cash money and I’m wearing actual silver in my finger oh boy what, now my thoughts are if harsh times come I’ll sell this thing asap 
But if push never comes to shove I think I might re use the silver and make a ring for my significant other in the future, I hope it doesn’t end in the middle of the garden or in a trash can 

((omg, it sucks that that happened to your sister. It’s nice that you found the ring, though. I hope that if/when you reuse the silver, it doesn’t end up there. Wow, that’s a pretty intense story. Thanks for sharing! ^^))

A blond-haired, blue-eyed actor named Chris is playing an American named Steve, who’s fighting in a world war. Along the way, he meets a scary foreign brunette woman and takes an unlikely band of friends of different nationalities through an event, and goes up against a couple of Germans, one large and deranged, one smaller and a scientist. Steve, at some point, hijacks a plane and destroys it (and a weapon) for the greater good. Someone is looking back at it from the future, and will eventually team up with a millionaire with daddy issues and cool toys. There’s also a shield involved.

Am I talking about Captain America: The First Avenger, or Wonder Woman?

I came out to my parents when I was 18 years old. I left a letter under my mother’s pillow, gave her a kiss goodbye and then embarked on my first tour ever. I remember sitting in the back of a van headed to the abyss of the open road, fearing for my life. Ever since, my time has been swept up by life on the road performing with my band as an openly gay front woman. At the time, I never realized how impactful something as simple as being my authentic self and true to my heart would be for thousands of others out there.

Over the past few years it’s been the most powerful and humbling experience to watch the PVRIS fanbase become such a safe place for people of the LGBTQ community. We have witnessed countless proposals, been a part of coming-outs, read hundreds of letters and have heard so many incredible stories. Thank you for all the love, support and courage you have all given to me to be myself on this journey thus far, and thank you for the love, support and courage you have given yourselves and others around you. I want nothing more than for you all to feel the utmost love and freedom in being yourselves. You are all exceptionally magic.

—  For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write ‘love letters’ to the LGBTQ community. Above, PVRIS’ lead singer Lynn Gunn shares hers.