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“Caught a silly bird" – Watercast by @fishwrites

So I have absolutely zero self control and ignored all my responsibilities to finish this 😅 Hopefully the photo isn’t too dodgy (also Keith’s foot kind of ended up blending into the background but we can all ignore that)

Give the sugi the pizza.

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Cosplay tip of the day:

Making a circle skirt? Before you hem it, hang it up by the waist for a few days. You can do this on a regular hanger, a dressform, a hanger with clips, or anything else that will support it by the waist and let the rest of the fabric hang freely. Re-cut the bottom before sewing.

Because part of the circle will be on the grain and part on the bias, the fabric will stretch unevenly. Hanging it before sewing the hem will allow the fabric to stretch out, allowing for a more even hem length on the finished skirt.

Story time. 

I was cosplaying Buffy the Vampire Slayer at my first SPN Con (DC 2016) for reasons of funny. 

Being the selfish and somewhat unimaginative person that I am, I decided to use my Jensen/Misha photo op for non-Cockles purposes. 

The prompt I gave them: “Vampires are attacking and I’m fighting them. What do you do?” They both chuckled and I posed. Then I felt Misha breathing down my neck and I had a feeling I knew what he was doing, but I couldn’t see Jensen at all. [Please ignore My Face™].

After receiving the photo, I almost suffocated from laughter (I mean, doesn’t this just perfectly reflect their personalities?). BUT! I also had to ask myself the question: Why wasn’t Jensen scared of vampire shit doing down? 

Two possibilities: 

1) He was confident in my abilities to fight off the vampires

2) He wouldn’t mind being bitten by this particular vampire (I leaned towards this one, and it remains my heacanon)

Though, either way was good news for me!

I asked him about his interesting choice during autographs. He responded, “I was Googling what to do in case of a vampire attack.” Sure. Sure you were, Jensen *winkwink*. Then he told me that he had recently spoken to Sarah Michelle Gellar and I asked how she was doing and he said very well and it was awesome but now I’m rambling


My 18-year-old self could’ve rivaled Harry’s 20-year-old self. 


Here are all of my photo ops from MinnCon (please ignore the reflection in the photos). This has been the best weekend of my life, even though there were some terrible moments that came with it. Everyone in the cast are truly wonderful people and I’ve heard that before but it’s a completely different thing to see it in person. I’ve never felt more a part of the SPN family as I did at MinnCon.

Edit: I’m glad so many of you like my Misha and Jensen picture but please don’t edit/repost without asking first. At least credit me or the original post if you do. Thanks!

so a few weeks back I won a competition the delightful @hecatekid was running, and the prize was a set of personalised CHB beads!! Adele hand painted all of these for me, because she’s absolutely amazing, and she didn’t even tell me off when I picked some of the most complicated designs to ever be painted on fiddly little beads. (seriously, bless you and your patience, I don’t know how you did it.)

shout out to the ever perfect Lili for helping me choose the designs of:

  • a laptop and a book for the quests I’ve been on through reading and writing.
  • mickey’s sorcerer hat and the disney castle, for the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on.
  • trident and owl, for obvious reasons.
  • arielllll because she’s an inspiration.
  • the tumblr logo (only half ironically) and an ash tree, for my name.

as you can tell from the photo I am ECSTATIC with how they’ve turned out!! they’re just absolutely perfect and I love them so so much omg. Adele, you’re so incredibly talented, and you were so sweet and thoughtful throughout the entire design process - I can’t thank you enough!!


It’s been a few weeks since I last shared an altar, so I figured I should let it have the spotlight again. (Even though all I had on me was my mobile. Ignore the terrible quality photos, please!)

So what you’re looking at here is a super small setup of a tiny little offerings altar. So there are fire roses, marigolds, Bat’s Head Seed Pods, tiny pink roses, and a couple chalices of offerings as well.

This is actually a really good example of how to make altars on a budget, because – coincidentally – everything on this altar was either found, bought in a thrift store, given to me, or grown myself.

  • The vase was a holiday present from the family.
  • The beaded shawl was actually my grandmother’s, and I decided years ago that it would make lovely altar decoration.
  • The antlers were found and gifted. 
  • The marigolds were grown along with the other offerings.
  • Offering plate was found in a thrift store along with the chalices. All together they were 5 dollars.
  • The rose bouquet was the only thing on this altar that I actually bought specifically for this occasion. And even then, they were on sale.

Every other item or tool has been re-utilized. Just a small example of the things that are possible on a budget! Never feel discouraged. 


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My favourite photo of ALL time 😍😍😍 Ace 😊! Please ignore my hair, it was in a bun, and half fell out and … and and yeah ….tragic would be the word 😂 I’m so proud of how far I have come !! I might be small but I KNOW I’m strong 💪💪

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So, I was tagged by the wonderful ananasbooks to do the selfie book tag. Thank you, dear :*
First of all ignore my hair. It was morning when I took the photo and she do what she want to do (yes, I know I can’t use she but my hair has personality so I just can’t use it).
About the book. This is one of my favorites by Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express
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