all my friends posted a selfie today

BTS as things my friends have said in the group chat
  • Seokjin: *sends a selfie* I'm looking all kinds of fabulous today guys
  • Yoongi: Sorry, I had the chat muted... I think it's just my natural instinct to mute chats
  • Hoseok: *sends a picture of a rainbow* GUYS!!! #magiconearth
  • Namjoon: Just wanted to make sure you all know that I love you and appreciate you. Very much. Goodnight.
  • Taehyung: *sends one of those scary messages telling you to forward it or there will be consequences* I know these are stupid but I'm not risking it mate
  • Jimin: which one should I post? Please help! *sends two basically identical selfies*
  • Jungkook: wait... did you add me last? Do I mean that little to you? Don't you know how many people would beg for me to be in their group chat!... I'm kidding. Hi guys

I try not to post selfies all that often, but today I was kind of shocked that I like these. I decided that I wanted to push outside of my comfort zone and bought some liquid lipstick. I’m the kind of girl who never wears lipstick, and my best friend tends to make fun of me for not being the most knowledgeable in regards to makeup. Surprisingly, I didn’t suck at applying it, and I actually kind of like the way it looks!
On top of that, my teeth are one of my biggest insecurities. My mom couldn’t afford braces for me as a kid, and I’ll seldom take photos where I smile with my teeth. Again, I was shocked to have taken these and… actually kind of like them??

So here’s a test run of pushing out of my comfort zone: Gonna post these selfies and head out to visit some old coworkers with the lipstick on in public. 😅


So, I was originally going to post a birthday selfie or two today, but ALL of my plans changed when I was sitting at lunch with my mom and Tumblr notifications suddenly BLEW UP. My genuine first thought was that something really terrible happened to one of my friends, and as I prepared myself for the worst, I opened my app to find only THE BEST THING THAT ANYONE COULD HAVE EVER DONE FOR ME. These pictures are actual pictures of me crying/blushing/reacting to all of your birthday wishes to me today. 

If I’m being completely honest, my birthday has been incredibly hard for me to celebrate ever since I was 15 years old because of the love that I lost (whom I’ve mentioned in another post). They promised me that they would be there to celebrate every birthday with me for the rest of my days and I’m now on birthday number four without them. I dread this day more than almost any other because my thoughts are always clouded by them, wishing that they could be with me and praying that wherever they are, they’re safe and happy. But this, what you guys did for me, it changed that. Today, I was relishing in love and warmth and a level of kindness that I never thought I would ever get to receive in this lifetime and even if it only took you five minutes to scribble on a piece of paper, snap a photo, and post it to Tumblr, know that those five minutes you took have changed my life forever. So, here’s to 19 years of an unbelievable journey.  

Now, for the sappy thank yous:

Thank you so much to @curlymotherfuker, @themdolanboys, @sunshine-raee, @ohkiggyjc, @pinksnapbackbullshit, @vincentvangrayson, @majesticdolans, @sniperdolan, @dolan-twin-trash, @dolansanonymous, and @edjjr0401 for the pictures, asks, and messages wishing me a happy birthday. Y’all brought tears to my eyes.

An extra special thanks and shout out to the lovely Children of God: @artdolan, @sincerelydolan, @ohmandolans, @scuteedolans, @dolantwinswriting, @grethansdolans, @heckyeahdolan, @toulousedolan, @delusionaldolan, @poeticallydolan, @danglydolan, @avacadolan, and my love and soul sister, @prettybabyhazza. Y’all have made me look forward to waking up every single day now because I know a new day means new conversations, laughs, and heartfelt confessions. I’ve loved opening up to and getting to know y’all, but I think I’ve told y’all this so much that you’re probably tired of hearing it. Again, just thank you.

And finally, to the beautiful, beautiful girl who orchestrated this whole damn thing, @dolandreaming: M, you have changed my life in ways you will never know. The very first day you messaged me thanking me for writing “From the Dining Table” and for being so transparent about working through the loss of a love, I knew that both of us would never be the same again. Not only did this touch me as a writer, but it changed me as a human being. Every single day that we speak is another day that I’m just so sure about you and your purpose for being placed on this earth. I bawled like a baby at your happy birthday wish to me and I couldn’t have articulated how much I love you better than you did to me. You are so rare and precious and loved. Please know how loved you are. Please never forget that. I don’t even know if I can find anymore words to explain what this “present” you gifted me has done and will continue to do. I can’t wait to tackle you in the airport and hug your sorrows out of you. Because of what you’ve done, I am not grieving anymore. I love you, I love you.

I love all of you. You all have changed my life and you now have me in your corner and on your side, forever and always. This is my promise to you. Xx.


the fact that i’m now dating my best friend is fucking mindblowing. like he’s seen everything. he’s been there during panic attacks and relapses and he’s seen me hyper as all hell and he’s seen the ugliest selfies in the world and super close ups of my nipples and the inside of my nose and he’s been there through basically fucking everything. i never expected him to feel the same way and up until today i had no idea he had feelings towards me. but i’m hella fucking happy he does. this kid is my knight in shining armour and i’d be nowhere without him.


I was tagged by @kittyboo8015! To post a pic of my lock/home screen, the song I listened to last, and a selfie! Thanks, love!

Lock/Home screen: They’re the same picture by the amazing @hamletmachine​ who kindly granted me permission to share it!

Horrible picture of the last song I listened to (’coz I was listening on my computer and I’m lazy): Love Is All I Got, ‘coz my Discover Weekly Playlists love me!

Two Selfies: because the first one (on the right) was taken right after Chem lab but had tiny!Erwin! (I had a horrible test today and needed my Commander to motivate me Dx) and then I felt better after a nap (left).

If you’ve already done this and don’t want to do it again, no worries (but I’mma tag you anyway!)

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This isn’t lotr related, but I super want to post it here. I’ve always been pretty unconfident with my body, because I’ve always had big thighs and a tummy and all that. I’m in munich with a few friends at the moment, and i wore a crop top today for the first time ever and actually felt pretty good with myself.
You are worth more than what people think of you, go out and slay.

I keep posting selfies today, sorry friends. The household played a fairly long game of Settlers of Catan this afternoon, which was great. I’m happy to be off for the weekend, and nervous about going to Vegas in August to work a trade show for my new job. I’m excited to prep characters for Pathfinder this Sunday, but also so nervous that I just really want to sit by a fire and drink myself into a stupor. Also, I’m vague and erratic and all I do is read high fantasy novels, so sorry about the strange blog updates.

Alot of my trans lady friends posted GOOD selfies today but i dont wanna reblog them for fear of the low lives on my blog turning to them instead of me 😟😔 but just know you all looked cute today!!!!

I was tagged by @queen-of-deans-booty to post a selfie and give some reasons why I love myself…luckily for y'all I made an effort with my appearance today ☺

I love myself because I fight my demons.

I love myself because I get to post my dumb ass writings on this site and actually get a nice response.

I love myself because I’m a work in progress and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I love myself because of the people I’m lucky to call friends and family.

I love myself because some days I make myself look like a boss ass bitch.

But most importantly? I love that I’m still here.

I tag @impala-dreamer @charliebradbury1104 @u-snavi @katymacsupernatural @melissaj616 @winchesters-favorite-girl

((wow look at that background. I almost didn’t update today because I didn’t know what to draw and then BAM my irl friend came to rescue me by sending our selfie at the mall ahaha…maybe i’ll post more of the mall adventures gonna blind you all with my coloring mwahahaha))

Nifty thing today~ /sillyselfiewarnings! O:

I actually looked like my persona today so that was fun! I love having my hair like that but it takes time ahh

Then i got home and took some silly pictures after a nice shower =w=

suffice to say I’m pretty bad at taking selfies but still just excited to have my red hair back~ Maybe one day I’ll have a mane like HW Ganondorf *o* //life goals

Anyways thanks again for all the follows tonight friends~ Please return to your regularly scheduled dash uvu <33

hahaha its latenightsonoonewillseethissss

i hadn’t really planned to do any drawing today (O  wO) but then the time presented itself and i’ve just been… (=   w =) really into back lighting lately… and was really inspired by the selfies posted by my friend @sailershanty … and now here we are!!! (O  wO);;; If there was ever a human being in all the world who seemed to embody the quality of being “ethereal” it’s Sailer - they are just… utterly aesthetic and beautiful in a way that my scribbles don’t do any justice to! they are very much the kind of person one could see as a muse. And on top of that they’re kind, and empathetic, and truly unique. They could never be duplicated. So thank you for the inspiration Sailer! <3 and thank you for being kind to me even when you didn’t have to be <3 <3 <3 it has meant a lot to me! (-^  v^-) i hope you enjoy this <3 <3 <3


Another set of selfies for #transdayofvisibility ! I have posted like so many today but i honestly dont care! I post selfies so often but today I have a good excuse too so how do ya like them apples

Today has been really nice and its been great to see everyone on my dash. Because I’m trans I have a lot of trans friends and to see their faces all over the place with empowering gender statements is pretty sweet!!!

I hope all of you stay safe, and I hope that nobody felt left out. If you are nonbinary and didnt post today out of fear of not being trans enough, post one now and if anybody has a problem tell em’ to FIGHT ME!