all my friends are fighters

I was just thinking about Lance’s “Please, I always wreck the simulator” line, and was just like what if he consciously wrecked in simulations so his teammates wouldn’t fail.

Like the way he so confidently stated “I always wreck the simulator” it’s like he consciously does it every single time.  Why would anyone admit to that to begin with, let alone seem prideful of the fact, unless they are insane.  But Pidge, Hunk, and him were barely acted like team at the beginning.  They’d probably been through a few simulations together.  And like I can totally see Lance throwing the simulation when anyone on his team seriously starts to fail in their part, and he tries to spare them some of the heat by wrecking and ending it sooner.  Because pilot failure is like not good at all in reality.

What I am trying to say, is Lance could totally be a competent fighter pilot, but sacrificed himself so his friends and teammates wouldn’t completely fail.  And I have feelings about it.

Natasha Romanoff to Bruce Banner (2015) : All my friends are fighter. And here come this guy, spends his life avoiding a fight because he knows he’ll win.

Bruce Banner (2018) : *going to battlefield even when he knows that the Hulk won’t come out and single-handedly knock the strongest Black Order down with his own wit*

Me : Wow, Natasha’s third eye has been opened way before the fandom even realized how strong Bruce Banner is.

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1.  Silent Hill 2 - Theme of Laura
2.  Cupcakke - Fabric
3. the scary jokes - Death trice drawn (demo) 
4.  Lemon Demon - You’re At the Party
5.  Opoona - The Village Without Memories (Fonthene)
6. shinsei kamattechan - flesh magic
7. the metal man hyadain
8. Jack Stauber - Fighter
9.  Tally Hall - All of my Friends
10.  Lemon Demon - No Eyed Girl

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