all my friends adore him

because baby byun wants to share (' ㅅ ')

baby byun has chewing gum

does sehun want one???

sehun-ah, one for you!

umin hyung, do you want one?

one for security hyung #1

i’ll give you one too security hyung #2 because baekhyun must be fair


anonymous asked: my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
➪ ziley


Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

@oceanschiild  continued from here

Demyx recoiled from the girl’s glare.  Was it too early to RTC?  He hadn’t been expecting to be ambushed by a local the second his portal closed.  He was supposed to come to Motunui, explore the new world for the Organization, and maybe catch some kind of Heart that would let them create life.

Yeah, this was definitely not in his job description.

I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.  “But you saw me come in, and the boss doesn’t like when the locals see us.”  He flexed his hand, willing the ocean to rush out to form his water clones.  The oceans of Neverland and Port Royal, and even his home sea of Atlantica always bent to his will.  Why would Motunui be any different?

Except that the water did nothing but continue to lap harmlessly at the shore.  “… uh-oh!

You know what’s weird? Liking characters from a fandom you aren’t part of. Like…that character is my child, but I am never going to be involved with their franchise.


Jiyong can’t resist the temptation to tease Kwanghee whenever he can


mangameme: (2/7 series) last game

Let’s have the last game.


So for Easter, my boyfriend got me this stuffed chicken. There is a huge story on why he chose a chicken instead of a rabbit like is traditional. You see, my boyfriend has always been obsessed over chickens. He owns multiple ones, and he names them and loves them with all his heart. Honestly it is the cutest thing when I see him talk to them in his baby voice or to cuddle with them or kiss them. He loves his chickens more than he loves me or anything. Everyone knows this, and everyone jokes about it with him. I do too, because I find it adorable and funny. All my friends call him the chicken man. He thought that getting me this stuffed chicken would make me think of him more than anything else, because whenever I see a chicken or anything chicken related I think of him. I thought this was so thoughtful, because he wants me to think of him whenever he sees this chicken, or any chicken. It means so much to me as well, since I can cuddle with it every night and think of him. My friends say he should get me stuff like jewelry or something, but I would much rather have this because it has a backstory and a meaning behind it. It is such a perfect gift and I love it so much.