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Holiday Heft: Thanksgiving

I woke up Thanksgiving morning to find myself grinding my morning wood into my pillow on the verge of orgasm. This had become a fairly normal occurrence since I moved back home. I hadn’t gotten laid for almost three months. This was due to various reasons. Admittedly, I had been gaining a good deal of weight living with my family over the Holidays. A few days prior I weighed in at 177 pounds which was an all time high for me. I was living in denial of the weight gain, and kept telling myself that getting fat wasn’t as bad as relapsing. There was no question that food became my substitute for substances. Another contributing factor was that I was living a much more sedentary life. I had picked up writing again, which I stopped doing once I graduated college. Back in my days as a creative writing major, I would produce work while chain smoking and sipping whiskey; nowadays I kept a bag of chocolate chips and a glass of milk next to my computer. In fact, I was blowing through about a bag or two a week. That shit was better than crack. The bright side was that my writing had never been better. I was starting to feel like the person I had been before I started partying.

Needles to say, the changes in my appearance were becoming a bit noticeable. There was no doubt I was achieving dad bod status. My gut was spilling over the waist band of all my pants and I even had the soft curve of love handles developing. My thighs and ass thickened up a bit and a double chin became the bane of my existence. Every time I broke a sweat, which, admittedly wasn’t very often, the roll on my neck became sticky and claustrophobic. It was a constant reminder that my weight was snowballing. I also completely gave up on tanning and body grooming. I figured it was acceptable to be pale in the winter. I rarely shaved my face, maybe once a week if I could be bothered. My cheeks were almost constantly scruffy and unkempt. In addition, I had grown quite a bush above my cock, but who cared if I wasn’t getting laid?

I was becoming increasingly embarrassed of my rapid weight gain and even tried to hide it from my parents. All my tees had become pretty tight and accentuated the fact that I now wobbled when I walked. I began to exclusively wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to hide this fact. Plus, I rarely left the house and when I did it was usually to pick up food, so I didn’t see the point in squeezing into uncomfortable jeans that barely fit. In a further attempt to hide my unbridled gluttony, I would sneak to the trash can in the middle of the night to throw away the wad of fast food bags and candy wrappers that amassed each day. The only thing I couldn’t hide was this pesky double chin.

My cock was positively throbbing as it pressed into my pillow. I had to take care of it before I started my day. The problem was that my stomach was growling and I knew that my nut wouldn’t be satisfactory if I wasn’t at least partially satiated. I knew I had to have a snack somewhere in my room. Coincidentally enough, there was a half eaten king size Twix next to my bed. I shoved the rest in my mouth and went to town. It didn’t take long before my body was convulsing in the throws of orgasm, causing my the layer of fat over my body to wiggle like a jello mold. After I came I threw gulped down some chocolate chips and dozed off for a few minutes. When I awoke, cum was crusted into my body hair. I didn’t bother washing it off and threw on some sweats. I walked into the living room and my mom was already prepping for Thanksgiving dinner.

“Levi, I’m glad you’re up. Can you and Emily fetch a few things from the grocery store for me? Here’s a list.”

I grabbed the list and we headed out. On the drive Emily informed me that multiple guests would be joining us this year. Our parents had a friend coming over and Emily’s two friends were coming: Jeremy and Violeta. She informed me that Jeremy was a cute and single gay. I shrugged off her implications but was secretly filled with excitement at the prospect of getting laid. Hopefully he was a top because I needed some dick.

When we returned home I immediately began trying on outfits. If I wanted to get fucked I needed to look the part. I squeezed into the only pair of pants I thought would fit: black corduroys that barely buttoned. All of my button ups were obscenely tight. Sure, I could get them on, but it looked like I hadn’t gone shopping in twenty pounds— which was the truth. T-shirts were just as unbecoming. It’s not that I was even that fat, but my wardrobe consisted of clothes that were intended to be skin tight forty pounds ago. I went to Emily and asked for her advice. There was no way I could wear any of my clothes and I didn’t have time to go to the store.

“Wow big bro is really going through his second growth spurt huh?” She laughed. “I actually didn’t realize you were getting so puffy underneath those oversized hoodies.”

“I get it, I’m fat, now can you help me figure something out please? People are gonna be arriving in a couple hours and I wanna look decent.”

“Okay okay,” she giggled, “why don’t you just throw one of dad’s old sweaters over that button up?”

“Brilliant. Thank you!”

I ran off to my dads closet to rummage through his sweaters. There was no hiding my little spare tire, but I did find a sweater that cloaked it for the most part. The next two hours I spent nervously fussing over my appearance and refusing to eat. The not eating part was particularly difficult given all the delicious smells wafting about as well as the fact that snacking had become my new stress relief. I shaved my face to discover my double chin was bigger than I thought. Then I shaved my junk to realize that I had gained weight down there as well. I didn’t even know that your pubic area could get fat, but there was no arguing the appearance of a noticeable bit of padding above my cock. My self esteem was dwindling and I began to lose hope I would ever have sex again. I poured a glass of eggnog to calm my nerves.

All of the guests arrived early, so we broke out the spiked cider and had an impromptu mixer while my parents toiled away in the kitchen. I stuck to my eggnog. Jeremy arrived and was unexpectedly attractive. I was intimidated. Back when I was in peak form, I would’ve been all over him. Jeremy was a bit taller than me, maybe six foot? He was slim with broad shoulders and a chiseled jaw that was covered in the perfect amount of dark brown scruff. His hair was a mop of curls. Although he was a bit more pale than what I usually go for, these were desperate times. Plus, despite his slender frame, he appeared well endowed in all arenas. That is, he had both a bubble butt and a healthy bulge between his legs.

We got to chatting and I was pleasantly surprised to find he was quite flirtatious. However, I couldn’t discern whether he was a top or bottom. You see, I was a strict bottom and there was no way that was ever going to change. Regardless of his preference, I figured there was no harm in flirting.

After about 45 minutes of endless chatter, we ended up getting to know each other fairly well. By the time dinner was served, I was delirious with hunger, for food and for Jeremy. I was becoming increasingly forward with him and my advances were well received. Jeremy touched my arm multiple times and even called me “cute” after I made a self deprecating joke about my weight. When he sat down next to me for dinner, I knew I’d be able to seal the deal.

The problem was that I was absolutely starving, but didn’t want to pig out in front of this cutie. My first plate of food was decidedly sparse. I ate slowly while making conversation with Jeremy, but couldn’t deny the ache in my stomach for more food. I paced myself with the rest of the table and held back when everyone went in for seconds.

“Don’t tell me you’re full already?” Said Jeremy.

I was taken a back and fumbled for words, “I uh um, yeah, I’m uh tryna cut back.”

“Aw c’mon it’s Thanksgiving,” Jeremy responded before placing his hand on my thigh and whispering, “Plus, I like a man who can eat.”

His hand gently traced the inside seam of my pants and up to my crotch. I didn’t know what was happening but I knew that it felt good. Without thinking, I piled my plate high with food and poured Jeremy a healthy glass of red wine.

“That’s more like it,” winked the cute twink.

Something clicked inside of me after that. It was as though my brain had acquiesced to the physical pleasures I was experiencing. The sensations of delicious foods in my mouth and the supple hand massaging my cock was all that I cared about. It was a strange sort of ecstasy that left me hungry for more than just food; I wanted Jeremy’s ass on my lips too. Before I knew it dinner was coming to a close, several slices of pie were packed in my belly, and me and Jeremy were going for a walk.

“Fuck, I’m so full I can’t believe I’m actually moving right now,” I complained.

“Well if you want, we could go for a cruise in my car instead?” Suggested Jeremy.

We got into Jeremy’s small SUV and drove to a look out spot nearby. I craved his body immensely and within minutes I was cupping his sharp jawbone to pull him in for a kiss. His kissed me softly and placed one hand on my swollen midsection. As we began to make out our hands slid into each other’s shirts. He immediately grabbed my love handle with a strong grip. Strangely, instead of shrinking from embarrassment I felt even bolder. I lifted him up a bit and slid my hand into his pants to grab a meaty handful of ass. He let out a slight moan and suggested we move to the backseat.

We crawled back and removed our pants. I placed Jeremy on his back, lubed up my hole with spit and mounted his cock. I bounced twice on his girthy member and felt the food inside my distended stomach slosh around. The sensation was very uncomfortable and gave way to a stomach ache. Jeremy responded by flipping me onto my back. My dick pressed into my belly, leaving an indentation in the pool of flab. Jeremy took my cock in his mouth and pushed back my fat, squeezing it with both hands.

“I know what you want, daddy,” he said.

Jeremy sat up and began to slide my vocal into his ass. This was exactly what I wanted. I’d never wanted to fuck someone like this before. I wanted to blast this twink’s hole full of my jizz. He began to bounce on my cock as I gripped his bubble butt and he gripped my paunch. Our pace began to quicken and I began to slam his ass onto me. The car windows steamed over as Jeremy moaned uncontrollably.

“Fuck me. Fuck me daddy.”

Every time he said daddy I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go. I was getting so worked up that I began doing all the work. Jeremy clung to my body with his face in my chubby neck while I pounded away at his hole. Our bodies were covered in sweat, and his bony form sunk into my softness. He grinded his huge cock into my belly as I blasted his hole. His body began tensed as I hit his G-spot and I knew an orgasm was imminent.

“Fuck!” He yelled. “Come in me you fat fuck!”

I could feel his cock begin to pump out semen in between our writhing bodies. I couldn’t take it any longer and also began to nut inside him. My orgasm seemed to last forever as my vision went blurry.

Glued together with come and sweat, we laid motionless and caught our breath for several minutes.

“That’s was great,” said Jeremy. “I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time.”

“That’s funny because I’m a bottom. This was only my second time topping.”

“No way. A hot dad like you should be plowing boys left and right.”

“I mean, I know I’ve plumped up a bit but I’ve never really thought of myself as the dad-type.”

“Honey,” Jeremy place a hand on my stomach and gave it a jiggle, “with these curves and this body hair… you’re at peak dadness. You should embrace it. All the boys are chasing dadbods now.”

“Is that so?” I replied.

I keep closing all the windows being opened
To leave the cold air out, to keep my skin from breaking
Bury yourself underneath my skin
And tell me what its like to feel alive again.

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Hey, Ty, what do you think of Lady with an Irish accent? Also, do you thing oceanfell!sans would like the band Floggen Molly? Seems up his ally.

I support it!  My favorite accent of all time is an Irish accent.  Although, I’ve come to realize that I can’t do an accent worth crap.  I have friends that live in Ireland, and I went to visit a couple of years back.  After a couple Jameson and Cokes, I decided to try the accent for myself.  The only thing I sounded like was an asshole.  

I feel like if the Lady tried using Irish slang around the skelebros, they’d be really confused.  Papyrus would just go along with it.  

That said, Oceanfell Sans was originally meant to use heavy pirate slang (and just his own made-up slang, too), but he’s become a weird mix of Scottish and Irish in my head, and I’m into it.  And Celtic punk?  Hell to the yeah, he’d listen to it.  How about the Dropkick Murphys?  Their song Rose Tattoo reminds me of him.  

“I look through your window every day before I leave. You don’t notice, of course, and I’m not sure I’d want you to. You don’t know how I feel. I don’t even know how I feel. How irritating…. but even so, why would you take notice? You have your heart and mind set on Jin. Jin…. a man too blind to see how lucky he really is.

I know I’m nothing to you Zel. A band mate. A friend, at most. I wish I could just accept it and move on with our lives, but I can’t. I have tried, trust me. I try every minute of every day. But my resolve isn’t strong, and everytime I lay eyes on you, I fall for you all over again. I know, I shouldn’t be saying any of this. It’s a good thing you can’t read my mind, or my emotions. Sometimes I’m happy that you’re clueless, saves me the trouble of explaining myself.

Nothing can be changed. I’ll remain your friend, even though it’’s the most difficult thing to do, even though I’ll always want more from you. I guess I’ll just wait… forever if I must…

I’ve got nothing to lose but you and my heart.”

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I know that The Cars and the Gary Numan song where the namesakes for Kars, but I don't see any resemblences between his personality and the music. Do you?

I suspect that was one of the cases where the name of the band sounded so cool as a name that matching the music to the character didn’t matter that much.

[reaching mode on] Unless you wanna read Gary Numan’s song as sort of a metaphore for being closed off emotionally as a safety measure (”I feel safest of all / I can lock all my doors / It’s the only way to live”)

As for The Cars, something from these?:

that interview with Zach Sang is probably the best interview BTS’s has had since coming to the US for the AMAs. like, Zach obviously did his research and he didn’t ask petty questions like ‘who is your celebrity crush?’ instead what he did were:

  • he actually asked questions the boys’ wanted to answer and you could see that they’re very comfortable. 
  • yoongi even spoke up a couple of times and joked about making it to the billboard
    zs: what was your dream growing up? like, when you first realized that you wanted to sing. what was your end goal? what did you wanna see yourself do?
    yg: go the billboard. i made it <laughs>
  • he talked about how BTS’ music embodies change and the belief of the next generation and that even when their songs are in Korean they’re proving that music is w/o borders wHICH IS ONLY WHAT NAMJOON HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT EVERYTIME SOME IDIOT ASKS THEM ABOUT RELEASING AN ENGLISH SONG
  • he did his research about the history of their songs and their lyrics and Namjoon legit sounded surprised when Zack reference their earlier lyrics of studying and being turned into working machine bECAUSE SHIT SO FAR HE’S THE ONLY INTERVIEWER WHO TALKED ABOUT IT
  • instead of talking about how the boy’s are dealing with the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity/idol, he asked about how they deal with the pressure of being idols and basically being looked up to by their fans and how do they deal with it (of course he mentioned about the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity but that it’s just material and he asked them how they stay in touch with themselves)
  • he understand that BTS’ journey isn’t an easy one and he knows what their work is all about calling them ‘socially charged since the beginning’
  • HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO ASKED ABOUT THEIR UNICEF WORK SO FAR and you could practically see the boys light up at the question. they all smiled and nodded and Namjoon thanked him and enthusiastically discussed about their UNICEF #EndViolence campaign
  • he asked them about how they remind themselves to love their selves and not as BTS - which for me is a very relevant and good question bc so far all we see people ask them is ‘how does it feel like to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world??’
  • the boys are comfortable enough to answer in Korean and let Namjoon translate for them unlike in the other interviews where they really struggle to speak in english for the interviewer (but idk. maybe that’s just me)
  • yg: please don’t compare yourself with others
    jh: finding my dreams and something that i really want to achieve is the best way to love myself
    nj: simply just call yourself (…) if i’m zach i’ll tell myself ‘zach, you’re doing just great. zach, i love you.’ pat your shoulder 3x a day. that can change you.’
  • he asked them if anybody in the group has the goal of learning english and everyone is just like ‘of course!’ (suga said ‘why not?’ V was very cute raising his hand and saying ‘me!’ and jhope sang the english alphabet. omg these boys.)
  • namjoon said they’re practicing and studying and memorizing words for the interviews and he’s really very, very proud of them.  (◡‿◡✿)
  • ZACH TOLD THEM TO JUST KEEP RELEASING MUSIC IN KOREAN because BTS is connecting people through music, telling the same struggles and experiences wherever they may be, and it’s a Big Deal.
  • He thanks BTS for their UNICEF work, telling them it’s very appreciated that the boys are working towards making the world a safer place and Namjoon legit said he’s the first one to ask them about their UNICEF campaign and said they’re so touched.


top ten most relatable fob lyrics

  • “i never really feel a thing”
  • “..waking up with pants on at four in the afternoon”
  • “good god i wish i was tall”
  • “have you ever wanted to disappear”
  • “i don’t care”
  • “i smell like alcohol”
  • “of all my miscalculations, you have got to be my all-time favourite”
  • “i fell outta bed”
  • “i’m the kinda kid that can’t let anything go”
  • “i can’t sleep”

*I wrote this with the sun and mars signs in mind*

Aries: It was a cool summer night. “You’re crazy.” I said as you pulled me towards an abandoned building. “Don’t be scared, I just wanna check it out.” We wandered through the decaying concrete, graffiti on every wall possible. I was so scared but I was trying hard not to lose my cool. After all you were absolutely loving this. There was a loud creak and I jumped, grabbing your arm. “Babe calm down, look at me.” You said soothingly, rubbing my shoulders. We made out there in the middle of the building; in the middle of the night. Your kisses enthralling, and for a moment I forgot about everything else. The creak came again but louder, “Okay, fuck this.” You laughed, grabbing my hand and we ran as fast as we could out of there and into the summer air.

Taurus: It was pitch black, our kisses growing more urgent as you fumbled around trying to undo my buttons. “I can’t see anything.” you chuckled. I sparked my lighter and you looked around for a candle, finding one and lighting it with my flame; never taking your eyes off me. You undid my pants quickly with a smirk on your face and threw them dramatically across the room. Your lips finding mine again, making up for the loss of contact. “You are so fucking hot” you whispered, running your hands down my body, a trace of goosebumps forming on my skin. You pushed in slowly, moaning as you felt my heat. You buried your face in my hair I lost all focus. I just held on for dear life as the candlelight flickered erratically on the ceiling.

Gemini: Your bedroom was covered with so many posters I couldn’t see what colour it was painted. You had not one, but two lava lamps, one purple and one orange. We were laying on your floor, listening to Frank Ocean on vinyl, “Sometimes I think about faking my own death, and leaving the parts I don’t like about myself behind.” you said somberly, drawing lazy circles on my stomach with your finger. “Where would you go?” I asked. You propped your head up, your adorable face flushed purple in the light from the lamp. “Anywhere but here,” you said pulling me even closer, “only as long as I could take you with me though.” I ran my finger across your bottom lip and you bit it, we giggled quietly, then sighed. You kissed me so deeply, like an ocean tide that ebbs and flows. We made love, slow love right there on your bedroom floor. Every now and then, when things are quiet, parts of that night come back in flashes when I close my eyes.

Cancer: Snow had been coming down like crazy all day and everybody was staying inside. We had made the heroic journey to the store to get the bare necessities. Popcorn, paprika Pringles and those fruity toffees. Now we were cuddled in an abundance of duvets and pillows watching Spirited Away. “Are you cold?” you asked softly. “No I’m actually really warm.” I said adjusting the pillows behind me. Your eyes shot around the room, you bit your lip as your gaze landed on me. “What?” I asked when I noticed you staring. You grinned, “I’m kinda cold.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I lifted my blanket and pulled you into my cocoon. Your hand slipped under my shirt as you got comfortable. “Oh my god, your hand is freezing.” I shrieked. “Warm me up then.” you teased as you kissed me gently.

Leo: “You are such a goddamn hypocrite, why are you being so possessive?” I yelled at you. “Because I fucking love you!” you screamed even louder. My eyes shot wide as the words left your mouth. I felt like I was about to faint. Like everything I’d known for the past two months had been wrong. I put my hand on my forehead and slowly sat down on the sofa. “Since when?” I asked warily. You sat down next to me, leaving a little space between us, not wanting to scare me away. “Since the day I met you.” you said more gently. I shook my head in confusion. All these months I’d been crushing on you, telling myself I was a fool for thinking you could ever feel the same. “Look, I should go.” you said standing up, I grabbed your arm quickly and pulled you to me. I kissed you with my eyes open, I didn’t believe it but my eyes couldn’t lie. You picked me up and put me in your lap. “We can’t do this.” I whispered into your neck. You grabbed me even tighter, not ready to let me go. “Tell me to stop,” you breathed kissing down my collarbone, your finger toying with the band of my panties, “just tell me to stop.” Your eyes searched mine for an answer. Your finger inching further, grazing down the lace in front. I moaned into your mouth, giving you the answer you needed. The one we both needed.

Virgo: My phone buzzed next to my laptop. It was almost midnight and my chemistry notes were making less sense than ever. “Hi baby.” I half sighed as I answered. “Where are you?” you asked. “On my bed, what’s up?” I could hear your breathing through the phone, “Nothing, just thinkin’ about you. ‘Bout us.” you said cheekily. I closed my eyes as that familiar lightness hit my stomach. “Oh really, what are we doing?” I teased. You half groaned on the other line, “Thinking about your skin, running my tongue up your spine, and swirling it around your-” Now I was the one who moaned. “Can you come pick me up?” I panted. You laughed, “Thought you’d never ask.”

Libra: It was my first birthday in the new city and I was feeling more homesick than ever. You knocked on my door and told me to get dressed while you poured two shots of tequila. You took me on an adventure, stumbling through a regal museum slightly tipsy. I was laughing at this modern piece, you asked why I didn’t get it, I said the shape was a bit funky. From behind you wrapped your arms around my waist, pressing yourself up against me, “I think it’s a quite stimulating.” you whispered with a sly grin, and my entire body shivered. Then you took me to dinner, your eyes staring into mine the whole time and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. It was like moving between worlds, reality changing from hour to hour. I don’t even remember what we talked about, only what I was feeling. We couldn’t even last until desert, our minds running away from us. As soon as I opened the door to my place your lips crashed onto mine, and for the first time that night I felt like I could breathe.

Scorpio: “Do you wanna wrestle?” I asked you with a wicked grin on my face. “I’m not gonna wrestle you.” You said not taking your eyes of the TV. I jumped on you and the Xbox controller went flying. “You asked for it.” You growled as you started fighting me back. I knew I had no chance, I just wanted to get you all fired up. Before I knew it I was on my back, hands pinned down above my head and your strong thighs straddling my torso. “Who’s the winner?” you demanded. “You’re the winner daddy.” I purred, reaching up and biting your lip. Your expression shifted, your eyes going from that watery blue to devilish dark in a split second, and I knew I was in for a ride.

Sagittarius: It was 3 a.m. I knew I had school in the morning but at this point I didn’t care. Cruising around the city in your parents BMW, the bass in the sound system making our blood vibrate. Like it hadn’t been already. We didn’t say anything, we couldn’t. We couldn’t afford to lose control. Then L$D by A$AP Rocky came on. My hands were shaking in my lap, your knuckles white from squeezing the steering wheel so hard. The engine purred as you drove faster, now with a purpose, pulling into the beach parking lot. The car came to an abrupt stop and I couldn’t take this any longer. You moved your seat back as I jumped over the console. You kissed me like you were drowning and I was air. All that tension finally snapping like firecrackers as the music pumped through our bodies. Your strong arms lifted me up and pushed my dress up my thighs, the windows fogging up. I could feel your biceps trembling under the palm of my hand, and thought how could something that felt so right be so wrong?

Capricorn: The whole day had had a weird, electrifying feel to it. Now I knew why. We were standing out there on the balcony, face to face in the middle of the crowd. “Kiss me.” you said nonchalantly. “You kiss me.” I incited. You took a long drag of the joint, gently pressing your lips to mine as you blew the smoke into my mouth. I just stared back at you, blowing the smoke out again calmly, your fingers still caressing the back of my neck. You almost smiled but stopped it midway by biting your lip. I grabbed your shirt and pulled you to me. I kissed you like it was the last time. You pulled back slightly to catch your breath, “Wanna get out of here?”

Aquarius: The night I first met you. I didn’t wanna go out but my friends convinced me. The bar was so packed but somehow I got to the front of the stage. There you were, and that cherry red guitar, in your own world. I remember I couldn’t take my eyes of your fingers when you played. I didn’t even notice you were looking at me until the song was over. You laughed and playfully tugged on your shirt. I didn’t get why but then I noticed we were both wearing the same Led Zeppelin shirt. When the show was over you found me so quickly I knew you had been watching me. “I feel like this was meant to be.” you said leaning up against the bar. I took you in, your knuckles had little cuts on them and your black jeans were splattered with green paint. “I’m not really in the mood to make friends tonight.” I said, taking a sip of my beer. You ran your hand teasingly through that dirty blonde DiCaprio hair, “How ‘bout we just stay strangers then?” I knew I’d already lost this fight. The next thing I remember is literally falling into your foyer, your lips on my neck as I moaned in your ear. You held me so tight, pulling my shirt up ever so slightly just to put your skin on mine. I pushed you down, taking my shirt all they way off while I straddled your hips, and you looked at me like I had just discovered fire. When it was all over you grabbed my face with both your hands, “What’s your name?” you breathed. I smirked as I put my clothes back on, “I thought we were gonna stay strangers.” I was halfway home when I realized that the shirt I was wearing wasn’t mine, it was yours.

Pisces: The record had finished all the way through. That needle scratch sound from the record player filled the silence in the room. I was in your arms, tangled in bedsheets and your sticky bodyparts. You grazing my back lightly with your fingers. “I need to pee.” I said trying untangle myself limb by limb. Your arms tightened around me, “No, you can’t go.” you pouted. I giggled and wiggled around in your embrace. “I have to pee, I’ll be quick.” You pressed your forehead against mine. “Promise?” you said softly. I pecked your lips three times. “I promise.”

Others have probably articulated this better, but I just really fucking love how Niall is breaking every rule in the book about what boy band members are supposed to do when they go solo. He talks with pride about One Direction’s music, what they achieved together, and the doors it has opened for him as a solo artist. Instead of distancing himself from 1D, he is telling new fans that they should be giving 1D’s music a listen, and avidly supporting his 1D bandmates in their solo projects. Instead of reinventing himself with a brand new image, he has seamlessly transitioned to solo stardom by keeping the focus on his music. He is proving that boy band members don’t have to disavow their past, whether implicitly or explicitly, to be successful as solo artists. And he is achieving solo success despite, or perhaps because of, that. All power to him.


This moment I captured on camera was probably one of the highlights of my night at Day6′s live and meet at LA. It was during Day6′s “Letting Go” performance and I just felt so much emotion from Jae at this particular moment. He was so hyped and giddy throughout the night because he was back home, but during this time, I can really see how happy he was to be on stage performing to My Days for the first time in his hometown. It’s like at this very moment, he was thinking about how far he’s gotten in his life where he could finally perform and share his music with the people around him. He is in a state of slight disbelief that he’s finally made it and he’s surrounded by his fans that support him and his band. The way he just shakes his head and then nods reassuring himself, probably thinking “Wow…I’m here. I’m really here.” Everytime I see this moment, I just feel so much love and happiness for him, that I actually feel emotional. These small things are what I admire most. This is what so many k-pop bands (k-pop idols too) strive for. This moment where they feel like they’ve accomplished their dream. 

Welcome home, Jae. You made it, and you’re doing great. 

remember that one interview during mitam promo with grimmy where harry had to use that voice app and it was SO OBVIOUS that everyone in one direction loves and enjoys each other???  what a great interview.  It really warms my heart.  

more playlists no one asked for

My { spotify }

it’s that feeling you get right before you jump off a swing- the rush, the exhilaration- so close your eyes, take a breath, and jump

everyone draws sharpie tattoos; maybe it’s because sometimes we all crave something fun and not permanent once in a while

dance with me at midnight in the light of our neon glow sticks

dandelion fluff floating in the wind, an orange sunset, fireflies blinking all around you - yeah that’s what these three bands make me feel like

you know you listened to the ‘emo’ music, and you know you still do because screw society’s opinion, these songs got you through crap

when you’re seventeen and wearing a sundress for no other reason than you want to even though it doesn’t go with your converse

the ending scene in 80’s movies where the car drives off, the people are smiling and happy, and that song takes over as the credits start rolling

sometimes you’re sad, and that’s okay

clear skies and and deep breaths, that joy that makes you so glad to be alive because the sun exists and the air and the wind, and you’re just happy

roll the windows down and sing as loud as you can with your friends as wind whips around you

Alice and Wendy are spit out of their worlds, meetup, and try to survive this screwed up place between wonderland and neverland… by any means necessary

I do not have a crush. I just happen to think of you and me together whenever I hear these songs.

have you ever considered what converse sound like?

my head is a screwed up place, so I blast this until I can’t hear myself think

Stan didn’t mean to wander into this bar, but this “punk” thing is growing on him.  

BTS Reactions | He finds out you love him

Not sure how to go about this, just hang tight ARMY, constructive criticism welcome ♡ 



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You shoved Jungkook as he continued to tease you about your crush on Jin. It was pretty embarrassing, apparently you had spit the detail out to him the night before, when you were drunk. “Kookie” you whined and pouted, hoping it would make him shut up. “Look Noona” Kook said, raising his brows to mention towards the elder member walking into the dorm with his cell phone at hand. You glared at Kook before you punched his shoulder and tried to get away from him. “Ow Noona!” he groaned, causing Jin to look up, confused. “Y/N, why are you hitting Jungkook?” he asked as he sat down beside you. You opened your mouth to respond but Kookie beat you to it. “She’s upset cause I’ve been teasing her about being in love with you hyung” Kook said casually. Jin’s cheeks turned pink and yours did as well. “I’m so sorr-” Jin cut you off with a shy smile. “I love you too y/n” he confessed. 

“How long have you felt this way?” he asked.

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