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does michael prefer skateboards or pennyboards or longboards v important question

skateboards bc they fit his aesthetic more but he’s also a fan of longboards bc his older brother had one and gave it to him before he went to college. he thinks pennyboards are p rad but isn’t particularly invested in them

the fakest thing is when people draw vax, percy, and scanlan with bulging muscles but give pike twig arms like we are clearly not watching the same show here buddy

feeling blue so I drew something opposite of that feeling 

*punches a wall* i want a boyfriend

Every so often that tidbit about Padme originally going to Mustafar to kill Anakin resurfaces and then I’m very glad they decided not to do that. 

So I HAVE to move to a new apartment in like …a month lmao and I’m FREAKING OUT but also trying to be like, chill, about it but it’s overwhelminggggg and I have a million and one things to do and on top of that worrying about my bro who’s still in hospital ! Anyways I feel like my brain is about to explode but …also…life …IT IS WHAT IT IS I’m so glad my mom is here …and tbh I’m v glad to be moving out of this four floor walkup apt from hell so …it’ll alll…work out….🙏

My thoughts on the season finale

Okay so I’ve just finished watching the season finale, and I have a LOT of feelings, so here we go:

- Can we just take a second to appreciate how freaking brilliant the Blindspot writers? Seriously, the way they’ve written Phase 2 has been both terrifying and marvellous at the same time, I don’t know how they do it. They’re all geniuses.
- I know it is a very small moment compared to what happens throughout the rest of the episode, but Jane flashing back to her dream with Kurt while she was talking to Director Hirst absolutely broke me. I mean, here Jane is, being asked what she wants, and the first thing she thinks about is Kurt and just being happy with him? I dunno, but this little moment just hit me hard.
- Speaking of Director Hirst, I freaking love her. I hope we get to see more of her in Season 3, as she already seems to be gelling really well with the team.
- Similar to Jane thinking about her dream, I loved the little 10 second moment where she leaves Kurt a voicemail to say she’s worried about him. I swear to God, these two kill me.
- Not gonna lie, I feel like I didn’t breathe throughout the entire episode, especially when Patterson was trying to stop the satellite. So freaking tense.
- Tasha’s snark with Keaton was brilliant; I loved how she immediately cuts him off every time he speaks, and I loved her little “Since when do we work with the CIA?” comment. Also, she gets shot and then she’s out kicking ass the next day? Damn Zapata.
- Roman. My poor baby Roman. I’m so sad about how he’s ended up at the end of this season, especially when his journey has been so brilliant to watch. It broke my heart when he walked away saying “Goodbye Jane”. Someone please reassure me that he’s gonna be alright?
- Shepherd is without a doubt the most terrifying character I’ve ever met. She’s ruthless, and she’ll quite literally stop at nothing to get what she wants. I’m so proud of the team for capturing her, that was such an amazing moment. Also, I was so happy to see Nas back to interrogate Shepherd. Her hard work has paid off, and she gets to reap the rewards with the team.
- Speaking of the team - oh my beautiful broken children, what am I gonna do with you? I loved the team scenes in this episode - when Kurt refused to let Patterson say goodbye, when Patterson told Jane and Kurt “you’re not gonna make it back” (my heart literally broke), when they all hugged each other when Kurt returned, and then the little moment in Patterson’s lab with the trio. I loved Reade’s speech about being family to cheer Patterson up; it was just so perfect and well written. I’m glad we got to see the three of them working together like last season’s finale.
- Patterson was a literal unicorn in this episode. She made me laugh and cry with her so many times in this episode. She’s such a strong female character, and Ashley plays her brilliantly. Seriously, I could write a six page essay on why I love this angel.
- Kurt’s speech in SIOC, oh my goodness. For a man who only lets one person (*cough* Jane *cough*) see his emotions, he did a damn good job of delivering a victory speech. I’ve loved watching Kurt’s journey this season, he’s come so far and I’m SO DAMN PROUD (Also his immediate worry for Jane made me smile like an idiot).
- The flash forward. Did ANYONE see that coming? Seriously? I’m so intrigued. Why did Jane have to leave Kurt? (I’m convinced that it was her only choice, she wouldn’t just randomly leave). Where’s the rest of the team? Who wants Jane’s attention? How long has Jane been gone for? Jane and Kurt are MARRIED? I can’t. And don’t even get me started on Jane’s glowing tattoos. I have So. Many. Questions.
- Last, and by no means least, the Jeller moments. Oh my god, we were so blessed. The I love you’s (which made me cry, especially Kurt’s), the “I’m not leaving you”, the hug, the hallway kiss…. I could go on forever about it. Jane’s literal dreams are actually coming true, Kurt Weller told her he loved her (he said it first too????) and I’m just so damn happy for them. They’re finally together. If you think back to how we started this season and then flash forward to now, this season has been a painfully wonderful development for them. I just can’t. “This is where I wanna be”. I’m dead.

Okay, something I’m really curious about - the range of Quirks and what works best for Heroes. 

(Because like - freaky factor aside, being able to have stretchy eyeballs doesn’t seem like it’d do you all that well when it comes to Hero-ing, imo. Or like, being able to grow your hair like the orange-haired kid in front?)

I mean, I can tell this is very much based off American superhero comics, so that gives me some view into how varied powers will be.

And also, I kind of want to know more about how Hero-ing works, really. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s pretty much a government type of job - paid for by the government, in regards to how well you do, or something along those lines.

…that seems like it’d be a situation rife with corruption, really.

The emphasis (from the narration and what Izuku himself says, while analyzing Mt. Lady’s powers/debut) seems to be on being popular and well-known, and getting credit for the crimes they stop. Alongside that is Izuku’s mentioning that Mt. Lady’s Quirk is ‘really amazing’ - so it would make sense for more ‘marketable’ and ‘flashy’ Quirks to come over well.

And Heroes who do have all of that are likely to be paid more by the government (or whatever pays them)…

What happens to people who have less ‘marketable’ Quirks, then? Heroes who aren’t quite as impressive? Are they more shunted off to the side, given less to work with?

(It would make sense, for the government to align itself with the more ‘impressive’ Heroes and to reward them better, the ones who are more well-liked by the public - that’s just good PR, at the very least.)

..that doesn’t strike me as a very good system, really - if my babbling is even halfway correct and/or accurate (which it could very well be not). It sounds like to the Heroes, as this ‘verse establishes them, what’s more important to them isn’t protecting people, but like, being popular and earning renown.

…that’s kinda weird.

Here’s my Lavellan, Senna \o/ I think I might actually love her more than Solas now lmao

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v. give me angst or whump!!

V. An abandoned or empty place.

The blunt blow strikes on his already aching side and Illya is too tired to fight back anymore. Too many hits from too many people. Now the hits only come from one man, but it’s all too much. The sharp kick knocks the feet from under him, and he collapses on the dusty concrete floor. Illya hits his head, temple scrapes on the coarse floor, his blood stains it. The next kick hits his torso, makes him slump onto his broken ribs. Every panting breath of the dusty air is like inhaling fire. He can taste the blood and his tongue can feel the split lip. Vision blurs when he still tries to get up. A new kick makes his body scream in panic when the pain rushes through his bruised flesh. The pain is sharp, cuts him, feels more like knives than kicks.

The sound of the gunshot is relieving. Soon it’ll be over and the pain will stop. Illya lets himself slump back to the dust and dirt and rocks on the floor. He can’t see the man anymore but he can hear footsteps. His eyes try to focus when someone comes closer. He only recognizes Gaby when he already moves his sore arm to cover himself. Her small hands touch him, softly guides his arm back down, when there is no reason to cover from her.

The pale light from the windows of the abandoned warehouse building makes the dust in the air glow around Gaby, and for a moment she looks like an angel who is there to collect him. Her voice trembles when she asks is he okay, when she tells that help is coming and he is going to be fine. It takes a moment for Illya to realize that Gaby’s bullet hit the other man instead of him. Her hand wipes blood from his chin and it’s so soft when everything surrounding him is hard.

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update: im putting back on weight and while i know that’s good i feel kinda awful about it and it makes no sense like im GETTING HEALTHY AGAIN why cant i be happy