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why everyone should read 'rivers of london'/'the peter grant series' by ben aaronovitch

• it has been described as “harry potter for adults” but only if harry potter had actual, decent diversity
• if you like the works of terry pratchett or neil gaiman, you’ll love it
• the main character is peter grant, a biracial london police officer who one day accidentally interrogates a ghost and things just kinda go a bit wild from here
• the goddesses of the rivers of london are p much all badass black women (these characters also inspired one of my favourite songs)
• sahra “muslim ninja” guleed, the woman who joined the police on a dare, is the best thing to ever happen to me
• lgbtq+ characters are never used for shock value or tokenised and are treated the same as the cis, straight characters
• there’s a muslim trans woman of colour who can fly!!!
• it’s told from peter’s pov and he constantly calls white people out on their shit i love him
• deals with themes of ethics and immortality
• it’s genuinely entertaining and the suspense is great and i love it
• harry potter would have been much better if, on his first day at hogwarts, harry said “fuck me, i can do magic”


All Female Iron Man - Iron Woman

One of my friends challenged me that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my favourite superhero movie if it was all-women. Sorry, dude, I think I will. Here’s my AU where they’re all women.

Antonia Stark was a genius, billionaire, paparazzi-darling, and philanthropist.Her life was a machine that ran on constant booze, brilliance, and bitterness of the past. When Toni and her best friend and military liaison Jamie Rhodes travel to the Kunar region for a weapons presentation, Toni is abducted by a terrorist ring. Her eyes are opened to the other side of her brilliance, the horrors of her creations in the wrong hands. After a blazing break-out from captivity, Toni builds herself the ultimate weapon, one that she plans to use to protect and not destroy - the Iron Woman suit. The constant anxiety of watching Toni endanger herself takes a toll on her secretary Pepper Potts and affects her friendship with Rhodes, but there is one person who takes advantage of it. Obdulia Stane, Toni’s godmother and guardian, locks her out of the company citing trauma and Toni enlists Pepper’s help to uncover Obie’s truth. Things get intense when Obie tries to kill Toni and reveals that she was the one who arranged for the abduction. In a final showdown, will Iron Woman be able to be her own hero? What new world is Tony Stark entering and how will this change her life? Watch a hero climb to her potential in the beginning of a saga that will define the future. Iron Woman - the golden-hearted guardian is here. 

Antonia ‘Toni’ Stark - Rachel Weisz

Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts - Jessica Chastain (I had her in mind for a long time, just because)

Jamie ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes - Viola Davis

Obdulia Stane - Jane Fonda

Nicola Fury - CCH Pounder

I plan on making an All-WOC AU series later. Let me know if you’re interested?


archive moodboard x - lit from within (rose flush edition) for @oh-no-its-mo 💝 🌷 💖


🍂 intentional october : day two.

forgot to post yesterday (day 2 and im already failing, good job del !) had a very technology filled day : finally picked up my new phone (256gb !!! my life is changed), downloaded all of my favourite podcasts (including the great ‘women in archaeology’) and went to my technology management class in the evening. 

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Top 5 favourite female game characters?

Tried keeping to one per franchise(Still love Piper and Curie <3) No particular order:

1.(Wife) Cait (Fallout 4). A badass pit-fighting, potty mouth that needs some love.

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2.(Also wife) Cassandra Pentaghast (Dragon Age Inquisition) A badass warrior that’s icy on the outside and a darling on the inside; hopeless romantic and a nerd. 

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3. Velka Goddess of Sin (Dark Souls franchise) Dark and mysterious, always watching though never actually makes an appearance in human form.

Source of image:

Artwork by @knt666, all credit for artwork goes to them.

4. Bonnie MacFarlane (Red Dead Redemption/ Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare) Doesn’t take shit and kicks ass.

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5. Lilith (Borderlands franchise) Badass Siren that kicks ass all over the place.

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10 Favourites

@cassiopeiasara  tagged me in the list 10 of your favorite female characters from 10 fandoms and tag 10 people game.

1. Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter)

2. Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

3. Elsie Hughes (Downton Abbey)

4. Ada Cackle (The Worst Witch)

5. Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada)

6. Dr. Kerry Weaver (Emergency Room)

7. Diane Lockhart (The Good Wife/Fight)

8. Yara Greyjoy (Game of Thrones)

9. Jane Felsham (Lovejoy)

10. Clarisse Renaldi (Princess Diaries)

I tag @juleswhatever @malefiquinn @ladyjanesfelsham @daggers-in-the-smiles-of-men @thewritermakingdreamsreality @evilpenguinn @hecate-hardbroom @hacklesacademy

Imagine Request - Insecurities

can you do an imagine where y/n and justin get in a huge argument and he says some really hurtful things about her insecurities and y/n breaks down and yeah please

“You can’t keep me locked up away, [Y/N]! I’m allowed to go out with my friends!” Justin shouted across the room, pacing around as he did so.

“You know that’s not what I’m trying to do, I just don’t like when you hang around with those people! Please try and understand.” Your arms were being thrown around in the air constantly, hoping he’d understand.

This wasn’t an argument that’d just started, it’d been building up for the past few weeks. There’d be slight disagreements and spits of anger and you’d each just sigh and say how you don’t want to it now, and you’d go to bed and cuddle without saying another word. But this? This was it. It was happening.

“God, you can be so fucking needy and possessive sometimes! I don’t have a girlfriend so I can be told what to do! Stop being up my ass all the dam time.” He growled as he turned to look at you.

But he didn’t stop there. “Also, it’s not your fucking choice who I surround myself with. You know, when we first started dating, I never thought you’d turn to be one of those obsessive, manipulating girlfriends. Get off my fucking back.” He spat at you as his glare burned into the side of your head as you looked away.

You felt tears prick your eyes, threatening to fall. All the emotion and anger that’d build up inside of you was being let out and your body turned numb, you collapsed to the floor and let out a huge sigh as the tears started to fall as you hugged your legs with your arms.

Justin stood staring at you, his hard glare turned into a sympathetic, concerned gaze and his anger turned into worry as he watched his girlfriend break down.

"Baby.” Justin, with no other words to say in that moment, shot towards you and dropped down next to you.

"I-I don’t mean to be any of those things you say I’m turning into. I just see all those beautiful girls you hang around with that are so much more capable of making a better girlfriend than me and it makes me think that you’re going to realise that and leave me.” You sobbed uncontrollably, feeling stupid that you were in this state in front of Justin.

"That’s what this is about? Baby, I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you just tell me if you felt like that? Listen. [Y/N], you have nothing to worry about. You’re the only person I need to make me happy, I only want you. It’s me and you forever.” Justin rubbed your arm soothingly.

"But they’re all so beautiful and probably fun to be around and then you have to come home to me.” A slightly disgusted look appeared your face as you finished your sentence.

"They might be, but not as beautiful as you. You’re so breathtaking, and not just on the outside. You have such a kind heart and you’re just so amazing. My heart aches with how much love and appreciation I hold for you, I need you to be able to be me, I don’t need any of them. And coming home to you is my favourite thing because I know out of all those women, I chose you, and out of all those men, you chose me. I’m so lucky to have you, I’m not letting you go.” He stared in your eyes, holding your hand tightly.

By now, more tears were rolling down your cheeks and you were hiccuping every ten seconds.

"I love you, I’m sorry for coming off the way I did.” You wrapped your arms around his waist and leaned into him.

"I love you too, babygirl. You have no idea. I’m sorry for shouting at you, I didn’t mean to make you cry or upset you, I was just angry. And don’t worry about it, just talk to me next time, okay?” His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you onto his lap slightly as you both sat in the middle of the floor, embracing each other.

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Do you have headcanons for an Angelina/Audrey/fleur friendship bc that is the unsung friendship that keeps me alive

I feel the same way, anon, I really do. Let’s see:

  • Though Molly eventually gets used to the idea of her babies getting married and moving away, Audrey and Angelina both get a watered-down version of the treatment Fleur gets in HBP from her, and Fleur immediately takes them under her wing and tells them Molly will come around to them in the end and in the mean time they can just sit down by her and complain about it and she will totally understand
  • They are all fiercely defensive of and protective over each other and if you say something mean about one of them you can bet that all three will turn up to show you the error of your ways
  • Even though Molly grows to love them all as much as she does her own children, there are times when she is just so overbearing and nagging and makes them feel like a total outsider still, and the three of them just make sure they’re there for each other when that happens because they understand
  • When they’re at The Burrow and she starts to make one of them feel like that, they develop a code for get me out of here before we no longer have a mother-in-law: when one of them mentions the Delacours’ family house in the south of France, it’s time for the other two to swoop in with some urgent issue that needs sorting so they can all vent and cool off
  • But woe betide anyone who isn’t one of the three of them even whispering anything vaguely negative about Molly Weasley because she may be a horrendous mother-in-law, but she’s their horrendous mother-in-law and they will defend her to the end
  • Similarly, it is totally permissible for the three of them to rant about their respective partners and also to listen to another rant about their partner, but if you rant about someone else’s partner or even agree with any of the venting, you get what’s coming to you
  • Molly Weasley’s three staple requirements for a well-kept household are cooking good, hearty (English) meals; making sure everything is squeaky-clean at all times, and having a flourishing garden. Fortunately, Audrey is an excellent cook, Angelina can have a house sparkling using magical or muggle methods in no time at all, and Fleur is always up to date with the latest Herbology developments and they help each other out with their respective specialties as much as they can
  • (Molly pretends not to be aware of this, mostly because she thinks it’s so nice that they help each other out like that and she wishes she’d had a similar system when her children were growing up)
  • When their children aren’t toddlers anymore but are still too young to go to Hogwarts, and they want to start working part-time again, they work out a way to do so so that there’s always one of them at home on any given day to have the children, sort of like co-operative childcare. There’s often some last minute juggling of schedules but it works really well, and when Ginny and Hermione have their children, they join in too. Audrey jokes that the kids are being raised less as children and more as a litter of puppies but it doesn’t seem to do them any harm, so they consider it a success
  • Except all their children end up with dragon pox at the same time and, when it’s all over, the three of them are so exhausted that Molly basically forces them to all take a week off and go on holiday together leaving the kids with their partners. They go to Fleur’s parents’ house in the south of France (of course) and it’s the most blissful, peaceful week theyhave in years
  • Each of them have a hobby/interest that the others (including the rest of the Weasleys) just don’t get (Fleur likes embroidery; Audrey collects old Gobstones sets and Angelina really enjoys playing Muggle sports, especially tennis) but they make sure to fake an interest when one of them talks about it because they know what it’s like to feel like an outsider in the family
  • The one thing they can never seem to manage is learning to knit, so they never get to help make the Christmas jumpers. But they still keep all theirs, and their partners’, and their kids’, and when Molly is very, very old and basically bed-bound, the three of them spend a weekend making her a patchwork blanket out of all the old jumpers they’ve collected over the years, and it ends up being one of their proudest achievements

character aesthetics (modern AU/all grown-up): Beth March (Little Women)

My favourite part was when we came out on the flat roof where our flowers and arbours and pretty things were, and all stood and sung for joy up there in the sunshine,” said Beth, smiling as if that pleasant moment had come back to her.

artist credit: x

Rules: list ten of your favourite characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

I was tagged by @justkeeponthegrass!

Wow, this was tough because I had no idea how to define “favourite.” Some of these are forever loves, some are current obsessions… in alphabetical order because I can’t really rank them… also, many of them are from canons that don’t really have a fandom… and interestingly, though I love a lot of male characters too, if you force me to choose my favourites apparently they’re almost all women.

Arya and Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones) Tied because I can’t really choose one and I love them the most when they’re together. While I like them in the books, a big part of my affection for these two comes from the actors and how well they manage to portray a deep-rooted, complicated but still loving sisterhood.

Chrisjen Avasarala (The Expanse) Edges out Bobbi Draper & Naomi Nagata from the same canon only because she’s older and older women in SF are still incredibly rare. Also, I would kill for her ravishing TV wardrobe. 

Jamethiel (Chronicles of the Kencyrath) A Chosen One who doesn’t want to be and who brings disaster with her wherever she goes. It’s not a character type you see written as a woman very often. 

Jessica Jones I am always here for cranky, foul-mouthed, reluctant heroes, as long as they’re women (see also: Jyn Erso). Unfortunately, that’s another rare female character type.

Laura Carroll/Princess Laura (The Secret Country) Laura is basically me as a kid (bookish, physically and socially awkward, has very strong Opinions she’s too shy to voice often) so it was pretty much a given that I would love her.

Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights) Actual role model, and I don’t mean that facetiously. Of course she’s not flawless but she’s an admirable parent, spouse, teacher, and mentor.

Tenar of Earthsea Reading The Tombs of Atuan was one of the first times I encountered a girl I recognized in the fantasy genre. Though I know the later books in the series aren’t universally popular, I’m so glad that Le Guin brought her back as a mature woman.

Vanye/Nhi Vanye i Chya (Morgaine Chronicles) Loyal, stubborn, desperately tries to be honorable even when all the choices are bad, a brave man who thinks of himself as a coward… hmmm, maybe I do have a type…

Wonder Woman/Diana of Themiscyra My first and formative superhero, in the shape of Lynda Carter. She’s everything a goddess ought to be. (I was simultaneously so thrilled and terrified about the movie that I almost couldn’t bear to watch in case it was awful.)

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it just so happens that nearly all of my favourite artists/bands are gay women therefore it’s confirmed that wlw are more talented than anyone else and that’s just the facts


Spent a good part of my afternoon drawing four of my favourite women. I love them all very much. ❤️

The original photos were found on Google Images, as usual, under their ‘licensed for reuse policy’, but the drawings are mine.

© fawkesflames123.

Crank up the Rape-Ono-Meter!

Eight episodes in and I guess we know now what “sexier” means: rape allusions, rape threats and coercions galore! Oh the sexiness! Episode 1: Lucie assuming d’Artagnan broke in to rape her. Episode 2: Aramis coercing and then pushing away Marguerite who is all “this is not a good time” and “you’ve never looked at me before, I don’t understand”. Episode 3: Rochefort and the roleplaying whore. Episode 4: Aramis’ “I’m very fond of you” to the woman he manipulated and instrumentalised. Episode 5: the Despicable Rape Backstory, plus Evil Baron & Son trying to rape Innocent Maiden. Episode 7: domestic violence! Episode 8: where to start; human trafficking, forced prostitution, Rochefort attempting to rape the fucking Queen of France. (These people really have no idea what a feudal society was all about; she would have been literally untouchable. I already found it required considerable suspension of disbelief to imagine Vadim touching and kissing the Queen in s1. Little did I know what was to come.) I’m probably forgetting something. Was Samara threatened with rape? I wouldn’t rule it out.

I know that women Had It Bad in the PAsT. It was a horrible thing to live in the PaST as a woman. We have to drive that lesson home again and again, ‘cos of AWARENESS and FEMINISM and stuff.

Look. Women’s rights are a recent thing, but female achievements, women in the workforce, women having agency in an entirely non-evil and non-murdering way are not. During the time this show is set, women would have been writers and secretaries. Richelieu and Louis XIII both employed a woman, namely Marie de Gournay, to write their letters. Marie de Gournay was also a translator and writer of non-fiction. She never married and was a huge women’s rights activist. She protested against the oppression of women, and yet nobody tried to burn her at the stake. Imagine that! Women worked as alchemists and discovered new perfume recipes (an expensive and coveted commodity!). Women were midwives; abbesses would run convents (a task that, if nothing else, required managerial competencies). Women ran business together with their husbands.

Constance had a trade. The scene in The Rebellious Woman, where Fleur’s father says that she’ll be a seamstress until she marries and then she’ll be a wife and mother? Complete bullshit in the era in which the show is set. The separation of the work sphere and the domestic sphere in the middle classes came much later (and I’m not sure to what extent the English model applies to France anyway). It’s all those Regency period drama and the Victorian novels that the writers were thinking of, where the gentile daughters had nothing to do but wait for a someone to marry her. During the Renaissance / the Baroque era, the middle classes (what was to become the bourgeoisie in France) began to emerge. Traders like Bonacieux would marry a woman from the same class and the same profession, who would then run their business with them. Constance would have an education and a profession in pretty much the same way as her husband did: they learned their trade as apprentices. She would have been numerate, and sufficiently literate, and she’d be working in the same way as her husband: they would both be running the business together. Men did not leave for the office in the morning, leaving the woman to be wife & mother and idle the day away drinking laudanum in her gown: their home was their place of work, and their wives were their work colleagues. A woman skilled in the same trade as her husband would be an important and valuable business partner. She’d be dependent on her husband, but that doesn’t mean that all husbands (and fathers) were abusive assholes. In Germany, women needed written permission from her husbands if they wanted to take up employment until 1977: it doesn’t mean that there were no women in the workforce and that they were all abused.

This show is doing all that it can to systematically erase female achievement and women’s history. It erased it with The Rebellious Woman by implying that literary salons were an aberration and that they were being suppressed, rather than places where academia flourished. (Richelieu frequented the most famous salon, the Hotel de Rambouillet. And he wasn’t trying to burn anyone while he was there. He wasn’t Mightily-Praiseworthy-Are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats, FFS). It implies that only a woman who takes up arms (like Milady, and to a degree Catherine) and picks up a stereotypically male profession would have any control over her fate. Constance, too, had to learn how to shoot and fight, because having a proper respectable job with managerial responsibilities was not enough. And now we’re being swamped with innocent maidens in need of rescue from rape on the one hand, and evil harpies from hell on the other. I can barely put into words how bad that is.


😍😁 I’m SO PROUD to be apart of the amazing @sweat team 😍😍 They are working on a special project that is all about self confidence and celebrating women WORLD WIDE!🙌 One of my favourite parts of my job is reading and sharing all of your transformation stories, it literally makes my day EVERYDAY seeing your progress photos.. but most of all, reading your stories!! If YOU have a story about how fitness has changed your life, PLEASE email it through to !! I️ can’t wait to start reading and sharing YOUR amazing stories! ❤️☀️👌

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Do you Know any books with strong Female characters that are not tomboys or something like that. I cant find books with girly, kind and feminine characters that are Also strong. The Only one i Know is GoT sansa stark. I'm kinda tired that Every Female character has to be a tomboy( that cant stand other Girls which is the reason she Hangs out with boys ), i cant relate at all.

ahhhh I feel you!!! I hate it when female protagonists have the personality of a ‘tomboy’ because apparently women can’t be strong unless they show the typical characteristics of strong men (or that a strong woman has to hate other women to be respected)… 

some book to check out with feminine strong women (who get along with other women!):

  • throne of glass by sarah j maas. features protagonist celaena sardothien, one of my all time favourite fictional women. she’s a trained assassin who can seriously rock a ball gown.
  • vampire academy series by richelle mead. protagonist rose hathaway is an amazing woman who is the full time protector of her female best friend (this series also has awesome friendships between women!) and totally owns her sexuality and femininity. 
  • code name verity by elizabeth wein. two female protagonists that stand out the most, showing unbelievable courage and strength when faced by horror and death.
  • the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin. poc protagonist mara dyer slays, murders, and struggles with insanity and her moral compass & also wears dresses.
  • the handmaid’s tale by margaret atwood. much darker than the books above, it’s protagonist offred is a woman living in a dystopian nightmare, but she faces it, and she lives it. and this book is a work of art. read it.
  • shatter me by tahereh mafi. just like the book above, this novel features a woman, juliette, forced into a situation where one would break, and she has the strength (psychically and emotionally) to pull through.
  • the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo. though i myself am yet to read this, it’s been recommended to me time and time again for it’s amazing female protagonist.
  • daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor. wonderful protagonist karou is an art student in prague who travels the world collecting teeth for her adoptive monstrous parents. she has a mysterious backstory and a spine of steel.
  • mistress of rome by kate quinn. features two amazingly powerful and influential women of ancient rome who fucking slay.

i’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones that immediately leap to mind!!

Not at all. Which honestly is why I was so suprised with everything that went on with Star Wars. I’ve been surrounded by brilliant women. My mom has always worked. And I never heard anything about any kind of difficulities that she had or she dealt with then. And because I wasn’t looking to film that way; all my favourite films like Mulan were about women anyway. So I guess I didn’t really see the thing. And now I’m like holy moly. But I’m more about the diversity at the moment, like I went to see a play in London and every single cast member was white. And suddenly you are like so aware.
—  “When you were growning up; did you feel any limits placed on you based on your gender? Did you feel anything was off the table for you?Happy Sad Confused, 26 October

So I got this ask earlier, and I wanted to reply to it but I also had to block the sender because, seriously, what the fuck buddy?

What is your problem?

You don’t have to be here?

Also, I think you’ve got the wrong idea about what Project J2M even was…

Nothing, not a single page that went into the binders, was fan fiction- and none of the art was ‘that’ kind of art. The letters were heartfelt messages of appreciation from people who will never get to meet them, and if you were there with me - if you saw Jared’s reaction and the way he held up the autographs line just to look through it - you’d know that he genuinely appreciated the thought behind the gesture.

By the morning after, Jensen had read some of them, and even talked to me about one during our photo op, and they mentioned - without prompting, I might add - during the J2 op how grateful they were that I’d give up my time to do that for people who can’t get there.

I know you’re trying to hurt me with this message, and - despite me blocking you - it hasn’t worked. You’re blocked because you’re rude to my followers and I will not stand for some faceless anon coming after my beautiful, amazing, supportive followers like that.

Also, about writing them - it’s fiction, baby. Fiction. They’ve said before that they don’t read it but they don’t mind it.

I’ve never before written about them cheating. I have a scheduled fic coming up that was a song prompt, and even then, it’s not exactly cheating.

If you knew me at all you’d probably know that Danneel and Genevieve are two of my favourite women in the world. My intense girl-crush on Gen since Wildfire is no secret.

The ENTIRE Fan Fiction (10.05) episode was dedicated… to us.

So, please, if you’re reading this ask and were worried about that last line -

In the wise words of Dean Winchester:

Keep writing, Shakespeare.

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