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farewell hope, and with hope farewell fear, 3.1k, post-ragnarok fic, look at me in your lighthearted movies writing angsty whump fic. note that I stole a few things in this fic (with permission!) from @portraitoftheoddity​ so give her some love. also cw for torture, I told you it was angsty whump fic

“I have a feeling it will all work out,” Thor said, and the moment he did Loki knew that it absolutely, absolutely would not.

As usual, at least on these matters, he was right.

He felt the shadow before he registered what cast it. “What in the Nine is that,” Thor said, and Loki turned his head, looking up at the ship looming huge and dark over them. There was no particular sign of its allegiance, or its owner, but Loki’s stomach sank and his eyes widened, panic fluttering in his throat. He knew.

“That,” he said, and his voice came out sounding like little more than a croak, “is the beginning of the avalanche.”

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Astra inclinant, sed non obligant

A short sci-fi story written for @caffeinewitchcraft’s Caffeine Challenge #12. My brain took the prompts and veered off a bit, but this was fun to write! The title means “The stars incline us, but do not bind us.”

I was born on the Saratoga, a class 2 transport running supplies between the consolidated colonies of the outer ring planets. It’s down in the records as the middle day of seven in a Night cycle as we drifted between suns, all lights on emergency use only until we could make it in range of the next system to recharge the auxiliary batteries. Mom always said that Night stretched so long because I was hoarding all the light for myself, so I could burst to life as five pounds six ounces of screaming starfire. She said she knew I’d be fine out here in the black, that she knew I could make my life here and be happy without a sun and a planet because even from that very first moment she could see the light in my eyes; a true spacer, whose inner fire keeps them warm even in the darkest times.

I never had the heart to tell her she was wrong.

My defection started like this: I was seven sol-years old and setting foot on a planet for the first time. Gravity dragged at me. My feet and hands felt heavy, my head hurt. The floor seemed to roll out in front of me, curving and bucking when I tried to walk. I fell more than a few times, and my mother tried to get me to go back to the shuttle, but I refused. Everyone else in my class had been planetside, even Monica and Neil, both two years younger than me, and I was determined to have my turn.

One of the station attendants gave me a pair of crutches and I gritted my teeth and kept going, one shaky step at a time, until I was through the doors and really, really in-atmosphere for the first time in my life.

The heat of the sun felt like a caress over my hair. The breeze tugging at my shipsuit was a revelation. There were sounds I’d never heard before, smells I’d never dreamt of, more colors than I’d ever thought possible. Actual living animals flew above me. Vibrant green plants pushed between cracks in the stone path, utterly unplanned-for.

It was too much. I cried. I screamed. I curled in a ball on the ground—real, solid ground!–and bawled my tiny heart out while the sun beat on my neck, and I refused to move no matter how my shipmates coaxed and pulled and scolded. Mom always said after it was some kind of sign, that it was proof I knew I belonged in space, even that young. The rest of the adults laughed about it for years. They’d muss my hair affectionately whenever it came up at a party, or a holiday, or a community hearing, or a graduation ceremony, and say things like That’s our Astra, and A born shiprat, you are.

I wasn’t allowed off-ship again for a decade.

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Holding On To You (Prinxiety)

If it wasn’t obvious already, Prinxiety is my favorite Sanders Sides ship and it’s the only one I can write even remotely well.

Anyways! I’ve been listening to “Holding On To You” by Twenty One Pilots on loop for hours and I suddenly got inspiration to write again, so I wrote something with lyrics from said song. 

“ANXIETY!! TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN!!” Prince shouted through the walls, fed up with Anxiety blasting his music non-stop any time he’s in his room. The only response Prince got was Anxiety turning the volume up all the way. 

That’s it.

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Voltron rant: ship theory

DISCLAIMER: I will be using my two favorite ships (Shallura and Klance) for this rant. Also making a quick reference to Allurance. I respect all ships from the VLD fandom and don’t know how far this will go into the fandom but yeah here it goes.

I had to say something that I was thinking about ever since I watched season 4.

What if we’re looking at the Voltron ships the wrong way?

Hear me out. I want my ships to become canon just like any other fan. But with the way season 4 happened, it got me thinking.

I saw somewhere on social media (and I can’t remember if it was Twitter or Tumblr) someone made a post saying that it was a dangerous concept of society to put romantic relationships as the ultimate relation ships to have: friendships, sibling love, animal friends, etc. are just as important and necessary for a human being to function properly.

What if that same principle was being applied by the creators of VLD? They might not want to go the same direction they went with in Legend of Korra. Maybe all they truly want is to show how interacting with other humans and/or space creatures truly brings out the best in each individual.

Maybe Klance is nothing more than a beautiful friendship that is blossoming. And you know what? Considering how Shiro can be seen more as a big brother, Keith really does need someone he can call a friend. And it’s not just Lance. Has everyone forgotten how well Hunk and Keith worked together when they had to get the scaultrite from the weblum? And what about Pidge tearing up during the group hug in s4e1?  

Maybe Shallura is nothing more than two creatures who have gone through enormous amounts of trauma and are slowly but surely learning to trust each other enough to be fully transparent about how hurt they truly are. 

Another thing: With the whole “you are the heart of Voltron” speech from Lance, Allurance has become more popular. which makes sense. The fandom also seems to agree that in most au, they share a deep bond wether it’s because they are related in some way or are best friends. But what if it was just that? nothing romantic?

What if all the love we see on screen is just individuals fully loving and appreciating the existence and importance of other individuals and just that? And dare I say in a non romantic way?

Okay done thank you if you’ve made it this far.

My favorite WoY ships

My favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

The Skull Ship!

What’s not to like about this ship? It’s huge! And it got everything you need plus lots of extras! A main foyer, a food Court, a whole prison level, Lord Hater’s bedroom, Commander Peeper’s bedroom, the Watchdog’s sleeping bay, conference rooms, 9 smooching rooms and a whole lot of other rooms and halls. Oh and I almost forgot about the tongue-like platform. I can’t stop thinking about what a great slide it’ll be.

My second favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

Lord Dominators ship!

What not to like about this mix of an Imperial Star Destroyer and Emperor Zurg’s helmet that can turn into a giant robot? I’m sad that it got destroyed in The End of the Galaxy, but I hope it’ll be rebuilt for season 3.

My third favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

Yup it’s a tie between this pirate ship and the Orbble Juice Bubble!

We don’t know anything about this pirate ship other than what it looks like. Is it from the past or is it… from the future? I like to think that it’s a part of the future that it’s the “evolved” form of the Orbble Juice Bubble and that we’ll see more of it in season 3.

The Orbble Juice Bubble… Well some may not call it a ship and it’s not in the traditional form, but it’s so much like a ship that I call it a ship; after all it gets you from planet A to planet B. It’s very compact and practical when you don’t need it and as big as you need it to be, when you need it.

What is it you say?! Have I missed something?! Have I misunderstood something?! It’s ships! Oh so these are the wrong kind of ships.

Well I support all ships as long as both parts are okay with it, that both are over the legal age and aren’t siblings.

So you’ve got no favorite ship?

Okay if you put a knife to my throat, then I do have two favorite ships and they are:

Lord Dominator and Lord Hater! Like Wander I ship Lord Dominator and Lord Hater even thought I fear that it’ll first happen when two mice and two ducks gets married or do you have plans for that @disneyanimation? I think not!

What about the second one?

Well it’s just a pathetic one.

Just tell it already!

Okay, okay I ship one of my charterers with Wander.

Please sign this petition to ask @disneyxd to give Wander over Yonder the proper end that @crackmccraigen had planed:

chinson-smilesup  asked:

Hey Christine! I was wondering if you have any advice for young artists out there who need to save money/not spend so much? Thanks!

Yeah, let me think about some of my favorite money-saving tips…

  • Get a budgeting app. This is always my number one suggestion.  It changed the game for me.  Tracking what you make and what you spend is an incredible way to save.  Even just seeing the numbers can help you set more realistic goals for yourself and see how to really cash-flow your expenses.  I use one that’s just called Finances, it’s a green square with a dollar sign on it, and I absolutely love it.  It’s perfect for what I need!
  • Shop in bulk if you can.  This is not always possible, but if you can, Costco or bulk sections of the grocery store are a great way to buy a lot of the things you use a lot.  If bulk shopping isn’t a possibility for you (since it does have an initial higher cost, which can be prohibitive at times!) then I recommend finding a place like Aldi, which has much lower prices and great quality.  You can save so much money by just shopping smart and really looking at where you can get the best prices.  Places like Target are convenient, but grocery shopping there can really add up!
  • Figure out what luxuries you really can’t live without and then try to figure out how to do them at home.  This is not always possible, but I’ll give two examples from my own life.  I love lattes and coffee.  It’s something I love picking up before a rehearsal, because it helps me get through six hours of work.  So I got myself an espresso machine and a french press, and I make all my own lattes and coffee at home now!  Yes, the espresso machine was an expense up front, but it saves me $4.00 a pop!  Another example is this: there’s a sandwich I absolutely love getting at my local coffee shop, this delicious vegetarian sandwich that just brings me so much joy.  (I don’t like food all that much, so finding something I love is really special!)  But it costs $8.00 for the sandwich and chips, which is a lot!  So I scoured around the grocery stores to find all the ingredients to make it exactly how they did.  Found the ciabatta bread they use, find mini cucumbers they use, found the exact hummus…  And so now, it costs me at 75 cents to make the same sandwich!  I know that sounds so simple, but to me, those easy stops to pick up something special can slip under our radar, and making an effort to really create those special things at home can save you so much money.  Yes, you can still go out and splurge once in a while, but it gets you out of the habit!  
  • Don’t skimp on the big stuff.  Tires.  Never skimp on tires.  Don’t put off repairs on your car or on health visits, because they can come back to bite you so hard later.   Again, I know these can be huge expenses up front, but keeping your tires rotated and changing them before they pop and you get towed will save you so much money.  
  • Garage sales, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist.  If you need something like a new desk or a new office chair or a rug…Check out these places first!  It’s tempting to just hop over to Target and grab something, but you can find great deals out in your community for so much less.  Seriously, I’m looking at a new desk, and it’s going to cost me $600-$700 for the kind of desk I need!  But lo and behold, I found very similar desks on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist for $100!  Yes, I’ll have to pay to get them moved since my car is too small to haul them, but then I get to weigh the options and figure out if it’s worth having something used but way cheaper!  
  • Check your bills.  If you have an internet package, check every year to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  Last week I just called in and got my internet down from $90/month to $70/month by switching plans (and getting the same internet speed!)  They expect people not to do the work to call in and check, and they can really bleed you dry by upping their prices year to year.  Simple calls like that can save you big time month to month!
  • Cook at home!  I mean, this is obvious, this is everyone’s tip.  But seriously, make it something special.  If you have a roommate, challenge each other to make new, fun dishes!  Try new things, make things ahead of time!  I recently went to Aldi and got a ton of produce and froze it all in little baggies to make smoothies, and it’s the best thing every morning…  Delicious fruit smoothie every day with endless combinations of delicious fruit!  
  • Trade skills. If you’re an actor, you probably have a lot of artist and creative friends.  When I want to buy a new necklace, I reach out to my jeweler friends and see if anyone wants to trade a voice lesson for a piece of their art.  I currently have a deal where I give a friend voice lessons and she gives me massages (she’s a licensed masseuse!)  We both get what we want, and neither of us have to pay!  So it feels like a special treat, but it doesn’t cost me anything but my time!  
  • If you got something for $100.00 instead of $200.00, but didn’t need it in the first place, you still spent (wasted) $100.00.  I’m all about saving and couponing and finding deals.  I will scout for coupons and free shipping till the cows come home.  But if you didn’t need it in the first place and you bought it just because it was on sale…You still wasted unnecessary money.  Find deals, but find them for things you actually needed.

Followers, what are you favorite money-saving tips!

banasiakj123  asked:

What are your all time favorite Lucaya moments from the show and why?

I got this and another ask which said:

“I loved your answer to that last ask. You probably don’t ship lucas and maya as much as riley and farkle, but did you have any favorite moments from them?”

So… let’s get it!

Edit: The more I write about these moments, the more I realize how many Lucas and Maya moments there actually were, and how tough it is to choose between them all. 

My favourite Lucaya moments would look something like this:

5. Girl Meets World (The Pilot)

If you had told me that the first episode would be a roadmap for Lucas and Maya’s relationship, I wouldn’t have believed you. But, their whole interaction on the subway and their bantering in the classroom really made me enjoy what was to come of their relationship. I think that in hindsight, it was a really intelligent way to plan out not only their relationship, but the execution of it. 

4. Girl Meets Rules

This episode had me cracking up! Arguably, the “flirtiest” moment on the show, bar none. 

“You don’t seem like a ‘mad dog’ to me…”

“Well what do I seem like to you?”

Come onnnn! This was when Lucas and Maya were starting to pick up steam and they were beginning to really hint that they would be something more than just friends and I was about it. 

3. Girl Meets the New Year

This scene always gets me. 

“Hey Lucas, have I ever said anything nice to you?”


“Well… it’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here.”

“Wow, that kinda makes up for everything.”

Okay, let’s take a look at this, and analyze why I really love this scene. Maya was at the height of her growth in this episode. She had been able to forgive herself for her father leaving, she was really starting to understand why hope isn’t for suckers, and the boy who she “wasn’t supposed to like” had really started to grow on her. So, at this point, she chose herself. Instead of putting everyone else in her life before her, she chose herself for once. And think what you may about Lucas and Maya, you can’t ignore the fact that in this moment, Lucas made Maya very happy, and vice versa. 

What also really gets me about this scene is the fact that this girl roasted and I mean ROASTED this guy for two years, and all she has to say is “I’m glad you’re standing here” and he’s cool? Come on now. Even if he may not have been cool with everything, it still displays how much the boy cared for her and apparently, what she thought of him as well. Love this scene. 

2. Girl Meets Texas Pt. 2

The campfire scene. Do I really have to say more about this? I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory but let’s dig in a little bit. The whole scene was very interesting, and I really had to scratch my head whenever I saw anyone say things like “Maya stole Riley’s man!” or “Maya is a snake for having feelings for Lucas!” when it did not go like that at all. 

This girl was not about these feelings… at least at the beginning she wasn’t.

For all intents and purposes, she was willing to go down with those feelings. Maya knew how complicated things would get, and she had already been trying to actively avoid that conversation as Riley asked her TWICE if she learned anything from being her (i.e. Girl Meets Yearbook). So, when Riley outed her feelings and Maya was left there with Lucas, she did what she always does, she falls back on her jokes and pushing people away. But, Lucas wasn’t having any of that. 

And then there’s the almost kiss. 

Now a lot of people were harping on Lucas for asking Maya not to tell Riley and not “properly dealing with these feelings”, but as I’ve stated earlier, it wasn’t that simple. Up until this episode, this boy wasn’t even 100% sure that Maya liked him. And along with the fact that Maya wasn’t even planning on talking to him because of his actions with Tombstone, I think his initial reaction can be forgiven. Anyways, the whole episode was great. Especially the whole Tombstone situation. I think for the Maya/Lucas/Riley triangle, it was one of the biggest spot-the-difference moments between Riley and Maya. Both of the girls care for Lucas a great deal, but their reactions really showed where they were at. Maya was scared for Lucas’ life and didn’t think he needed to ride this bull to prove that he wasn’t a disgrace, while Riley thought it would be good for him to ride the bull so he could make Pappy Joe proud. 

Anyways, let me move on to the #1 because that’s going to be long, lol. 

1. Yearbook/Creativity/Upstate/A Christmas Maya/Goodbye

So, I know I put a lot of episodes here, but bear with me here. A while back, I said that I would do a Lucaya analysis, but with everything that happened with the show I haven’t really gotten around to doing it. It’s still in my drafts, and I will get around to it eventually, but for now I’ll just try and summarize the main points I wanted to get across, hence the long list of episodes.

But, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

@cowboyandshortstack​ made a great post explaining why Lucas made the right choice in Girl Meets Upstate and how these kids SHOULD have gone about dealing with the triangle in the right way. I’ll link it HERE and I’m just going to elaborate a little bit because it’s really going to help me make my main point about why I love all these episodes and how they set up Lucas and Maya. 

In Yearbook, Lucas says something very important in regards to self-identity:

“But I do know that if you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are, and you certainly won’t end up being who you were meant to be.” (And while there was a lot more in Yearbook, this is what really stuck out to me).

The reason why I’m including this is because the concept of “who you are” is more or less Maya’s entire growth arc from this episode up until the end of season three. There was a lot of things that were said and insinuated (mostly by Riley) in regards to who Maya was and who she was meant to be. And as a result of this, Maya, Riley, and pretty much the rest of the core six regress (with the exception of Farkle). I find it very interesting that they made Yearbook right before Creativity because in Creativity, Lucas had this to say about Maya:

Lucas: Well, I don’t want that for Maya. I want Maya to be happy. 

Maya: Thank you, Lucas. But it’s just an art class. 

Lucas: I feel bad. They’re taking away something you’re very good at. 

Maya: You’ve never said that to me before. 

Lucas: I’ve said it. 

Maya: Yeah, but not, like straight to my face when you were looking at me. I can’t remember you actually l– 

Lucas: You’re a great artist, Maya. 

Lucas: You have a real talent. And I want you to be able to get better and share it with people. 

Zay: Now they’re just lookin’ at each other and not sayin’ nothin’. Are they saying anything? No? Well, I wonder that they’re thinkin’. 

Lucas: I don’t want them to take away your art class, Maya.

So, why is this scene part of my favourite Lucaya scenes? Well for one, Lucas makes a grand show of letting Maya and the rest of the class know that he: wants her to be happy, thinks she’s a great artist, she has a real talent, AND doesn’t want them to take away HER art class. This is all coming from the boy who supposedly “is most likely to be okay with whatever happens”. If we contrast this with his reaction to Riley being bullied in Girl Meets Rileytown, it’s a very big spot-the-difference moment. 

And while the situations were both serious for different reasons, it was Lucas’ reactions to both situations that really stand out. I’m not trying to say that Lucas wasn’t upset that Riley was getting bullied, he was. But, when Riley thew the ice cream in Maya’s face and stormed off, Lucas went to check on Maya… not Riley. Meanwhile, it was Farkle who even figured out that Riley was being bullied in the first place (no surprise there). 

But, let’s move on. 

Girl Meets Upstate is probably my favourite episode out of all of these that I’m writing about because it really showed Lucas having a greater understanding of Maya than we initially thought. 

Here’s what Lucas says to Ms. Hart in regards to Maya:

Lucas: You know, Maya loves to make fun of me. In Texas, she doesn’t wanna see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Ms Hart. And from what I’ve heard, it’s not her father. You are a wonderful mother.

And after Topanga humorously asks Lucas to even it up (i.e. What about me, Chuckie?) he runs off to the bay window where he does what he should have done all along:

Eric: Listen to your heart. Your heart is what’s going to tell you what to do. And then go find your favourite quiet place. 

Like @cowboyandshortstack had said in her post: 

BUT, Lucas DID do this to make his decision in Upstate, which is paralleled pretty closely to Topanga making her decision in Goodbye. Except with one crucial difference.

Topanga gets to say what her decision is. Lucas doesn’t. Lucas lets Maya talk him out of his decision (which is presumably her given the rest of the context of the episode) before he even has a chance to say it.

Basically, Lucas did the right thing in Upstate to make the right decision. He gets talked out of it (it being choosing Maya) and, as a result, ends up choosing Riley (the wrong decision) in Ski Lodge.

What’s interesting about this entire situation is that I’m speculating (because I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure) that Maya knew Lucas was going to choose her, and she wanted to make Riley happy, so she backed off. Lucas wanted to make Maya happy, so he didn’t push the issue. But, just imagine being Lucas in that situation. You have taken roughly a year to figure out which one of these amazing girls you want to be with. 

After much thought and drama, you finally come to a decision… only to be dismissed because the girl who you were going to choose claims she wasn’t “her” (even though you had spend the past couple of days reaffirming who she was). And on top of all that, you choose to accept it, because you just want her to be happy. 

Say what you want about Lucas, I’ll probably agree with you. BUT, you can’t tell me that sidelining feelings he took about a year to figure out was “easy”. And that’s why I love Upstate. It really shows the selflessness of both Lucas and Maya, who once again are putting others before themselves. 

And finally… A Christmas Maya. 

Most of you are probably wondering why I would put this episode on the list because Lucas was not even in the episode. And to that comment, I would tell you to pay attention to what the focus of this episode is. We learn in this episode that Maya’s mom had done everything she could to make sure that Maya would have a good upbringing. As we all know, the Hart’s are not the wealthiest, and when Maya was young she didn’t see how much her mom had done for her. But, in A Christmas Maya, we see that while Ms. Hart didn’t have much to give, she gave Maya the most important thing she has - her friends. 

So, what does this have to do with Lucas? Not much really… except for:

Lucas: You know, Maya loves to make fun of me. In Texas, she doesn’t wanna see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Ms Hart. And from what I’ve heard, it’s not her father. You are a wonderful mother.

Lucas, who had barely spoken to Ms. Hart throughout the series was able to deduce that Maya gets her capacity to care for others and to be selfless… from her mother. Looking back on it, the conversation Lucas has with Ms. Hart and the conversation Maya has with her mom have nothing in common… except for the fact that they both appreciate everything Ms. Hart has done for Maya. 

I have to repeat this. This boy… who was written to be somewhat aloof, has the ability to deduce, quite accurately might I add, how much Maya’s mom has done for her and how important that is, to me is the cherry on top. I think the most important ‘spot-the-difference’ moment between Maya and Lucas and Maya and Riley comes down to how he interacts with them. Lucas is to Maya what Farkle is to Riley and I don’t really think much else needs to be said. The only difference between Farkle and Riley and Lucas and Maya is that Maya and Lucas were involved in a triangle and Riley and Farkle weren’t. 

Anyways, I know I rambled for a while, so let me see if I can bring this all together for y’all:

In Yearbook, we learned the importance of being “who you are” and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Lucas really drives this point home in the episode. 

In Creativity, we learn that Lucas has been paying attention to Maya, who was quite shocked at that realization, and he remind Maya who she is and why her art is important - because it makes her happy, she is a great artist, and she has a talent which she should share with others. Unfortunately, because we never got to see the season four come to fruition, we never got to see Maya’s artistic talents develop. However, we do get confirmation in Bay Window that Future Maya does pursue her artistic talents, so it can be inferred that Lucas wasn’t too far off the mark. This episode once again shows Lucas having a greater understanding of Maya than we initially perceived, and even sometimes has a better understanding of Maya then Riley does. 

In Upstate, we see Lucas giving Ms. Hart a very positive affirmation that she IS in fact a wonderful mother and that she played a pivotal role in developing Maya’s sensitivities. Again, just like Yearbook and Creativity, the focus is on who Maya is and what are the influencing factors behind that. 

In A Christmas Maya, we see Ms. Hart and Maya confirm what Lucas had stated in Upstate - Ms. Hart is a wonderful mother who gave Maya the opportunity to meet Riley and Farkle, which led to her meeting Lucas, Zay and Smackle. 

In Goodbye, we see the contrast between how Topanga handled her decision versus how Lucas handled his, and what that shows about who HE is. While he went about it the right way, and was prepared to announce his decision, when it was revealed that Maya was having a bit of an identity crisis, he put his feelings on the back burner so she could figure the out. Ultimately, it was really just a chance to offer these characters much needed growth and development. 

The theme of “who you are” and how that tied into Lucas and Maya is what connected these episodes. That is ultimately my thesis here - Lucas and Maya have an understanding of one another that had it not been bogged down by the triangle would have rivalled Riley and Farkle, in my opinion. Anyways, that’s about it!

Longest answer to an ask ever!

But before I wrap this up, I’ll give a list of other important Lucaya episodes that I can remember off the dome:

Girl Meets TSOL

Girl Meets Belief 

Girl Meets Texas Pt. 3

Girl Meets the New Year

Girl Meets Bay Window

Girl Meets Legacy

Girl Meets H.S. Pt. 1 & 2

Girl Meets Triangle

Girl Meets True Maya

Girl Meets Ski Lodge Pt. 1 & 2

Girl Meets Sweet 16

Well… that about does it! Let me know what y’all think!

anonymous asked:

So, okay, I used to be a v/kook shipper before I turned into a jikook shipper. I used to hardcore shipp them because all my friends did and we used to watch some v/kook moments together. So one day i decided to watch a jikook moment (secret mission in osaka) and I was like WOW HOW COME I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS ?? In that moment i totally got why people shipped them so much and now i do to,i love how the moments are so natural AND THEIR CHEMISTRY BOI,they are my utt otp for sure

tbh i love when people who used to ship something else say they ship jikook now. it makes me happy. but omg it’s funny that the secret mission in osaka is what basically made you become a jikook shipper. because that’s one of my all time favorite jikook moments ever. like, even though it was for a mission and all that, you can tell it’s still genuine. and i just love how jungkook continues to use the “compliment jimin” method even though it hadn’t been working. he kept with it till the end. and honestly, i agree with you 100%. jikook are super natural with each other and are just very casual, and they have a ton of chemistry. like a ton. i’m so happy that they’re you’re ult ship now, that makes me so happy :)

(i can’t find original source, sorry)

Four Seasons. We got four seasons of “maybe one day”. This ship, was one of my 1st, definitely the one that I was a hardcore shipper on. Heck, my old username on here said how much I loved them. Their banter from season one will always be my favorite. All the undercover operations each of their own definitely need to be remembered. The kiss from 2x11? Yeah I screamed… And cried. And may we never forget “S, P, A or G?” There are so many things that I could mention. The little looks, the constant flirtation and then something happened when Season Three came around and the characters became someone different, and not the couple I shipped. But regardless, this ship will always be a favorite and I just want to say Thank You to Jesse and Sophia for Four seasons of Linstead ❤ This couple is the reason I became a writer, the countless hours I spent writing fan fiction and stressing out or coming up with new ideas will always hold meaning. I’m sorry Linstead. I’m sorry you became a casualty because of the writers but you will always have a place in this fangirls heart.

So the other day I reblogged these ship prompts (X X X X) but I didn’t get any requests. But I still wanted to do some, so I made a list of all of my favorite ships and used a random number generator to decide on the ship and the prompt.

I got Kidge with “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

A sudden gust of wind made Pidge shiver involuntarily. She looked up at the sky, just as the first few drops of rain came falling down.

“We need to find shelter.” Pidge turned to scan the area for a cave or something to get them out of the rain, but Keith remained still, staring at his outstretched hand.

“Keith?” Pidge called when she noticed that he wasn’t moving. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Keith suddenly jerked, as though awakened from whatever daydream he was having.

“You’re right. Shelter.”

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I hadn't considered the possibility of tododeku before but now I am and I'm back in shipping heaven/hell

OhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH my friend I’m gonna assume you’re not reading the manga!!! If that’s how you feel about tododeku you’re gonna enjoy the next anime season a lot °O°

Anon said: One of my favorite things about your bnha fusion AU, is how much diversity in quirks all of Kirishima’s fusions have. I mean, you got earthquakes with Deku, melting into acid with Mina, electric armor with Denki, its so cool!! And I bet Kirishima is pretty happy about that, considering how he thinks his quirk is not something special (but it is, Kiri, don’t sell yourself short)

!!!!!! honestly playing around with Kirishima fusions is the nicest thing because he’s got such a versatile quirk to fuse - when you compare it to Bakugou his fusions’ quirks are a lot more challenging to come up with but definitely more interesting… then again that’s just my interpretation of it, I feel like because Kiri doesn’t keep his quirk in high regards the process of mixing it with another quirk would go more smoothly, because he’d wish to blend it more?

In opposition to that you got people like Bakugou or Todoroki who know that their quirk is strong and like it and people around them know too, so the fusion end up accomodating their quirks a lot? Does that make sense? Though that’s just how I’m making this work in the AU haha

Anon said:  Did you hear that there’s going to be a kiribaku week? its in April.

I have! I still haven’t decided if I’ll participate in it or nah though, for a bunch of reasons I’ve talked about here already - but mostly because I already had other plans for Bakugou’s birthday tbh, I love him and his various relationships too much to dedicate that whole period to just one of them

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It had been 7 months since I had been captured, and if I had to tell you I hated every moment of it, I would be lying. ISIS is full of ruthless killers, yes- Merciless, freedom hating bastards, certainly- Bad chefs? Hell fucking no. During the 220 days of capture, I have been served some of the finest meals a man can be exposed to. Between the waterboarding, the beating, the constant anti-American propaganda, my 3 square meals a day have been my escape into a world of culinary mastery.

Honestly, I have no clue who they have making these. Everyone i’ve met here has had little to no regard for human life, and would rather die than show sympathy to their enemy. Going by this pattern, I could assume that we would be fed some sort of thin sand-gruel. But we get, like, prime rib and shit. We got lobster once. Last night we had goddamn salads before our buffalo wings. I’ve GAINED weight since I started here. They have to be losing money doing this, there’s no way they can import these sorts of meals for free. It’s in such utter contrast from the rest of my treatment that at first I was SURE that it was a mistake- their top operative must have ordered this, and we got it by mistake, or maybe it was some cruel joke to advance our palette so the upcoming gruel would taste worse. But 7 fucking months in there has been no decrease in quality. If anything, it’s been getting better. After a beating, I overheard a guard ask us what we thought about the meals; most of us had nothing to complain about, as we thought that bringing it up at all would make them realize their mistake and give us the expected gruel. One of us, though, had the gall to call the fucking chicken dry. The guard grunted with acceptance and went back to his rounds, occasionally kicking us in the ribs. The next day, however, we had some lemon-pepper chicken that was absolutely amazing. They even gave us 10 more minutes to enjoy the meals, as if they were sorry yesterday’s meal wasn’t up to their standards.

I write all this because tomorrow they’re beheading me in one of their infamous videos. They asked me what I wanted before I die, and I think they actually got my mom to prepare some of my favorite quiche. I’m both horrified and impressed- they somehow convinced my mom to make these in less than a day and shipped them back here with a one day turnaround. They must have spent a fortune on shipping. They let me have all day in the dining hall, and even got me dessert. I saw a guy in a chefs uniform looking at me, as if he was expecting me to give him a thumbs up or something. Look, I know that he’s a psychopath terrorist that wants to see most of the world burn, but I had to give my compliments to the chef. I feel a variety of emotions over my execution- fear, dread, resentment, anguish, to name a few- but dissatisfaction wasn’t one of them.

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looks like ijyuuin is happening, did you see the latest junjou mix spoilers? ijuuin commented that yuu was another small light he found aside from misaki, not only that but they're already acting like a couple. ijuuin gave yuu a copy of his house key! there was so much blushing, laughing, implications, and glances that there's absolutely no doubt that they'll end up together... maybe shizuku was just a fan after all?

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I read some things. I think it was a post with some sort of bulleting, but I really didn’t read it. I’m kinda trying to stand by till I read the whole thing because it has happened that when I read spoilers, I got salty over stuff, and then when I read the real thing I felt differently. I wasn’t thrilled about getting another Sentiment chapter, but hey, I’m not the only reader here, and I’m glad to see that those who like Ijuuin and Yuu will finally be getting something more than a little fan service. 

Having said that *clears throat*: Ijuuin and Yuu can date for all I care. 

(Seriously. They’re like, my least favorite characters from both series. I don’t hate them, but I’m totally meh about them. Even Tama and Haitani rank higher.)

I’d rather see Yuu with Chiaki for obvious reasons (*coughs*I’ve got another ship for Hatori*coughs*) but I totally understand that Chiaki doesn’t love Yuu that way (whatever that means), so since that ship won’t be happening, I’ve moved on. 

Yuu obviously admires Ijuuin. I didn’t think he was into guys in general. I thought he just liked Chiaki. And I also thought Ijuuin was Misaki-sexual…

… but perhaps that was the moment when he sort of acknowledged himself as bi. Though the whole “little light” thing was interesting to read, and since what he’d like is the “slice of life” thing more than a body…

… he’ll probably fall for Yuu because flirty bantering is a plus with him. 

Or maybe he’s attracted to those who are attracted to him? Like, he treats his fans dearly and he’s aware of their love for him and his work. So maybe that’s a factor. 

Perhaps that’s the reason why Shizukui isn’t an option - their lines are clear: Shizukuishi won’t become the fan that turns to him with stars in his eyes or a smile on his lips. 

He’s there to help Ijuuin with his work and make his burden lighter, since Kirishima is obviously there to work him to the bone. Shizuku understands how important it is for someone with a mind like Ijuuin’s to keep focused and not get discouraged. He’s some kind of great support for Ijuuin, but sadly, as much as I like Shizukui (I have a thing for majime-type characters), it’s not enough, because Ijuuin needs to have a little fun. Yuu seems to be the cheeky kind of character that can give him that. 

So maybe they’ll become one more couple. We’ll probably get at least one more chapter with them, because they’ve got to do the deed, you know? No squelch-ah-thrust-ha-splurt = no couple. (That was kinda graphic. Sorry.) And then they’ll probably be received by the other couples who seem to have been abandoned.  

The house key thing is a standard thing for repeated deadline-break offenders, I assume. Aikawa has Usagi’s, and Hatori had Chiaki’s even before dating. (Mino doesn’t need keys - he breaks in with his Xacto knife at 3 in the morning.)

TL;DR version:

* Yeah, Ijuuin and Yuu will probably become an item.

* Shizukui is too good for anybody, really. Look at him. Come on, he’s gorgeous. He’s got a seme look, though. Shizuuin could be real, but Ijuuin playin’.

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Once Upon a December

Pairing: Royai

Rating: K

Words: 1682

A/N: So Chie @daethberry finally got me losing my mind enough over an Anastasia royai au to actually put something down for it. In exchange, she’s giving me Mustang-pining angst <3 This is my artistic retelling of the infamous angsty boat scene from the animated movie Anastasia (you all know the one) but with Royai. Enjoy!

Riza stretched and turned in her bottom bunk bed, the swaying of the ship lulling her into a strange sleep. She couldn’t hear the raging storm rocking the boat and pelting the windows with rain, flashes of lightning illuminating the tumultuous seas. All she knew was the feel of the crisp sunshine of an afternoon day, and a young boy with golden hair beckoning her forward. She laughed and waved, and the boy joyfully ran off down a simple dirt path, giggling as he went.

The former orphan couldn’t see the strange mystical creatures coming to coax her out of bed, a deadly intent clouding their otherwise otherworldly simplicity. She couldn’t know the evil wishes of the man called Kimblee, the one intent on murdering the last of the Hawkeye royal line. All she could sense was a strange feeling of curiosity mixed with familiarity. The boy seemed like someone she remembered, from a far away place. A simpler time. A happier time.

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"We don't need to be the fandom doormat". Thank you so fucking much! This has been my gripe all along. FFS, people ship couples from #TV shows and movies every day! Why does OL have to be any different? I don't know who is running this operation but they "obviously" don't get fans. And fans can go elsewhere..just ask the SuperGirl fans about having enough from the celebs from their favorite show. The fans finally fought back and got an apology. I think something similar here would go a long way.

Ooooh….. I’m not familiar with the SuperGirl story. Sit down….. Let’s have a chat

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The utter cult-like feeling I get whenever I scroll through any anti’s blog makes me so uncomfortable

Like they can be so aggressive about their stance and I get it but at the same time it’s so ‘you’re either with us or you’re a no good dirty scum-bag’ with like virtual pitchforks and torches and honestly it scares me

Imagine being an impressionable young teen, hell even an older teen, and there’s this person/group that tells you you’re a horrible person if you don’t join their side and believe in the same rhetoric they do down to the finest of print. It’s scary! I remember joining fandom related things so early on in my life, like when I was 10/11. I knew nothing and had to learn based on what I saw and who I interacted with. As I learned my way around I distinctly remember holding strong feelings against 2 very specific ships from different fandoms. I despised them, I even got into arguments with my family over the fact that they shipped it. I remember wearing the ‘anti’ label so proudly and honestly? I look back and I realize how stupid and immature I was. I remember feeling all high and mighty cuz I wasn’t a dirty shipper. Now? Those ships still aren’t my favorite but I don’t mind them, I don’t care anymore if someone ships it, they see something I don’t and I’m not gonna attack them for it anymore and I regret that I had in the past.

I wish someone had told me when I was younger to think for myself and not immediately jump to conclusions. So here’s some advice I learned the hard way. Try to fully understand a situation in a way you are comfortable with, discourse is prevalent in any fandom and nothing good comes from the extremes yelling over each other and you picking a side in panic to order to fit in with the fandom. You don’t need to take sides, not everything is in black or white, many discussions have multiple sides and perspectives to it and it’s best to explore as many as you can and then make a decision on where you stand based on what you learn. Don’t send hate, you may be passionate about the issue but that doesn’t mean you should send hate or harass that person (there’s a reason why Tumblr has a block function). Most importantly, do what makes you comfortable and interact with the people/things that you are comfortable interacting with.

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Why don't you like Otabek and Yurio?


For one, I’m not big on hard fanons. The ones you can barely avoid. When the fandom as a whole decides Something Has To Be This Way and it pops up in all the fics. This is one of those things.

When they interacted on the show, I was happy that Yurio made a friend, because he doesn’t have any of those. And instead of getting some friendship, all I got was them as a ship everywhere and it annoyed me.

I don’t see any romantic chemistry between the two.

And it gets in the way of my OTP. Because I keep listing Victor/Yurio/Yuuri as favorite ship… it’s more a desperate “Well, I barely get anything to my OTP, this is literally the only way I seem to get them together”. If you haven’t done the math yet; my OTP is Yurio/Yuuri.

And with Victor/Yuuri being canon, it’s already hard enough to find stuff outside that ship, but when the fandom headcanoned Otabek/Yurio… Well, do the math. *waves hand dismissively*

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Ever break your work camera?

Once and it was the worst shit to ever happen. I was cleaning out the studio, getting ready to renovate it to fit with the times. My camera was on its tripod, I usually keep it on there but I was moving light fixtures and I couldn’t see shit since they’re so huge, so BAM, my camera got hit with the shade of the lamp and broke my favorite lens. I was scared about the lens at first and when I picked it up to use it, it wouldn’t turn on. I keep my camera fully charged all day so I knew something was wrong with it. I plugged it in to see if it was still working but NOPE fucking dead all around. I had to close my studio down for a few days while my new camera had to get fucking shipped to me. I tried fixing it to see if it would work, I had it professionally checked out and my camera was a fucking bust. I only had the option of getting a new fancier camera so that’s what I did. That thing is like my other child you guys. I care for it like a child.