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I hadn't considered the possibility of tododeku before but now I am and I'm back in shipping heaven/hell

OhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH my friend I’m gonna assume you’re not reading the manga!!! If that’s how you feel about tododeku you’re gonna enjoy the next anime season a lot °O°

Anon said: One of my favorite things about your bnha fusion AU, is how much diversity in quirks all of Kirishima’s fusions have. I mean, you got earthquakes with Deku, melting into acid with Mina, electric armor with Denki, its so cool!! And I bet Kirishima is pretty happy about that, considering how he thinks his quirk is not something special (but it is, Kiri, don’t sell yourself short)

!!!!!! honestly playing around with Kirishima fusions is the nicest thing because he’s got such a versatile quirk to fuse - when you compare it to Bakugou his fusions’ quirks are a lot more challenging to come up with but definitely more interesting… then again that’s just my interpretation of it, I feel like because Kiri doesn’t keep his quirk in high regards the process of mixing it with another quirk would go more smoothly, because he’d wish to blend it more?

In opposition to that you got people like Bakugou or Todoroki who know that their quirk is strong and like it and people around them know too, so the fusion end up accomodating their quirks a lot? Does that make sense? Though that’s just how I’m making this work in the AU haha

Anon said:  Did you hear that there’s going to be a kiribaku week? its in April.

I have! I still haven’t decided if I’ll participate in it or nah though, for a bunch of reasons I’ve talked about here already - but mostly because I already had other plans for Bakugou’s birthday tbh, I love him and his various relationships too much to dedicate that whole period to just one of them

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Thank you

Okay I have posted a lot today but this is my last post. I promise. I just really wanted to say thank you to all the people who is following me and say nice things about my writing and blog. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to say thank you to all the artists who work really hard on the art they put out there, it is a lot of work and takes guts to put art out for the world to see. People judge everything and these artists are amazing. My two favorite artists for addxelesis content and other Elsword related things would be SUL and @ask-mmbh or @ibelleun . ask-mmbh was my first blog I followed when I got into this fandom and started shipping Add and Elesis. I still follow that blog, and seriously guys if you have not checked either blogs out yet, you should! Anyways, again thank you to all of the artists out there contributing to the fandom. Thank you to all of the writers (it is really hard to write something, trust me. Writers you are amazing, thank you so much). Thank you to people who make videos or other content. Thank you to the people who read fanfics, applaud art, watch videos or support other content. Leaving good comments is amazing for these creators. Support, don’t hate. We are in a fandom, not a war-zone. Love, addxelesis <3

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Two-Bit and Darry

I’m assuming this is for the character breakdown. Thank you! :)

Note- I feel like I got hostile about them after a little.


How do I feel about this character? I love Two-Bit a bit more than the others, honestly. I feel like his comical wits and his personality are something I really connect with. I feel like he’s one of my all time favorite characters. I don’t think The Outsiders wouldn’t have been as good of a book without him.

All the people I ship romantically with this character- I don’t really ship anyone with Two-Bit. I have no idea why?? I ship a character with an apple- Drapple- but I can’t bring myself to ship anyone with Two-Bit.

My non-romantic OTP for this character- I’m taking this as who is part of my BROtp for him. So, I like to think him and Darry are best friends.

My unpopular opinion about this character- I like to think he’s asexual if you want to know the truth. I don’t really have that many unpopular opinions for him. He’s my smol bean that needed to be appreciated more and not written off as an unimportant filler character. (Same goes for Steve)

One thing I wish would happen/ had happened with this character- I wish he’d gotten his switch blade back at the end. He worked hard to get it. He had to wander around a store for two hours before he could finally leave with it. He’s dedicated, I’ll give him that.


How do you feel about this character? I fucking love this one two. He’s a hard worker who had to sacrifice a lot for his brothers in order to keep his remaining family together. He had to have two jobs and work harder than a 20 year old should have. He never got to go to college, but he made damn sure Ponyboy was going to. People seem to write him off, as well.

All the people I ship romantically with this character- None, again. Maybe I’ll give in one day and ship him and Two-Bit. :)

My non-romantic OTP with this character- Darry and College make me happy. So do Darry and Relaxation.

My unpopular opinion about this character- He’s a big ol’ softie and he deserved better. I’m sure other people believe that too though. So I don’t think I have any unpopular opinions for Darry.

One thing I wish would happen/ had happened with this character- I wish he had gotten to explain to Pony how him slapping him had really been a mistake. I also wish he’d win the lottery and never have to work another day in his life.

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Wondering if I can get a ship?(Jerome) I'm 5'3, I have dark brown curly hair that I often straighten my eyes are brown with hints of green my skin is very pale. I am very complicated girl I love all music (my favorite being rock and roll) I do have a goth side but also a hippie side. I smoke Cannabis daily. I have a strange fascination with serial killer I know all of them. I'm a gore and horror fanatic. I am very artistic I paint, draw, and write; I also love to read. I am very short tempered.

Ship: Jerome Valeksa

Jerome loves everything about you, all the way down to your temper. Something about when you got angry-he just found it adorable. Jerome loved your curly brown hair, and constantly complimented you on everything you do, everything you wear, etc. Of course he loves to try and convince you to draw him and he constantly reads your work, whether you want him to or not. He cares about you, and you alone. He would never do anything to hurt you, and anyone who did better beware.


This is one of my favorite scenes involving Shinkane and Saiga.

We all know Saiga tends to adjust his glasses whenever he’s analyzing and realizing something about somebody. The LOOK he gives after he stares at Kougami with a woman before him. He’s GOT to pick up on something there. Whether it be Kou or Akane’s feelings or whatever.  I mean, I doubt Kou’s ever brought another woman to introduce to Saiga before (and if he has, it hasn’t been many). Point is, Saiga likely knows its unusual for Kou to be seen with a woman; and seeing such an unusual sight before him has just GOT to make Saiga think for at least a moment something might be going on.

Like oh my god. You can tell he thinks they look good together. Just look at that smile. We all know he isn’t fond of the MWPSB or the like, yet here 2 detectives of said place are. Of course one is an old student but it’s his first time meeting Akane and yet, upon seeing Kougami with her, he smiles. Saiga so ships it~~~~

Also, the fact that Saiga even calls Akane “a beauty” kills me (so adorables)

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day to all of you out there who write, or even draw to tell a story for the rest of us to enjoy!  To be honest, you guys deserve to have a day for yourselves every day of the year.  Writing is hard, and the fact that you all put so much time and effort in writing something, then releasing it for the rest of us to see?  Yeah, you all deserve more than just one day dedicated to you!

I want to leave a little (ok, so, not quite so little) fic rec with some of my favorite authors/stories!  There will be a couple different ships in this list, as well as two different fandoms.  So, hopefully there will be something for everyone here!

I am going to start with Destiel, the very first ship I started reading when I first got into fanfiction. I have read so, so, SO many good Destiel fics, and if I tried to list them all we would be here for weeks, I’m sure.  So, I’m going to just list a few of my favorites that I have bookmarked.

The first is Like Cats and Dogs (explicit), by sweetdean (I am not sure if this author has a tumblr or not).  It is a Destiel A/B/O with Alpha wolf Dean and Omega leopard Cas.  This story has so much angst mixed with just enough fluff.  I started reading it when it was still a WIP, and every time we would get an update I would be both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous about what was going to happen next to these poor babies.  If you don’t mind A/B/O, and mpreg, then give this baby a shot!

Next is @violue.  It’s very hard to decide which story of this author I want to rec on here, so, I think I’m going to go with two different ones.  The first is The Unwavering Heart of a Winchester (explicit).  Heads up, folks, this is a sad one.  The first half of it killed me, and I had to read it in small doses, but then it starts to lighten up once the healing starts.  Sam is dead, and Dean goes on a journey to visit all the people who have received Sam’s organs.  Along the way he meets Castiel, who now has Sam’s heart.  If you don’t mind some tears mixed with your fluff, then seriously, give this one a shot!  

The other rec by this author I’m going to mention is the Carnival Oasis verse (explicit).  Dean travels to a small carnival, and there he meets Castiel, a being who feeds on sin. If you don’t mind a sort of creature Castiel fic with a hunter Dean, then this verse is a must read!  Not really a whole lot of angst, mostly just Dean and Castiel learning how their relationship will work.

Another Destiel fic I am going to rec is by one of my dearest friends, @coldinthestudio.  Her story, Hautley’s Bend (explicit), is one of the longest fics (at a little over 500k) I have ever read, and every word was perfect from the first to the last.  This is a High School AU with Castiel as a new student and Dean as the resident Bad Boy.  The story starts off pretty harsh and rough with Castiel being bullied pretty badly by Dean and his so called “friends”, but it does slowly get better.  There is a very slow burn to this story, but if you are like me then you will love it. There are some warnings for rape/non-con, but it does not involve Dean and Castiel together, but rather one or the other.  If you love angst, and trust me, this story is packed full of it, then give this baby a shot!

Finally, the Grammar Games verse (explicit), by @relucant.  High School AU where Castiel decides to tutor Dean, who has quite the reputation.  This verse is so incredibly hot, and so well written.  Tons of grammar lessons being given in this series, folks, so hey… educational AND sexy!  What more could you ask for? While the stories themselves are fairly short, there is a remarkable lot of stuff going on in each.  Lots of sex, yes, but there is a love story brewing between these two, and as I said, plenty of grammar lessons.  Go check this verse (and all the other stories by this lovely, wonderful author!) out!

Ok, that’s it for my Destiel recs.  How about a Cockles fic?

If you enjoy Cockles, check out The Life We Live (explicit) by my partner in crime, and best friend, @the-dangerous-ginger.  This is the story of Misha and Jensen, partners in the L.A. Police Department.  They are friends, and both have been dancing around their attraction and feelings towards each other, but it takes a troubling past coming back to haunt them to bring these two together.  Angst, fluff, sex, action… you name it, this baby has it!  Go, go read it now!  (Also… if you are curious, both of us are working on a Destiel vampire story, Of Winds and Moons (mature, but will be explicit). You might like it!)

Next is J2/Wincest.  When I first started reading fanfics, I was strictly a Destiel shipper (oh how the times have changed!  I ship just about anybody and everybody now).  I stumbled across a few small Wincest stories that kinda grabbed my attention, and then discovered J2.  More precisely, I discovered @compo67, who is now also a dear, dear friend of mine.  It is so hard to choose a favorite out of all the fics this wonderfully talented author has written, but I am going to list two J2.

First is the Punzel verse (ranges from general to explicit).  Man, I just don’t really have the words to give this verse the justice it deserves.  While there is some angst mixed in, most of this verse is just pure sweet and fluff, and when I’m feeling down this is one of my go to stories to read!  The story follows sweet and bubbly Jared, pregnant with triplets (the father of the triplets is not around), working at Disneyland where he meets Jensen, a quiet and kind of serious ride operator.  This is their love story.  If you enjoy mpreg, poetry and fluff (with mild angst), then this verse is for you!

However, if you are not into mpreg, then you can check out one of my other favorites, the Photo-Op verse (explicit).  This is the story of 18 year old Jared getting his picture taken with an older (32) Jensen at a convention, and then discovering a business card slipped into his pocket with a number and J. Ackles on it.  The two meet up for a date after the convention, and their love story builds from there.  There is more angst in this story than the Punzel verse, but it is oh so worth it!  Plus, there’s plenty of fluff to fight the angst, so whoo!  (and the sex.. shew, these two have quite the exciting sex life!)

Finally, Compo has written a WONDERFULLY long Wincest verse called The Chicago Verse (ranges from general to explicit).  Seriously, there are at least 100 parts to this verse, and each one is so good!  It just follows Sam and Dean, who have decided to finally settle down from hunting and move into a house in Chicago together.  There’s angst, there’s humor, there is sex, and there is love.  Everything you’d ever want to read between Sam and Dean!

Moving on!  Sabriel.  If you enjoy Sabriel, then here we go!

Headlights on Dark Roads (explicit) by @greymichaela.  Tons of angst, guys, just warning you now!  But it has a happy ending, trust me!  Sam is a rebel, and he and a bunch of others like him are working on tearing down the government. The same government that Gabriel works for.  The two share a one night stand and go their separate ways, but when Gabriel gets severely injured thanks to a plot by Sam, Sam must save his life.  This story had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end!  Go check it out! (and all the other cute fluffy Sabriel fics by her!  Plus StormPilot, if you are into that ship, and some awesome original works, too!).

Now to my other Fandom.  Sterek.  Man, this ship grabbed a hold of me and absolutely refused to let me go! It’s going to be difficult for me to choose a few of my favorites, but I will try my hardest!

First, @ladydrace.  Pretty much anything you will read from this author will be pure gold! (you will also find some lovely Sabriel (and other ships!) mixed in, too, if you want, as well as few other fandoms!)  As for a favorite, well… it’s so impossible to choose!  I think I am going to have to go with Emergency Hugs (teen). It’s a short little fic about Stiles, feeling down.  He sees a sign outside of the fire station advertising Emergency Hugs, and he just can’t pass it up.  When he gets his hug from fireman Derek Hale, well, he just doesn’t really want to let go.  This story was so cute, and sweet, and made me want to tear up (for all the right reasons!). Go read this now, as well as every other story this wonderful lady has written!

Next is an author who writes for quite a few different fandoms, @thewolf-inred. (Sterek is how I found her, but also writes some Destiel, yay!  And Hannigram, if you are into that ship!)  She writes a lot of kink memes, so enjoy those (as well as all of the other stories written)!  But, the fic I discovered her with was Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds (explicit). High School AU with Omega fox Stiles and Alpha wolf Derek.  Stiles doesn’t feel like anyone would ever want to mate him, with his ADD and his fox’s coloring/size.  Derek is the kind of Alpha that every Omega wants, Stiles included.  When the two get paired up as English partners, well… you find out ;) There is some mild, and I do mean fairly mild, angst, but it is mostly just cute, awkward fluff!  Also, seeing a kinda awkward flirty fox Stiles try and win Derek over… ahhh, I loved it! This story was just adorable, and fluffy, and cute, and sexy, and just yep, go check it out!

Ok, now for @crossroadswrite.  Again, just like the previous author, I had a really hard time choosing just one story because everything is just SO FREAKING GOOD!  But, I think I’m going to settle for her latest release, Don’t go breakin’ my heart (i couldn’t if I tried) (teen).  It’s a short one, but it’s really really cute!  Derek really isn’t as smooth as people believe him to be, and when he finally works up the nerve to ask Stiles out, things at first don’t exactly go as according to plan.  Read to find out what happens!  (Also, check out everything else written by this talented author!  You won’t be disappointed!)

Ok, I think that’s about all of my recs right now.  I could go on for hours if you let me!  

I See You JJ

All these throwbacks got me thinking of my favorite Valdaya moment…and it’s not even something they actually did…During Sway 1.0 when Z and V went to the children’s hospital and JJ Jr. Wrote that article about it and said WE KNOW VAL AND ZENDAYA AREN’T A COUPLE BUT IF THEY WERE THEY’D MAKE THE CUTEST LITTLE FAMILY EVER…it proves that even if you don’t think you ship Valdaya you ship Valdaya.

okay i just need to say something really important-

summer of 2013 i got huge into this band 5 seconds of summer. i made this blog about 4 dweebs that fucked around and made stupid keeks all the time. i came on here and everyone was making jokes and posting selfies and having selfie parties and shipping each other with our favorite boys. we made cute au’s and freaked out about ketchup the dog.

2014 was probably one of the best years of my life. 5sos got huge. slsp came out, dont stop, the 5sos album, the live album, i saw my favorite boys in the entire world play live. but something on here kinda changed. the fans grew bigger, my old friends i made on here moved on. i barely see compliments and love on here anymore.

i love this band and this FAMILY more than anything. when i look back on my teenage years im going to think about the days i spent on here and the people i met and the jokes and laughs we had. so, if you truly believe that things on here have changed for the worse i completely respect that.

but one thing i can tell you is ashton, calum, michael and luke are still the biggest nerds who are making amazing music and playing rocking shows and im still lukes-penguinn on my shitty blog. the fans may have changed, but our boys definitely have not.