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(shoutout to my sister @lesbiangrandmas for making this header for me)

hey everyone! so this is my first follow forever, and i’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now after hitting various follower goals but never got around to it. i’ve recently hit 2k followers and (a while back) i celebrated my blog’s first birthday, so i thought i’d show my appreciation for some of my favorite blogs on here  ♡

special shoutout to my irl friends @babyelephantbaekhyun and @mosquird . without you memes introducing me to all these new groups, i would never created this mess of shitposting that is my blog ♡

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I recently reached the 500 follower milestone!!! so to celebrate, here are my favorite blogs (honestly if u love urself follow all of them theyre all beautiful and so nice and smart ok). ((I’m keeping the header as my usual URL instead of my festive one))

key: mutuals are bolded, absolute favorites are italicized


@abrcxasmalfoy @accio-shitpost @achililles @adamparrisih @aeryastark @alrightevans @andrewminyird @animaegus @aryeastark @ashryverism @asteriin @artofpan @asterilas @atalienart @awitchfromwildmoor   @bananannabeth @bellamie @bellamyblakeish @bellarke @bigquidditchhero​ @bleulily @bloodyhellharry @blvckevans @cabeswatre @christmasjilys @collinslily @confundo  @cozyjily @dawnisgone @debussys @dmentor​  @dorcasdeadowes​ @drakomalfcy@dreamthievves @emmilinne​ @estrllas @eurycide @evansdeer @faeyries @fantastlcbeasts  @fetchalgernon​ @fjrebolt @fleamontpotter @fleurdealcour @fleurrdelacour @gallavich @ginnys @ginweasleys @goldentrio @grangr @gryffindro @gxnnyweasley


@hatepotion @hcrmes @hcrmoinejean @herhmione @hermionegrangers @herrmione @hhermes @hiddenpolkadots​ @hjp @hollowsgodric  @hxcates @hyperiqn @hypnohs @i-have-social-skills-jackass @illuminosity @iolanthepotter @itsfleamontordeath @jamesstruttingpotter @jamespctterr @jammespotter @jeanmoreos  @jiilys @jilydies @jilyislife​ @johannathemad @jollyminvera @julietcapulct @jxey  @keep-calm-and-love-james-potter @kneelb4kesha @kueeniegoldstein @ladyknightley @lamortentia @liilyevanspotter @lilyevansesque @lilyfanciesprongs @lilypcttcr @lilypotterrs @lilyslunas @lindseymorgan @lizardcookie @llstarcasterll @lostcap @lothiriel @lvslie


@magicalrocketships @malfoy-trash @malglories @merflk @messrprongs @mischiefmahnaged @mollyprewett @mulletzuko @mythaelogy @naeshiem @narcissablaq @ncwtscmander @nehmesis  @newtscmandr @newtscqmander @obscuriel @october31st1981@ofstagsanddoes @owvlery @paddfoot @padfootdidit @parseltongxe @pctter @peppermintparvati​ @percivalgravcs @persrephone @prongslct @prongsmydeer @prongsno @pseyche @pureblud @pxnsyparkison @pxtronuscharm @pynch @qgoldstein @queeniegoldstien @quidittch @ravnclaws @ravcnclw @rebelprincebell @regulusblaqk @remcslupins @remvsblack @residentpotter @reybb-8 @richardpapan @rnashallah


@scared-of-clouds​ @severus-snape-is-a-butt-trumpet @simplypotterheads @siriusisntdead @siriyusblack @sleigherin @snapslikethis @snowginny @snowvflakeluna @snuffls @solemnlyswr @space-pidge @ssiriuxblack @stonehart @sunshinedaisieswindmills @tamilprongspotter  @teddylupi @teddyluqin @thearcherballet @theazkabanprisoner @thejilyship @theperksofbeingginny @theodoornott​ @timeturnr @transfigurationprodigy @vvivaa@zonnkos

(if i made any mistakes, shoot me an ask here and lmk!)

So,  @my-mind-palace-blog tagged all trans followers so here u go:

Nickname: None

Gender: Male 
Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: technically pansexual but?? idc
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Favorite colors: All
Favorite animals: oh god don’t make me choose
Time right now: 2:15 am
Cat or dog person: both but I’m allergic to cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: Everyone on Skam and the walking dead 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Favorite Singer/Band: …………………..
Dream trip: I really just want to stay living in New York forever but i guess Norway
Dream job: Artist or someone who helps children out of abusive situations
Current number of followers: 384
When did your blog reach its peak: Idk
Date: 1/14/17
How many blogs do I follow: 1,916
Do I get asks regularly: NOPE 
I tag: @flowerkid-do @softooth @isak-skam-even ummmidk @every-cool-username-is-taken @rykerzanef @cerebellumpunk 

1.5k Follower Milestone!

Sooooo, as some of you might have seen, I hit my 1.5K Follower milestone a little while ago…and now that I’m almost done with my holiday prompts, I can give my attention to this!!!  :D  I’m so excited!  

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

So, in order to thank you all for being so wonderful and amazing, I’m going to do blog rates and compliments!  

So what do you need to do to get a blog rate and a compliment from me?  

  1. Must be following me. (Natch ;) )
  2. Reblog this post
  3. Send me an ask (no anons please) with the name of your favorite fictional character (regardless of fandom) and (this next part is optional) a short explanation on why they’re your fave.  <3  

I’ll respond with a compliment for you (and probably some positive discourse on your fave character, because I love this kind of thing) and a blog rate along these lines:  

Icon:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
URL:   1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Theme: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Posts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Overall:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Am I Following? Yes / Not Yet / I am now!

I’ll accept these until next Thursday (Jan. 5, 2017). 

YAY!  I can’t wait to hear from all you lovely people!  Let’s get some positivity up in here!  You’re all wonderful! :D <3

hi everybody! I decided to do a follow forever! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now & I haven’t done one yet so I’d say it’s about time. 


here’s a list of my favorite blogs & I suggest you follow them all! (faves bolded)

friends : 

@spookyjimrippedmas - the tear in my heart / fave clique artist

♡  @lovelyjosephs

♡  @fullof-tidalwaves

♡  @blvrryvxssel 

♡  @blury-josh - my daughter

favorite clique artists :





# / a - g :

@21dashes @21-pantaloons @a-pilot-withapen @aircatching @begoneyouseerain @blinded-by-fairy-lights @blurryfaceinspace @bulletforthefew @chilltyler @clearlytyler @cowardly-trees @darkclique @deathshands @dork-with-a-uke @dunset @fueledbyjyler @freckledun @gunxforhands 

h - o

@heathenpilots @hearteyedjosh @heathensmp3 @implicitlydemand @joshguns @joshsfrend @joshsoreos @joshyface @j0shler @kokiri-kelly @line-dash-slash @mollyonepilots @nepptune @nophun-intended @ohmsmistyeyed

p - v

@prettyyweeper @prettyheathen @regionalblurryface @regionlatbest @rheasing @skeletonchanel @sodunwithholdingontoyou @sorrowlicher @spookyjim-joshua @spookyjim-smolbean @spookijosh @spookyyjosh @spoookyjimxmas @stavlow @takeeittsloww @thoseopeneyes @the-few-proud-and-emotional @tinselty @transblurry @twentyone-fricks @twentnyonepilots @twctyoncpilcts @tyloween @tylerschristmas @tyleronapiano @tylersdunbuns @tylerssjoseph @ufodun

w - z


99 followers until 10.000

a bit of knowledge, the above style is how germans write big numbers – they use points instead of commas!

this is more of a “reflective” diary entry of sorts than a blog post, but wow. i am just staring at this statistic, in awe. one year ago, we had just passed 1,000 followers, and now we are almost at 10,000. that means, within a year, we gained roughly 9,000 followers. that means about 25 followers per day!

as someone who has a relatively popular blog – i have 3,000+ followers on my personal one ( you probably remember me, for that “language learning sites” post that got all around ) – this is something that might seem small, but in reality, it is a very big deal. that’s like 3,000+ people saying they like the same things i do and are interested in my life and favorite things, right? now triple that number and add some. that’s what this is like right now; ten thousand of you enjoy mod feli and i’s sense of humor and share in our love of hetalia. that is an amazing feeling. that’s like a small city sharing in part of our lives and interests.

i know some of our followers may be inactive or spambots, but i am so, so grateful for this huge number. i cannot personally thank each of you for being part of the journey in this blog, but i want you to know:

  • each of you has made this blog what it is today – your attention and support mean the world, and i love seeing the notes on a post; it’s real live people interacting and enjoying what we make and share
  • yes, we couldn’t be here without every single one of you, because the sum of parts is greater than the individual parts, and take a look at that number. ten thousand.
  • i am immensely happy and grateful for the chance to run this blog and for the following we have

so, really, this post is a celebration of all of you! i know i am probably seeming like rambling – but really, it’s pretty mindblowing. i never thought that i, a muslim girl from a “little big” city, would be running a humor blog about an anime character who shares my german nationality, let alone one this popular and big. even last night i was watching hetalia and john ( the bæ ) wanted to join in, so i let him, and he was instantly hooked and wanted to start the series. isn’t that just awesome? we are all connected by a common interest.

thank you all for being the very important pieces to this number and for following in the journey of this blog. really, dankeschön.

Originally posted by yuuri-katsuki

-mod elise ♡

okay so new year is like sitting next to u and picking at u like yo are u ready for some craaazy ass shit and shitty people my dude??¿¿
we all going to feel bad and happy throughout this year but fuck it this is life and we need to stay at least a bit positive mkay? and another thing is that I created this blog abouuut a month in a half and right now I woken up to 900 followers!?! I actually wanted to cry I’m so incredibly happy that u my beautiful dudes love the same hot af retard and this lil blog!! I can’t stress enough how happy I am getting sweet messages from u beautiful ppl that makes my day so much better!!
So one last time thank u all my dudes and enjoy my favorite photo of joji(all of his photos make me bust a nut don’t get me wrong!!) but this one is just so special and hila and ethan is in it so like !!!! 😤😤😤😤🙌🏻🔥💯💦
I love u all so frickin much and ty for existing.❤️

I’m a few days late but Happy New Year, everyone!!! 2016 was The Fucking Worst but I’m glad to have made a blog because I met incredible people on it, people who became my best friends and helped me through a lot of shit. I’ve now had this blog for a year and also got nearly 300 followers so thank you!!! Mutuals/favorites/absolute fucking angels’ URLs are bolded but I love all of you so much and y’all run amazing blogs. 

@abrudas@aeducans@amonqthieves@americandaughters@bethesdas@beardedjoel@biostrange@bloodofelves@buymevideogames@chuckhansen @clubvrtex@delsinsfire@delsinsrowes@devils-drop@dojimadaigo@elizabethcomstalker@elenafisher@elliesriley • @eridiumblight@esteljune@flordewitt@frazerquinn@fuckyeahtroybaker

@gamersdaily@gaminginsanity@gethigherfaith • @glennstara@goodsprings@highchaosemily@huntressmaria@hwoaarang • @hyperionangel • @iheartshirleymanson@itsthelastofus@itsnotcanonyet@iures • @jasontoddism@jjaneshepard@joel-ellie@joelmiller • @kaldwen • @kratsasnas@kyminhdao@larahcroft@letsgetonwithit@loga-boga @lolzforshits@luccorvus@marqotrobbie @macreynoldss @mechpilot@miyku@mrnathandrake@mskirona

@nahtanprescott@nathanspresctt@nialhoranz@nomadsbeanie@openguo @pewdieberg@purpledrxgon@raccoonciity @ratchetamber@rrevan@rxder@ryder-sarah@salzarslytherin@sarabeaarr@savagestarlights@scrambledeggheaded@sitaradhawan@strategichomelanddivision@sublimepoint@thegamerslegacy@theghostbeaters@thelastleviathan@twentyonevioletts 


Hello, my fellow Christmas lovers!

I’ve wanted to gather all of my favorite blogs in one place for a while now, but it’s a big task. And, also, I am so busy with school it’s just not feasible.

Therefore, I’ve created this showcase so everyone can join in. Of course, there must be some rules:

  • You must reblog this post.
  • You must be following me.
  • You must be a Christmas blog.

I will start picking my favorites around the beginning of December. I hope this will be fun. Also, everyone who is chosen gets this pretty badge for their blog. (At least I think it’s pretty.)

The link to the showcase is:

So, go, reblog!

Love you all,


“I think I might give away A Million Bucks!”

I’ve only had this blog for a short while and look at me now! I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support! Let’s keep reaching for the stars! There are some people that deserve a proper shoutout too!


The Holy Mike Trinity 

@sing-imagines, and @miikedrop (along with myself)

My Girls

@dianamikesgirl and @dianathemouse

My favorite mutuals!

@theatricalaspiration (my first follower!), @independentape, @priclii, @couldbecertainthen, @pigdreamer@oflullabies, @still-standin@stagefrightenedmeena, @punkipine

Honorable mentions

@tell-mc-lies, @thebandicootbombshell, @firxandxsire, @eddie-noodleman, @mikedoesithisway


Hey followers! I’m here to say we’ve reached 5k followers on this blog about aph Romano. I feel very honored by this achievement.

I never expected to be so popular, I never knew you could have 5k people follow you. That only happened to big name people (am I a big name person for hetalia now?????).

So I wish to thank everyone.

And even though I have 5k people following me, I think it would be fun to get to know some people.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post a link to my favorite YouTube video, and I want whoever is interested, to reblog with their favorite YouTube video (or comment). Throughout the day, I’ll watch the videos that people added. I’ll probably reblog a good number of them too.

If you don’t want to be involved in this (or wanting it to clutter your dash), I’ll be tagging it all ‘5kvideocelebration’ so just block that.

I hope we’ll all have fun together!

i have given some thought about the future of this blog and i do think it is time to close shop. i just do not have the time to either redo it once my links go inactive in march or take it in a new direction. i never thought this would garner as many followers as it did and i hope you all have enjoyed it. it has been a fantastically fun four years sharing my favorite music with you all. you can find me over at francissinatra if you feel so inclined, perhaps i will find a way to post audio there from time to time. for now i’ll leave the blog up until the links start breaking, then it’ll be deleted. thank y’all for being awesome and keep listening to frank without me 😘.

oh my god, yes you guessed right I just hit 500 followers and I still can not believe it? I’ve had this blog for a little bit more than a month now and this is seriously unbelievable to me. thank you so much to every single one of you, thank you for liking my gifs and following me even tho I shit tag a lot.. I got to talk to some of my favorite blogs and I’m really really happy! this is just the beginning for me I promise to improve my gifing and be even more active. thank you so much again, now I will link some of my favorite blogs I love them a whole lot plus they’re all so talented you should really follow them! 

@yeo1 @jniho @kinoed @shineuro @96liners @hyosjong @woozeok @honqseok @pen1ag0n @justhuiling @won-an @adachisyuto @hyunqu

I know there is so much more amazing pentagon blog but since this is a sideblog I can’t follow a lot of them since I don’t want my dash to be full pentagon (even tho it’s actually a great thing) - I know I already said thank you but I would like to say it again, thank you! plus I love shinwon so much bye

1.9k Follower Milestone!

Guess who woke up this morning to exactly 1.9k followers?! I can’t believe this blog has gotten this popular and I’m completely overwhelmed with the amazing response I’ve gotten from you guys, so I want to do something for you! Thus, RxbxlCaptain’s first ever Blog Rates is now a thing!

So what do you need to do to get a blog rate?

  • Make sure you’re following me
  • Check out my main blog or my Harry Potter Blog (Following is not necessary!)
  • Reblog this post (Likes are for bookmarks only)
  • Send me a ask with your favorite song (Bonus Points if it reminds you of RebelCaptain!) 

Again, thank you so much for all the follows! I am blown away by the response to this blog! I’ll be accepting asks through January 19 11:59PM (EST)

Don’t want to see the these? Blacklist “Kat Does Blog Rates”

Format under the cut!

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Once upon a time, after rediscovering Teen Titans, I decided to dive into the fandom and write fanfiction. And as a result, I started this side blog dedicated to my favorite pairing in that fandom. Today, we’ve hit a milestone; there are now 1,000+ of you following this blog.

I know that for a lot of people on this site, 1,000+ followers might be nothing, but for me, it means so much. You all have been so supportive and kind, and have shown so much love for my stories, that I just want to thank each and every one of you. And to do that, I wanted to do something a little bit special.

Requests are always open here (provided that I have time), but for this whole week, you can request almost any ship or prompt, and I’ll do it. No questions asked. 

Here’s the rules:

1. No ship harassment or hate will be tolerated whatsoever. This is a blog that welcomes all BBRae shippers and Teen Titans lovers, multishippers included. Things will be tagged appropriately for your convenience

2. I will not accept any adult x child ships. This means no Slade x Robin/Terra etc. and no Damian x Raven. (My writing is based on the animated show; Damian is way too young in that universe. Sorry!)

3. No hardcore smut.

Okay, now that we’ve discussed the rules, let’s talk about requests! I will take requests via ask or message, though asks are preferred. Please include character names and the main ship name, so the prompts can be properly tagged. For example;

Beast Boy and Raven (BBRae), insert prompt here if applicable.

Of course, I will accept BBRae prompts too. (Obviously XD)  So please, head to the ask box and start requesting away! And thank you guys again for being so utterly amazing. I feel so fortunate to have all of your support, it means the world. :)

Originally posted by teentitanz

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 

-mod vixensheart

anonymous asked:

You don't have to publish this or anything, but I just wanted to tell you that I took your survey. I don't have tumblr, & you are the only blog I look at on a regular basis because you post about all 4 of them & stay out of all the nonsense which is my favorite thing about this blog! I just can't deal with all the other blogs getting into all the drama so I stopped looking. And you're so very kind to everyone :) if you were to delete I would most definitely miss you! Much love to you ❤

Thank you so much anon. I can’t stop smiling now. I don’t really want to stop but I feel like the blog is useless. I don’t care about being a “famous tumblr” but I have nearly 70k followers and no one talks to me, my posts don’t even reach 100 notes sometimes. It’s really frustrating. I feel like I’m here everyday for nothing. 

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 followers that you’d like to get to know better!

I was tagged by @fan-taco-tastic who is amazing and u should totes follow her

Name: Seetha

Nickname: Tsundere (i hate u @ichiray ) , Seetu

Star sign: Libra (i want justice for my nickname)

Height: 5'3"

Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Favorite color: All!!

Favorite animal: Panda

Average amount of sleep: too much or too less depending on the day

Cat or dog person: Cat

Favorite fictional character: Mad Hatter (as of now, it changes way to much)

Number of blankets you sleep with: Two, and way too many pillows

Dream trip: World trip

When was your blog created: March, 2016

Current number of followers: 404 , im being a bit inactive so i guess people are unfollowing me… sorry!!

I tag: @bocoluv99 @tropetrinitytrilogy @raineboww @lilyluna2018 @sowiee @purerandomm @comeherejimin @memexkook @whiskersandcraftsmakemeokay @gayswans @accio–riptide

13 people I’d like to know better                                                              

Tagged by: bmrns @theradicaldude

Name: Sara

Nickname: Goldy

Starsign: Capricorn

Sexual orientation: I thiiiiiiiiink I’m panromantic ace??? It seems to fluctuate.

Hogwarts house: a twitter poll i held put me into hufflepuff but i’m not really sure

Favorite color: Orange

Cats or dogs: Dogs. I like cats too but I’m kind of allergic so I have more experience with dogs.

Favorite fictional characters: Pinhead Pierre, Wario, Samus Aran, Chrom, Isabelle, Duck Hunt, Ice Bear, Milo Murphy, Farfetch’d, Miles Edgeworth, Pierrot Bolneze, Mofurun, Uncle Grandpa, I could be here all day let’s cut that out now

Dream trip: I’ve never done acid in my life.


Wait wait wait wait wait.

When was this blog created: 2010

Number of followers: 291. Somebody promo me til I reach 300.

When did this blog reach its peak: Kirby Planet Robobo-bo Bo-bobo last June. I’ll never top it.

Tagging: @kurrta @prospt @bumblingb @princechaotic @cometcrystal @leibi97 @noddytheornithopod @oh-baby-a-triple-oh-yeah  @lady–peaches @twixremix @roboromantic @colorsplash @legs-are-just-for-show

Tagged by @grangerthesphinx ! Go check her blog out! 

Rules: Tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better 

Nickname: Izzie

Gender: Female

 Zodiac sign: Libra

 Height: 5′2″ or 5′3″

Hogwarts house: I’m a Hufflepuff with a lot of Ravenclaw attributes

Favorite color: Red, green, or purple

Time right now: 2:24 PM

Average hours of sleep: Maybe 6 or 7

Lucky number: 14 because my dad, aunt, and I were all born on the 14th of that month

Last thing googled: “how to reply to Tumblr replies” :P

Blankets I sleep with: a plain white fuzzy one and an Alice in Wonderland blanket

Favorite band: I have a lot of favorites, but the first ones that come to mind are Twenty one pilots and Maroon 5. But there are a lot of songs I grew up listening to that I like more than theirs and I never remember who sings them…

Dream trip: I want to take a road trip through all of the US states someday

Wearing now: A Star Wars shirt that says “Together we can rule the galaxy”, funky pink leopard print socks (I have a lot of wierd socks), and purple stretch pants

Age of blog: Three months? Gosh, I don’t even know…

Following: 769

Posts: 896

What I post about: Sherlock, the Potterverse, anything under the Disney umberella (which is a ton of stuff because Walt owns the world)

Tags under the cut

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