all my exe's live in texas

George Strait for Your Mood

Figuring out your next step?
I Got a Car

Wondering if they love you?
Check Yes or No

Need to let her know how you feel?
Write This Down

Enjoying yourself?
Here for a Good Time

Thinking about her? Missing her maybe?
She’ll Leave You With a Smile

Lose the love of your life?
Living for the Night.

Feeling like you’re meant to be?
It Just Comes Natural

Taking a big step? Need a little help?
Easy As You Go

Having a rough day?
I Hate Everything

Making that special promise?
I Cross My Heart

Need love that’s unconditional?
Love Without End, Amen.

Need to laugh?
All My Exes Live in Texas

Need to cry?
The Cowboy Rides Away

Amarillo by Morning

Feeling that genuine love?

There’s never a bad time to listen to the king.

The Contest-Part 7

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Misha are both divorced.  No hate please! I’m sure Gen and Vicki are lovely!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I felt Jared tense beside me.  For a brief second, I didn’t know what to say or do. When I looked over at Jared, he was opening his mouth to say something, so I kicked him in the shin.  He snapped his mouth closed immediately.

I looked at the interviewer and laughed.  “I WISH we were an item!  I mean, LOOK at him!  I’m flattered that people are gossiping about us already. It’s good buzz for the show.  I must be better at this whole acting thing than I thought.” I winked at Jared and he gave me a big smile. 

The show’s publicist rescued us and said we were needed in wardrobe so we had to go.  We both jumped out of the chairs so fast Jared actually knocked his over. We got out of there as quickly as we could.  I could hear the publicist chewing the girl out for asking me such an inappropriate question.

Jared turned to me as we were walking.  “You are amazing, you know that? You handled that like a pro. She totally blindsided you.  Your answer was perfect.”

“I just told her the truth.”  I said, and I ducked into wardrobe before Jared could say anything.

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You know that moment at the start of every Pokemon game after your introduction, it tells you

“A new adventure awaits you. Let’s go!” Or something

And then everything changes?

That’s how I feel about moving from Texas to Oregon right now. Like, a whole new life is unfurling itself in front of me, and it’s really scary but, also, there’s so much good that can come from it. Like. Am I upgrading my life would you think? Getting out of Texas? 

I never thought of Texas as a state that I always wanted to “get out of someday” like so many people talk about their hometown. When I moved to Texas from Cuba, I hated it. All I knew about Texas going into it was what I had seen on cartoons like Fifel Goes West. All I knew was there were deserts and cacti and tumbleweeds and cowboys and horses and that was not the aesthetic for me, oh I always knew that!

But that’s not what Texas ended up being. At least, my little slice of Texas. I lived by a huge city, and I fell in love with the skyline at night. People didn’t have thick accents like I was especting either, although we all say “ya’ll”, rest assured. Texas is a huge, huge state, bigger than a lot of countries, and it’s diverse in its culture. When you talk about a “Texan” as a stereotype, you’re often times gonna get it wrong because Texas is just so big, it’s like, “Okay what area of Texas are you tryin’ to talk about here?” In which, I would point to King of the Hill and say, “That! That’s my stereotype because the city Hank Hill lives in is literally based off of Arlington and they take actual real life Texan things an insert it into their cartoon.”

But like. I don’t hate Texas. Not like I use to. I kind of have grown fond of it. It’s, again, not the best, but no place is all good, right? This is my home and it has never become a place that I wanted to escape from. Even when my ex expressed worries about coming to Texas to visit me, she was so scared because we would clearly be seen as a queer couple, and she was so scared of what she’s heard Texans do to queer people. But. I mean. I’ve lived here my whole life and- I’m not scared of what Texans do to queer people, because, I grew up near a big city and it’s- while it’s not SUPER progressive or anything- you don’t get the same stories as you do about the people who live out in the middle of nowhere, you feel?

And, there have been some things about my state that I’ve been quite ashamed of, and- in light of that shame, I have improved, and wanted my state to improve but…

I mean, all in all, I’m comfortable here. I know how to act, how to talk, I know to expect southern hospitality, and to give southern hospitality. I know the food, the tempermant of the people, and- I love the spring warmth and the summer heat. I love my home. I never felt like I had to escape it. Just. Maybe. Evolve from it. Move on from it. But not escape it.

I never thought I’d be moving to Oregon. The idea that I’m moving to The West Coast is kind of HUGE and is just now slowly hitting me. I always thought I’d be moving out of necessity for a job, and- well, I am, it’s just not my job, and it’s not California like I had planned for my career in animation.

I’m on a whole new adventure.

New people, new attitudes about things, new ways of speaking, new manners, new perspectives, new temperatures, new natural disasters, new cultures, new food, new ways of thinking! And what if people just don’t like me..? If I rub people the wrong way or step on their toes? It’s not like moving to another country, but Texas is still going to be very much so inherrently different from any state up north.

I’m on a new adventure. Let’s go.

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What have you been listening to lately?

ooh well willow smiths new album the 1st just came out so i’m obsessed with that and the album when we fall by all our exes live in texas is amazing but i think my fav at the moment is the album semper femina by laura marling which is like really folksy and bluesy and just great plus she’s gay and sings exclusively about women on it and yeah that’s pretty much all that’s in my playlist atm

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i️ saw there were no george strait songs on the playlist and i️ recommend all my ex’s live in texas and possibly amarillo by morning??? tbh i️ think that keith singing george strait to lance would be god-tier

imagine keith asking out lance in a similar style as ‘check yes or no’ by just leaving a little note on his pillow or something that says “do you love me? do you wanna be my friend? check yes or no”

and keith thinks this is just the pinnacle of romance, and lance thinks it’s the cutest fucking shit he’s ever seen in his life

or like, imagine keith singing under his breath ‘carrying your love with me’ whenever he’s on a mission that’s away from lance and it becomes Their Song whenever they’re doing dangerous stuff in space

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1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? —I’d like to visit Russia.  Not sure I’d want to live there.  Maybe France, maybe Ireland.

2. Do you wear any jewelry? If yes, what? —  3 rings all fake stones, two from my friend Tonya, one from my ex-husband

3. How do you spell this word: Colour or color? — Color!

4. What is one stereotype about where you live (country)? — Texas gets a bad rap when places like Austin and San Antonio are pretty liberal.

5. Do you sleep with your closet door closed or open? —lOpen because the cats like to play there

6. What laptop/computer/phone do you use for tumblr? ! have a mini laptop that has a working keyboard and a big laptop with a nice screen but the touchpad is so sensitive it sends your curso all over the place and makes typing a nightmare.  So I use mainly for Netflix.

7. What makes you bored? — Nothing on for white noise.

8. What is your favourite four legged creature and why? — I’m not sure, I’m fond of lots of animals.  I miss having dogs.

9. If you could live in one fictional universe, what would that universe be? — Oh wow….That’s hard.  Annne Rice’s with the vampires?  Marvel’s with alternate earths?  Star Wars?  Probably Star Trek…yeah, they have a good universe there.

10. Sweet or spicy? — Spicy but not real spicy

11. What do you order from McDonalds? — Filet o’Fish, though once a year I crave a Big Mac and of course fries.

12. Favourite type of milkshake? — Banana

13. Curly fries or regular fries? —Curly

14. What was the weirdest text you have ever sent to someone? — I have a best friend from Germany, and I was trying to tell her that I was having a busy day (fleißiger Tag), but I accidentally said liquid day (flüssiger Tag) because busy and liquid in German sound similar to me, and I just got super confused. 😂😂😂

15. What was your laziest moment? — Every Sunday I just sit in my pajamas and nap around on the couch.

16. Do you like rollercoasters? — Yesssss, but they still scare me at the same time.

17. Last time you threw up? —About a month ago, cramps were that bad.

18. Have you ever been catcalled? At what age? — I’ve been looked up and down, but I don’t remember being catcalled before.

19. What was the best pasta you have ever eaten? —  ???  I don’t eat out a lot  Most pasta I have is fairly sub par.

20. If you could make all pancakes into one shape, what shape would you choose? — An X b/c I am straightedge.

21. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? — A caged bird

22. Are these questions weird? — some of them, yeah

23. What is the weirdest question in this tag? — The pasta one

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If your still taking requests then can you do a Rampion crew road trip Au headcanon? I love your writing all of your fics and headcanons are amazing!

  • Cinder, Kai, Wolf, Scarlet, Iko, and Cress all pile into Thorne’s old station wagon for the road trip of the century. After they graduate from high school, it’s their last big summer hurrah before they split up and go to their respective colleges. 
  • Living in Michigan, Thorne really wants to take Cress to California to see the ocean.
    • “But Thorne, we can just go to the lake.”
    • “Hush, Cinder. It’s different.”
  • Thorne drives, of course, because the station wagon, dubbed the Rampion, is his baby. Sometimes he lets Scarlet drive because she’s a machine and when they need to drive through the night she’s always up for taking that shift.
    • Cress rides shot gun and is in charge of the radio and navigating, even though Thorne did try his very hardest to map out the route. Cress is the also only one out of the group that knows how to fold the map back up properly.
      • Sometimes Iko squeezes up front with them when she wants a change of scenery. She likes seeing the open road splayed out in front of her and Cress and Iko make plans on what they’ll do first at the beach.
      • Cinder and Kai are perfectly happy taking the second row, but when Iko’s not up front, her and Cinder sandwich in Kai. He should be used to it by now, but he’s not.
      • Wolf only agreed to come on the road trip if Thorne promised to set up the third row seat and everyone else agreed that was Wolf’s seat. He shares with Scarlet, of course, but that also means they have to keep the cooler back there. Scarlet makes sure Wolf doesn’t eat all of their road snacks. 
  • The gang loves stopping at diners and picking up souvenirs at gas stations.
    • Cress loves her “All My Exes Live In Texas” t-shirt. Thorne, not so much.
    • Scarlet makes them stop at all sorts of roadside fruit stands, but the gang agrees that the homemade pies stand in Illinois was the best stop.
    • Cinder bought Kai a trucker hat that said “Bling King” in Missouri as a joke and he wears it constantly. She groans about the plan backfiring on her.
  • Everyone is allowed to pick one roadside attraction to stop at and the rest of the group has to join in on the fun. The highlight was when Thorne picked the Dinosaur Park in Arkansas. They were disappointed there were no real dinosaur bones, but they did enjoy posing in front of the plaster T-rex and everyone has a copy of that picture somewhere.
  • It takes them much longer to get to California than they expected, but when they get into L.A. at 3am, they drive directly to Malibu, run onto the beach, and collapse in the sand and watch the sunrise.
Just Got Off The Phone With My Ex

i’m still trembling…

he called me though. and we talked for a few hours.

it was nice i guess. 

i made sure to tell him that he treated me like shit when we were together.

and i asked him if he ever has dreams of me because i dream of him.

he does.

i reminded him of the worst things he did to me and the best things i did for him.

he felt bad.

i felt better.

i regret crying on the phone though.

i don’t regret sticking the knife in and letting him know i have a better man now who treats me right.

i’m sure his gf was on the other line listening the whole time.

he doesn’t seem happy in his relationship even though he said he was.

i mean why would he call his ex the morning after valentine’s day?

i heard her call him back into the house as we were saying goodbye.

i made sure to tell him that its not fair that he gets to call me whenever he feels like it and i can’t call him when i need to.

i only ever miss him and want to call after i have a bad dream about him.

he said sorry but he doesn’t have his own phone.

figures…we’ve been broken up for two years and he’s still a scrub!

i’m glad he left me for her because they didn’t do shit for Valentine’s day! and he’s still up late calling ex-girlfriends! 

i’m here living in my own house, self employed, with a boyfriend who takes care of me and we went to see Bone Thugs N Harmony for Valentine’s day! 

It took me a lot longer than I thought to be happy and get over that breakup. I thought I wasted two and a half years with that fool. But really I just spent two and a half years finding out how I didn’t want to be treated. And I have spent the last two years being loved by a man who treats me like a queen. 

He cooks for me, cleans for me, washes my clothes, and helps me pay my bills. 

I’m very grateful. And I thank God every day for putting Miles in my life. And now I will thank him for taking Nathan away. He is someone else’s problem now. Lord help that boy because I know I have tried.

Don’t worry about the heartbreak you have now…just know that it won’t last forever and one day someone will love you more than you could ever want and it will make all the pain you felt worth it and the love will heal your soul.